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  1. Bart's one of the great ones!! He was one of my mentors when I first started this game down with the River City Regulators. Saw him a few years ago at the CA state match and he remembered shooting together long before I recognized him!!!! Hope to be shooting when I'm his age, Jasper
  2. Just like the American Express card - Don't leave home without it!! JA
  3. Snakebite, I sent you a couple of private emails!! Jasper
  4. I have the pleasure of shooting with both Brazos and Dead Eye Dick up here in northern Nevada!!
  5. Wylie, Have you tried here- https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/HopkinsAllen-33297.htm JA
  6. He's in our neck of the woods! Treebone Carving PO Box 496 Wellington, Nevada 89444 775 465 1080
  7. VTI for Armi San Marcos http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/
  8. BP pistol caliber - If it melts it goes into a big lube bullet mold That being said - pure lead for round ball, 20/1 for BP long range, WW w/ gas checks for rifle caliber smokeless 7 mm mauser, 35 rem, 348, 405 win, 416 Rigby and so on. JA
  9. I've been running a Thumbler's tumbler for more than thirty years. I ran dry media for the first twenty years or so. Tried the ceramicmedia then went to SS pins and never looked back. Well worth the investment! JA
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