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  1. The Texican Rangers did another great shoot. Simply all round great match. I felt the stages were outstanding and unique, both in Wild Bunch and Cowboy. Thank you to the club members that rallied and put on this shoot.
  2. Thank you most kindly, Twas good to see you and others in great health and shooting.
  3. Should it not be in a museum somewheres?? Sweet looking with that engraving. Is that butt stock cut down? Is that stroke about a 3rd gen?
  4. It is stamped, under the Octagonal 7.5" barrel, "MADE IN ITALY" - There are Proof marks on it as well. I used to know them, but have forgotten what is what. July, I will put your name on it. I will PM you, my contact phone number, as well. Many cheers to the brave - Moms! OkD
  5. Face to face at the Badlands Bar 3, Sept 22-26 2020. Cash - Prices can be Negotiable ( based on you and me ) I hope to have a table displaying these and possible others. Should you be interested any of the items, send me a PM and I will send pictures or meet you at a mutual location ( At the Range is pretty common ) First come first served. Shotshell 12 GA checkers – New - $20 each - These are made by Creek County Kid/Snake Oil George Lefty Wheeler Magazine sleeves - Aluminum tube / Spring / follower for the 357Mag Uberti rifle - $50 each Henry Repeating Arms Rifle– Brass Frame - 30-30 - NIB - 20” Oct barrel - $700 Ruger New Vaquero Revolver – SS 45 Colt – 7.5” barrel - $600 Thompson Center Arms Freehawk – 50 cal /12GA 21.5” - $400 Rock River Arms LAR-15 – 20” SS – 556x45mm – Scope/strap/bag/2 mags - $1145 Armalite AR10-T – 20” SS – 7.62x51mm – Nikon Buckmaster 4.5x14 Scope/Bipods/Excellent little used/strap/bag/6 mags - $2000 Uberti 1873 - 18" half round half Octagon - 357 Mag - Pistol grip - Used - $1600 Sold Pending Funds 1911 Stag Grips , knives, hats Oklahoma Dee
  6. Thank you kind sir. I did not have to think about robbing my bank acct.....A great find and price.
  7. Yup! Learned from NCIS, to purchase a burn cell phone! Hah!!!! Got em..
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