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  1. Those came with SPG IIRC. Depends on temperature and how soft your lube is. If it's really soft, mix in some beeswax and you'll be fine.
  2. Bear Creek has 80gr .32acp's https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/bulletselection
  3. Check with @natekiowajones, he will know if anyone does. Steve's Gunz in Texas
  4. I have two Chaparrals. One works like a dream, after some work, and one is still a work in progress. They are no short stroke kits for them. Original Winchester parts can be fitted into a Chappy without a lot of effort.
  5. When we went to Back at Cha a few years ago, we liked the Odessa area and the Hill Country as we made our way across I10. Coming home, my wife fell in love with a little town called Blossom Texas, not too far from English and T-Bone's range. Lots of big trees and green grass in late September. There's Paris, Texas about 25 miles from English that is under 30,000 folks. It does get warm and humid but it was nice when we came through. Lots of quaint small towns along the Red River and in southern Oklahoma.
  6. I use 30 grs of real FFG in the 44 WCF which gives slight compression under a Big Lube 200 gr bullet.
  7. I did two categories at Thunder Valley (all black powder match) two years running in 105° temps and would do it again in a heartbeat. It is a workout for sure so get your stamina up
  8. Shooting two categories/styles won't affect anyone other than yourself as long as you are doing it on different waves. At Comin' At Cha, you can shoot two or three categories/styles on two or three separate waves. Course 8-12 stages a day for three days might be too much for some. I think it would make a long trip more than worth while.
  9. Winchester '92's are really sweet rifles and you won't find a better cartridge to use will in it. If it's a pre-64, be prepared to spend $700-$2500 depending on condition. Post-64 will be a bit less but original winchesters are way up in price these days.
  10. IIRC, the last few years of EOT in California brought in between 800-1200 competitors yearly along with 12,000+ spectators until such point it became too much for the range in Norco. Attendance that big was largely due to being in a massive metropolitan region and the home of SASS. EOT suffered greatly when it was moved to New Mexico because of elevation, weather, location, and overall lack of local participants. Feedback has not been altogether good from NM over the years which has discouraged folks from attending. EOT has really never recovered since the move. The
  11. I've used many, many pounds of Pyrodex P and RS with no Ill effects so if need be, I'll use more of it. I just prefer the real stuff or in a pinch, 777. For anyone on a budget, it's the least expensive available.
  12. Don't let loading one more caliber stop you from enjoying your Colt. The 38WCF is the best kept secret in SASS. Loads like the 44WCF with a 180 hr pill.
  13. If you like this Bisley, shoot it like it was meant to be done. Use BP and you will fall in love with the 38WCF.
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