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  1. I'll take the drain-n-change.  Let me know your PayPal address and I will get the funds to you right away.


    My mailing address is:


    Kevin Brister

    PO Box 233

    Vail, AZ  85641




  2. SOLD 1866 Uberti buttstock, was taken off of a new rifle a few years ago, has a few small dings, and could use a bit of polish on the buttplate. These usually fit fairly well on 1866 and 1873 rifles or carbines, (NOT pistol grip rifles) but might need fitting to individual guns, no guarantee it fits yours. $165 shipped CONUS USPS flat rate. USPS money order or PayPal F&F, no comments. Personal check or cashiers check with shipping after they clear.
  3. Are you sure it was a cap? What is your load, was it a load that the ball was near the mouth of the cylinder? What balls were you using? Hornady .457 balls are notoriously undersized and can occasionally move forward and bind up the cylinder.
  4. How about the Hustler at Pima Air Museum in 1977?
  5. You can create anything you desire here: https://www.spreadshirt.com/ A little pricey, but the shirts are good quality.
  6. Did you have any nickle plated cases in the batch? That happens with the Strat-O-Sheen if you have any nickle cases in with the brass ones. You'll have to run the silvered cases by themselves a couple times to get rid of the plating.
  7. While the lever is out, get a hammer and punch, and tap on the end of the spring where the spring rides over the lever, (from left side of the gun towards the right side of the gun) so the the end of the spring drops into the slot where the lever passes through. Should be able to break it loose then.
  8. Old Pueblo Leather down here in Tucson can make you anything you want, they will need the pistol though. Gene and Melinda, are great folks, they made all my cowboy leather and even a bunch of non-cowboy leather. https://www.facebook.com/oldpuebloleather/ (520) 490-7199
  9. FYI pistol grip and straight grip stocks are not interchangeable on an 1873, they have different lower tang shapes.
  10. Those targets were 18 yards away, was a challenge. At the 24:00 mark I had gotten cocky, missed two on the star, told myself, FOCUS, then the next shot hit.
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