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  1. What it gets down to is folks let their personal bias weigh into their opinion. I got into a lengthy debate one time over the suitability of a '92 for CAS. As it turned out, he had never fired a '92 much less used one in competition. His go to answer was, "How many champions use a '92?" Of course it didn't matter to him that early on, the Marlin 94's and Winchester '92's ruled the sport. The bottom line is, there's only one rifle that has a history of being poor for CAS and even that rifle is ok for a slow and deliberate shooter. If you want to compete on the edge, get the best in use. If you don't care about being at the top, use what you want and come out.
  2. Try a no miss match during a monthly to get feedback. Some will like it and some won't.
  3. Warden Callaway has a video or two with his techniques.
  4. Shoot real BP with Big Lube bullets and you'll be happy. Shoot APP with anything else and you'll be happy.
  5. At the Western Regional one year with Cliffhanger, we had an 18 rd all shotgun stage. What a hoot. Word of advice, wear gloves if you are shooting black powder.
  6. And that's sad because although steep prices, components have been available here and there.
  7. I'm not happy about the prices but I will pay as needed to shoot just like last time. If Tell was closer, I would buy from him and not quibble, especially if I needed supplies. I shot thousands of Wolf primers before with no issues until I could get my first choice. When SASS raised the dues, people quit. Some people can't afford the extra cost for any number of reasons and they will quit. Some are just looking for a reason to quit. If I quit, it won't be because of components.
  8. The Chinese Laundry at Fort Miller was a hoot. One of the BP guys started a sheet to smokin'. Hell town is also good time. The mine car at End of Track.
  9. I used a 94 TE in 45 Colt for years without a hiccup. Not fast be dead reliable.
  10. Chorro Valley is one of the best SASS venues in the western US. You won't regret making the trip. Make a mini vacation out of it and enjoy the wine country too.
  11. Katy's Cozy Cabins on Allen Street would be my pick.
  12. I don't like Big and Close. Small and far is fun but not as a steady diet. I guess I'll stay home if there isn't a mix of both.
  13. I wouldn't mind trying a couple 1000 but I don't want 5K to experiment with. Good to know they are available though.
  14. It shouldn't but then SASS has never been all that good at promoting the organization and expects the local volunteers to fuel it's profits.
  15. Here's another scenario. When the KD's are set up for the smaller calibers, targets fall down with considerable regularity when the shooter is using a more substantial caliber and load. There's no perfect answer hence the shoot where it was rule.
  16. I attended a few handgun classes where I used a .40 S&W @800rds/day. I used Bullseye in one class and Unique in the other. Standard 180gr pill, velocity was within 50'/s on both loads. The classes were about 3 months apart. After the Bullseye class, my wrists hurt so I loaded Unique for the second class. While fatigued at the end of the class as normal, my wrists did not hurt. I also noticed more muzzle flip with the Bullseye loads hence my Unique loads were fractionally faster on the follow up shots. The actual recoil seemed similar but the report was sharper with Bullseye. It was the end of the day results that convinced me Unique was better for competition and high round count days.
  17. My '87 isn't OAL sensitive but the short shells are for a double.
  18. I have found that if you roll crimp, you can cut the old roll off and reuse the hull, given it isn't scorched, and get another loading out of it. You will have to adjust the wad column of bit to the shorter shell. Start out with 7/8-1 oz (12ga) load on the first go around and then drop to 3/4-7/8 oz for the second go around. I use (12ga) 60-65 grs of FFG but that can also be dropped down to 35-40 grs as needed. BP is a hoot, have fun with it.
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