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  1. The problem is when the folks who live in the city begin to rely totally on the government for their daily lives. The Demos promise all the free programs to get voted in then when they have sufficient numbers, they begin their advance on total rule. That can only happen if the population is unarmed. The Jungle Primary has only made it worse in that it gives us no good choices at times. Don't be fooled folks, this disease is spreading across the nation and will affect you eventually. Unfortunately, what starts in California will infect the rest of the US. Just look at the affect Dallas/FW and Houston are having in Texas, Phoenix and Tucson in AZ, Treasure Valley in ID, Las Vegas and Reno in NV. And it isn't California expatriots leading this change as the East Coast states are having the same problems, it's the communist agenda destroying middle America from the inside. All that being said, everyone must muster the populous to get the people off their couches and out to the polls to vote. If you don't vote, you can't gripe about oppression. It's only a lost cause when you give up the fight.
  2. I went some years ago and had a great time as well.
  3. If you're talking about the Old Tucson studios, you can wear your SASS duds, including guns, and get in for free with your membership card. The Sonora Desert Museum is another great stop just a couple miles away from the studios that is well worth the time.
  4. Might be time for me to move to America.
  5. I'm hoping there's enough moderate Democrats that will come to their senses to stop the madness in believing there is unlimited money to tax and spend. Their belief that disarming the public will make us safer makes the government more powerful and the residents victims of both the government and the criminals.
  6. I'm more hi tech, I put the shell over a 3/8's drive socket and tap the primer out with a 1/16" punch. The socket collects the spent primers for me
  7. Time to vote these liberals out of office.
  8. I run a powder check die on the progressive so squibs are less likely. I had the powder through expander die on my turret press plug a couple of days ago. Three rounds got through before I saw it. Had to weigh about 25 rounds to find the three squib loads. It can and will happen.
  9. 60-65 grs FFG under 1 oz shot with a Claybuster 1138 red wad will get the job done every time.
  10. I use real BP but my rule of thumb is to load a square load. That said, I shoot 1 oz of shot to 60-65 grs of FFG. For a light load, 3/4 oz with 50-55 grs FFG. Both loads with a Claybuster 1138 red wad.
  11. As long as they fit your hands, go for it. Don't skimp on powder or you'll have more than a few misses called on you as EHSM discussed earlier. I run 21grs of FFFG in my '51's with good results.
  12. Carrying 3 C&B revolvers to a match is a good idea, especially at major matches. I have shot Navy .36's almost exclusively for the last 12-15 years and have not had an occasion where they could not take down a reactive target BUT the bigger, heavier targets are harder to get moving at times. At a major match, I take along a '51 in .44 caliber as extra insurance if the targets aren't moving easily for the .38 boys. With my 4.75" barrels, the rammer is short so I use the SliXHand. I load on the gun with no stand in the time it takes for 2-3 shooters. It is a great tool but you can bend the rammer if you get over zealous in compressing the powder. It's also best to get your C&B's prepared for competition by Longhunter or Mike Bracket at Goonsgunworks so you will have years of trouble free shooting. You can do a lot of smoothing and tweaking yourself if you are handy but these guys make the guns almost bulletproof.
  13. You can't go wrong getting in touch with Springfield Slim for black powder tutoring either. He is a great source of BP bullets for C&B or cartridges as he is the Big Lube go to guy.
  14. The Police versions are a small frame revolver and a bit small for me. Try the 1851's and 1860's for pointing and balance. I like '51's with 4 3/4" custom cut barrels in the original .36 caliber. I haven't had a reactive target not go down as long as you hit it towards the top. 88gr .380 ball with 21grs of FFFG.
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