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  1. This one: https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-wgrs-hr/ Whichever blade you prefer: https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-sq-blade-only-copy/; https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-u-blade-only/; https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-v-blade-only-copy/ I used the shortest version of this one and cut my own notch: https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-b-blade-only-copy-2/
  2. Or Fridays, two dozen there today, donuts that is.
  3. Been doing it for years, although I send mine to Arizona Citizens Defense League. They're the reason we have Constitutional Carry here.
  4. Very sad, I flew on that plane in 2008, was quite the thrill.
  5. I always wanted a trapdoor carbine, but never came across a good enough deal on an original. Finally found a deal on one of the Pedersoli carbines, good quality, shoots great. New ones are $1500, so $900 is going rate for good used guns.
  6. $20 bill = .987 grams 1 pound = 453.6 grams 453.6 grams = 459.6 bills $9200 = 460 bills I rounded up.
  7. Screwed that one up. Should be: What is the value of a pound of $20 bills?
  8. What does a pound of $20 bills weigh?
  9. The purpose of that drill is to induce physical and mental stress into the marksmanship challenge. We do similar things in our 2G-ACM matches, although usually 90-180 seconds instead. Run 50 meters, get into position, load rifle and hit a small target, all in less than 27 seconds, repeat 19 times, very difficult. You have to maintain a certain pace, run too fast, you get gassed, too slow, run out of time. Getting into position quickly, maintain breathing, sight picture, send it, get going again. I imagine that modern soldiers might have to do a fair amount of run to cover, shoot, run to cover, shoot. Might be nice to have experienced that in training first. Just my observation/opinion, I could be wrong, I was in the Navy after all.
  10. With my 2-gun rifle, I take the bolt out and spray it off with brake cleaner, lube it up generously and put it back in, maybe twice a year. Never cleaned the barrel since I built it about 10 years ago. has at least 10K rounds through it. Re-zeroed it January because I put a new red dot on it. Just under 2 MOA at 200 yards, just like the first time. Like SS I'm in the camp of too much cleaning is more harmful than minimal cleaning. I do wipe most of the dirt and mud off after one of our 2G-ACM matches though.
  11. Story I've heard is the best two days in a Cowboy's life is the day he buys a LeMat revolver and the the day he sells the LeMat revolver. Check out these videos: https://www.full30.com/video/5f4c15bef2c3e409e514f66054ada796 https://www.full30.com/video/7b72e6705aad44bd77bcc52990982c6f https://www.full30.com/video/4147f8eb787de988ab8b9cfd60b84fff
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