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  1. I'll second the notion about Cobra derringers. Mine was "bad out of the box". It wouldn't fire the lower barrel !! Had to send it back and got the explanation that they had put a .380 firing pin in it instead of the .38 spl. firing pin !! Not sure what the difference was in these two firing pins but it was enough B.S> that I lost faith in the gun and sold it. Then I bought a Bond and Waterloo ( the Bond guy )helped me to tune it with the lighter springs ! Buy a Bond and have fun !!
  2. I appreciate the update on what's happened to Pistol Pete's name ! I had read where he was their mascots but hadn't heard about the suit ! Thanks for that tid bit ! 'ppreciate it ! \ X Mark P.S. I'll certainly defer to those more steeped in SASS history ! It would appear from Mr. Younger's post that our mascot does , indeed , have a name ! Thank you Cole !
  3. I'll be there to do whatever needs to be done !!
  4. We're still waiting on the "thaw" ! We might see the ground in May !! It's been a big snow year in the Rockies----we're approaching 400 inches and it won't stop until sometime in late April or may if past years are a prelude. This is a picture of the snow pack "on the flat" before we got the last two storms !
  5. Gentlemen, Thank you for your help with this subject. I appreciate it ! Regards, X Mark
  6. I saw a poster at Winter Range that was advertising "Cowboy Shooting Tours"in New Zealand. But , I didn't write down the email address. Does anyone out there know how to contact these folks that are offering the tours? I couldn't find them on the web in a short search . Thanks in advance for any help with this search. Thx, X Mark
  7. Joe, I still need an address to send gold for the boots ! Thx. X Mark
  8. Guess a phone no. would help 970-879-1566 or mxburke@gmail.com Thx. X Mark
  9. Deuce, Can you call me re: bullet length for the '73 ? Thx X Mark
  10. Deuce ,

    Please email me about cartridge length for my new gun that you and Carty are putting together.

      Thx.   X  Mark


    970-879-1566 (land line)

  11. I also found one like this on the fence rail at stage one on Saturday morning. I turned it into the lost and found at registration desk if anyone is looking for it. Hope it finds its owner..........
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