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  1. Sometimes even Down -Under you can find a bargain, good shooting buddy of mine for $600 just picked up a 7 1/2 '' adjustable sight ROA with extra cylinder, bench ball loader, & powder flask..had no grips but I had a spare set so he is a happy chappy ! Early model that had been passed down & hardly used. Normal prices here range from &1400-$3,000 I love my set & they aren't going no where.
  2. I decided to try this once when my wife shot BP..honestly I hated it, I reckon it's more corrosive than the real deal, like shooting thru a cloud of smelly perfume, very stout performance, just didn't like it at all !! That's just my opinion, I know there are others that love it....
  3. I can remember in Singapore some years back when 'lee kwan yu [ no idea how to spell it !! ] was Prime Minister / President ..they used to have public hangings..$ 5 got you in & you could take some beers..I've been there but not to the hangings..
  4. Yep all our bloody taxes are high & then with the conversion rate it kills ya & that goes for eerything !!
  5. Great news Allie..best wishes & lots of healing energy sent your way for a speedy recovery.
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