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  1. Something came up and Cat wasn't able to make the deal so I relisted - no problem life happens. Thanks
  2. Desirable Colt Single Action Army with 4 3/4" barrel in .41 Colt (since the barrel diameter is the same you can use a 38-40 cylinder and shoot that cartridge too) Great piece of history with period correct genuine mother of pearl grips. Great shape appears to have been re-nickeled with gold wash at some point in it's illustrious life. Grips show some stress cracks but they do not appear to go through the grips as they are not seen on the inside. Lot of history in this one, please do it justice. Bore is great all 4 clicks on hammer, Action works well and the S/N matches all 3 places. A bargain at $1,395 plus $40 shipping from my FFL to yours. Thanks for looking.
  3. If you would like I can wear them this weekend when I ride some 3 year olds - they tend to be a little energetic to say the least.
  4. Not sure - I know USFA sold them for a short period but they are demanding huge money for them now.
  5. Spectacular Hamley & Co, Pendleton Oregon Custom Chinks Brand New. These will cost $1000 today - new never worn fully adjustable. Thanks for looking. Asking $495 plus $15 shipping to the lower 48
  6. This is the original prototype of the Uberti 12 shot Single Action .22 - works and shoots great. Asking $450 plus $40 shipping - thanks for looking. JK
  7. Hi Smoke Dawg - not sure I am fully interested in a trade yet but maybe - is this what you looking for in a trade (I realize I would have to throw in some cash). JK
  8. Bob Giles makes outstanding period Bowie Knives, with Ivory and Stag handles. His leather work (Holsters & Sheaths) are outstanding. Bob used to do the gun show circuit, I would see him at Las Vegas, Reno and Missoula. He had several magazine articles on his work, then started doing work for the movie industry. This knife was one he carried (he didn't like the way his maker mark came out). The Bighorn Sheep scales were obtained from a Montana Fish & Game Agent, who shot the sheep in his front yard. I wore the knife occasionally, out to dinner at finer restaurants. The spectacular studded sheath was custom made by "Cowboy" Bob Giles of Whitefish, Mont. Cowboy Bob is very well known for his Authentic Leather and Outstanding "old time" Handmade Knives. His work has appeared in many western movies such as Monte Walsh and most recently "The Hateful 8", which featured exclusively his leatherwork and knives. Bob has been featured in many Gun and Old west periodicals over the years and is very well known among the "Old West Crowd" and Hollywood set. Thank you for looking Asking $225 shipped - his knives consistently sell in the $600 range. Article by Phil Spangerberger August 6, 2013 by Phil Spangenberger Regardless of whether a frontiersman carried a simple pocket-sized folding knife, a skinner, a camp knife or a full-sized fighting blade, he generally went “heeled” with some sort of cutting tool. Most carried two or more knives—each for a specific purpose. However, of all the various types of knives used in the Old West, none has gained the fame and reputation of the Bowie. On the frontier, any knife with a blade of seven or more inches in length qualified as a Bowie, although in actuality many had shorter blades. While some Bowie styles are still used today, most newly produced Bowie-type blades have been relegated to the status of collectibles, admired by history buffs for their graceful, powerful lines and decorative embellishments. Although several commercial firms mass produce Bowie knives, along with those crafted by custom knifemakers, one bladesmith, in this writer’s opinion, ranks among the top-notch Bowie artisans today. In Whitefish, Montana, Bob Giles, better known to his amigos as “Cowboy Bob,” hand makes handsome, functional, 19th-century-style Bowie knives that give the appearance of having come from the finest collections of original Bowies. Giles has been making museum-quality Bowie knives for decades and has been a multiple winner of True West’s “Best of the West” knifemaker award. Although he occasionally creates custom designs, Giles prefers working from old patterns and loves crafting Bowies and sheaths that look like genuine vintage pieces—albeit in excellent condition. Using new circular saw blades salvaged from nearby sawmills, some of them measuring six feet across and a quarter-inch thick, Giles first cuts the blade shape from the saw blade stock. Once he cuts out the knife pattern, he removes excess material from the blade blank, thinning it to the proper thickness. This semi-finished blank is then tempered in an antique coal-fired forge, drawn at about 480-485 degrees Fahrenheit. This softens the steel, making it easier to sharpen, while also creating a more resilient blade. Each blade is then polished and given a bit of aging, along with the maker’s stamp reading “R.S. Giles, Mont. Terr.” He generally crafts the knife’s guards and other details out of German silver, while he makes handles out of a variety of natural materials, including antler, bone, buffalo and cow horns, and ivory. The final phase of any Cowboy Bob Bowie is the sheath, which Giles hand crafts based on the specimens that fit the character of the knife. I have handled dozens of Giles’s knives and own a couple in my collection, and I can tell you that each one is an exquisite example of the blade maker’s art. With the tariff on original 1800s Bowies running in the four-, five- and six-figure ranges, Giles’s edged weapons are a true bargain for any Old West aficionado.
  9. Realized I never re-listed this so here it is with a very reasonable price - thanks for looking!
  10. My Posse at Winter Range 1993 ( I set up the shot and secured the photographer but in the meantime Tex told everyone not to smile - I never got the message obviously)
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