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  1. Snakebite, I sent you a couple of private emails!! Jasper
  2. Proud to call him my friend!!!!!! JA
  3. Great folks!!!! It was a pleasure having them out for our match!! Jasper
  4. Having arrived after the fact I was told that both guns that fell were empty and pointing down range. This makes the call a minor safety violation instead of a stage DQ. From the RO pocket card - Empty long guns that slip and fall but don’t break 170 or sweep anyone is a MSV. The rest of the calls were a can of worms and something for our shooters to learn from. We have been using those same tables for years so If I was present during the problem I would have called a MSV if the guns fell pointing down range not breaking the 170 degree and told the rest of the shooters to beware and moved on. JA
  5. Bud, That fine gentleman has been my gunsmith for the last twenty years!! He moved to NV and is a neighbor of mine as well!! Good to see you back on the wire. I hope your life is everything you could wish for. Your friend, Jasper
  6. I have the pleasure of shooting with both Brazos and Dead Eye Dick up here in northern Nevada!!
  7. Wylie, Have you tried here- https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/HopkinsAllen-33297.htm JA
  8. He's in our neck of the woods! Treebone Carving PO Box 496 Wellington, Nevada 89444 775 465 1080
  9. VTI for Armi San Marcos http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/
  10. BP pistol caliber - If it melts it goes into a big lube bullet mold That being said - pure lead for round ball, 20/1 for BP long range, WW w/ gas checks for rifle caliber smokeless 7 mm mauser, 35 rem, 348, 405 win, 416 Rigby and so on. JA
  11. I've been running a Thumbler's tumbler for more than thirty years. I ran dry media for the first twenty years or so. Tried the ceramicmedia then went to SS pins and never looked back. Well worth the investment! JA
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