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  1. Thanks for the tip ! I just got a sleeve of small pistol primers ! $108 !!!! shipped YEE HAW !!
  2. You're right ! They're all gone ! I guess I got lucky, again ! They've shipped my order.. Moderator , Please remove this post so it doesn't waste people's time. Thx. X Mark
  3. Keep scrolling. I found an icon that I could order from a little ways down the page.
  4. Very nice C.Sharps! I notice there is no set trigger, what is the trigger pull like? Light, med, heavy? Are you the original owner?

    1. X Mark

      X Mark


      No , I believe I am the third owner .

      I will measure the trigger pull after I shoot it this weekend and get back to you.

      Our annual Match  " Where The Old West Stayed Young " starts tomorrow and I've got the rifle packed to go ..

      I've thought that it pulls at about 4# but I haven't put a gauge on it.

                     Thx. for looking.

        X  Mark 


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