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  1. It'll be a hoot Yul. You won't regret the trip.
  2. Happens all the time with soft projectiles and dead targets.
  3. Unfortunately, this is something that a traditional Navy .36 shooter must deal with. The best thing he/she can do is tell the TO what he is shooting so the spotters can be more attentive.
  4. Most folks I know have had to take a bit off the bottom of their sizing die to get reloads to chamber correctly. Rowdy Yates made me a shoulder set back die that cured my problem with handguns. I also had to have my rifle chamber reamed as it was too short. Jim Bowie said he's never seen one so bad but it is common with 38WCF.
  5. Actually, the Brimstone Pistoleros had a category called Real Cowboy. One handgun with a complete reload. It was a hoot and works great at a monthly.
  6. The only sacred cows to me are to retain the minimum dress standards, pre 1899 firearms, and a mandatory UTO. Everything else can be looked at to make it more efficient or more fun, that includes Frontiersman. Now don't hate me because I shoot Frontiersman Gunfighter . Another example, the 170° rule works great for long guns BUT not so much for short guns. This is a case where the "Cone of safety", might be more realistic for drawing and holstering handguns from straight hang or crossdraws. Does the rule need to change? No. Could it be looked at? Most definitely yes.
  7. Sure wish I lived closer to you folks
  8. Check with roger rapid, he has all the information you need.
  9. I find it quite interesting that so many folks are resistant to having a JFF side match at the club level with period firearms that aren't approved for main or side matches. Even at my home club, I get a cool reception at suggesting such a thing. It's almost like no one wants to step outside their box. How cool would it be to have a Rifleman side match stage where you shot a 1884 Springfield, a 1894 Winchester, a 1895 Winchester, and a 1899 Savage? Think of all the other possibilities for era firearms. It's not about changing the game, it's about adding to it.
  10. Springfield Slim is a stand up guy. I use him for all my Big Lube bullets. He does good work.
  11. Unfortunately, we have a very small number of folks on the wire who have nothing better to do than spew useless garbage that has no basis in fact or personal experience. It only matters if you value their opinion.
  12. One of the reasons for the ORMD designation is to ensure the hazardous item is ground shipped. Throw 5K primers in a flat rate box, it gets thrown on a plane and blows up for some obscure reason, the plane crashes, the shipper is liable and possibly the receiver may have some vicarious liability. Not worth the savings IMHO.
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