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    NRA Life, shooting here and there...

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    My family, Country, true friends, and never forget my dogs.

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  1. Had a stock nm Vaquero like that once... Try this maybe - Slowly apply pressure to the cylinder with the support hand while slowly cocking the hammer with your primary hand. Cock it slowly while the cylinder is prevented from free spinning with the light pressure applied to the cylinder. After the hammer cocks, where is the cylinder? Still needs to spin to reach the lock-in position? (Under-timed). Locks perfectly (timed perfectly). Already past the locking position or cylinder locks before hammer does (Overtimed). Check this for each position on the cylinder. Call Ruger with your results. Probably going back to Ruger if the gun has no basic assembly issues from being taken apart. Just a thought.
  2. I do not see the problem. Give them someone else's email and problem solved. Plenty of them out there. Walmart's corporate email comes to mind.
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