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  1. Residency, citizenship, domicile, call it what you want. As PWB quoted above, It's what is on your government issued driver's license or ID that determines your eligibility. "All SASS rules apply"
  2. He shoulda been at Cowtown Sunday Davey!
  3. You are definitely entitled to your opinion. But as the Winter Range Secretary, when I sign the contract with SASS, I'm agreeing to "Conduct the match in accordance with SASS Rules, and within the outline of the guidelines provided" (SASS Championship Agreement) . As PWB has quoted above, the rules are very clear, the US National Championship has to be awarded to a US resident. The Match Trophy goes to the match winner as appropriate.
  4. Win AA hulls: 13.2gn Green Dot with Claybuster CB1075 with 3/4 oz shot, or 13.5gn Green Dot with Claybuster CB 1078 with 7/8 oz.
  5. I have looked at the TPMS's and have decided they aren't worth it to me. I check my tire pressures every morning the day that I travel, even if I only pulled in for the night. I also get out and look for tire trouble at every lunch, fuel, or other stop. I have weighed my motorhome and make sure that I am well under the GVWR, then I tell my wife how many pounds of cr@p she can buy during the trip . None of this guarantees that I won't suffer catastrophic tire failure, but neither does a TPMS system. My process has just served me well for the last 10+ years.
  6. Max Baer Jr. (Jethro) is still one of the kindest, most personable and generous people that I have ever met. But I would not want to get on his bad side, at 80+ he is still huge and in great shape.
  7. I would also look at the Ruger Wranglers or Single Sixes. Less of a transition than the little 'Cats when he finally can shoot Vaqueros.
  8. I'll beat Kid Rich to his own load: 3.5 grains of Clays. If it's good enough for Shirttail Bess, it"s good enough for me. Oh, and I don't even shoot WB, I just like shooting my 1911's.
  9. Yes, Clays is a great powder for .38 special, as is 231. You need to get a good reloading manual or two and/or learn to use the numerous manufacturer's websites. Here's a link to one that has both Hodgdon Clays and Winchester: http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol
  10. I have found these Beretta glasses to be about the best all-purpose clay shooting glasses in a lower price range. https://www.amazon.com/Beretta-Shooting-Glasses-Policarbonate-Injected/dp/B005NH4MT0/ref=as_li_ss_tlie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=gunnewsdail0e-20&linkId=10abf9eb3e39f2d298631dd064e23ea1?th=1 . Purple is good for highlighting both orange and green targets. They are ANSI Z87 rated, which is plenty for clay shooting. I would still wear Ballistic rated glasses for cowboy or any other metallic cartridge shooting.
  11. + one more for Altamont. I ordered mine last Wednesday, they shipped Thursday, and will be here Tuesday. No Covid-slow shipping there! Plus it is a pleasure to support our Winter Range sponsors year-round.
  12. When my wife and I retired and sold our house of 30 years, we put everything in storage for 6 months while we traveled in our motorhome. We were surprised at how little of it we missed. We finally bought a bigger retirement home, but still threw ( or donated) a huge amount away rather than move it. Now, every 3 or 4 years we just pretend we're moving and purge again. It actually feels pretty good!
  13. When you get to Winter Range, Klickatat Bob could hook you up. See you and Miss Cat there!
  14. Go with the Ariat Ropers. I've got a pair I've been trying to wear out for 5 years in order to justify buying new ones. They just won't cooperate.
  15. I just ordered the 30-14 combo online from Wolff tonight. They are in stock at $13.50.
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