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  1. Joe , I'd like to take "Packing Iron " off your hands. Would you please hold it for me ? I'll catch up with you either at the Ranger Station or at the swap meet . Thx. X Mark
  2. Please tell Angela that I'll be there a day early and will work on the "Ramrod Crew" doing whatever needs to get done . I'll plan to work everyday helping , scoring etc. except when I'm shooting. Thx. X Mark
  3. Check out Straight Arrow Hombre . He makes a really compact little cart that disassembles and fits in any car/truck. Last I saw them they were only $249 !!! Regards, X Mark
  4. Good Luck with the back surgery ! Having had a couple of them ,I can tell you that they are life changing experiences ! Take the recovery slow and we'll see you down the trail ! Best Wishes , X Mark
  5. Wow! Truly the Christmas Spirit ! Thank you '40 !
  6. Klaus, Welcome to End of Trail ! This will be a great adventure for both you and your friends ! There are many cowboys here that will be willing to help you with all your questions and special needs such as gun storage. We hope that all of you enjoy your time here. We'll see you on the range. Safe Travels , X Mark
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