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  1. Yup , I got one ! How about $15 and shipping ?
  2. Jeb, I'll take No. 2 the MK III holster and the No. 22 --.44 cal bullets for $10 and $25 . Let me know where to send the gold. Thx. X Mark
  3. Dutch , I've got an AYA "Matador" 12ga. that has been my second back-up. I got new springs (kinda stiff) put into it last year . It's a great shooter and shucks shell nicely. If your friend is interested I can email pic's if I get an email address via a PM. I need to get $800 for the side by side. Thx. X Mark
  4. Slick , Do any of these forearms fit an 1866 rifle ? Thx.
  5. I'm showing the check for $41.10 cleared my bank today. Are we settled up for the two Ruger boxes ? Thx. X Mark
  6. The title says it all. I have 550 + .357 mag. cases . Lots of both brass and nickel cases. One hundred of these are new Starline cases in the bag. Several others in the bunch are also new Starline. These can be yours for $75 shipping included.
  7. Gold is on the way ! Thx. X Mark
  8. No , not yet. I got your address from above , just need to know how much for shipping. Thx. X Mark
  9. Heck , I'll take the two gray Ruger boxes, ,No. 2 . Let me know where to send the gold. Thx. X Mark
  10. Okay folks , Here's the skinny on the Colt "rimfire". It is marked .41 Colt so it's not a rimfire. My buddy talked to the Colt people and they said it was made in 1892. Nothing to get real excited about----just another old Colt. Yeah , like they're not something special !!!!!! 9sarc)
  11. Dave , Sent you a PM. X Mark
  12. Gentlemen , Thank you for all your information. I am urging my traveling friend to un-case this Colt when he arrives back home . He'll get some pictures (hopefully detailed ) and I'll post them back here. Again , thanks . X Mark
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