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Flat trigger

Trigger Mike

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24 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

The new thing out there being promoted is a flat trigger.  Even the new S & W AR 15 commemorating their move to TN has a flat trigger .  Is a flat trigger better?  

Depends on what you like.  I had flat triggers on several pistols in the past and found it to be fine.

I've tried it on some of my newer tactical Tupperware and ended up getting my finger pinched between trigger and guard.

I've pretty much gone back to or stayed with curved triggers in the last two years.


Lot of my shooting friends all have them in their modern pistols and rifles though and they love it - obviously YMMV.

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Never was a fan of the flat triggers till I tried the Sig P320 X5 Legion. It is the only pistol I own with a flat trigger. It is also the pistol I shoot the most accurately. Could be it has nothing to do with the trigger, but it works for me.

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a curved trigger depending on where you are pressing will have a different trigger pull weight.

 A flat trigger has less differentiation.

 I have flat in a cpl 1911's and a cpl AR's and prefer them to curved as press always feels the same. YMMV.

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