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  1. Prayers for family and friends. He surely will be missed. Another loss of a good one!
  2. Robin T Banks, Coyote Calhoun and Gentleman James - R.I.P.
  3. Creeker If you will send me an email address, I have several "old school" match stages that I can send. Here is a long time favorite that most folks think is just so simple. But, it is truly amazing how many shooters just can't keep their mouth shut from start to finish! It uses a train car design to shoot from. The Great K&A Train Robbery When you think of the American cowboy, a certain image springs to mind. You picture a stalwart, clean living hero astride a noble horse who is always ready to right wrongs and champion the cause of justice. Such westerners may ha
  4. San Quinton,

    I have no idea how this program works but I'll keep trying it till I find out.

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