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  1. And by loaded I mean chambered with a live round.
  2. The other question I might have is the fact the shooter had two loaded guns in hand when he fired the last round. Aren't gunfighters the only ones that can do that?
  3. Depending on how bad you want some, there are several on eBay.
  4. No, the "dogs" won't fit the slots to install. Just tried it on mine.
  5. This is just a view from my saddle but using a taper crimp is fine unless you're using the ammo in a tubular magazine. I'd be taper crimping above or below the crimp groove on a flat spot for good contact. Don't over think this.
  6. Shouldn't have to if you've watched Rooster Cogburn lately.
  7. Can't help with the 38 other than fill the case until it touches the bullet when it is seated. 12 ga is 60-65 grs by volume, Claybuster 1138 red wad, 7/8-1 oz shot to get height correct for a good crimp.
  8. I anneal brass for my rifle in 45 Colt with great success, thank you Colorado Coffinmaker. I don't for the handguns and it's a waste of time for sub .40 calibers
  9. I doubt your heirloom has much collector value as you describe it but then it's an heirloom first. If it were mine, I'd get it to a smith to repair, not restore, sourcing used parts to keep the vintage look. It may or may not be in good enough shape to be shootable but a good Smith can determine that for you. If it isn't safe to shoot, you have a great wallhanger that will be a wonderful conversation piece.
  10. Hi Warden, I had that same problem with my Uberti Cattleman's. Rowdy Yates made me a die to set the shoulder back since the rifle has a larger chamber. With the die, I can change the shoulder set back as needed. No problems since.
  11. That forend release is identical to my Zabala (Spanish) double.
  12. Gun scrubber is a little pricey if you use a lot of it so I use non clorinated Brakekleen from Walmart. Great stuff to get oil and other cleaning products out of corners and hidden spots. Be sure to lube afterwards. I use Ballistol and Break Free for both.
  13. Great video Warden! What I enjoy about your videos is you show folks how you fix things using tools that many home hobbyists have available to them.
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