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  1. I can't say enough good things about the Shuttleworths!! Beautiful accurate rifles with great customer service. I have four barrels for mine. 22 lr, 40/65, 45/90 and last but not least is the 22 hornet barrel with a nikon 4-12 mil dot all loaded up and ready to harvest some pesky squirrels today!! Not meaning to belittle the great Shiloh Sharps. I have a long range express in 40/90 Sharps straight and after much trials and tribulation it shoots like a house a fire!! I wouldn't trade either rifle for love nor money!!! Jasper
  2. Pedersoli make a fine 12 twist in their high wall. My shooting partner cleans my clock regularly with that rifle. He's using a 375 grain bullet JA
  3. 1976- 5 1/2 inch Ruger new model super single six. I wasn't quite 21 and my dad had to make the purchase from the liquor / gun store across the street from where I worked. I still have and cherish it!! Jasper
  4. Apache, I've made a lot of pates in my day but never a pate made out of 10 gauge shells!!!!! I use a MEC 600 to make my shells. both my guns are old and have short chambers. I cut down plastic hulls and use a roll crimp. Never loaded brass shells. I'm sure Mud Marine will see this and chime in. He uses 31/2 inch brass shells and his loads rock the world!!!!! JA
  5. We have our Tom Horn category for our annual match, Roop County Days put on by the Battle Born Rangers. you can find the rules on our application on our website: http://www.northernnevadacas.com/BBR-RCD-2019-App.pdf We also encourage our stage writers to write monthly stages with Big Bore optional. That's when you can break out your favorite big boomer. If I'm not shooting one of my 50's I'll shoot my '95 in 405!! These matches take no longer to run than a regular SASS match because you won't be using your pistol caliber rifle. Jasper
  6. I have an ASM that was tuned by a local guru and it runs great, BUT it don't like BP!!!! You might be able to get one cylinder full before it ties up. JA
  7. I mostly shot real BP for the last couple of decades. I haven't had a problem with rust in the mag tube since I started cleaning the rifles upside down in the rifle rack. JA
  8. I have the pleasure of shooting with both Brazos and Dead Eye Dick up here in northern Nevada!!
  9. Wylie, Have you tried here- https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/HopkinsAllen-33297.htm JA
  10. He's in our neck of the woods! Treebone Carving PO Box 496 Wellington, Nevada 89444 775 465 1080
  11. VTI for Armi San Marcos http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/
  12. BP pistol caliber - If it melts it goes into a big lube bullet mold That being said - pure lead for round ball, 20/1 for BP long range, WW w/ gas checks for rifle caliber smokeless 7 mm mauser, 35 rem, 348, 405 win, 416 Rigby and so on. JA
  13. I've been running a Thumbler's tumbler for more than thirty years. I ran dry media for the first twenty years or so. Tried the ceramicmedia then went to SS pins and never looked back. Well worth the investment! JA
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