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  1. Been doing that part for 40+ years..... FWIW here - that "IF" part is the issue..... IF a frog had pockets, he would carry a shotgun to kill snakes.....
  2. If the database is designed to accommodate those links. Otherwise, it's all just another piece of data aimlessly occupying space for somebody to access in some random method for some random idea...
  3. A great man. Will be sorely missed by all. Rest easy my friend.
  4. This can quickly become much ado about little - or nothing. If you consider the SASS membership at around 30,000 with VERY FEW matches that garner/support/allow more than 1% of that membership ONCE a year, you quickly get back to the reality that local clubs are the grass roots, heart and soul of the game. And be sure to be aware the local clubs and matches have ALWAYS been allowed to do WHATEVER they want - SASS rules or not. So, if you are going to poll members that attend larger or multiple matches annually that when combined as an unduplicated count make up MAYBE 15% of the total membership, how could you possibly consider the comments of that group over those of the majority group??? Why not put up an online poll only available to be answered ONE TIME by current members then publish the results of the poll. Number of clubs, states, countries, members and matches attended per year along with the average attendance of the matches. Those number would be good for SASS management to know as well as supporting sponsors and clubs. Might be really surprising where sponsorship monies might be available and how that might impact clubs with the desire to get bigger and better!
  5. Snakebite always has a way of hitting dead center of the issue! Nobody ever wants to run participants off for any reason! But, the cause of this issue is easily seen if you just look through all the threads. Folks ask "How do I get better?" and the answer is always - practice, practice, practice. That is for sure the truth! BUT - over the years, the modifications to firearms and other equipment has always been geared toward increasing speed. That has resulted in the comments about "speed demons" and "gamers". But the reality of this issue is that those whose primary desire is to win, know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that they cannot practice all of the "other" stuff referenced as being from the "old days". The only thing they can realistically control is practice with their firearms, movement to and from shooting positions and the "all important" transition time from firearm to firearm and shot to shot. Top shooters are always going to be top shooters - stock guns and equipment or not. One of the above posts mentions folks getting bored with a stand and deliver 10-10-4 stage. It would be SO easy to put in some "fun" stuff in a stage like that - throw a knife, turn a card, shoot a bow and arrow, throw a stick of dynamite, throw a hat, etc. Those would not alter times enough to cause any major backups in any size match. BUT, once again, the evolution of the game toward speed, speed, speed gets match directors who use those kinds of things chastised in many cases. And, those "Top Shooters" whose only desire is to win, just cannot live with any sort of "chance" being allowed in the game. Among many other things, that opportunity at a "chance" from an average shooter to be able to score higher than a "top shooter" as a result of sheer luck or being in the "right place at the right time" and the 15 seconds of fame associated with that is priceless to that average shooter. My experience is that those "average" shooters make up large numbers and likely pay the lion share of the bills at most matches. I was honored to be the match director at the Shootout at Mule Camp for 14 years. We tried all kinds of those "fun" things. One of the most discussed was derived from a Tom Mix silent movie. The scenario started with the line "Action", then shooting each firearm from inside train cars from four different positions and when finished shooting, using a movie set "clap board" (which didn't effect the timer) so the last shot fired was the time elapsed. The caveat to this stage was that, since it was a Silent Movie, you would receive a 5 second bonus if you completed the stage without saying ANYTHING until after the Clap Board was done. Statistics from that stage yielded some 40% of shooters did not receive the bonus. And yes, on many posses, there became quite a bit of heckling between friends/shooters while and after shooting the stage. As harmless as it was, we received LOTS of complaints about that not being in the spirit of the game. During my tenure, we never tried that again at Mule Camp matches but our local folks enjoyed it so much that the concept was used in many monthly matches. Another instance was that we had some exploding targets with a 3/4" area that would ignite the target and make a BIG boom. We had a target made specifically for it with a matching 3/4" hole that allowed the bright red target area to be easily seen. The