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  1. H.K. Hope you are well and greetings from Northern NV! I don't know if you remember but I shoot both a 50/70 roller and a '86 in 50/100/450 both with a 480 grain bullet. Starline makes brass for both!! I have never loaded smokeless in either one and never will. That being said If I was to load smokeless I would shy away from the 50/110 and lean towards the 50/70 with its shorter case. I'm sure you could develop all the horse power you wanted with the 50/70 without the danger of double charging the larger case. If your nephew ends up going home through northern NV have him get a hold of me and he can try them both out!! I have a couple of other larger guns in the smokeless variety that have a pretty good kick to them that he could try as well. Take care, Jasper
  2. Works for me as well!! You can find citric acid in the canning section of your local grocery but I have a bunch from my wine making days!!
  3. After a number of years shooting BP out of 45 colt cases I started getting high primers. I found it was because of a build up crud inside the primer pocket. I started scraping the primer pockets and the problem disappeared. Jasper
  4. Me too but in a CPA!!
  5. My wife was a traveling nurse a life time ago and we spent the first few months of '04 in Tucson. I met those fine people and spent a good amount of time in their shop. GOOD TIMES!!!!!
  6. Not sure who the shooter is but the TO is my old friend Dog Face (R.I.P.) Mark Rogers Jasper
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