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  1. I am intrigued by the many people who use the 550 instead of the 650/750. I think it depends on how much you reload. I have limited time to devote to reloading so I prefer to use the 750 with case feeder and a Mr. Bullet Feeder. I also use the Dillon primer filler machine. I can reload a couple of hundred rounds in about 10-15 minutes with that setup. It really boils down to how much you shoot. I enjoy the speed and time efficiency of the 750. I only load 38 special so I don't worry about caliber changes and have been very happy with the machine. I started out with Lee products and they work but there are a pain to deal with and cheaply made and I ended up selling all of mine to fund my Dillon purchase. The machine will outlast me and Dillon will replace worn or broken parts for free.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you were happy.
  3. Money orders are fine with me. Thanks for your message.
  4. Thanks. I am open to other forms of payment if individuals are not satisfied with the ones mentioned. Please let me know if other concerns or questions about the item listed.
  5. PayPal is an approved method of payment on gunbroker and others.
  6. To be honest I am not sure. Boomstick in Texas did the initial work and I believe he does not use the Johnny meadows conversion? It has never failed to fire or reset the hammers. I use low shotgun loads with Extralite powder. Thanks for asking.
  7. Up for sale is an SKB 100 with action work by Boomstick and Doc Noper. This shotgun is match ready and needs nothing. Specifications: 1. Barrel length is 18.5 inches 2. Slix shotgun bead 3. Pioneer gun works stock cover 4. 12 gauge 5. Kickeze recoil pad Gun shoots great. Has had a stock repair. See photos. Price is $1550. Payment with PayPal friends and family or Zelle , cleared personal check or USPS money order. Shipping is included. Would prefer to ship to your FFL as an individual. Please let me know if questions
  8. Check shotgun boogies website. He has sells a substitute for the locks that should work for you.
  9. I would advise investing in a good gunsmith to tune your revolvers. It is money well spent. My recommendation would be Jimmy Spurs at Cowboy Gun Works. You won’t regret it.
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