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  1. I have the same issue, not USPS delivery to the house. I used to put PO Box XXX, or just Box XXX as the second line after the street address, worked well for years, the clerks there made sure we got the packages. A few years ago things changed, bunch of new clerks, packages with street address and PO Box number started to get sent back. Came up with an idea, put in a change of address form forwarding my street address mail to my PO Box, now I get everything. Minor problem, forwarding is only good for a year, so, every year I do it again, so far so good for three years.
  2. My Dad signed on with Family Search about 10 years ago, I got on five years ago after he passed. Best info is on his mother's side, can trace it directly to Alexander the Great and Helen of Troy. Also have an ancestor that was five when he made the trip on the Mayflower.
  3. The 1886 Brownings were built (by Miroku) in two grades, high grade with all the engraving and such, and a basic blued model. Limited edition only made in 1986 IIRC. They are faithful reproductions of the originals, unlike the new production Winchesters (also built by Miroku). The basic one looks like this, They are fantastic rifles, won a lot of side matches with this one. 26" 45-70.
  4. have an original belt. And my Pard Castalia made a bunch of steel holders many years ago, and I mounted them on a belt. Look close in this picture and you can see them. I cold blued them to prevent corrosion.
  5. Sorry it didn't work out. I'll still keep an eye open for one.
  6. Being friends with a few Dillon employees, and getting pointers on operation, they always said the presses were designed to be lubed with 30w and axle grease. If it spins or rotates, oil it, if it slides, grease it.
  7. I have an SDB, 550, and 650, all with strong mounts. I have one bench for loading and didn't want to mount all three. The strong mounts all have the same mount base footprint. Drilled four holes in the bench and with screws and some wingnuts, I mount the press I need, and when done swap in another press or just put it up on the shelf and have a clear workbench.
  8. Won't go wrong with Bear Creek Bullets. I've been shooting them since the 90's in all my cowboy guns and other handguns. Never any issues, got to be more than 100k rounds.
  9. What the others have said, shoot what you have, then go from there. You only have your first set of cowboy guns, there will be others.
  10. Unlikely to be much difference between 18" and 20". I have 19" carbines and 24" rifles, I'm faster with the rifles. Only way to be sure is on the clock, back to back, on the same targets.
  11. A category with just multiple rifles would have to be Jack Beauregard. "Just think of it, 150 pure bred sons of bxxches on horseback and you facing 'em alone. You'll be written up in all the history books." My Name is Nobody, 1973 starring Henry Fonda and Terence HIll.
  12. Shoot it first, you might be surprised. I've seen some awful looking barrels shoot just fine.
  13. https://www.proxibid.com/BROWNING-MOD-1885-CAL-3030-WIN-ONLY-28-OCTAGON-BARREL-SN-04324NP2H7-WITH-P/lotInformation/69722929
  14. Browning actually made 1885's in 30-30, might do some searching.
  15. Let's see, shooting real guns with real bullets in a dynamic environment, sounds like Live Action. Dressing like a cowboy, lawman, soldier, outlaw, etc., sounds like Role Playing to me. Ergo, LARPing. Quite a few folks in the 2-gun competition world do it as well and embrace the term.
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