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  1. That's even worse than the post the other day where Bears don't go to the loo' during hibernation. they eat something weird [ forgot what it is ]beforehand that forms a plug..then when they wake up the s*** really hits the fan !!
  2. Big fines in Australia if you are caught talking on a hand held mobile phone [ your cell ] while driving or for that matter even stationary as you are still in control of a vehicle...in my state of Queensland the penalty has just risen from $ 330 to $1000..2nd offence & your vehicle is confiscated...best wishes to your father in law DDD for a quick recovery.
  3. Howdy..I was using 3/4 oz of shot with 48g..I was having a few backups at clubs that like to put targets out a bit further, so now using 1 oz with 50g..I have plenty of the earlier Winchester hulls & use them with Win 209 primers & 12SL pink wads. BP is expensive here so I use the cheapest which is Wano 5FA....also use it in pistol / rifle .
  4. You did the right thing Turkey & now the shooter you challenged will at the very least have some doubt in his mind..just because it ain't been noticed before doesn't make it right !!!
  5. Prayers for you & your loved one's Doc..healing energy & positive thoughts coming your way......
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