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  1. I sent you a PM about .45 Colt brass.

    I'm definitely interested .


      X   mark

  2. Bob , I'll take the .45 Colt. Let me know where to send the gold. Or , if you're coming to EOT ,I can catch up with you there and save you the shipping. Thx. X Mark
  3. I have a double barrel 12 ga. marked J P Lower and Sons that I am seeking information as to the age and manufacturer. I have seen a book about this gentleman and am ordering it . This gun is also marked " J P Lower and Sons Denver Colt " on the top of the barrel rib ! But it doesn't look like an 1878 Colt. There are too many differences for it to be a Colt. It's a hammered double with 30 1/4 in. barrels with some engraving on all surfaces. The breech has an unusual flare to it at about a quarter inch back from the face of the breech. Thanks in advance for any info you may have about this gunsmith and his business . I know from the web that he stamped a lot of guns from other manufacturers like Colt. Regards, X Mark
  4. Bob , I'll take five boxes of 8's if you have that many . Thx. X Mark
  5. 1. Henry Golden Boy ,NIB ,octagon barrel.22 cal.------- $550 2. Stoeger Coach Gun 20.ga. , new springs-----$450 3. SPF : Pair of older ,three screw Blackhawks, .357 ,unconverted--------$895 ------ SPF 4. Iver Jonhson hammerless safety ,nickel plated pocket pistol in .32 S&W with a holster -----$250 5. C sharps 1875 Model in .45-70-- a real beauty made in 1988--------$1800
  6. Joe , I'll take the large pistol primers ! Thx. X Mark
  7. No, this rifle is chambered for the .45-70 ,hence the 2 1/10 markings. The .45-110 brass is 2 7/8 ". Thanks for looking..
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