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  1. Only 15 out of 25, does that mean I'm only 60% racist?
  2. Need to get a new sign, here was 2016 version, wife gave it away. View from the porch, nobody bothered my sign.
  3. Best solution for deterring sign thieves I've heard about is someone coated the edges of the sign with anti-sieze. You'll know who took it then, can never get that stuff out of anything.
  4. My Name is Nobody is my favorite Western, Tombstone is second. I know, blasphemy. They Call me Trinity, and, Trinity is Still my Name are the other two movies, not as good, but still entertaining. On my last boat ride the guy in charge of the movies had a thing for Chuck Norris, every fricken' night. I haven't watched a Chuck Norris movie since 1987.
  5. Used drive through there on the way to Stampede, way back when. Thought, that would be a real nice place to retire, well, except for the being in California part.
  6. This one is pretty close, paid about 60% of what is was worth at the time. Don't think the dealer knew what he had.
  7. I highly recommend that you train/practice the way you plan to shoot in a match and/or real life. I always heard the stories, like the Police Officers with brass in their pocket and other incidents. It really hit home one time years ago. I bought a Texas Star target to practice on and get good at. I shot it the usual way by starting at the top and working my way around, got pretty good at it. Then I decided to shoot one of the bottom targets, so it would spin more and therefore make it more difficult. Wouldn't you know, the next time we had a TS in a match, I shot the bottom target first. Soon as the shot went off I said, out loud even, "you dummy, shoot the top one first". I still cleaned it, because I practiced at it, but after that day, I practice the way I plan to shoot. I will occasionally shoot a different way, just for the experience, but make sure I finish up a couple more runs the proper way.
  8. Was on the Kitty Hawk in the south China Sea going through the remnants of a Typhoon. We could not walk down a passageway without bouncing off the bulkheads. Watched the smallboys going THROUGH the waves, not over, felt bad for them. We had an airconditioner or a huffer, don't remember which, just that it was a big yellow thing on wheels. Was on the aft flight deck, and we had to get it down into the hangar bay. No tug available, so 5 or 6 of my squadron mates and I had to muscle it up to the starboard forward elevator. We stood behind it and held for all we were worth while ship pitched up, then ran downhill to keep up with it when ship pitched down. took us about 45 minutes to get to the elevator, then another 45 minutes to get it back aft in the hangar bay. Worst night I ever spent in the Navy, don't know how no one got hurt or managed to not hit anything. I never got seasick, never had motion sickness either.
  9. I have two pairs of Winchester (Uberti) 1873's, one in .45C and one in 38-40. One of each is a 24" rifle, and the other is a 19" carbine. I always take one set to whatever match I shoot, .45C for smokeless and 38-40 for black powder. I prefer to shoot the rifle because I shoot it better, but if a stage has jail bars, doors or something, I use the carbine. I also carry a '97 and hammer double. Kinda like golf, use the right club for the hole.
  10. When I was in the Navy, way back when, I was on a carrier, and we just called it "The Boat". Then again, I was an airdale, maybe the black shoes called it a ship. Always heard that a boat goes on a ship. Well the Kitty Hawk was smaller than the Nimitz, so technically it could go on it, so there. When we had man overboard drills, we had to muster in our workcenter. They would spin that bad boy around while launching the motor whaleboats. Pretty neat, you'd be surprised how fast a carrier can turn.
  11. Lot of misinformation out there. Steel cased ammo is generally inaccurate, dirty, smelly, usually underpowered and cheap. Other than that it's fine. Some AR's don't like it, some do. I've fired many thousands of steel cased, way more brass cased, depending on the gun and the task at hand. I have friends that have shot many times the number of steel cased ammo than I have, with nary a problem. The only issue I've ever seen is if you shoot steel cased ammo, and plan on shooting brass cased ammo after it, make sure you clean the chamber really well. Because the steel case does not seal the chamber very well, (just like .45 Colt ) carbon and traces of the coating (lacquer is worse than poly) build up in the chamber. When you then shoot brass, the brass will stick in the chamber and extractor will pull the rim off. The steel that quality extractors are made of, is way, way harder than any steel case, they are pretty soft. Unless you are shooting 1K rounds a month, you are unlikely ever to wear one out. Same goes for the barrel, the copper washed steel jackets do impart more wear on the barrel. The cost savings using the steel case ammo will make up having to buy a barrel after 10K rounds, versus 20K rounds. If you are just shooting dirt, or steel targets, and don't need sub MOA performance, try a couple boxes and see if it works in your rifle.
  12. Story I've heard is the best two days in a Cowboy's life is the day he buys a LeMat revolver and the the day he sells the LeMat revolver. Check out these videos: https://www.full30.com/video/5f4c15bef2c3e409e514f66054ada796 https://www.full30.com/video/7b72e6705aad44bd77bcc52990982c6f https://www.full30.com/video/4147f8eb787de988ab8b9cfd60b84fff
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