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  1. So far, that is the plan. There seems to be a cowboy/cowgirl garage sale going on afterwards. As I understand, Shoot five stages and then there should be some lunch made available and then the bartering will start, well it can start before the match begins, for that matter. Bring your cashola, and / or items to sell or trade. Watch facebook for cancelation due to rain. Unless they have your email dialed in. I plan on bringing a table and items to sale, myself.
  2. Kind and humbling words. Thank you all.
  3. SLowazzz Molasses, Sorry abit late, if ya bring it, lets chat. Will be on the range this afternoon. OkD
  4. Face to face or Mask to mask - I have one unopened/used 8 LBS jug of Hodgdon Clays powder, I will trade for one unopened/used 8 LBS jug of Alliant Clay Dot. Oklahoma Dee
  5. Kansas City Sneed and Oklahoma Dee are trying to get there. Should be a great shoot.
  6. Great shooter and have not seen hide or smile from him in awhile.
  7. Frederick Jackson Turner, you were a scant 6 seconds away from being Overall Champion. Tight race. I am thinkin your right there. Always...Always nice to have a bit of Luck, as well. Congratulations on being top Senior Modern Wild Bunch Champion.
  8. Congratulations to all the State Champions. Great place to shoot.
  9. Hey Champ, send me a PM.  Thanks, Oklahoma Dee

  10. I've got a 38 made in '58 but it's a 5.5" I'd sell, want more info?


  11. I think you are looking for the 510- series on the serial number, for the Ruger New Model Vaquero in 357Mag with the color case hardening frame. At least the ones that I have had and still have, are in that range. They are kinda hard to find, but crop up once in a while, usually in a gun auction site or gunbroker/gunsamerica websites. I just sold a pair recently, so they can be found. Price ranges from 5-600 per gun. Unless there is some modifications/action job done to them. Good luck on your quest.
  12. Looks to be a great 2 days of shooting. Shoot stages that reflect the National Championships at Winter Range. ok........maybe the targets are tad closer....
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