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  1. Check out californiagunslingers.com for info on all of the Northern California clubs. There's a match at Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town in Sloughhouse almost every week of the month. They are all great people, makes me sad that I only get up there maybe once a year.
  2. As you can see in Branchwater Jack's link, it's not really a rule, it's part of the contract signed between the sponsoring club and SASS. Same for Divisional and National championships. It is the way SASS wants it, that's why it is in the contract.
  3. I also used a 25/64 until the first time I shot in the (Winter Range) rain. They were a little snug getting out, but next day no way was a .38 going in any of them. I like the 10mm idea. I think I'll try one.
  4. I think I can help, but I won't be home to check for another 10 days. I'll PM you when I get there and check.
  5. Arizona Gunfighter, When you meet Turquoise Bill on Sept. 8th, volunteer to help with the Wednesday side matches at Winter Range. You'll be glad you did!
  6. I shoot my 38WCF born in 1890. Usual full load of APP or BMZ. If the barrel is a little rough, you can get slightly oversize bullets from cowboybullets.com.
  7. I've switched to nickel plated for my FCD loads. Helps to identify them and needs nothing but soap and warm water to clean.
  8. If you still need something to do, try Arizona Hatters, 2790 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719. Great selection, and they did a complete clean, block, and a new leather sweatband for me for about $65.
  9. I'm starting to find more 1oz loads at WalMart, Sportsman's, and the various other places. Gun Clubs and Estate. Not a bad alternative and usually the same price as 1 1/8oz.
  10. It is going to be emailed to everybody that has shot WR in the last 5 years. But our email provider limits us to 300 emails a day, so it could take a while. Meanwhile we are going to make this a quarterly newsletter and will post notice of it here and on our website as well.
  11. After about 8 years of using my motorhome 6 months out of the year, I had to replace the slideout awning. The guy at the repair facility said it cost way less than replacing the seals, which after 10 years still look like new.
  12. Everything Garrison Joe says is right on. The slideout awnings are really only important if you're using the RV for months at a time, then they do help shade and preserve the seals.
  13. We spend pages and pages talking about how to attract new shooters in order to secure the future of our sport, and all shooting sports in general. But yet we are surprised when those new shooters bring with them new ideas, suggestions, and ways of doing things. We can't have it both ways. The big challenge is to evolve, improve, and move forward, gaining new shooters while keeping the culture, history, and people upon which this sport was founded. I believe that End of Trail and Winter Range do a great job of balancing all these needs; as do countless other successful smaller clubs.
  14. A lot of reloaders only load 7/8 oz in the 12 ga. I'm not sure that the target would know the difference between 12 or 20. For me, when loading smokeless, no problem. Getting that much BP or sub in a 20ga is a challenge. I'm going to try overpowder cardboard and fiber wads next. Or maybe just shoot 20 in smokeless and 12 in BP? Still working on it. I will say that it takes a little more umph to shuck a 20ga shell because it weighs considerably less than a 12.
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