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  1. I have adjusted all my guns and loads so that point of aim and point of impact are the same. I don't know if that's good or bad... because now when I miss, I have nothing to blame but myself! Dagnabbit!
  2. "Blackpowder category contestants are expected to understand they will contend with smoke obscured targets. To ensure this, all shotgun, revolver, and rifle powder charges must produce smoke at least equivalent to a baseline load of 15 grains by volume (1 cc) of blackpowder." SHB pg 9 On a humid, still day, where the smoke hangs, especially when shooting towards the sun, low powder loads will suffice. In those conditions, even smokeless powder starts to look smokey... But, when there is less humidity and a bit of a breeze, sun behind you, a low powder load may get you in trouble. This happened to one of our .32 shooters. As the day wore on, what seemed fine in the early morning hours got challenged on later stages and berms. I'd rather load over the standard by a bit, than under and and get called on it. Here's what 1.3cc APP shooting with the sun coming right over the berm looks like
  3. I had several boxes of reloaded Win AA shells that went fine through the case check, but eventually the crimp edge expanded and would fail the check. I'd run them through the press again and all would be fine, but they'd still expand with time. So, I have something like this mounted on my gun cart, and run all shells through it prior to use on a stage. It works like magick!
  4. I'll take the .45-70 set. Are you going to be at the Regional?
  5. Necked down shotgun shells are distinctly "bottle nosed". I don't know of any factory made shells of this type. But that hasn't stopped people from trying. I'm thinking that would certainly increase pressures. Martini-Henry once made a shotgun that used a 14ga bottle-nose shell, but I don't have any pictures of that. Folks have also tried it this way, partially crimped with an overshot card... which is definitely illegal. Notice the bit of a bottle-neck towards the base. I don't think that's legal either.
  6. A gunsmith actually made a Volcanic rifle, from scratch! Since the Volcanic Rocket Ball Ammo is no longer in production, (but he wanted to keep the idea of the original short 40 cal.) So he used a shorted 40 S&W. The results were quite nice! https://shootingwithhobie.blogspot.com/2010/02/40-caliber-volcanic-rifle-by-charlie.html?fbclid=IwAR22BLu6FdW0zr1jLPe0kryrfLnuQ8k9CrLtGra400EL0_HAX7GalrW3w1w
  7. Well, sounds like you've made your choice. Sorry that you're not going to be shooting anymore.
  8. The days of $20 for 50 rounds are long gone. Price of brass, lead, primers, powder, labor, and overhead has all gone up significantly. $32 a box is a good price. The link I posted will get you some ammo until some of our preferred vendors can get production going again.
  9. Hoss, When I look up "Brian Worley" and Chattanooga, TN I get BW GUN ENVY8133 East Brainerd RdChattanooga, TN 37421Telephone: 423-320-6620 When I plug that into Boogle Maps, I get Walmart's parking lot. But, has Tom called him and told him that he can't place an order and to return his funds? (I'm sure he must have, but just asking). The next step is to contact the TN AG's office... I don't know if "Brian Worley" is, in fact, in TN or if there really is a store, or if the store is even his.
  10. The dude was posing as a Gun Store. He has the pictures and everything. He would even send you a real store's FFL# if you asked for it. But he only took forms of payment that left no recourse if something went wrong. His prices were ridiculously low in today's market, 1300.00 a pair. Anybody asked, he said "Sure, I have them in stock!" Which of course, was a lie. He was banned from every FB page I know of fairly quickly, but Tom got stung. Of course, if he really was a dealer and found out the price he was asking wouldn't get the guns ordered, he would have returned the funds when the buyer said he didn't have the money. Nope. He kept it. There are even posts on his page calling him a fraud. If an online store won't take a credit card, pass it on it.
  11. The Model 24 can be made into quite a nice CAS shotgun. If you're considering a Stevens 311, this is a much better choice. I ran one for years after Jim Bowie slicked it. Sold one like this, stock, for much more than Gunsmith is asking, and still have the one Jim Bowie worked over in my safe.
  12. Sgt, CAS is a "niche" market. Manufacturers are producing what's in greatest demand. Right now those are the calibers used by popular semi-autos. All the best of the Cowboy suppliers are in a holding pattern because of the lack of primers. As of this moment, We the People Munitions, Bullets by Scarlett, Choice Ammo, Bang and Clang, are out of stock. The only place I know who still has a limited supply of .38 special "cowboy ammo" is Georgia Arms. https://www.georgia-arms.com/38-special-125gr-lead-round-nose-flat-pt/ You might want to order some before they get gone.
  13. SKB sells replacement stocks for the 100 and 200 series shotguns.
  14. Other discipline shooters use Hi-Tek coated bullets in 9mm semis and PCC.
  15. Of the 4 clubs I shoot at. 1 holding steady, 1 with a slight decline, 1 with 1/3rd down, and 1 with an increase. Temps in the mid to high 90's and humidity in the 90% range keep a fair number of people home. We'll see what happens now that the weather is beginning to trend towards more comfortable temps.
  16. I'd need to have one hand on a wall just to do that on a flat floor! And then, I might still fall over.
  17. Don't worry, we'll yell, holler, and razz you if it's unsafely staged!
  18. You've seen my 2nd Gen, Engraved, Nickel Colts with 5-1/2" barrels and Ivory grips, tuned by Marshal Harland Wolff... We can talk.
  19. What I have: Brand new unfired, unmolested set of SASS Ruger New Vaqueros (.357 / 4.62" barrels / Gloss Stainless / Montado hammers/ Consecutive serial numbers/ SASS Logo grips) Complete with box, papers, locks, etc. What I want: 5-1/2" barreled, .357, Stainless, Ruger Vaqueros OR Ruger New Vaqueros, in excellent condition. Not interested in Bisleys, or .45 caliber. Not interested in selling outright at this time, as Rugers are scarce and hard to find.
  20. Snakebite, Hank (Jim Borton - R.I.P.) and Shorty
  21. The Taylors 1875 Army Outlaw is made by Uberti, but with finish options specifically made for Taylors, one of the largest distributors of Uberti products. If you have not handled an 1875, do so before you buy. Also make a decision on what type of shooting style you will be using. Some folks who shoot duelist or gunfighter say that they have a harder time reaching the hammer with the 1875 and 1890 gripframe. By the way, Taylor's excels at customer service.
  22. China Camp, Deadly Redly, Montana Dan and Doc Holiday at End of Trail, Coto De Caza, 1988 Winners of the THREE shooting categories at EoT 1988: Black Powder - Hangfire Hank, Traditional - Lucky Smucky, and Modern - Deadly Redly Irish Clementine, Montana Belle, Cholla, Calamity Jo and Kid Sticks, Top Lady Shooters 1988 EoT End of Trail, 1988. Top Lady was Kid Sticks and Top Gun Winner was Lucky Smucky These are excerpts from an album on my FaceBook site Cowboy Action Shooting Gallery But since a lot of folks don't have a FB account I posted a few of them here. Just a bit of SASS history.
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