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  1. Started with a Lee 4 hole over 20 years ago. Loaded 1000’s of rounds without issue before moving to a Dillon. Still use the Lee for all my low volume loadings. Easy press to start reloading on, would not hesitate to start someone on the Lee turret. LF.
  2. You might want to take it out and give it a good cleaning once then periodically use the swab or whatever to maintain. I was always amazed at how much lube accumulated up in the die. Put a couple register marks on the die and press before removing the die. Should get you pretty close when putting back together. Should be minimal adjustment to get back to your setting. Spay cleaner/ brake cleaner and brass pistol brush cleans them right up. Switched to coated bullets years ago, problem solved. LF.
  3. At state level or above they should all be lost brass matches. Or have brass rats assigned to every stage that can jump in and clear between shooters or at the end of the stage . Keeps the stages moving and let’s the competitors focus on the match instead of hunting for every last piece of brass. Your talking about $20-25 worth of new brass for a 2 day event, pretty insignificant amount when you consider what you are spending overall. LF
  4. Have a 600 junior, picked up a used 8567 last winter on the cheap. Once I got it adjusted it makes nice shells quickly. Like Leroy said, just more stuff you have to watch vs the junior. 5 min to load 25 and that’s working it pretty slow. No doubt you could cut that time in half. LF.
  5. Lots of lockbox’s available for trail cameras from $30-50. I’m sure someone wanting to steal or damage it still could but it would make it harder for the average scumbag that might be wandering through.
  6. Night pictures are not to bad either. I think I caught an alien abduction in progress.
  7. Warden, Michigan & OakRidge are giving good advice. I run between 8 & 10 cameras depending on what’s going on. All of them are the cheapies, mostly wild game brand and a couple stealth cams. Pictures are pretty decent for my needs and as others have said I would rather loose a $50 camera vs the higher dollar. Haven’t lost one yet but have had a couple cards taken. Thanks for leaving the cameras I guess LF
  8. What’s with the hand on one guys knee and the two guys holding hands?
  9. incase your dog wants to play cowboy.
  10. My dog would tear apart the house until she got the traditional cone off. The inflatable donut worked great, she didn’t seem to mind having it on.
  11. I may have asked you but are you interested in any trades??

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