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  1. Do parts such as a short stroke kit and firing pin extensions sold by different manufacturers that do cowboy race guns. work if you just install them in a gun that doesn’t have an action job. What parts help and what parts don’t make a difference.
  2. For sale Kirkpatrick Belt Santa Fe border stamp 37 inch to middle hole 24 bullet loops for 45 LC Black 100.00
  3. Strong side built for 5.5 colt Crosdraw built to 4/58 colt
  4. Does anyone you know of do good action work on Colts As well as install Ivory or good fake Ivory grips. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the belt! Received it today, great packaging and prompt shipping. :D

    1. Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      Thank you hope you like it

  6. Its been awhile but I remember I bought them from Colt and had them shipped to a local FFL


    1. Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      I did that years ago thru an FFL but hear they are backed up now

    2. Ventura Slim, SASS #35690

      Ventura Slim, SASS #35690

      BK issue maybe, heard they went back to federal court.

  7. Interested in the OMV's. Can you send pics to: danrhagan@msn.com please?

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