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  1. Great molds! I have an awful lot of lead to process - including a couple thousand pounds of linotype muffins. I made molds using iron C-channel to deal with the volume but those are fun.
  2. Imagine how long it will be before availability gets normal. While we may have been willing to watch our supply of primers dip down to several thousand occasionally we're not likely to do that anymore. I wonder what my limit would be if I could buy more now at semi-normal prices. I'll probably calculate it the way an insurance actuary would look at me... Well let's see . . . you're 66 years old and we figure you'll last this 25 years and you'll shoot this many rounds off each month… ok... 250,000 may be enough.
  3. I saw primers in stock ....in Canada at sort of normal pricing. Some stores will ship internationally but it is time consuming and expensive process. I wonder what the deal is with a drive up North and buying them over the counter to bring back to the US.
  4. I may be able to get it XRF scanned to get the exact alloy mix if anyone want to send samples. Tiny samples are sufficient; like the size of a match head. Also; if you use bmpo spreadsheet from castboolits you can fine tune your alloys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDy6TjJeVfs&ab_channel=FortuneCookie45LC I have lots of lead alloys available also including linotype etc.
  5. I've used TULA and S&B primers without any problems. I keep the TULA aside as long as I have Feds handy. I may load a bunch of each again and pay close attention to their performance.
  6. Looking for a way to connect....feel free to email me at meeester11 AT gmail. ty, PT

  7. Howdy Meesterpaul,


    I have a friend who was looking for one.


    What's with it & what condition?





  8. I'm interested in some alloy, please pm me. Deuce

  9. I not know too much about the SKB shotguns.

    Is yours a 12 or 20?

    Also any work one on it?

    If so by who?

    Asking price?

    If you could send a pict or two it would be great. Email is gofftkd@bellsouth.net

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