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  1. We'll done Yul. Your skills and artistry simply amaze me. We'll done.
  2. It was pretty bad a couple of days ago but the communities are stepping up and helping all those in need. Three vagrants in the river had to be airlifted out after ignoring repeated warnings to go to higher ground. There were numerous evacuations in my town in places that never flooded before. That seems to be a theme this go around. We got nearly 7" of rain in just over 24 hours so it wasn't a huge surprise. Many roads in the county are washed out and/or undermined to the point they can't be driven on thus stranding folks in some areas. CHP is flying in supplies to those in desperate need. There was a 5 year old boy swept away when his mother tried to drive through swiftly running water. The search is now turned into a recovery effort. At least one other person in my county died when driving into deep water. Friday and Saturday we get hit again but the storms look to be less vigorous. The danger is the ground can't take any more water so it will be running into the drainages. The road system is damaged in places and multiple mudslides have closed others. The first responders are working around the clock so really deserve the praise they are getting. All in all, we're doing ok considering everything Mother Nature is throwing at us. End of report.
  3. I was a member of SASS for 25 years and have watched the rules and enforcement of the rules get diluted down to the point where it does no good to make a formal protest to anything thus may statement. The worst smoke violation I ever saw was at WR by our posse leader who was also a member of the Territorial Rough Riders. When I brought the subject up, it was quickly dismissed and I was considered a whiner. Right there told me the rules didn't apply to everyone. I rarely shoot SASS matches anymore due to the inconsistent rules enforcement, lack of movement, and being blasted with shrapnel from in your face targets. It's simply not worth my time so I shoot other disciplines where the written rules are regularly enforced and the courses actually offer something more challenging than the old 10-10-4. So while my comments may seem unproductive to you, this whole thread is unproductive since there will likely be no realistic changes or meaningful enforcement after days of debate. Agree or disagree, that's my opinion based on 25 years of shooting SASS.
  4. A word of advice for us old guys, have someone you call once or twice a day at a designated time. No call, no answer, the cavalry gets called.
  5. Blue Bullets and GD Bullets are good polymer pills.
  6. Things are well my friend. Try 1883 on Paramount+ if you can get it.
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