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  1. Frederick Jackson Turner, you were a scant 6 seconds away from being Overall Champion. Tight race. I am thinkin your right there. Always...Always nice to have a bit of Luck, as well. Congratulations on being top Senior Modern Wild Bunch Champion.
  2. Congratulations to all the State Champions. Great place to shoot.
  3. I use 1.9 grs of Clay Dot for 115 gr 32H&R Mag. Brings most any knockdowns at the old Winter Range and the old EOT shoots.
  4. I second, Alan Harton of Single Action Service in Houston, TX. One of the premier Colt and Ruger Single action gunsmiths. Snake Oil George does some fine work, up in Oklahoma, as well has some excellent octagonal barrels.
  5. For Colt SAA second generation pistols, there are at least 2, 3 books that I have for reference guides. That is why I question the box for one item, as mentioned earlier, it can add 200 and up in additional costs. Rock Island Auction has a real hard twenty plus buyers online cost. Factor that in there. Production numbers with corresponding years and factory setup can determine cost as well. One of the many reasons why I am always interested in the Colt SAA Second Gen with a particular year and configuration from the factory. For a shooter gun, heck, wait and you can find one for what yo
  6. Tough call for a price range. Questions that beg for answers - Any COLT letter for verification of that serial number? Black box label, I think, for nickel guns is wrong color? How used is it? 1960 was the year they started moving away from the black box? Serial number on the bottom of the box? All four clicks? Just how bad do you want it? If is is for an investment purpose, more research may be needed. If it is for shooting, well, start a thousand lower than the asking price and see where ya go...
  7. Dang! Museum quality. Jimmy Spurs action job, full stroke is one of the best, if not the very best. Glad your not in my category.
  8. Boomstick Bruce, Those are some beautiful, bad azzzz guns.
  9. I agree with H.K. Uriah and Widder. Although I have not shot an Octagon barrel in some time, I finally succumbed to the desire to have Octagon barrels on my pistols, by the living legend - Snake Oil George. I still am a big fan of blued barrels and so it took a special type of material to make octagon barrels that could be blued. Snake Oil George took the time to make them correct, with a Front sight of my desire as well. Be they rounded or octagon barrels, quality work it takes for the final product. Many thanks to Snake Oil George and his lovely wife. Oklahoma
  10. Widder, I too have interesting results depending on factors that I cannot nail down consistantly. I have heard about Labradar and the only thing keeping me from buying it, maybe the cost. Which in relation to most of my guns, is less.
  11. Only Alan Harton of Single Action Services in Houston, Texas is your best bet. He is one of three top Colt/Ruger single action revolver gunsmiths in the country.
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