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  1. Nav system?? Your truck has a nav system? My '88 don't even have a working radio!
  2. Ha! I looked at the picture and thought Australia... must be it was some kind of big bug that can kill ya, wrapped in bacon...
  3. I don't think the Russians care one way or the other about the vial containing "less than 1 gram of medically prescribed cannabis oil". Of course she said, "I don't know how it got in there!" Yep, she knew the Russian law, she's spent years there making millions in the WNBA off-season. (By the way, the WNBA is clamping down on their players missing the start of training season so they can play in foreign leagues). Russia just wanted a high profile hostage that checks off all the boxes on the left's list of favorites. Just so Joe will be more likely to give in to whatever Russia wants in exchange.
  4. There are so many scams coming at us from all directions, I automatically think that any phone calls, email, text, or web page is a scam until proven otherwise. It's not just aimed at shooting sports, it's everywhere. If your email address is leaked by anyone else, you are assuredly going to get scam emails. I haven't gotten this one yet, but it is only a matter of time. As for web pages, if you can't pay by credit card, pass it by.
  5. These early "machine made" guns, which could be made cheaply, without much hand fitting, where produced by Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin, in Belgium. They were produced for sporting goods wholesale houses who would stamp it with the name of the their reseller customers. A similar H.S. Brown Shotgun just finished up selling on Gunbroker with a final bid of 402.76 This was the second time it was up for sale. First time there were no bidders. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/939420216 Henry S. Brown was the St. Louis MO business partner of Frank F. Hilder in Brown, Hilder and Company from 1876 - 1879, previously with Brown & Hoffman. He left St. Louis in 1881 and soon acquired imported Belgian double-barreled shotguns for resale from H. & D. Folsom Arms Company stamped with his trade names, "Forever" and "H.S. Brown Machine Gun", and were stamped on the rib, "THE H.S. BROWN MACHINE GUN LAMINATED STEEL BELGIUM". The patent date 20 Jun 1883 identifies that they were made by A. Simonis (Belgian gun maker 1873 - 1914) of Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin (Belgian gun makers 1884 to c. 1905) in Liege Belgium. These Damascus twist barreled guns were made with machinery rather than being entirely handmade. He also acquired these imported guns stamped "H. S. BROWN T. J. BOVY PAT'D JUNE 20, 1883". [AFAIK, "Greenfield for H.S.B, H.B.C., and H.S.B. & Co." refers to Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett and Company.]Someone else acquired these Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin guns without manufacturer name or serial number markings, which were stamped with the same patent date 20 Jun 1883 and "TRAP GUN MACHINE MADE LAMINATED STEEL". Still another reseller acquired these black powder only Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin guns stamped with the same patent date 20 Jun 1883 and "PRIZE MACHINE GUN".
  6. I'll take 'em. Send me a PM with yer particulars. Thanks
  7. According to the comments here absolutely every local gun store, big box store in my region, and every online seller is a low-down scum-sucking, greedy, gouging, s.o.b. I can't find anyone locally selling Federals for less than 120/K or CCI under 100/K. (Still prefer buying from my LGS... Those dastardly fiends, who mark up everything abominably... Just so they can stay in business. You know, like those evil gas station owners) I'm glad for those of you who can buy your supplies for less. (I really am). Hope y'all find more. It's not happening around here.
  8. The Great Western II line of revolvers are ready to go, right out of the box. I would save my money and get my shotgun worked up for our game! If you want to get your times down, work on shotgun/shotshell manipulation, and transitions, the non-shooting time between guns and positions.
  9. For home defense, since you haven't bought a gun or practiced with it yet, I would suggest either a double action revolver or a shotgun. Much easier and faster to reload, (especially if you have some speedloaders for the revolver), and you don't have to remember to cock the hammer first.
  10. CFDA holsters with wax bullet deflectors??
  11. Are your memes political? scatalogical? Contain shapes that look like a penis? Are they preoccupied with boobs? Yeah, they're gonna get gone. You'd be surprised at how it only takes one for others to take it in unanticipated directions. Also, at one time photos were no longer allowed to be posted on the Saloon, because of copyright infringement... I think that was the Swedish Bikini Shooting Team pics.
  12. Computers are not really my thing, but I'm not having any problems, so I'm blessed. Could it have anything to do with how data intensive the Saloon is? We've got a huge backlog of cartoons, memes, videos, wordy words, and who knows what else that have to be loaded... Like I said, this is not my forte. Would pruning the Saloon lessen the time it takes to load? You know more about this stuff than I do... so just wondering.
  13. It's like telling a restaurant that they are charging too much because you know the price of beef. Do you know how much it costs to keep the doors open? The taxes they have to pay? How many employees and how much they have to pay them at a competitive salary + benefits? How much does it cost for the building? Utilities? Maintenance, accountants, vehicles? How much profit they have to turn in order to restock at increasing prices? How much operating capital is tied up in inventory? Unless you are selling a product as a "loss leader", (something you sell at little of no markup, just to get boots in the door)... You have to sell items at a high enough markup to keep your business going. True costs are a lot higher than the distributor's price for a product. Unless you are running a successful retail business, you have no idea what it takes to keep the lights on.
  14. "COMMON SENSE should be used to determine the safest direction to point muzzles when moving from the LT to the stage & from the stage to the ULT. UP has already been determined to be considered acceptable. The PRIMARY consideration is to avoid SWEEPING anyone with the muzzle of ANY firearm at ANY time." If all is as originally posted, then "By the book" this may have been a correct call... but they sorta left out the "COMMON SENSE" and "PRIMARY consideration" part.
  15. Yep, Three Cut has done Ubertis and Marlins for me. Excellent work. also, Tommy Barnett at Island Gunsmithing: https://islandgunsmith.com/
  16. SliXshot nipples are excellent. Especially with Remington #10 caps. I bought a case of the caps from Bass Pro Shops, but Cabelas gets them in also. But the nipples also work with CCI #11, and RWS 1075
  17. If you're trying to get the same caliber just shorter barrel. Have one of our Cowboy Gunsmith's shorten the barrel, recrown and mag tube shorter.
  18. Go to a match. You'll find out what rules are. Australian Single Action Shooting may not go completely by the Single Action Shooting Society rules. Just as you Australian alias may not be your SASS alias unless you register it with SASS. The S.A.S.S. rules are:
  19. International Arms Corp., Billerica, MA imported '97s under various markings. Early ones may be marked "Norinco" and or you might find some late model ones marked "S.C. China (Sun City Manufacturing, China). Mine, a middle-years gun is marked I.A.C. Billerica, MA, China S.D. 1. It is generally thought that the later you get into the I.A.C. 97s, the better the quality.
  20. Leather sizes that ain't numbers confuse the heck out of me. I'm interested if you can give me a chest measurement of the jacket buttoned, and sleeve length? Thanks!
  21. Sure! Let's see what you're selling! Good pictures will help immensely. Put prices on each item and then a package price for the lot! Looking forward to seeing what you have!
  22. Pretty and expensive. But for a fraction of that, find an original Marlin model 1894 from the 19th Century, clean it up and run it! This one's from 1899, in 44W (44-40)
  23. I bought mine brand new at Walmart for $60 in the late 80s - early 90s. Still in the safe in pristine condition. I'm hoping one of my grandnephews or grandnieces might make use of it.
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