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  1. Bumping for the weekend crowd. We fixed some problems from last year: you can register a Buckaroo/Buckarette without registering an adult, international shooters don't have to use a Phoenix zip code, and refunds can be made to the original credit card. PLEASE READ THE NEW REFUND POLICY. Sunshine Kay will be available all day Monday to help and answer questions. See you in February!
  2. My Browning 92 would do that with too light of a bullet or too short of a round. Have him try 158gn RNFP bullets loaded at no less than 1.5". Mine ran best at 1.54" which usually meant crimping just forward of the lube groove.
  3. 10:00 am MST it is. If you get a web page asking for a password you are too early.
  4. And Sly Puppy looks about 78,000 memberships younger than you, you old dog! Happy New Year to you both.
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