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  1. Back when I shot Long Range Silhouette, I used the .44 version and just shot the length of the hallway with ok results. It was more about holding steady and trigger control, I'm not sure it would have much benefit for cowboy.
  2. I have a Browning 92 that I bought from a guy who was a former national champion in the 90's. He shot full loads of BP and the barrel has three distinct bulges (him, not me) . The action on this 20 year old gun is still smooth and tight, and it is still a tack driver with the proper loads.
  3. I've found after many years of smoking meats at home that charcoal is an important part of keeping an even temperature. Oak is good (I think best) for smoke, but trying to keep an even temp with pure oak is next to impossible in a small home setup. Charcoal for heat and oak for smoke, the perfect combination.
  4. Stock pitch is an often underestimated factor in felt recoil. There's a lot of interesting info to read online. Easier than cutting the angle is to try these https://kickeezproducts.com/recoil-pads/pitch-spacers/ . They come in different thicknesses and can be reversed to pitch the stock up or down. She can try both and see what feels better. Good stock fit is always better than just adding weight to a stock that is set up improperly.
  5. There's probably a lot of people like me. Just had to have them, got them, didn't like the way they felt after all, and then sold them at a loss. But I still think they're the coolest looking things on the planet!
  6. Cowboys and Cowgirls, the latest edition of the Rough Rider Range Report, the only official newsletter of Winter Range is now available here: http://winterrange.com/WRNewsletterFall19Final.pdf . Copies are also being emailed to current and past participants, but our email program limits how many can go out each day. Enjoy, and we can hardly wait to see you all here in February!
  7. What did you do Sunday? Went leaf-peeping? Maybe shoveled the first snowfall of the year? Well 21 dedicated cowboys and cowgirls gathered at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility to celebrate the cool (90*) weather with the first work party of the year! Can we ever have enough boardwalk? It seems like no matter how much we build, somebody is needing more. Maybe if we build enough it will never rain again. This year's train theme has us rounding up every available piece of track and building even more. The train track refurbishing crew gets busy. The next work party is scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd. Stop by if you're in the area, we'd love to meet ya.
  8. I bought a Browning 92 about 8 years ago from the cowboy who won the Black Powder class at Winter Range 1n 1999 with it. I have shot black (APP) since then with no problems. It was worked over in 1999 by the Cowboys & Indians shop and has had nothing but regular cleaning since then. I ve only torn it down a coupe of times and it was clean inside, just needs regular post-match routine. That's 20 years of BP shooting from one well-made, well-setup gun!
  9. I'd be very careful loading anything under 500 fps. There's a good reason the manuals don't list lower loads. A very small deviation in powder weight or a slightly undersized projectile not obturating may result in a bullet stuck in your barrel.
  10. I'll second what Three Foot Johnson says above. A .454 ball weighs about 140 grains, as close in weight to a .38 bullet as you can get in .45.
  11. 1. Most underground gas line is now plastic. Gas companies and most Fire Departments have specially designed pinch-clamps that will pinch the line closed in about 30 seconds. 2. Most fire engines are capable of carrying 1,000 to 1,500 feet of supply hose to hook to a hydrant.
  12. Check out californiagunslingers.com for info on all of the Northern California clubs. There's a match at Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town in Sloughhouse almost every week of the month. They are all great people, makes me sad that I only get up there maybe once a year.
  13. As you can see in Branchwater Jack's link, it's not really a rule, it's part of the contract signed between the sponsoring club and SASS. Same for Divisional and National championships. It is the way SASS wants it, that's why it is in the contract.
  14. I also used a 25/64 until the first time I shot in the (Winter Range) rain. They were a little snug getting out, but next day no way was a .38 going in any of them. I like the 10mm idea. I think I'll try one.
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