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  1. QC, Classic Cowboy is definitely NOT the most common category. The most common categories are the simpler age-based categories that do not have extra holster or clothing requirements. Two-Handed (Traditional Style) is more common to see than Single-Handed (Duelist Style) shooting. Take some time to stroll through the handbook. No need to get anything fancy, at all. No need for "tooling". You already have one 5-1/2" barreled Ruger. To keep things simple, go with the same thing for your other gun. I try to keep the feel of both guns the same as much as possible. Especially since you are having a slight difficulty at the moment. As in any new endeavor, keep things as simple as possible for yourself until you get you "sea legs" under you. There are literally nearly 100 good gun leather makers out there, very familiar with what we need for CAS. If I may make a suggestion, even though I don't own any of Jack Dixon's work, I've seen and handled enough of it. His work is priced below what you usually find, and his turnaround time is reasonable. https://www.facebook.com/Jacks-Leather-1441207002841046/ But, definitely get to a couple of matches first and get an idea of what you would like, before ordering anything. Yep, been there, done that, got the t-shirt!
  2. Which Lemi Shine product? I looked them up and found over a dozen different Lemi Shine thingys.
  3. WTB: Before I place an order with Cabelas, I just wanted to stop here and see if anyone had a spare cylinder or two for a Pietta 1860 Army .44 let me know what you got, with shipping to NC. Thanks! ~Duc~
  4. You are correct. The lower, wider hammer spur on the SASS Ruger New Vaqueros primarily helps those shooting in a "Duelist" style. I found that when shooting with a two-handed hold, the lower hammers occasionally catch the web of my hand, and result in the "Ruger-go-round" chasing that one unfired cartridge, to get off the 5th shot. So, on the occasions I shoot two-handed, I use a pair that have the taller spur. For me, that's much faster. So, I'd say settle on a category and shooting style. Most folks start in an age-based category, and after a shooting for a while, they might branch out to something else. From experience, yes, you can push a Cowboy .45 Special with l60gr bullet, with nearly the same felt recoil of a .38 special. But, it will never be identical. You are always going to get a bit more, very manageable recoil. I found that going too low with powder however, will give erratic results. I experimented with Trail Boss and the C45S case, and found that if I dropped below .3.4 gr, which gave me a very mild 625fps - 640fps, then the results gave me too much deviation, and the groups spread wider. Also, when I get to the point that there is no recoil, I found my times suffered. No matter how much I try to train it out of myself, something in me still wants that "feedback" to get moving on to the next target. So, I've settled on 3.4 Trailboss, or a close equivalent, (but different gr. wt. loads) of Clays, Red Dot, or Shooter's World Clean Shot, for when I'm shooting .45s. (I had to experiment with the loads with these powders to find what worked, spending a fair amount of time at an indoor range and evaluating recoil, group size, and Point of Impact vs. Point of Aim.) I load much heavier for the rifle in a standard .45 Colt Case, or a .45 Schofield case, as I find I don't feel recoil at all from the rifle.
  5. I didn't get to see the shootoffs is SC. Did you shoot?
  6. SOLD: One of the projects I've been working on over the years. A Colt Model 1877 .41 "Thunderer", in very nice shape. I have all the parts rounded up except a pair of original grips.. It's been a slow and patient rebuilding process, but I've got way too many projects in my life right now. 150.00 includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail SOLD
  7. Well, it is longer than the .45 Government... with the same WRAC 45 Colt headstamp. But no, there was never officially a .45 Long Colt. Just a .45 Colt and a .45 shorter Colt.
  8. When I shoot reduced recoil .45 Colt loads, I use Cowboy 45 Special case, (available from Starline), or a Schofield case. I use a 160 bullet. But, I still load 200gr for the rifle, in a .45 Colt or a .45 Schofield case because the Schofieds with a 160s are too short in a '66.
  9. Unless it's an ammo malfunction... like one of my percussion caps won't pop, re-engage the same target and end up shy one target and have forgotten to wear my capper around my neck... then it's a Miss, no P... a fair amount of cussin' under my breath, (or quackin' iff'n I have my duc call!)
