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  2. You may try taking the base pin latch assembly out and giving it a critical examination. The side that slides into the base pin groove may be worn down. There may be junk or burrs keeping it from going in all the way. The spring may be weak and need replaced. They make stronger springs to help the latch performance. I have a Pietta that I give the base pin latch an extra push when the base pin is replaced to make sure it slid all the way in. Often it doesn't seat all the way under its own power. Once it's fully bottomed out, it holds the base pin securely. Also, the groove in the base pin could be worn rounded on the edge. So annoying is it to have base pin jump forward, I make my own that won't jump forward.
  3. Ruger could have went with Midnight blue. It can be slightly glossy more or a matt or satin finish but very close in color to hot salts blue.
  4. It's like watching a baseball game and one team is leading 15-0 in the second inning!!
  5. Well Carlos, let me help you with that. Its raining, lets all grump on that a while. Stay off the soggy lawn. Imis
  6. Maybe she has some kind of STD??
  7. I thought it was kinda interesting. I'll watch it again. She's not real prominent in the show. The other actors have waaay more screen time.
  8. While we are laughing at others, are they laughing at us? Imis
  9. ...and also check out a Belt Mountain Base pin.
  10. Alpo This dream/go pee thing only gets worse as we age. I wont relate my dreams. Imis
  11. Thats right Parson lets tandem and keep slapping this great shoot back to the top!! Again its a great warm up for all our pards out there getting ready for End of Trail.!! Have a great weekend all!!! Happy Easter!!
  12. There are knives and needles involved in the coroner, mortician thing. I would think self applied penicillin might also be a good thing, mebbe not. Imis
  13. Heritage Arms was probably eaten their cookies at this end of the market. Need to chamber in 32S&W. Cerakote flat finish will appeal to the tacticool folks. They'll have them in pink and tiffany blue camo.
  14. Bicyclists! Don’t get me started on those...people. I am all for sharing the road but some bicyclists are just plain self-entitled, self-absorbed $&@#birds. Blowing your horn does no good. Revving your engine does no good. Being polite and hoping they move does no good. Yelling at them does no good. Rolling down your windows, turning on very loud obnoxious music, RAP or Death Metal, does do good...especially Death Metal. Their casual quiet ride being transformed into a satanic festival for the ears has a wonderful impact on things. They move over and you proceed. Having trouble picking a CD of Death Metal? Google is your friend. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/top-10-death-metal-bands/amp/ Amazon has these: https://www.amazon.com/Macks-Slim-Soft-Foam-Earplugs/dp/B005YUW7A2 You can use these to quell the awful noise from your car as you watch the cyclists squirm in their seats and pull over to let you by... and they come come in handy at shooting matches. I thought purple might be your color but they do have other colors. Yep, Slim, that IS passive aggressive.
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  16. Thanks for the info. On all three of my OMV's the Schofield cartridge is good to go. Not sure if brass manufacturer has anything to do with it, but my samples are all Starline Brass type. It seems in an OMV if there was an issue.a very (and I mean very) minor amount of metal would need to be removed to allow that case to fit properly . GG ~
  17. Never thought of it as “passive aggressive” but, it could be. I will say that anyone trying to bully me in traffic doesn’t receive passive aggressive treatment once they initiate their move.
  18. Coroners typically are MD’s but why a mortician / coroner would need penicillin is beyond me.
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