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  1. Qualite brass bird's head grip frames to fit old model Blackhawks and Old Army revolvers. They WILL NOT work on new models. These have not been fitted to a gun, but fit my Old Armies without any modifications. Not polished, genuine patina, easily polished up if you want that look, takes a long time to get good patina. $350 each shipped Conus USPS. Will take USPS money order, personal check with waiting till it clears, or PayPal F&F.
  2. USPS money order or PayPal F&F, no comments. Prices are shipped CONUS, USPS flat rate boxes. .32-20 Starline, mostly once fired, not cleaned, 200 pieces, $100 .380 ACP range pick up, once fired, not cleaned, 500+ pieces, $60 multiple boxes available .45 ACP range pick up, not cleaned, 350+ pieces, $50. 2 boxes available. Nickel plated range pick up, not cleaned, 340+ pieces, $50. $45 $40 SPF .223 range pickup, mostly once fired, not cleaned, commercial, primers not crimped, 250+ pieces, $30. multiple boxes avai
  3. Used to be that if you had a sticker, you could get on almost any military installation. No more waving anyone on, 100% ID checks at gates. Because of that, no more stickers, you have a CAC card (Common Access Card), show that and you can get on almost any installation.
  4. Fantastic pistol, love mine. Now, you need a Leupold Delta Point Pro, Glock tungsten guide rod, Colt Commander 13 lb. (IIRC) recoil spring, and Glock 6.5 lb. striker spring, and it will transform into an awesome pistol.
  5. Sturdy Safe Videos Not as purty, not cheap. Very well made, better than most RSC's, better than my AmSec. No connection other than being a happy customer.
  6. If that is your issue, you should buy the Ruger or S&W and then spend $1K+ on a good 1-6 Trijicon, Vortex, Sig, etc. scope instead.
  7. Better yet, just use 3f in the barrel and the pan, no need for 4f. All those paper cartridges fired by all those Armies over the decades used the same grain, and it wasn't 4f.
  8. Sig Sauer P365XL w/Romeo Zero Sig P365XL VS Springfield Hellcat - On The Clock
  9. Back in the day when I was on WesPac on the Kitty Hawk (World's largest anti-submarine platform), we had a problem with one of the screws, so did the whole cruise on three, with one trailing. Had to do a high speed run in the IO, no problem beating the 33.6 on three screws. Rumor back then was the Big 'E' was the fastest in the fleet, being the first nuke they didn't know quite how it would work and built it with eight boilers like the others. Newer nukes only had two, like the article said. One of the most impressive things I ever saw was during UnRep. We had a turbin
  10. I wanted one before the movie came out, was saving up, and there was about a year long wait. Movie came out, four year wait, didn't want to wait that long, kinda got over it. Built an 1885 high wall instead.
  11. Old Army's never made much money for Ruger, not a big seller. Story I always heard was it was Bill's favorite gun, and he said that it would be made as long as he was alive. Bill died, kids took over, sold out, bean counters killed the Old Army. By my research they made about 200,000 between 1972 and 2008, about 5500/yr for 36 years. Old model .357 Blackhawks, about 240,000 between 1959 and 1973, about 17,000/yr for 14 years. Old model Super Blackhawks, about 100,000 between 1959 and 1973, about 7,000/yr for 14 years. Old
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