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  1. It’s a shame you can’t post something for sale without it turning into a mud fest. I’ll delete the post if that makes you feel good about yourself
  2. You did read the part that I’m not going to ship them and I live in Fl.
  3. I’m selling for less than I’m having to pay for them. I don’t consider that gouging. If someone doesn’t like the price they should not buy them.
  4. Yes I’ve Ben looking for Federal small pistol . Only place I’ve seen Them is GB anywhere from 250 to 300 per 1000
  5. Thanks for that information. Yes they do have removable bushings.
  6. Don’t know about bushings or production dates. They are not consecutive serial numbers. They were purchased on GB seperatley. One was listed at time as unturned new. The other listed as fired very little. After sending off to Jim Martin for action job I shot them twice, around 200 rounds.
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