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  1. Possibly but they can give and extremely accurate report of yesterdays weather tomorrow
  2. good to hear you can run them, anyone figure out how to keep BIGFOOT from stepping on them or is that just the cost of doing business?
  3. if not let me know generally bring one for color guard
  4. Make sure you have a krag, check out the AZ rangers Morenci Stike photo.
  5. Some decent powders for .38 special are bullseye, red dot, A2, Nitro 100 on the slower side HP38, unique or universal. I use the Bullseye, Red Dot, A2 and Nitro 100 range of powders and get 2000 or so rounds out of a lb. not necessarily container as many now have 12 or 14 oz vs a true pound
  6. Really? How sad would be damn be fun to get into a squirrel cage and run to lift up a 2000 lb ore car and use shotgun to bust clay pigeons falling out.
  7. Pretty sure if a true clone of the SAA as far as frame size goes there would be no way to fit a cylinder beefy enough to withstand 44 mag pressures. Pretty much the reason ruger super blackhawks and OMVs are so big.
  8. Do not carry any, do not shoot black powder. If I did would carry stuff to clean pistols, rifles and shotgun chambers prolly windex with vinegar and balistol or moose milk. If at out of town match keep cleaning stuff in the truck or 5th wheel if I am dragging it.
  9. Rumor has it there are still slots available, get those applications in.
  10. I shoot 44 mag 7.5 inch OMVs getting to be to heavy to shoot 1 handed with trashed shoulders so now shoot two handed
  11. Interesting, I notice your MEC has a 3 hole base, mine all have 4. How old is your MEC? Trying to figure out if it is super old or super new and the change to 4 hole came long ago or the 3 hole is a new thing.
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