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  1. I throw my brass in a plastic bin on the shelf in my reloading room. Six months to a year later they get deprimed and tossed in the wet tumbler with Strat-O-Sheen. I do live in Arizona though.
  2. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1022448652?pid=326830&utm_medium=email&utm_source=service&utm_campaign=product-arrival-notification&utm_content=product-description-link
  3. I shoot the 147's in my 2 gun competitions, they make a difference on the heavy set knockdowns, along with a softer recoil impulse. I've seen many a shooter hammer away on some of the knockdowns before they fall, as they walk by I ask 115's? They always say yes. I also use 147's loaded to 1050 fps for use in my suppressed AR 9mm, almost Hollywood quiet.
  4. Don't over complicate things. Ruger got it right almost 50 years ago, stock nipples, Remington #10 caps, or if you can find them RWS1075's. I use a t-pin to pick the nipples after loading, I then stick it in the seem of my range bag, doesn't get lost and doesn't poke me. If I'm shooting a big match I will take the nipples out and wire brush them every other stage, for monthlies I just leave them alone. For the ROA's, a cylinder loading stand is the hot ticket. Make sure you use .457 balls, Speer are better than Hornady.
  5. My guns, my ammo, or factory new, no exceptions. Had a good friend try out my first '73 back in the 90's, wanted to use his reloads, was a knowledgeable and careful loader. 5th out of five rounds loaded blew up the rifle. I actually saw the first four rounds hit the target, all we could figure was double charge. I got a new rifle, he rebuilt mine, all good, except for the blowing up part.
  6. USPS announced a rate hike on parcels for the Christmas season about a month ago. My money says it will last well after Christmas as well.
  7. He's on the Wire pretty regular, but he doesn't make them anymore. Only 4 or 5 in existence. I know how he did it, was pretty labor intensive, and I won't divulge his methods, he can do that if he wants to.
  8. It's called a Thimble Belt, brass or steel holder on a leather belt, they usually had suspenders attached If you ever see a good copy of the picture of JS, it's very clear what he is wearing. I have an original brass one. And a reproduction belt with steel holders made by my good pard Castalia.
  9. Just because a helicopter can hover and move forward, does not mean it can get out of ground effect and fly. I actually witnessed this back in the 80's. There was one of our regular summer fires in the mountains down here in southern Arizona. Hueys were used to transport Firefighters to the fires. One typical 100 degree June afternoon they loaded up, got into a hover, taxied to the runway, went screaming down the runway for at least a mile, could not get out of ground effect. Turned around, tried again, no luck. They taxied back, two guys got out, they went out again, and down about a mile, just barely got out of ground effect and flew off. Took quite awhile to get any altitude. Density altitude was probably close to 10K. I don't fly them, but been fixing them since '82.
  10. I have '73 carbines and rifles, mostly shoot the rifles, noticeably faster with them. Only reason for the carbines is certain stages where shorter works better. Not many of those these days. My rifles are Frankenguns I call my 24" carbines. 24" barrel turned down to round profile, carbine buttstock and carbine rear sights. Don't know why Uberti never made round barrel rifles, balance is perfect, swings great and much better accuracy from the longer sight radius.
  11. First year production 1970 vintage 7.5" .45 Colt with .45 ACP cylinder, not an original convertible. Original, unconverted action, great condition with some holster wear on barrel and ejector housing. When I bought it, it came with both cylinders, although it did not leave the factory as a convertible. $850 $750 shipped my FFL to your FFL. Personal check (with wait for clearance), cashier's check, USPS money order or Zelle. If you have a C&R FFL, I can ship right to your door.
  12. 1972 vintage 7.5" .45 Colt/.45 ACP Blackhawk Convertible. Original, unconverted action, great condition. When I bought it, only one cylinder was with the gun. The .45 ACP cylinder is original to the gun, I had my good friend Wes Fargo fit a .45 Colt cylinder to it. That cylinder is from a New Model . $900 $800 shipped my FFL to your FFL. Personal check (with wait for clearance), cashier's check, USPS money order or Zelle.
  13. USPS money order or PayPal F&F, no comments. Prices are shipped CONUS, USPS flat rate boxes. .45 ACP range pick up, not cleaned, large primer pockets, 350+ pieces, $35 multiple boxes available. .223 range pickup, Federal, mostly once fired, not cleaned, 1100+ for $75 5.56x45 range pickup, Speer, PPU, and misc., cases, mostly once fired, not cleaned, 250+ pieces, $25. multiple boxes available. Alternatively 1100+ for $75 Cross posted to other forums.
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