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  1. We moved to the UK in 2012, and stopped watching any TV that had commercials. When we returned stateside we stopped watching anything on broadcast, and went internet only. Now we watch history and food shows, some TV series in binge mode, and read local and international newspapers on line. If a commercial comes on I leave the channel! That hasn't been an issue in over ten years! SC
  2. and I bet you wouldn't trade it for love or money!
  3. Not sure if this will help, but for a long time I used Trail Boss in my Ruger .45's. After switching to Colts I had to switch bullets (.454 dia) so I reworked my loads and settled on 6.7 gr of Unique. After a while I concluded that it really needed more powder to group better, and so I am starting out again to develop an accuracy load. I am going to do a ladder with Unique, and likewise with Tite-Group. When the late Bob Munden did my guns he used 5.7 TG and got one hole groups, I in my wisdom decided I didn't like TG (the smell) so went off and tried Trail Boss. Now that I'm older, and have found some wiser folks to listen to, I am going to try TG again, testing with 5.8, 6.0 and maybe 6.2 grains, and Unique 6.7, 6.9, 7.1 and 7.3 grains. I uses a lead .454 bullet weighing in a 250 grains. I want POA = POI at 15-20 yds, and raggedy one hole groups! I'll share my results once I get to doing this! SC
  4. As an aside, several of the new .22 'defense' loads are being measured out of a 3 inch pistol barrel, or so they state in their brochures. SC
  5. There are several forests (in process at least) in the UK where people have been interred in pods to become trees. These are memorial gardens, and some are quite interesting, However:
  6. Well, when I think about what it cost me to buy a 24-48 Mp camera, a GPS navigation tool for my car and another for me when I hike, and a PC with internet linkage, and a video telephone like Dick Tracy had, and a portable boom box and several thousand CD's, and radio that gets local weather and maritime reports, and a video camera for recording movies, and a movie player for watching movies I've taken, and a library of several thousand books in my back pocket, and a pocket full of maps of every city on the planet, not to mention road maps of every country, I too feel that I'm being taken advantage of. One day this sheep will revolt . . . . well, maybe not - I actually utilize all those tools and think they're worth what I paid - YMMV.
  7. It's very easy to judge the past by today's standards. So many folks do it all the time that it's almost taken for granted that everything that went before our enlightened present is obviously barbaric and wrong. Oh well, live and learn. SC
  8. We have two apple phones and an iPad, all on the same apple ID, but each having a different phone number on the SIM card. Texts and messages go where they should, synchronizing them is trivial and each has it's own profile for saved images. We share contacts so no biggie. We do not use Apple's storage in the sky though, everything is stored on the PC. Can't understand how you configured those to do that though, I'd also suggest you see an Apple store tech guy. SC
  9. Someone once postulated that if you gave a million monkeys typewriters and enough time they would randomly recreate the works of Shakespeare. The internet has proven that false. SC
  10. My library has dozens of megapacks available in e-book and kindle format. SC
  11. https://www.theawl.com/2016/12/yes-virginia-die-hard-is-a-hanukkah-movie/
  12. I do use shoulder holsters (either Bianchi X-15, or Kangaroo Carry) when my back is giving me grief. I've tried various minimalist approaches (trigger guard covers, clips, Mex-carry, etc) and always found the firearm slipping into an undesirable position or location (either down my pants or on the floor), and if not that then just impossible to get a proper grip on. Getting in and out of cars can be a real problem as well. I had one of those coats, almost knee length. Took it and my hat to England with me when I moved there the first time, lot of fun to walk into a pub in Lythem, and in Wolverhampton to meet future pilots of the plane I was working on for the MoD. Wonderful aviators, and great drinking buddies! When I lived in Phoenix (Luke AFB.) I rode fairly often, and always used a leather cross draw with a Ruger Single Six. Since it was a waist high holster worn cross, it was easily hidden under a jacket, or left open. One thing I miss about living in Arizona was the openness of so many folks while carrying. It almost never drew comment! SC
  13. I tell folks who are NOT going to spend a lot of time and money practicing that if they feel the need for a handgun then they should seriously consider a revolver. The revolver should be one they can grip properly and reach the trigger with their trigger finger's furthest joint. It should be of reasonably high quality and like the gun, the ammo should also be. Reliability is key - the gun and ammo should work 99.9999 percent of the time, at least. Then I tell them they should invest in some basic training at an NRA course or similar, as there is a lot to learn about care and feeding, as well as safe storage and practice. SC
  14. When I'm building match ammo for my rifles (DCM, CMP or KD matches for Appleseed) I take the new brass and use a primer pocket tool to square, chamfer and even out the primer pockets. Usually it doesn't need further attention until some good 4 or 5 reloads later, at which time a quick twist with a primer pocket cleaner will suffice. I do resize and decap after cleaning, then individually throw powder and seat bullets, so it's not much extra effort. SC
  15. I used to live about 6 miles from here - went several times! The cool bit was in the summer when they fired up a few of these and played war games in the dirt track out back! SC
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