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  2. He will be missed...….prayers out for the family.
  3. They really need to change the outfits the riders wear. Something like or Full race:
  4. Memorable moment: I remember showing up at Riverbend, he’s sees me shooting the warm up, and out of the norm, I’m shooting smokeless powder. He hollers out, “What happened to you? Did you grow a vagina?”
  5. One of the few benefits of getting older is the wisdom to enjoy each good moment. Cowboy shooting friends provide many of them. Thanks for the post, Bubba. See you this weekend.
  6. I'm sure he can make them if you contact them.
  7. Okay, I'll get 'em up today or tomorrow, I don't wanna break the rooles!!!
  8. If they hand me the note and I read it right then, I might smile and say thank you or you’re welcome. If I am talking to them soon after I read the note I might make a similar remark, or email. But if there is seldom any communication between us, I will likely say nothing.
  9. Larsen, we're sorry you lost your bud. Our little buddies hold such a big space in our hearts, ya know? Glad you have his photos around to help heal your heart. Sassy 'n Windy
  10. You send someone a gift. They respond with a thank you note. Do you acknowledge the thank you note?
  11. This photo is from Bordertown. He loved Bordertown so much he called last year to say they wouldn't be able to make it but he wanted us to send 'em something from the shoot. So we did. ...sent him an entire Shooter's Packet as motivation really, to get those 2 back to Tombstone asap! Man, we'll miss you Judge. Although my heart breaks at this moment, when I think of you I just smile! Can't help it because that's what you brought to this world...your big, bright, beautiful spirit! RIP, my friend. And Yazoo? I have his text sent when y'all were traveling to N. Carolina for your 37th anniversary. Last thing he wrote? "I love my wife." Cindi, you are in our hearts and our prayers, girl.
  12. Now Rye, you know the rules, pictures or it didn't happen
  13. C'mon Rye. Most of my favorite quotes have those words too. But, there have got to be a few others you can conjure up , that are lacking those words
  14. Well folks I bought the Marlin. It's a 24" and my .38's feed just fine. Great shooter, very accurate and I forgot how light these are compared to the 73's and 66's. This is an older JM Marlin, love it!! I just may be a Marlin convert!
  15. Rule #1. Never load a rodeo bronc, into a thoroughbred race gate. That's just never gonna work. It's a 90 degree thing.
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