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  1. Congratulations to the Great Gunfighter, Rusty Remington!
  2. I got in touch with him. Thanks, OKD
  3. I use a screwdriver knife, check and tighten if need be, every 3-4 stages. Along with checking the lever screw on the rifle. Part of the routine at the loading table.
  4. The rifle and the Great cowboy shooter selling it , should be in the Hall of Fame! Heck of a deal. My wife and I shoot the C&I 4th gen and feel it is the best for us.
  5. Wonderful shooting young man! You keep shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting............
  6. Jackroo, Here is the earlier discussion concerning the change. SASS Awards Policy Update
  7. Pretty good subject. I too have had more than my share of making that call. The current answer, if found, is a Stage DQ. I am okay with that, but why does it continue? I have never had to Match DQ a shooter because of breaking 170 with a loaded gun. Just a few Stage DQ's with an unloaded shotgun and breaking the 170. SO, why are there so many with the cocked rifle at the loading table? Maybe we need to look at the reason(s) for it occurring . Like - Who is it that does it?...Are they repeat offenders?....Are they new shooters lacking training?......Are they good shooters with a bad day? ...........Are they older shooters with a bad day?.....Are they new shooters with a bad day?......Are we as allowing new unprepared shooters in easily, just to get them into the game?..............Maybe too much chatting at the loading tables?...... Outside conditions impacting the attention of the shooters? Can we set signs up at the loading tables such as a check list? How can we better help all shooters to monitor themselves and their equipment, and be aware of themselves and those around them? Practical gun safety training for many starts where? Just a few more questions heaped on the pile.
  8. Does anyone have his contact info, if so, PM me. Thanks, OKD
  9. Snakebite, I am sorry.......... I derailed most of your subject line and thread into a mud slinging personal thread. I agree with what you stated. Twas a great match! What this group of people/shooters did was wonderful and you had to be there to appreciate one's own accomplishments and those that cheered you on. Simply wonderful.
  10. I will take them. PM me your options for paying and I will pass on my shipping information. Awe heck, Seems I was one minute too slow. Thank you kindly, Oklahoma Dee
  11. Hey Champ, send me a PM.  Thanks, Oklahoma Dee

  12. I'm agin that. I understand about tryin to level the playing field, and that can happen on most stages, but some ......well....it is about just dealing with it and doin the best one can do safely. Kind of a source of pride when ya finish one like that. A memory that stays for awhile longer than the others.
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