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  1. btw; having End of Trail move East a bit looks to have gotten a good response. The Shelby car collectors club (SAAC) does that each year, rotating East, West and Mid US. I bet some interesting Press might occur with EOT getting around. Maybe that will catch to attention of some new SASS shooters. In my spare time . . . anyway. . . I'd like to arrange a hybrid match that embraced Cowboy Action and Modern Action shooting. Have any of you been involved in that sort of thing? What works? I'll check with the http://www.jacksonholegang.com/ in New Jersey. They've had a couple Cops n Cowboy eve
  2. 6 segment crimp vs 8 segment was biggest difference for me and my Stoeger. I like Rio ammo in three gun because they have loads in all sorts of increments. I think it was their ammo that had a six segments crimp and it flared out more than then AA hulls and they grabbed the double barrel too well.
  3. I have plenty, including hard stuff with XRF scanned detals
  4. meesterpaul,
    Well I thought I messaged you, but I’m not used to the message system.


    I am interested in the Lyman 4500


    1. What size dies are included?

    2. What voltage is the heater?

    3. What do you want for the unit?

    4. Would you ship to, Whispering Pines, NC 28327?


    Cactus Jack

  5. Nice piece. I have a Lyman 4500 with a heater. The Star was a nice machine but I used the 4500 more - until I started powdercoating. The Lyman is for sale now.
  6. Looks like I may be in for once of these. Now how do I message you directly . . .

    Feel free to message me. 

    Also, if anyone has a black Bisley grip frame;  let me know. And for that matter,  if Doc doesn't want the other one I guess would take the pair. 


  7. Ok. I opened my mouth, so, okay I'm in for one also. Thanks for posting these. Oops was I too late?
  8. Ah good! Manual vs inertia… these real light ones might challenge a inertia gun and perhaps some knockdowns. Might need to keep something more potent around for those.
  9. For a consistent soft load consider using Alliant e3 instead of Clays. You can use Clays load info for e3. With e3 your loads will not be pressure or temperature sensitive, very consistent. Titegroup might use a touch more. I seem to recall that Federal primers should be avoided. I loaded up, and chrono'd, loads for shooters that had medical issues. I had ⅞oz loads going 950fps using 12.5 -13 gr of e3. That is a Power Facter of 363 vs 525 for a common 1oz 1200fps trap load. I use 1⅛ and 13-14 grains of e3 in a SxS regularly.
  10. I may have something available. I do have a Lyman 4500 with a heater available. I have several versions of 45 sizers. I'll confirm which I'm still using (I've gone to powder coating and size larger than .452). btw; I have a lot of lead and bullet alloy available including linotype and 'magnum' mixes.
  11. Yeah, me too. Anyone want just one of these? I would like to change my SS OMV but my other gun is case hardened.
  12. I hope you get out there. Bet you'd have fun with those Schofields. If I wasn't so cheap I'd like to try them too.
  13. 45 Colt Marlins may be the best value. No premium for versions in 45 and my two have been completely reliable.
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