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  1. Not meaning to hi-jack your OP but just wanted to say 'congrats on the weight loss..cheers 'Mohawk
  2. I like to cover my bases by trying different shotguns, my main go to is the SKB double but I also dabble with a hammered IAC & recently picked up an IAC '87 which now has the load 2 mod, shortened stock with a better butt pad, lever & stock covers, new bead & Chiappa fore -end timber. I have designed my own ammo belt as I normally use a Bandoleer but left hand loading for me doesn't work with the '87 so I'm going with adjustable double loops which can be pulled at about the 2 o'clock position with the right hand. I think the Chiappa would be the pick as it is designed on the 10g frame & gives that extra bit of clearance for loading , like anything with practise an '87 would be a great gun to use & Lassiter for one proves that.
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