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  2. The houses out here are so far apart, they don't do trick or treating. There will be a trunk-or-treat at the clubhouse the Saturday before. We will decorate the car and attend that.
  3. I order all of my potassium nitrate aka kno3 aka saltpeter from a website called seed ranch. free shipping and when you buy in bulk it saves a bunch. I order kno3 in 50 lb sacks for $98 delivered. it's the primary ingredient in making homemade black powder.
  4. Try one of the sites that has obsolete or antique brass you may be able to find more about them. kR
  5. At some places if you hit the target stand it’s a hit.
  6. I’ll give em a try. Please PM me with your info and I’ll send payment. ML
  7. Sorry about that. I don't know why it won't go through. I have plenty of room. I sent you an email. Let's see how that works. Thanks
  8. I made 12 gauge snap caps by inserting a piece of small plastic glue gun stick into the primer pocket.
  9. Oh man... if I didn’t just throw down for some C & B pistols. I think those are really cool.
  10. If you do and you're in N Texas then I have a DEAL for you..... This is a Swagman Sitkka 2 bike, hitch mount bicycle carrier. I've used it about 6 times in 2 years and it works just fine.It holds Two Bicycles up to 40 lbs each, its Very Secure and folds up out of the way when not in use. Our new e-bikes weight close to 60 lbs each so I'm getting a bigger one.... The Sitkka 2 sells new for around $300.... This one is just like new for $150 Complete and Ready to Go !!!Fits into either 2" or 1.25" hitch receiver. $150 obo and it's all yours.......... Here is a video review of this rack from etrailer.com ....
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  12. FWIW- The FA grip is a cross between the plow handle and Bisley. The .454 is well known for the 'snap' in it's recoil. OLG
  13. I found an updated video by Capandball showing the product he sales. How to make flash paper.
  14. I would not recommend 8-10 of any shooting style (not just GF) C&B on one posse. BTDT at an annual once when a friend and I put together the posses and granted those requests. That posse didn't finish and held up awards, etc. while they did the next day.
  15. Sorry, seems to be working fine on this end. My wife sent it to my FB page, might try it there if interested. JHC
  16. Pretty much all of the new production Mare's Leg pistols are based on a "straight stock" rifle. Has anyone ever seen, or at least wondered about, a Mare's Leg that was made off the pattern of a 92 with a "pistol grip" stock? Seems to me that it might make for a better looking gun, with a more pistol like grip. The loop would be rounder because of the curve of the grip and it would just be more "pistol like" instead of looking like a minatured rifle.
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