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  1. Nice piece. I have a Lyman 4500 with a heater. The Star was a nice machine but I used the 4500 more - until I started powdercoating. The Lyman is for sale now.
  2. Looks like I may be in for once of these. Now how do I message you directly . . .

    Feel free to message me. 

    Also, if anyone has a black Bisley grip frame;  let me know. And for that matter,  if Doc doesn't want the other one I guess would take the pair. 


  3. Ok. I opened my mouth, so, okay I'm in for one also. Thanks for posting these. Oops was I too late?
  4. Ah good! Manual vs inertia… these real light ones might challenge a inertia gun and perhaps some knockdowns. Might need to keep something more potent around for those.
  5. For a consistent soft load consider using Alliant e3 instead of Clays. You can use Clays load info for e3. With e3 your loads will not be pressure or temperature sensitive, very consistent. Titegroup might use a touch more. I seem to recall that Federal primers should be avoided. I loaded up, and chrono'd, loads for shooters that had medical issues. I had ⅞oz loads going 950fps using 12.5 -13 gr of e3. That is a Power Facter of 363 vs 525 for a common 1oz 1200fps trap load. I use 1⅛ and 13-14 grains of e3 in a SxS regularly.
  6. I may have something available. I do have a Lyman 4500 with a heater available. I have several versions of 45 sizers. I'll confirm which I'm still using (I've gone to powder coating and size larger than .452). btw; I have a lot of lead and bullet alloy available including linotype and 'magnum' mixes.
  7. Yeah, me too. Anyone want just one of these? I would like to change my SS OMV but my other gun is case hardened.
  8. I hope you get out there. Bet you'd have fun with those Schofields. If I wasn't so cheap I'd like to try them too.
  9. 45 Colt Marlins may be the best value. No premium for versions in 45 and my two have been completely reliable.
  10. Gee. It seems you're calling me out. Well, I'll give you a moment to print out the attached photo so you can practice your marksmanship on it before I meet you in the street as you defend the honor of Ten Round Dumps. (and your Elstonville research) Btw; Elstonville is a great bunch. I wish I lived closer. Their Do-Over Shoot is a great concept to view what sort of stages a group favors. They vote on the best stages of the year then combine them in one shoot - and shoot 'em twice. I don't recall any 10 round dumps but I do recall rifle target at the back berms and spread ap
  11. Complex stages 'might' be more trouble and time to reset. That is something to consider, especially in a sport where there are plenty of old knees around that are happy to see young knees around to pick brass. Creeker's acceptance of speed in the game is partly fine in my mind but the counterpoint is big dump targets targets and a neat row of steel side by side and just barely past spittin' range. One or, ugh, two of those ammo-wasters per match is one thing. (Shooting SASS I've gotten by without a pistol front sight now for two years). Trusty Sidekick at Elstonville would at least
  12. Thanks Pale Wolf, The Colonel's comments remind me of a trainer that I had years ago. She would encourage us "Be yourself. Find your own market". In my area there is a pretty good mix of clubs. I'll gravitate to the ones I like (though most matches I go to now are modern 3 Gun) I'm glad to say that there are a bunch of quick shooters that are running hard on stages that are not just dump zones. I wish I had time to do more of them. That's a good blend and the sort I like to participate in.
  13. Had a fun CAS v3 Gun crossover moment with my SxS. At my first 3-gun match I brought my shotgun, Stoeger side by side. The guy running the clock offered me his Benelli. I said I'll just go with what I'm safe and familiar with. That stage had 3 clay pigeons on stands on each side and 4 knockdowns with a pigeon tosser in the middle; 14 targets. I ran video of the RO who was running the clock and had offered me his Benelli. A CAS friend took videotape of me. YeeHaw! I ran the shotgun section faster than him! I loved it (and apparently I'm still talking about it. lol) I didn't know t
  14. My wife saves the drips . . . But I'm sure a PID will be nice. I make ingots shaped like a candy bar. They span the pot and preheat well that way. Then they stand up in the melt without changing the melt temp much. I can make up alloys to order by the way. If any of you are running hot loads for other purposes I can mix to whatever BNH you want.
  15. Btw; using CAS guns in 3Gun style scenarios is challenging because your brass is all over the place. Regarding the photo below from Irish Ike… when my daughter was learning how to drive we walked out to my car. I said oops there's a flat tire. She said where I don't see it. I said let's pretend and threw a rolled up pair of coveralls to her. She asked what to do and I said well if you had a flat tire and I wasn't there you'd probably end up looking at the manual in the glove box. She got the tire off and "Now what do I do with it? " "Well, it's still good so let's put it back
  16. Hi all, A couple thoughts on the subject. Basically pivots around making it interesting and exposing people who are already shooters to our Cowboy Action guns n gear. I enjoy Cowboy Action and have brought 9 or 10 new shooters to SASS events. I usually do dry fire practice in front of a large projection a video that I've taken from SASS matches. I have videos of slow, medium and fast shooters. Having to load, lever and reload like we do and then dry firing in sync with the video (watching the same targets as the video-shooter) has made it easy for people to get comforta
  17. Great molds! I have an awful lot of lead to process - including a couple thousand pounds of linotype muffins. I made molds using iron C-channel to deal with the volume but those are fun.
  18. Imagine how long it will be before availability gets normal. While we may have been willing to watch our supply of primers dip down to several thousand occasionally we're not likely to do that anymore. I wonder what my limit would be if I could buy more now at semi-normal prices. I'll probably calculate it the way an insurance actuary would look at me... Well let's see . . . you're 66 years old and we figure you'll last this 25 years and you'll shoot this many rounds off each month… ok... 250,000 may be enough.
  19. I saw primers in stock ....in Canada at sort of normal pricing. Some stores will ship internationally but it is time consuming and expensive process. I wonder what the deal is with a drive up North and buying them over the counter to bring back to the US.
  20. I may be able to get it XRF scanned to get the exact alloy mix if anyone want to send samples. Tiny samples are sufficient; like the size of a match head. Also; if you use bmpo spreadsheet from castboolits you can fine tune your alloys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDy6TjJeVfs&ab_channel=FortuneCookie45LC I have lots of lead alloys available also including linotype etc.
  21. Looking for a way to connect....feel free to email me at meeester11 AT gmail. ty, PT

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