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  1. I remember sitting in the Gouge Eye and the "KID" giving us Rowdy's private stash of cigars and whiskey. Jim came in and we all had a good laugh about that!!!! Too many memories to share in this small space. One of the best matches we've ever been to!! Jasper
  2. Hope you are well my friend!! To the best of my recollection this was before you had R.O. 1 and R.O.2. I'm including a picture of the certificate and YES I was the Nevada City Kid in those days!! Jasper P.S. By the way you got to shoot with two of my OTHER favorite people at Fort Miller this year. Sand Dab and Hicks MTN Honey are some of the best!!!
  3. I thought Quick Cal gave the first RO class in '99 or 2000 at Stampede
  4. Slim Eagle aka Tommy Galligan SASS # 63721 retired March 30, 1955- June 30 2007 8:30 am Essay titled-There’s a hole in my heat Published in the Cowboy Chronicle September 2007 I’m dedicating this essay to my devoted wife for the sacrifices she made in allowing me to spend the last few months with my loving brother. I lost a big piece of my life when my brother passed away. I’m waiting daily for the phone to ring and that loving voice on the other end saying “hey bro, it’s meeee your brotherrrr” My down syndrome brother had the mental developmen
  5. I have the pleasure of shooting with both Brazos and Dead Eye Dick up here in northern Nevada!!
  6. Wylie, Have you tried here- https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/HopkinsAllen-33297.htm JA
  7. He's in our neck of the woods! Treebone Carving PO Box 496 Wellington, Nevada 89444 775 465 1080
  8. VTI for Armi San Marcos http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/
  9. BP pistol caliber - If it melts it goes into a big lube bullet mold That being said - pure lead for round ball, 20/1 for BP long range, WW w/ gas checks for rifle caliber smokeless 7 mm mauser, 35 rem, 348, 405 win, 416 Rigby and so on. JA
  10. I've been running a Thumbler's tumbler for more than thirty years. I ran dry media for the first twenty years or so. Tried the ceramicmedia then went to SS pins and never looked back. Well worth the investment! JA
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