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  1. My Pirate Gun. Doesn't float though.
  2. Put everything in the past behind you, focus all your concentration the next task. Last stage, last shot, none of it matters, you can't change any of it. Worry about the next thing instead. Like Null N. Void, I have a pre-stage routine, I stick to it no matter what. It helps me refocus on the task at hand. Difference between good shooters and great shooters is not what you do when things go right, everyone can handle that. It's what you do when things go wrong that separates good from great.
  3. Probably too little crimp. I have seen an occasional 20" rifle with a 24" rifle magazine spring in it. Take out the magazine plug and see how far the spring sticks out, if it is more than 3" or so, you can cut it down to about that and it will work better.
  4. This, just don't use it on blued guns, will remove bluing.
  5. If it is the billet side folder lower receiver version, might be worth $600, regular forged lower 5.56/.223 version, maybe $400. AR-15's are everywhere these days for $500 new, has to be something special and/or different to get past that.
  6. This one: https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-wgrs-hr/ Whichever blade you prefer: https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-sq-blade-only-copy/; https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-u-blade-only/; https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-v-blade-only-copy/ I used the shortest version of this one and cut my own notch: https://williamsgunsight.com/product/williams-b-blade-only-copy-2/
  7. Story I've heard is the best two days in a Cowboy's life is the day he buys a LeMat revolver and the the day he sells the LeMat revolver. Check out these videos: https://www.full30.com/video/5f4c15bef2c3e409e514f66054ada796 https://www.full30.com/video/7b72e6705aad44bd77bcc52990982c6f https://www.full30.com/video/4147f8eb787de988ab8b9cfd60b84fff
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