target was a 16" plate overall placed at 6 yards and was the last shot engaged (pistol or rifle). If the shooter missed the entire 16" plate, it obviously was a miss. If the target was hit, it was a hit - period. But if the shooter hit the center hole, the target made a BIG BOOM and the shooter received a 5 second bonus. The name of the stage was No Boom, No Bonus. Those that wanted to take additional time to aim precisely could do that, otherwise they could speed right along. The "average" shooters LOVED this one but the "top" shooters were vehemently upset with it. We had a stage once that required the shooter to sit on a buckboard seat and shoot all four guns. Four shotgun targets were directly in front of the "wagon" and the stage began with the shooter holding the "reins" (ropes attached to the shotgun targets for resetting). The shooter had to pull the shotgun targets up first before shooting the first firearm. Our idea was that the stage would take a bit more time since the shooter had to get into the wagon seat but we would overcome that additional time by not having to reset targets. In theory, it worked great but we got criticized for requiring all shooting to be done from a seated position - voiced the loudest by those "top shooters" who did not practice that concept. I have shot matches that required the shooter to put together a Colt style revolver that had the cylinder and cylinder pin removed. Seems harmless, right??? You would be amazed at the number of shooters that have never done that - especially those that shoot Rugers. Shooting from "horses" used to be a normal part of the game but has gone away in the bigger matches due to the additional time required. So, the bottom line is that, regardless what you try, some will like it and some will not. But I firmly believe that the vast majority of shooters enjoy the non-shooting "fun" aspects that used to always be a part of the game way back when. And, the vast majority of the shooters don't spend much time worrying about calculating how much the total receipts for a match are due to the number of shooters participating. As Snakebite has so eloquently said many times, Cowboy Action Shooting belongs to the shooters. Read that carefully - it does say Cowboy not just Action Shooting. And yes, that does relate to the dress requirements but it also relates to the shooting scenarios when it all started years ago and for MANY years thereafter. Nowadays, that Action part relates more to the amount of time it takes to cycle the action of each firearm. Some long for the "old" days, others not so much.
  6. Creeker If you will send me an email address, I have several "old school" match stages that I can send. Here is a long time favorite that most folks think is just so simple. But, it is truly amazing how many shooters just can't keep their mouth shut from start to finish! It uses a train car design to shoot from. The Great K&A Train Robbery When you think of the American cowboy, a certain image springs to mind. You picture a stalwart, clean living hero astride a noble horse who is always ready to right wrongs and champion the cause of justice. Such westerners may have populated the real West but most likely the abovementioned description owes its existence to... TOM MIX. Tom Mix was the first of the colorful, escapist motion picture cowboys. In this scene, Cullen has hired Tom Mix to try and stop the robberies on his railroad. Knowing Cullen's secretary Holt is tipping off the gang, Tom works undercover by posing as a highwayman. To help him bring in the gang he enlists the help of the hobo DeLuxe Harry. So, we catch up with Tom while entering the train and, as always, Tom saves the day but remember this is a “Silent Movie”. Pistol and 10 rounds, Rifle and 9 rounds, Shotgun and 2 Shells Starting Position – Standing outside the caboose. Staging – Two pistols loaded with 5 rounds each and holstered. Rifle loaded with 9 rounds staged at the first window in the passenger car and shotgun staged at the door in the freight car. Procedure – When ready say “Action”, snap the clap board and wait for the beep. At the beep, move to the 1st window in the caboose. With your first pistol, engage the four train pistol targets with at least one shot on each, from either direction, no double taps. Move to the passenger car, get your rifle and sweep the nine rifle targets from either direction. Place the rifle back where it was staged and move to the last window in the passenger car. With your second pistol, engage the four train pistol targets with at least one shot on each target, from either direction, no double taps. Move to the shotgun and engage the 2 shotgun targets in any order. Place the shotgun back where it was staged and then snap the clap board and say “Cut”. Since this is a “Silent Movie”, you can not talk between saying “Action” and “Cut”. If you can be silent you will get a 5 second bonus.
  7. San Quinton,

    I have no idea how this program works but I'll keep trying it till I find out.

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