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  1. I may have what you are looking for. I bought two from Shotgun Bogie and never used em. I will check.
  2. Been shooting OAL of 1.44" to 1.45" for years and years. Even went out to 1.47" a few times. Backed off to the 1.44" to 1.45" area, All my rifle shoot just fine with them. Having said that, the timing of the rifle is important. More so than the OAL of your ammo.
  3. Thank you for the clarity there, Branchwater Jack. Tis why more often than not, I request a match director or range master for their final saying.
  4. I am of the opinion, that the stage instructions must be clear. If pistols are to be holstered and/or staged. Tis a no call. If the stage instructions state Pistols holstered, And the order is clearly Rifle then Pistols, I say it is a P. As the Rifle is shot and then pistols must be draw from holsters. But, the Match director is probably the shooter and/or a friend and hence ..NO Call! Seen this is a few matches as well.
  5. I sell them as does Lefty Wheeler. The ones I sell are made by Lefty. Aluminum insert with stainless follower and spring.
  6. Whale of a grand time. Met an Western author out of Austin and bought two of his books, found #6 shot, talked with the Legendary Dusty Chambers, Saw countless wonderful shooters and the Texican Rangers voluntary members were everywhere helping and spankin those that needed it.
  7. Back to the top and gentlemen,..... while I do appreciate your insight to my request to a possible purchase, please start your own Thread and Subject concerning this additional information . Next time, instead populating a Request, try PMing the person. Thank you kindly, Oklahoma Dee
  8. Found alternate, This will be for my wife to get her back into the game. Many thanks, Oklahoma Dee
  9. Wife had one, sold it, and now need one back. She needs a lighter one than the 18.5" she was shooting. Please PM me with details of what you are willing to sell, many thanks, Oklahoma Dee
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