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  1. Hear the pee is good for foot rot also, you got a two fer.
  2. Baikals are built like tanks got mine in 1994 at an El Paso gun show for $300 or maybe $339 hard to remember. Stiff as all get out and has nasty habit of barrels not staying fully open unless the locking lever is pushed and held in the open position. Cussed it for years, let Lassiter work his magic. Now is super sweet shells fly out even with my terrible shucking technique and the barrels stay open perfectly certainly would not sell it for what I have in it. It is now a great gun.
  3. Know the feeling. Was very excited to travel from Glendale AZ to Craig Colorado for Dept of Platt Muster a few years back. Had my RNV in my office so I would not forget it. Got to colorado BP ammo for 45 colt. original TD Springfield 1888 ammo for 45/70 both short range light loads for the maneuver course. Extra light loads for the team event no RNV. Happily Sage BrushBurns loaned me a 45 colt open top 1860. Good time was had by all. Hopefully I got it back to him as clean or cleaner than I got it. Shot a bunch of BP rounds. Must have he still talks to me. SASS and GAF pa
  4. Lots of folks have recommended MVA sights and they are excellent. Lee Shaver also makes an excellent sight and might be a bit more budget friendly for you non Rockefellers, Kennedys and now Bidens out there. http://stores.leeshavergunsmithing.com/. He is also a wizard and getting an amazing trigger pull from a rolling block.
  5. Maybe a 92 Rossi in 44 or .357 would be lighter and easier to lever???
  6. While purchasing C&B BP pistols can save $$$ on the pistols, they are more expensive to feed and require additional gear that cartridge guns don't. They can be fun to shoot in a masochistic sort of way
  7. Even when using carbide dies I sometimes lube cases that are hard to size. Makes pulling the lever a lot easier.
  8. OMJ what a difference. Those of you who have used a Baikal SxS are well aware of the shotguns tendency to partially close after opening the action and cocking the internal hammers unless one continues to hold pressure against the unlocking lever. After return from Lassiter the barrels remain all the way open. I have zero shell shucking technique, this does not matter anymore spent hulls fly out of the barrels with a quick rearward jerk and stop. With the Baikal working this great I may rethink shooting my 1887 lever shotgun. Lassiter simply is a wizard!!
  9. Funny the 30-06 with 100 fps faster than a .308 is a vastly superior round in the minds of many gun writers. With 170 grain bullets the 32 Win special shooting 100 fps faster that the 30-30 is neglible difference in the 2 calibers. All I know is I ate 9 elk that were killed with not enough gun. Guess they did not read the proper magazines or Dad could not have killed them. I inherited dads gun and will shoot it once in a while. I have had some success shooting 8MM moly coated bullets with varget. I will not shoot BP from it as I really don't want to learn how to disassemble and reassembl
  10. started shooting 5 - 5.2 grains a2 under a 240 Semi wad kinda sketter skelton load a tad too hot for 44 spec out of 44 spec brass but just fine if shot from a ruger. Got tired of cleaning carbon ring in cylinders started shooting same load out of the mag cases. shoot same load under 200 grain round nose which feeds a tad better from a rossi. The semiwads would feed if a good roll crimp was on the brass. The 44 specs with semiwads would feed also, if 200 grain seated to crimp groove many would fly out the top.
  11. don't get too frustrated heck even attempting to shoot walkers you finish top 3 in style points
  12. have been using a2 for all my sass stuff 44 spec and spec level loads in 44 mag cases 45 colt and ACP and all small pistols .32 .38 9mm for years even use for cast bullet under 1400 fps loads from my 98 krag and 03 Springfield
  13. Baikal can be frustrating out of the box. After you open the action all the way it will have a tendency to close enough that the shells don't want to come out. If one pushes the barrel release lever back fully to the left with your thumb when the barrels are fully open they will stay open as long as you hold the lever to the left. This has something to do with the shape of the cams and a good shot gun guy can fix it. I am too cheap to pay for that so I push the barrel release to the left with my thumb (when I remember to, other times I cuss). Using a scotch brite pad and my drill press I
  14. Hey Capt Dan, Yes it's a small rubber tubing wrapped around the rear of the trigger guard, it came on the gun. My other Baikal has a pink colored foam type material that I like better it it also came on the gun. The one I'm selling is an EAA Baikal where as the other is a Remington Spartan which is probably why their different. I'd bet some surgical tubing would fix your issue thoe....

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