  10. The times I feel bad about when I R.O., is when the shooter doesn't fire enough rounds from a particular gun, and before I can get the words out of my mouth, they've cocked the next gun. Dang! Then a minority of the shooters will blame me for the unfired round or MSV, (if the live round is on the carrier). Sucks, but sometimes the shooter is just faster than my mouth!
  11. Just throwing this out there... I have a pair of Pietta '1862s with cap rakes, worked over by Colorado Coffinmaker. They are slick! They come with fluted cylinders, (pictured are some spare cylinders). If you're interested, I can take some better pictures. I'll throw in lead ball and felt wads.
  12. Depends on your goals in Cowboy Action Shooting. If your idea of fun and grins is to someday get fast and eventually winning categories and such, you'll want matching guns that feel the same, run the same. If your idea of fun and grins is a nice day with friends throwing lead downrange without too much regard to placement, what the heck... whatever brings a smile to your face. Myself, I'm somewhere in the middle. So, I often switch off to other guns, calibers, barrel lengths and powders... but always in a matched set. In the end, it's whatever pleases you. Go to a match, wrap your hands around various guns and see what fits you.
  13. WTS: I've got a couple of Stainless Steel Howell (R&D, Taylors) Conversion Cylinders for Pietta 1860 Army Percussion Revolvers. They are in new condition, never been used. Depending on the year your pistols were made, they could be drop-in, or you may need to change/lengthen the hand. I'm shooting ROAs so I don't need these. $200. each includes shipping. Paypal or USPS M.O. is fine.
  14. Do you mean: The Ely Cattleman (Large) B-Western Shirt. Black with Gray and Red Stripes with Pearl Snaps Chest is 49", 24-1/2" armpit to armpit?
  15. Depending on what I need and who has what: Bullets by Scarlett Bang and Clang Red River Bullets
  16. Cap'n, Perhaps you should talk to Skinny and ask why your articles didn't make the Chronicle. You can post complaints on here, but that doesn't achieve anything. Getting answers directly from the editor might give you an idea why, and what he might be looking for.
  17. Pretty much think Misty and Skinny did... Have you read the October issue?
  18. Thank you Misty! The Digital issues are quite nice. Yes, I look forward to the print editions, "but times they are a-changin'". Print media is expensive, and all the content is available on my monitor screen while I sip my morning coffee. I appreciate all the effort you've put in to keep this ship afloat and headed in the right direction!
  19. We don't have Plainsman side matches around here anymore. Haven't had it for a number of years. Whatever will increase participation, (and bring back Plainsman), would be most welcome!
  20. WTS: I've shrunk since I found the Keto Diet, and none of these will fit anymore. Some, I hadn't even had a chance to wear yet! These are in excellent condition. No holes, tears, spots, or stains. From a non-smoking, no pets environment. Will take Paypal, or your check is fine. 1. SOLD Classic Old West Styles, Lightweight XXL White Shirt with Dark Blue Pin Stripes. Chest is 58", 29" from armpit to armpit. SOLD 2. SOLD This one's too small... Ely Cattleman (Size Large) B-Western Shirt. Black with Gray and Red Stripes with Pearl Snaps Chest is 49", 24-1/2" armpit to armpit. Lightweight Poly/Cotton Blend SOLD 3. Black B-Western Shirt. XXL Black with Black Piping and Black Snaps. Summer Weight Shirt. Chest is 55", 27.5" armpit to armpit. $22.00 plus $8.00 shipping. 4. Brand New with Tags. Never Worn. XXL Panhandle Slim B-Western Shirt. Black with Red Piping and Embroidered Design. Smiley Pockets and pearl Snaps Chest is 56", 28" armpit to armpit. 100% Cotton. $50.00 includes shipping. This is a bargain! 5. SOLD Classic Old West Styles, Size 52 Frock Coat. Dark Grey with Grey Pinstripes, Black Lapels and Accents. Never got to wear this, it's been hanging in the closet. 55"-56" Chest. 100% Cotton Spots on the lapel and lower front are from the camera and not the coat! SOLD More to come... Thanks, ~Duc~
  21. Send a picture of the black rig to jnmcc@nc.rr.com with close-up of the holsters Thanks
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