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  1. Please post some pics. Or ,email 'em to mxburke@gmail.com Thx. pard
  2. For sale : This is a leather campaign hat that is almost new. It is labeled "Large" and fits me very well.I wear a size 7 3/8 hat. There is a snap on the side that keeps the brim folded up Offered for sale at $40 plus shipping
  3. I am offering for sale a small starter set of leather carving tools. It includes swivel knife for carving and eight different stamps along with an Exacto knife Asking $50 shipped OBO .
  4. You should take a look at Numerich. They carry a lot of parts for all kinds of guns !
  5. Sam, I think I'd like to get the S&W pocket pistol. Can you send me some pictures of it and a price.? If it,s S&W short ,I really like to get the dies with it Thanks for helping out your fellow cowboy by posting his gear.I only hope that someone is good enough to do that for my wife when I go to meet Him !
  6. Blaze , Tell me more about the condition of the nickel .357 ( d.) you can message me on SASS Wire or email me at mxburke@gmail.com . Thx. X Mark
  7. Dutch . I sure am glad you found a buyer for this gun ! Now I can stop drooling !! Beautiful gun !
  8. Welcome to the game ! We hope to see you on the trail ! Saucy Susie & X Mark
  9. X Mark

    WR Hotel Prices

    We stayed at the Drury Hotel at WR last year ! They had a SASS rate for there rooms and are REAL friendly It was a little pricey except that when you add in all the benefits ,it made sense and looked cheap/reasonable in comparison. They have a great hot breakfast ,AND , they serve tons of hot appetizers along with three (3) free drinks per person per night during their happy hour. We didn't bother to go out to eat most nights because of the great appetizers and drinks. This alone saved the difference between this hotel and any others ! It also seemed a little more convienient to get to Ben Avery from there versus the Hampton in Anthem where we stayed the year before. Just my two cents worth..............
  10. Deuce ,

    Please email me about cartridge length for my new gun that you and Carty are putting together.

      Thx.   X  Mark


    970-879-1566 (land line)

  11. Keep 'em coming ! These are great ! Thx. McCandless
  12. Here's one to make your eyes sore ! This is X Mark from Clark, Colorado SASS No. 105267 Joined SASS in February 2017 Shot 64 stages so far !! What was it said about a hobby turning into an obsession ???? Yeah !!
  13. Well , I got to tell ya'll for a new shooter like me I find this fascinating ! Thanks for all the pictures and "Keep 'em coming !
  14. Send me an email with your info and phone # and we'll work out the details. Email gentjack@tds.net. Phone 763-878-2800. 

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