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  1. I was using AA I was surprised they weren’t coming out easier.
  2. I have a Stoeger from long hunter. The shells don’t fall out easily. When I tilt it back to help gravity it closes unless I hold it open and it’s hard to pull them out when I have to hold it just right to keep it from closing. I was using a ttn with hammers so I thought by switching to a gun I didn’t have to cock I would save some time. I think they too too much off because it constantly wants to close.
  3. Is a new CZ coach gun sass ready out of the box . Or do they need some work ?
  4. I started to bid on one on G.B. but didn’t want to take a chance. So I ordered one from Longhunter, he has always put out good guns for me.
  5. Years ago I purchased a Marlin before Remington started making them. I replaced the springs and added a one piece firing pin. It was great after that. I heard a lot of stories about there quality in the last few years. Was wondering if they had improved enough to do the same to a new gun. Or should I buy a race ready Marlin
  6. Are the Marlin 1894 c b rifles being produced ready to go out of the box or do they need action work.
  7. I appreciate the information I’ve recieved on this post and have had my question answered. Thanks to all that helped
  8. I will suggest he take it to the range and cycle several rounds thru it to see how it works. But I think it is frustrating for new shooters to have there guns jam the first time they try a match.
  9. I have told him I didn’t think it was a good choice in rifles. But I have never shot one so wanted the opinions of those that had to share with him. Thanks for your input.
  10. No I’m talking about the company Henry. Not a Uberti 1860
  11. I have a friend that is interested in starting cowboy action shooting. Says he has A Henry Rifle in 45 lc . I have Ben a member of SASS for 20 years and have never seen anyone use one in a match. So I am asking to give him information is there any reason he should not use one of these . Thanks
  12. Thank you for the belt! Received it today, great packaging and prompt shipping. :D

    1. Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      Thank you hope you like it

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