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  1. It's a solution to a problem that didn't need fixing IMHO.
  2. Yes I have and sure do miss Just George and the match.
  3. I believe model E's are the better ones. I'm a TNN guy myself but have a sweet 16 in a '97.
  4. It's a pretty long day trip to Ridgecrest but I'd be interested in coming over if you get something going.
  5. Good job Warden. Makes me want to try the same thing with mine.
  6. So I'm contemplating starting to shoot BAMM/GAMM side matches. BAMM is pretty straight forward with low power lead bullets with or without gas checks. Now with GAMM, what are folks using for loads and are those loads sufficient to cycle the action?
  7. Just a joke pard. Didn't you pick up on the emoji?
  8. Using a 1911 is the only way I will ever see the top shooter's dust.
  9. Throwing rifles into the mix doesn't invalidate the 1911 as a single action or justify your argument pard.
  10. The same way WB does, CAS with a 1911. Racking a 1911 is really pretty easy since the proper way is to use your whole hand instead of a thumb and forefinger. Holding a semi properly also allows for safer gun handling during the firing process since your hands maintain a better register on the grips from start to finish. You don't have to agree but a 1911 is called a single action semi auto.
  11. Because you have to cock the hammer for the first round. Not everyone carries cocked and locked. The Israeli police and military train to carry cold then rack to fire. Hence the reason they're called single action semi's. Then there are double action first round pistols, double action only pistols, and striker fire pistols.
  12. Apples and oranges pard. One post spoke to ALL the problems they had integrating a 1911. I have seen it work with no problems so is it the club hierarchy or folks not wanting to try something different? I'll go with the latter. Standing in two different boxes is not a problem unless you want it to be.
  13. Not really if everything else is the same. Clubs are already doing it successfully as a Pike class. It would only be a different game if the whole match was shot with a 1911, something mentioned but not really pursued.
  14. I don't see this as necessarily a change to fit everyone. I see it as a way to keep some shooters in the game but more importantly, it adds variety to the old 10-10-4. Shooting the entire course with a handgun would be a hoot whether it's a period double action revolver or a 1911. The folks that think the sky will fall if a 1911 is used need to consider getting out of their box. I change categories every year so using a 1911 in a CAS scenario isn't a far reach for me. As far as the TO, if they can't understand a slight change in weaponry, they shouldn't be a TO. That's just the view from my saddle.
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