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  1. Cleans better, maybe to good in some instances. You don’t have to dig media of of the primer pockets if you deprime first. Lead exposure as mentioned. Stainless pins probably last forever or at least a long time. I have a old dehydrator I throw them in after tumbling. Definitely not faster or easier but the end result is better. I was gifted a Thumblers years ago, works great, no complaints. There was not as many choices when I got mine so maybe there are better option now? LF.
  2. I know there scarce right now but worth a try. Looking for a carbine or 20” round barrel. Anyone got an extra there willing to part with. Thanks, LF.
  3. If it’s a straight stock it is probably a Mountie which are highly desirable. If it’s in good shape and decent price it would be a good one to pickup.
  4. SNS casting shows them instock. 405 coated .459. 250 for $68 They work good in my marlin out to 300 yards. LF.
  5. You are correct, 38 sc is what I’m looking for, changed title. Guess I shouldn’t post stuff at 3am Thanks, LF
  6. I wasn’t happy with the answer from Lee that it had to be designed that way for it to work with short cases. I had nothing to loose so I turned the expander nose down(shorter) and polished. Now it’s sits just inside the die mouth, same as 9mm. Loaded a few, seems to have eliminated any problems. LF.
  7. Just spoke with a tech at lee, that design is correct. The expander will stick out the bottom. He also said they are aware of the issue I’m having with crushed cases. He said because of the short case it had to be designed that way and just take my time lining up the case. So I asked why my 380 dies, 9mm had a different design. 9mm is almost identical in length. Didn’t have an answer for the question. 9mm die is working for me, so that solves my problem for now. LF. yes my die has the same pieces you have in the above picture. It will float with the aluminum plug, but under tension wit
  8. Mine moves freely also until you attach the powder drop. That’s the problem, the expander is now under tension sticking out the bottom. The case engages the expander before it enters the die. If not lined up perfectly it will crush the edge of the case.
  9. Looking for some sc brass. Anyone have some there not using anymore or extra there willing to sell. let me know what you got. Thanks, LF.
  10. This is the die that came in the set, 38s&w-D6. Picture shows the expander outside of the die. Either the inside shoulder of the die is cut to deep or the nose of the expander is to long. Guess I’ll call it a bad die, I will try to contact lee and see what they have to say. Had an extra 9mm die, gives me just enough bell on the case and still operates the powder drop. Thanks for everyone’s help, LF
  11. Maybe but I don’t think so, I’m barely getting any bell now. I think I load for 15+ calibers haven’t had an issue adjusting dies until this one. Doesn’t mean I don’t have it set right but not sure what I’m missing? im not home so I can’t verify but shouldn’t the “floating plug” that bells the case mouth be up inside the die. This one hangs out the bottom about a 1/4 inch. I believe all the other powder dies have the expander floating up inside the die. The case should enter the bottom of the die before it engages the expander. Thanks, LF.
  12. I have the lee 3 piece die set for 38 short colt. The problem I’m having is with the powder expander die. The die that came in the set is stamped 38s&w. The piece that expands the case mouth extends below the bottom of the die. The shell engages the bell expander first before it goes inside the die. If the brass is not lined up exactly it will crush the side of the case. Of the dozen or so calibers I load for this is the only die that is set up this way? Any one else have this issue, use a different die manufacturer? Thinking a 9mm expander die would probably work? Thanks, LF.
  13. For the last few weeks my brother has been dealing with blue ice from the ice make in the refrigerator. When you google the problem, possibly causes are corrosion from copper water lines. not really any copper in the house, so he’s spoke to the utility company, fridge manufacture ect.... come to find out my 14yr old middle nephew has been putting small amounts of blue dye in the ice maker. He even continued after my brother started tearing into the problem just to screw with them. Last year he switch labels on some of the canned goods, used hot glue to reattach the labels. Open what y
  14. I will take the 44 mag and 40 S&w if still available. thanks, LF.
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