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  1. Persimmon Dan/ Murphy Gun Leather in Indiana. Dan is one of the nicest guys you could deal with and makes beautiful rigs. The rig will be custom made to fit you. He will ensure you have the correct drop, degree of tilt, bump out ect…to fit your draw and re holster style. I will send you his contact info. LF.
  2. Thanks guys, That’s what I was looking for. Choctaw, Thanks for the Pm. LF.
  3. Looking for load data for 45 special with clays and 185 bullet. Loading for a younger kid so looking for the lighter end data. Shoot me a pm if you have something that will work. Thanks, LF.
  4. Yep, got the email with order and confirmation. Guess it’s good?
  5. I used the link popcorn posted and showed instock. Went through checkout and got a confirmation number….. but if you search primers on there sight they show out of stock. Guess I’ll have to wait and see if they really got ordered?? LF.
  6. Have you cleaned your check gauge. I have had gunk build up in them on occasion giving the impression you have bad cartridge.
  7. Thought I would try here first before I started cutting. Know it’s kinda a long shot. LF.
  8. Looking for some 45 special, would like 100 or more pieces if someone has a little to spare. Really just need enough to get a shooter through a 5-6 stage monthly. Thanks, LF.
  9. Sent a email to Wolff yesterday, got a response back today. They acknowledge that there is a problem with a batch of 30oz trigger springs. Wanted shipping address and will send replacements when the have a new lot manufactured. LF.
  10. I bought a couple of Wolff 3 spring kits from midway 2 weeks ago. Had the same problem you described, trigger pull was a lot heavier. Kept thinking I was installing wrong. Finally gave up and put another set in, worked fine. LF.
  11. Thanks guys for all the suggestions. One of the members here offered to make one up in his size. Thanks, LF.
  12. I have a new in box 3 pc Lee set you can have for $35 shipped. Thanks, LF.
  13. carrier SPF I sent you a pm with my info. THANKS, LF.
  14. Sneaky, sent you a pm. links SPF. Carrier still available. Thanks, LF.
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