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  1. FYI: Pretty new to this game myself, needed a quick gun cart that fits easily in the vehicle and too busy to shop much or build... I called Rugged Gear and they sold me a like new folding four-gun cart at approximately half list price and I had it in two days. It was a cart damaged in shipping, returned by shipper and repaired to like new. Never used, about half price. They had others in similar situation. If interested in one at discount pricing, might give them a call. I can't tell what was replaced or repaired on mine.
  2. To any perspective purchaser: When I first began shooting SASS matches, I purchased a used SxS shotgun here from Tareel Doc. Just chiming in because he is really good people - a scholar and a professional.
  3. Knife received. A very nice biggie. Thanks Kuna!
  4. Salty, I still appreciate the 38 Starline brass purchased from you a while back.
  5. FYI I previously listed a LNIB Johnathan Browning Mountain Rifle, 54 caliber, rare brass hardware here at an excellent price. No takers. If you register and list at the Muzzleloading forum, they should all sell quickly at proper pricing.
  6. Thanks Kuna. Will mail check tomorrow.
  7. If you will take the $35 difference for the knife, please let me know and consider it sold also. Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. These are some very good shootin pistols. Looks like a front night sight from the pictures.
  9. The shirt and vest purchased from you arrived today. Both in excellent condition and very nice. Thanks!
  10. Numrich has a decent selection of magazines for the various 340's including 222 Rem.
  11. I'll take the tan one with the stitching lace-up. Nice! PM on the way.
  12. I'll take the first one please. PM on the way after I check out your next post too. Excellent!
  13. From the picture it looks like the top revolver is 4 3/4 inch and the bottom one is 5 1/2 inch. Maybe it's my old eyes?
  14. Although I'm pretty sure these shirts are otw to Sneaky, put me in line as a backup.
  15. Done. Yesterday for multiple hours on the phone, one of the CAS experts (Widder), helping me out with technical Marlin rifle questions. Today, very grateful to find a CAS person needing something I had available. Although new to the CAS sport, this leaves me reminiscing of the days maybe 25 years ago... teaching CCH classes at a Gander Academy and tending to the range, sweeping up buckets of brass daily. Whatever we reloaders there didn't take home by the buckets, we sold to a metal recycling company for the price of scrap brass... those were the days!
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