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  1. Great cart. If I didn't have 2 carts I'd buy it just for the name n color. Good luck. Windy City Red
  2. I previously posted looking for set up for new shooters. Picked up a 73 in 357 n a Stoger in 12 ga. Now looking for a set of Vaqueros in 357 that they can share. So, if anyone has a set at a reasonable price (below market value :+) Vaqueros in 357 that you wanna sell to poor starving students please let me know and I'll forward the information to them Would prefer 4 3/8 bbl. Thanks Windy City Red raceshots@aol.com
  3. K Thanks for the reply.Would you be willing to sell the 22 mag by itself?
  4. Would you be willing to sell the 22 mag by itself?
  5. Get the gold yet? Mailed it this week, Monday.
  6. I'll take them if they have never been installed in guns..... Where should I send the gold? Thanks Windy City Red Raceshots@aol.com Please put hammers in the subject. Thanks
  7. Anyone have Slicks e-mail. Got a question for him. Windy City Red Raceshots@aol.com Thanks
  8. Sorry, was at Bordertown all last week. Just got your message.That's pretty much it. Just did two cylinders in case of a reload on a stage. Raceshots@aol.com
  9. I was going to have something similar custom made at Winter range. Price was $75.00. It was from the vendor that does all the canvas and leather shotgun and cartrige belts and ammo pouches. Would you consider $75.00 shipped? Windy City Red
  10. Thanks for the reply. Is the price firm?
  11. How long are the suspenders? I'm 5'10 :-)
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