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  1. BUT, if you have a Chaparral, they will fit, along with many other parts.
  2. There's every possibility a map was generated as to the body's locations prior to burying them in the mass grave on the hill. It is a great place to visit and "relive" the battle.
  3. Last month I called a "P" on myself as I walked off the line for double discharging as a gunfighter. I was given 5 misses with no "P" even no one could identify the misses. Lots of experienced folks don't know the rules.
  4. Back in 1972 during my first firearms class, I was taught to shoot handguns instinctively for combat and without sights up to 7 yds. Fast forward to today, I still shoot instinctively up to 15 yds simply by focusing on the target. Sights are really overrated up close like we shoot .
  5. Here's one-- Bottle rack for 5 then stationary for 5 bonus. All are rifle targets. First round took two bottles down. Knocked the other three down, 5th round downrange hit the stationary rifle target along with the last five. Got called for a "P". No benefit of the doubt to the shooter for intent. No benefit to the shooter for hitting the bonus target an additional time.
  6. I have scored more penalties from unsolicited coaching than my own errors so I'm definitely in the no coaching camp. When I TO, I usually only coach if requested. I own my stages whether it turns out good or bad.
  7. Western Regional in August at Chorro Valley. Their site is updated. Pozo River Vigilance Committee is updated. Lots of good clubs shooting out here. Give us some dates/areas and we'll hook you up.
  8. I have to agree with you on this one. I do believe if you don't have the funds for high end equipment, buy equipment with a good track record for reliability and have fun.
  9. My first trip to High Sierra was for Peaceful's End of Track. Had a great time and met folks, including TL, I had only heard of before.
  10. Yes you can do it. Handguns must be transported in a locked container separate from the ammunition. Long guns do not have to be locked up. Best for all firearms to be out of sight. Most clubs have members who will loan firearms. They will want you to use their ammo so bring components to replace theirs. Lots of clubs in California, especially in the Sacramento area. Come and have fun with some great folks.
  11. Gad Custom Cartridges does them too. Great guy to work with for obsolete ammo.
  12. Hendershot's Sporting Goods custom loads them.
  13. Australian Shepard has been my favorite with an Aussie Border Collie cross as second choice. Loyal, protective, smart, athletic, energetic, and funny. All the things I'm not.
  14. Great press. Still using mine for small jobs
  15. Ayoob has testified dozens of times as an expert witness so he has substantial experience with attorneys trying to discredit the person who used a weapon. Modifications such as light triggers can be especially harmful in court. I believe his comments were intended to keep those same attorneys from having something else to use in court to confuse a jury to benefit a client. As far as normal reloads coming into question, I can't say I've ever heard of that being an issue but as a 25 year LEO firearms instructor, I know of instances where homemade hollow points and scribed lead bul
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