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  1. GrizzleStomp: 1. You're a new guy 2. You asked a well-stated, intelligent question 3. You listened to the answers, although not all agreed with each other 4. You made a well thought out, smart decision Please hang around and play our little shooting game with us, we need (lots) more like you
  2. Since the OP was asking about a rifle primarily for hunting and defense, I think it's worth noting that both .357 and .44 magnums achieve their best accuracy (at least in my long range silhouette days) at about 90% of maximum or higher.
  3. I would just add that for hunting, the '92 with a round barrel or Marlin are much lighter to carry all day than the '73. Also stay away from that 16" barrel if you have any thoughts of using it in a cowboy match. It won't hold 10 rounds loaded to the proper length.
  4. On behalf of the Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders: Thank you C.C. Those that have not put on a match of this magnitude will never understand what all goes into such an undertaking. You are all to be commended and admired for your courage and your effort to tackle such an event given the circumstances and the short notice.
  5. Yes, the Pioneer Living History Museum is a great local find, as is the Cave Creek Museum and the Deer Valley Rock Art Center.
  6. Old west history can be found in Wickenburg (45 minute drive), Prescott (1.5 hours), Fort Verde (45 min) as well as Tombstone, a little touristy but still steeped in AZ history. A little more commercial (great if you have a shopper wife) are Cave Creek and Scottsdale. Also don't miss the Heard Museum in downtown Phoenix and the Scottsdale Museum of the West. All that is just the tip of the iceberg, plenty more to discover by poking around and asking your new Arizona SASS friends. Contact me for more info on getting started in Cowboy Shooting if you are interested. Best of luck in retirement.
  7. Irish Pat, tried to PM you, it says you can't receive messages.
  8. Hamer had probably lost count of the number of times that SAA had saved his life by then. It would be hard to give that up regardless of what had become available.
  9. I'm glad I got my order in last week. Let the rush begin!!!
  10. My Cricut Queen says that looks awesome Sue!!
  11. My Weber Genesis looks and work like new after five years. I probably cook on it in one way or another two out of every three days year round.
  12. Thanks to Driftwood and this thread, I took my old '92 out and shot up some ammo that had been sitting around way too long. Now somebody needs to start a thread on .38WCF because my older '73 is starting to look at me that way.
  13. I was in Tucson 8 or 9 years ago and had Arizona Hatters clean, reshape, and sew in a new leather band for about $65. Don't know if they still do, or the price, but it would be worth a try. http://www.arizonahatters.com/ They are a respected, trustworthy place, been in business since 1935.
  14. It sounds like you have done a great job of listening to your shooters and following their suggestions. That's what makes the difference between a club that grows and one that declines, especially in times like these. Congratulations!
  15. Who wants to be limited to shooting only "reproduction" cowboy guns? The feeling of shooting an original WINCHESTER 1873 or 1892 will light you up permanently. I can't help but wonder who else has shot mine and where it's been since it was new in 1890.
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