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  1. I bought a Kimber the first year that they came out,,made on Chip McCormick machines. one of the best guns out of the box I ever had. Had a little trouble with customer service a while ago on a current gun,,, but other than that,, great guns.
  2. MSRP is $802.00, anything special about these good looking guns?
  3. come on,, somebody gotta have a gun or 2 you don't shoot any more. Pretend it's an ex wife and a bad memory,,,, n get rid of it. Did I say that out loud.
  4. any work done on the gun? thanks sorry forgot,, raceshots8@gmail.com. Windy City Red.
  5. let me know when it gets to 400.00. just kidding.. best wishes.
  6. could be, I don't suppose you have a few sets of your own. lol Windy City Red Hopefully you are doing well. See you in PHX. one of these cooler day.
  7. I believe some time ago Ruger made a Single Six 32 called a Cowboy n then a John Wayne model. Looking for 1 or 2 used ones if anyone has some gathering dust Thanks. Please send PM.
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