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  1. I'm looking for new rear sights for my lady's Rossi Puma 1892. Let me know if you have one or a lead on where to find them. Thanks, X Mark
  2. Fireball , There's a bunch of these volumes on ebay right now. X Mark
  3. Twelve and a half pounds of old range brass. Over 1200 pieces of mixed head stamp .38 spl. $90 shipped.
  4. I'll take No. 2. Let me know where to send the gold .
  5. X Mark

    Pistol primers

    Thank you ! I wasn't even aware of an ammoseek app or site . Thx. X mark
  6. FYI Brownells is showing CCI primers in stock !!!!
  7. I sent you a PM about .45 Colt brass.

    I'm definitely interested .


      X   mark

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