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  1. The Main Tent rises like a ghost in the desert. And here is good news: upper 60's and 70's NO......WAIT......THIS IS THE BEST NEWS: There are still openings available! If you are not sure your application will get to us in time you can email register@winterrange.com for further instructions. You really don't want to miss this, do you?
  2. EOT, being at a private facility, is only open to the public from 8:00 to 5:00 for two days after paying a $5.00 entry fee. As a paying guest, you have access to EOT for all 11 days, including the nighttime activities. Winter Range, which you have also attended, is held at a public facility, open to the public during normal range hours. A paying guest, for their $10.00 gets a name badge and access to the shooting area and evening activities with the competing spouse. SASS membership is required as is match appropriate attire.
  3. I have found that both the Speer and Sierra Bullets manuals, though expensive, are worth it. So much more info than the free pamphlets or internet sites.
  4. WR handicap permits can be picked up at Registration by presenting your State issued permit.
  5. The free version of Adblock plus works great for me in Chrome, even on my Macbook.
  6. Just take a credit card for dinner and leave me your wallet. I'll take care of the rest. You can trust me, I'm a match official.
  7. Just for clarification, Winter Range does not require insurance coverage for golf carts. BJ, I would call your current auto insurer and ask to add the golf cart for the time that you need it. If that doesn't work, my atv was insured through Foremost. They insure atv's, boats, motorcycles, etc. Also FYI, Winter Range has 24 hour security provided by the Arizona Rangers, leaving it parked at the range won't be a problem.
  8. BJ, Winter Range's golf carts are supplied by Southwest Golf Cars. You can call Nancy at (623) 584-0591 and get more info and prices. Just be advised that only motorized vehicles with Winter Range issued handicap permits are allowed on the range. All others must be parked in the golf cart parking area in the public area. Feel free to contact me for more info or other assistance.
  9. SASS woodworkers? We got them by the dozen at every Winter Range work party!
  10. I have found it difficult to load shot larger than 8.5-9 in most .410 reloaders. Maybe try mixing your shot with a little extra graphite?
  11. UPDATE: Wild bunch is full with a waiting list established. Cowboy match has less than 80 openings left.
  12. Volunteering, be it work parties, setup, being a Ranger, or Wednesday side matches is a great way to give back to cowboy shooting and meet some great new friends. BTW, I've spent a week in Baker City and loved it!
  13. Winter Range will be waiting for him with open arms!
  14. There are many reasons, including an amazing lineup of vendors. Mr. Palo Verde, with his "magical" rifles is one of the best. A long time vendor, and I look forward to seeing him every year.
  15. One small piece of #8 shot can wreak havoc if stuck in the action. Also very hard to see against a blued receiver. Look very closely, it could be smashed as thin as a piece of paper.
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