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  1. I'd forgotten about the gun that never existed in the day.
  2. If you go away from the FCD and back to a roll crimp, you'll likely cure the problem. The FCD is good but it is a flat crimp which can slip. The roll crimp will stop at the crimp groove shoulder.
  3. I've used Armor-all with some success but wax lasts longer. I stretch my leather loops by sticking 10 gauge shells in them.
  4. Anything that dries slick. I use Walmart orange bottle.
  5. I'm surprised no one has addressed this. The brass shells are not as smooth or slick as plastic. That's why they don't slide out of leather loops as easily. Polish the brass and wax.
  6. I never had a Brownie but I still use a Pentax K1000 on occasion.
  7. Actually, Giddy up's back is strong enough to hold me so I could ride through the stages. I just need to power his back legs.
  8. 1948 Ford F-1, first of the F series. My first ride at 16. Thanks for noticing.
  9. No , I'm not allowed to put any weight on my leg yet. I'll know Monday whether I can even get a chance to go out to visit. Thanks for asking
  10. Pioneer is a good place but doesn't work on originals unless their policy has changed. Parts are available if you hunt carefully but you may have to do the work yourself.
  11. It's almost time for the shoot out at Lazy Arrow and only days away from the cut off so get those apps in if you plan to come. Even if you can't shoot this year, come out and see what PRVC has to offer so you can plan to attend next year.
  12. Sounds like California if he is going to Cowboy Town.
  13. Thank you sir. This was the answer I was looking for.
  14. Good memories right there. Did you find it JJJ? I can scan mine maybe.
  15. And tougher yet with dead targets and soft round balls out of a .36 Navy.
  16. I'm looking to install cameras to watch my front door and get movement alerts when away from home using a smart phone. Wireless would be easiest but wired can happen. My alarm company takes too long to notify the police, if they do at all. I want to see who is there and I'll call the police myself. Has anyone done this?
  17. http://cagunslingers.com/artifacts/resultsSummary.html?fbclid=IwAR1xGaSB-_Ks8qiBgPkEoVoL6m89a5yzugtACh0fypRMT_c-nhK8sfAeHAU
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