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  1. It would depend on the contract you sign with them.
  2. Our club just got a response from our waiver application. The club is considered a non-essential business and must remain closed.
  3. I also started with the plowshare grips with the old model in 44. I tried the Bisleys and never went back. Still have the plowshare but they pretty much just take up space in the safe.
  4. I believe the issue is not whether it was an advantage or not. The scenario called for 10 rounds loaded and 10 rounds fired. By loading and firing the 11th round, technically it did not follow the constraints of the scenario. Right, wrong or indifferent, it would be a P.
  5. Waimea, Reach out to Black Hills Barb. If she doesn't already make it, she may be able to make it for you. Bubba
  6. There are a few states, like here in PA, where the state issued drivers license does not meet the federal guidelines for an acceptable ID. As I understand it, PA still has a year or so to comply and I was told that they have no intention of doing so. So yes we will need another for of ID. A passport will work.
  7. Hey Misty, I can do either of the Saturday's or the Sunday. Bubba Bear
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