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  1. I didn't have a confirmation from Nemesis that he would take the rifle so it's yours if you want it.

    I will take care of the shipping charge, just need a copy of the FFL, address where it's going, and check or money order. Feel free to call or e-mail me direct if you other questions ect............I will mark it sold on the wire.

    Thanks, Troy

    Troy Noble

    5 Holiday ave

    Bartonville IL 61607



    1. FireInTheHole


      Sounds great! I am working late tonight but I will get the FFL and check headed your way this weekend for sure.



      Matt Simek


      PS The address of the FFL is

      20 S Potomac St, Aurora, CO 80012

    2. Long Fingers, SASS#56813

      Long Fingers, SASS#56813

      Sounds good, I will let you know when I receive FFL / check...... and will send shipping and tracking number.


      Thanks, Troy

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