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  1. I'll keep this neutral without injecting my favorite Ruger gunsmith into this... But, Jim Bowie has the only Ruger Short Stroke, that I know of, that preserves the Transfer Bar Safety. Maybe that's important to you, maybe not. He has set up a Winchester SxS Shotgun for me for CAS and he did great work. (I know, this thread is about Ruger Short Strokes, but I thought I'd throw that in there.)
  2. Ace of Hearts - (Richard Metz, 07/19/2021) https://www.facebook.com/RichardMetzjr73/posts/10215294910486066 edit - "Today I said goodbye to my father. Business owner, Father of 2 boys and loved the simplest things. You will be missed. RIP 7/19/2021"
  3. Once you have it out, we tear down and clean these guns so often that many just leave the cover off...
  4. Ace of Hearts - (Richard Metz, 7/19/2021)
  5. Current selling prices are all over the map. 999.00 to 1500.00 MSRP when in stock is 1329.00
  6. Raven, respectfully, It's not that you expressed an opinion, it's that you denigrated an entire Cowboy Action Shooting Club. How about if you made a video and someone else got on here and said your effort is trash and "Big thumbs down on this group!" about you and your club?
  7. Wow! Price keeps going up...
  8. I'm thinking about a lever-action something or other... “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. ” Perhaps a Henry Big Boy?
  9. Why are you shooting "full house" loads to hit a target 7 yds away? Load them off the gun, or get an extended rammer. 15-20gr of powder, and a .457 ball is all you need for a light, manageable load, that the wt. of the ROAs will soak up. If you want to put in a filler to get the ball closer to the mouth of the chamber, stick in a .450 or .455 Circle Fly Fiber wad.
  10. The Susquehanna Roundup 2001, Top Shooters. Ded-I-Dalton was Top Lady, and Top Lady Traditional, while Single Action Jackson was Top Traditional, Top Overall, and Top Gun.
  11. '66s do NOT have a safety. You'll have to look long and hard to find one of those very early '66s with a lever safety behind the trigger. When you do, please know that replacement parts will be almost impossible to find. IF you were inclined to get it short-stroked, there are no kits that will fit it. Although the rifle in the auction does NOT have a lever safety, earlier ones did. I truly wish that Uberti had left the lever safety in the later iterations of the '66. This is a picture of one with a Lever Safety:
  12. Lipsey had a special run of ROAs in 2017. $1200 each. So, if the price of a new gun is that high, and they sold out... I wouldn't expect the secondary market prices to come down. They were selling at approx. 2K a pair before the"panic buying", they'll sell for that much after the dust settles.
  13. SingleActions.com the Virginian Dragoons
  14. Doh! Yes, my fumbling fingers!! (and brain) I'll correct that!
  15. In all these years, I've never tried an IWB Holster for my EDC compact 9. It's a single stack 1911-type compact 9 that I carry in the warmer weather. Usually with an untucked shirt over the OWB holster. Being a bit "portly", I was wondering if an IWB Holster would print a bit less. Figured there might be a few here who have the experience and might share? Like 'em? Hate 'em? Comfort?? Thanks, ~Duc~ (what tries his best not to waddle)
  16. Now to completely turn this thread sideways... I forgot to wish Phantom a Happy Birthday yestiday!! Happy Birthday, Phantom!! (time for some Chok-lit cake!)
  17. dot-dash-dot R?
  18. This gent is approx. 2 hrs away from you, but you'll probably run into him at a match. He can diagnose and fix your problem: Boomstick Jay, Jason Widmer, Boomstick Arms Co LLC, Leonard, TX 254-368-4540
  19. He's right you know. Fun or not, you're putting everybody without one at a disadvantage. A lot of folks don't like to play games that are rigged in favor of a few.
  20. Los Altos Red, Dead Eye Dick, Shotgun Red, Dr. Willard B. Slipsnake, and Hang Fire Hank, c. 1986
  21. Any recommendations for those unable to find Remington #10s?
  22. All my percussion revolvers have been changed over to Slix-Shot nipples, and I have enough Remington #10's to last for a year or two. But, other folks are not so lucky as to have Rem 10s. So, I was asked "What other brand and size percussion caps fit what nipples, on what make guns, without squeezing the cap to make it fit? Before going out and buying the different brands and sizes of caps still available, and different stock and aftermarket nipples... I'm going to ask the collected brain trust here. What brand and size of percussion cap solidly fits and funct
  23. Hoss, Matt Olive over on the "Vendors Page" has asked to buy the Ropers. He's a good guy, I'll vouch for him. If he doesn't send you the money, I'll cover it.
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