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  1. I have one. Based on my findings, it is equal to an original Colt.
  2. In my area, there are a few clubs that will allow for WB shooters during a cowboy monthly, usually there is a separate set of stage instructions for the WB shooter(s). Then there are clubs that have one day where only WB shooters can shoot, but cowboy shooters are allowed. I have not seen a club that allows for the option of shooting a SASS legal revolver of cowboy shooting or a 1911 platform. I, for one, would be against any option for the use of a SASS approved revolver versus a 1911 platform gun. If a shooter is having difficulty cocking the hammer of a revolver, as previously stated, making a change to the 1911 is even worse on the hands and wrists for that shooter. Just the power factor alone of the 1911, that will allow the action to properly work, will cause more potential problems for a weak one or two handed shooter than the revolver.
  3. I have called twice and left messages. Never got a call back.
  4. Simply one of the Premier Shooting Clubs in the USA. If you want the top challenging stage runs to test your abilities, excellent folks to chat with, great weather....well you had to have been there! Irish-Pat with was an honor to mix company with you!
  5. Some additional information that may impact your decision. The original SKB's came with inertia trigger to change from one barrel to the other. Unless you chose to push to barrel indicator from side to side. Mechanical trigger came into the game and seem to be a major desire of at least half of those using the SKB sxs shotguns, both the 100 and the 200e. Some gunsmiths that have had their name mentioned here, only do inertia setup. Some gunsmiths only do the mechanical setup. I think I knew of two that did both, but not sure if they still do them. So, you may want to try both setups in a match, through friends, if available, before making a decision. In either case, what ever you chose, ask questions about what they feel is the best for your shotgun and your upside of the game. Good luck and happy trails.
  6. So there are some great guys working miracles and magic on shotguns. In addition to those mentioned, try Lefty Wheeler of Wheeler Gunworks in Texas
  7. Thanks Kid! Ordered one. Stay safe and see you all soon.
  8. Oklahoma Dee


    Just one. For me, as a TO, the spotter will need to articulate correctly and precisely their version of the supposed Procedure. I will question them several times. I also speak with the other spotters and confirm their version. I need to verify and confirm the call, as it is my duty and my responsibility to my posse and the shooter. In other words, the spotter must convince me. Either way I go, I walk over to the shooter, at the unloading table and confirm my decision. Be it right or wrong. Move on.
  9. You got options, I will throw this out there. Badman bullets.
  10. Me and the wife talked about this very thing. Looking into it. Thank you J_BAR
  11. Hey now, that is a great possible idea! Thanks Chief Rick.
  12. Yup! That first cool front is in here in Houston and I am still cold! I have an Australian drover long coat with a inside liner, but it does not go inside the arms. I am tired of my arms, then my wrists and then my hands getting colder as the match goes along. Yes, I do use hand warmers in the pockets, I am really needing my arms to be more protected and warmer! Should you have any advise as to where I might purchase one with a full liner that goes into the arm areas, please post here. Many thanks, Oklahoma Dee
  13. Good Shooting to all those that got to be there.
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