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  1. Just stick a' good' lube cookie under the coated bullet & you won't have a problem.
  2. Them Ural thingy's ain't to bad..got a Harley meself..don't ride as often but try to get out twice a month. Mow yer' lawns & don't eat too many sweet desserts..oh that's right ya' Grumps so eat as much as ya' like !!
  3. Hi Pat..Yes 'Kookee is a Shar Pei standard, we think she has some Pitbull in her..a beautiful dog, when we lived on a bigger property [ 140 acres ] she would chase the Kangaroos, occasionally catching one, Gullee & her are good mates but Stella was not so much, I think because both are female.
  4. I'm in Australia but If you have another way of paying , like someones paypal I'd be pleased to help a little.
  5. It was only a few weeks ago that I posted a pic of our 3 Dogs. Unfortunately Stella a 10 1/2 yo Cattle cross passed last night from I think a form of Tachycardia..her heart rate was racing, I knew inside that she would not survive the night & I could see that in her eyes. RIP & many memories. Stella is on the right......
  6. Danged if I know, for me either it rained a lot [ it pissed down !! ] or it didn't..and them rabbit fences got quite a few Kangaroos who took a lazy jump & had a back leg tangled up in the top strand of wire..a slow death unless a Dingo spotted an easy lunch !!
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