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  1. That was it. Think I’ll save the 20 and just grind it off. Thanks,LF
  2. Does someone make a plug to fill the hole for the uberti 73 lever lock. Was sure I had seen one recently while shopping parts but can’t find it again. I know it’s only cosmetic but the hole always bugs me. Guess I could grind the ears off the lock and leave it in. Thanks, LF.
  3. Make me an offer, this is just taking up room in the safe. Thanks, LF
  4. He does not! spoke with him yesterday and discussed setting up the rifle along with some other work. Just waiting on parts. LF.
  5. This will make a great deer or hog gun. I purchased in hopes of my state allowing straight wall cartridges for deer and wanted to use for hogs. Doesn’t look like either is going to happen anytime soon so need to move it on. Thanks, LF.
  6. That’s the way it came when I got it? it was nicely done whoever did it. use to be vendors at the bigger shoots doing laser engraving, been awhile, not sure if it’s still a thing. Drifter use to do it around the Midwest a few years ago, sure there were many others.
  7. Up for sale is a JM Marlin 1894 cowboy limited 38/357. 20” oct barrel. I don’t know who did the action work but this gun has been slicked up. It was described as race ready when I purchased. It feeds 38 or 357 without issues. Need to move it on to fund something else. first I’ll take it gets it. $1000 plus shipping to your FFL Thanks, LF
  8. Up for sale is a pre safety JM Marlin 444s born in 1983 22” barrel, 4 +1 capacity. Bluing is in very good shape, wood is very good with a few very tiny handling marks. I have a 3 pc Lee die set plus factory crimp and around 90 pcs of unfired starline brass that goes with it. $900 plus shipping to your FFL. Open to reasonable offers First I’ll take it gets it. Thanks LF.
  9. Ubert’s are still available in most configurations if you look around. Not plentiful but out there. Miroku is proving to be more difficult. I reached out to a couple smiths suggested, waiting to hear back. Thanks, LF
  10. Have shot a Cody cut and weld, extremely smooth but didn’t like the overall feel compared to the kit guns. Have not shot a Boogie! Have heard his name mentioned for 73 work or at least the kit. That’s why I asked the question, I know there has been advancements since I had one set up. Trying to make and educated decision. Thanks, LF
  11. Looking to purchase another uberti 73 and have it “race ready tuned” or purchase ready to go. running a 4th gen now that was set up over 15 years ago. Thinking I will go with the 5th gen, probably prefer the kit instead of cut and weld. The smiths that set up my stuff years ago are either gone or very long in the tooth. I know everyone will have there favorites but Who’s the go to smiths for 73 work now. Thanks, LF
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