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  1. Wondered where ya' been..still lost all the weight, climbing mountains & chasin' those young fillies !! Hope your well Grizz...
  2. Thanks Griff..I will take you up on the offer..the more info I have the better as I've never used either of these old powders. badlandshq@bigpond.com.au
  3. Thanks SD..Some mates are saying & I've also read where to be careful when using in cold weather as it might play up ..what's your experience ? I was thinking of using it for trap with 18.5 grains under 1 oz load....then use the 473 for CAS [ I have a mate that used it many years back in .38 & 40 cal..he kept all the chrono data & said it worked well ] apppears to be a slow burning powder like green dot.I'm interested & curious as to the loads you made for the SG,44-40 & .45 colt...if you would be kind enough to drop me an email it would be appreciated..thanks. badlandshq@bigpond.com.au
  4. Yes my mistake...when I came across the 473 there was also some 700X which is the Dupont...the brain wasn't thinkinking when I said Dupont 473...oops !!!!
  5. Well put together vids & always a pleasure to watch....thanks OTJ
  6. Got onto some old Dupont 473AA in good condition. Can't find much info other than a good 20g powder or mainly 1 1/8 oz loads in the 12g [.No data for 1 oz loads ] Anyone ever tried it in pistol loads, looking mainly at .38 & .45 colt ?..Will it work ? Used 452AA which was great but only heard of 473 & never used it.........
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