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  1. I worried about velocity but these tests help in thinking about it:
  2. A lot of folks carrying the 9 mm cartridge prefer the heavier bullets because of several factors. One of them is that the recoil impulse is reduced because the heavier bullet is slower, so the gun is more manageable for quick follow up shots, as well as being gentler feeling. The second reason is that the heavier bullets are reputed to do better at breaking bones compared to the lighter velocity rounds, whether punching through a rib cage or trying to break the pelvic girdle in stopping an assailant. Third for those running pistol caliber carbines or suppressed pistols, these bullets are already subsonic from the factory. I found that the Federal HST 147 was very accurate and comfortable to shoot in my G43, so I switched from 115gr loads and never looked back. In my full size 9mms I carry either the 147 HST, or sometimes a 115gr JHP of good repute! There are match grade 147 loads out there, some very similar to the .38 special 148 gr loads! SC
  3. https://www.egglestonmunitions.com/articles
  4. The new very straight frame, with the thin G10 grips gets fairly close to a 1911 in general feel, albeit still not as slim. For my med size hands its fantastic, and much more ergonomic than anything but a 1911. Beretta includes both a one piece curved grip set that emulates the original grip shape and size, as well as a pair of flat panels for those who want to reduce total grip circumference. Fair warning notice: If you like or even just tolerate the Beretta grip, the new ones will knock your socks off, which may lead to unplanned expenditures. I'm getting rid of my Glock (G34) as this gun out shoots it even with a 4.25 bbl. I'm keeping my G43 for summer carry, that thing is so tiny! With the wide open breech face (almost 180 degrees) and the flat feeding from the magazine into the non-tipping barrel the darn thing will feed and cleanly eject just about anything you can stuff in a mag, similar to a 1873 rifle. I was just watching some reviews of the 85FS and it appeals to me as a great .380, maybe someday in the future just for S&G's. Stay safe! Shadow Catcher
  5. I have a new Beretta 92X FS compact, which is the new frame that is the Langdon and Beretta redesign. The Vertek frame and Langdon trigger work make for a sweet shooting (8 lb da / 4 lb sa ) pistol! I’m in the process of converting mine to a DeCocker only, and installing night sights, easier now that the front and rear sight are dovetail mounted. with the 15 round magazines the pistol fits in the same envelope as a Glock 19 but to me is much more accurate and reliable and frankly comfortable to shoot. I’ve always loved the Beretta for its shoot-ability and accuracy, these new versions take it one step beyond. It is now my preferred carry gun 6 to 9 months of the year! I suggest checking one out! SC
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