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3 hours ago, Texas Joker said:

Friction primer. Twere a quill the slow match would still be in the pic.


Thanks.  I asked because I'd read that on the middle and lower gun decks they used quills rather than friction primers because they didn't want the tube from the primer bouncing around where there might be spilled powder.  Wasn't sure if that applied to the top deck.

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2 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:



  ...... werksgrate ......... 'til you drive thru a swarm of bees .....  :mellow:


Yep. That was one of the drawbacks of the wing windows of old. Great for giving a breeze to the driver or passenger but diverted wasps/bees in also. I got stung at least twice because of it. Another drawback was that they made it easy for someone to break into your car, although it wasn't all that hard to do anyway. I still wish wing windows were on vehicles though.

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1 hour ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

Politely ask them to pi-- off.....in a joking manner.


I now have some forms for them to complete.

There is a short form and a more detailed one.

Assistance is available to help anyone complete the forms.

1 Butt Hurt Report Form.png

2 BUTT HURT LONG FORM caa1843b3b0f4fb265bc893f20dc7e7d.jpg

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