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  1. Heck , I'll take the two gray Ruger boxes, ,No. 2 . Let me know where to send the gold. Thx. X Mark
  2. Okay folks , Here's the skinny on the Colt "rimfire". It is marked .41 Colt so it's not a rimfire. My buddy talked to the Colt people and they said it was made in 1892. Nothing to get real excited about----just another old Colt. Yeah , like they're not something special !!!!!! 9sarc)
  3. Dave , Sent you a PM. X Mark
  4. Gentlemen , Thank you for all your information. I am urging my traveling friend to un-case this Colt when he arrives back home . He'll get some pictures (hopefully detailed ) and I'll post them back here. Again , thanks . X Mark
  5. I'm looking for information regarding the value of an old Colt rimfire pistol. The pistol belongs to a friend and I don't have access to it at this time. It came to my friend with the family story that said it belonged to a relative that was a Sheriff "back in the day ". The pistol is a SAA in .41 rimfire. I don't have a serial number at this time. Any help that can be provided regarding the value of this type of pistol would be appreciated. I understand that there are condition issues that would affect the value.
  6. Filly, Is the other Stoeger nickel plated ? Thx. X Mark
  7. Check with Evil Roy in the Merchants Forum. He's got some great , slick guns and videos to teach you a lot about CAS. Welcome to the most fun you'll have with .............
  8. If you want a good action job , Cowboy Carty is your man ! Just saying.............
  9. I would also recommend Aspen Filly. She does beautiful work at reasonable prices.
  10. I'd be willing to accept a roll for each pound. Send me a six pack and I'll waive the shipping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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