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  1. Back when I used to reload the 9mm I used Bullseye for higher velocities at lower pressures. These days ammo is cheap enough by the case (as low as $179) that it's not worth the minor savings by reloading jacketed ammo, and lead is not much better. You can get better accuracy if you tailor your loads to your specific gun barrel though. I use the Federal HST 147 gr loading for carry, and train with Federal or CCI 147 gr FMJ's. Besides being the most accurate duty load in my 9mm 1911 and Glock G43, it's a comfortable round at 1000 f/s. It shoots very well in the G34 as well. For competition use many are using 147 gr loads at around 900 - 925 f/s, much softer shooting and adequate power to ring the steel, while being match grade accurate. Best of luck if you do get to reloading it! Shadow Catcher
  2. My experience with the AR, or rather the M-16, was boot camp in 1973. Never bothered to own one since, until getting ready to retire a few years ago. Then I bought a FN-AR15 in A4 configuration, 20" bbl. I wanted the removable hand-guard so that I could mount a scope for load development but retain the iron sights for most of the time. I'm probably going to use this for Appleseed KD and NRA high Power matches. The barrel is free floated using the Rock Island inner tube. Of course way leads to way, so then I had to build a carbine version, with the short bbl and red dot sight. That's more useful in the house and for close quarters. I have no illusions about playing door kicker though. Then a dedicated lower for my NC .22 top end! That's my Appleseed gun and probably for some steel plate matches.
  3. To change the windage you either drift the rear sight in the same direction you want the bullets to move, or you use a file to open up the rear sight notch, taking off metal only on the side you want the bullets to move to. If you want the POI to move right, remove metal on the inside right of the sight. Elevation can be corrected by changing the front sight, to raise POI remove some of the height of the front sight, to lower it use a taller front sight. A pelacement sight should cost around $11, and a competent gunsmith should be able to stake it in for $20-$30. Most 1911's are fairly good at shooting straight, so if it's a significant amount you need to move I'd reassess your grip first. Shadow Catcher
  4. Howdy Capt. I've converted all my magazines to 7 round mags recently, trying various brands to see which I liked best for shooting grip and reliability. So far my favorite by price is the Pierce for $11, for shooting comfort is the HYVE +1, and for concealment is the Taran Tactical +1. My HYVE is in black. I've seen the MagGuts advertised, but haven't tried them yet. All these have been tested for several hundred rounds with my Fed HST 147 carry load, reliably. I also carry a spare mag, for the same reasons. It's a great little pistol, no doubt about it! Ride Safe, Shadow Catcher
  5. I've carried 1911's, both Government and Officers framed, Browning Hi-Powers, Walther PPk's, Kahr K-9's, and currently the Glock G-43. For the G-43 (which I agree is a mite small in the grip) I added Pierce +1 mag base plates (same size as the stock finger extension) and now the HYVE +1 grip. These give me more control, allowing the full hand to grip the gun. +1 and +2 base plate replacements require an increased strength mag spring, but make the gun easier to grip. My grip size is Large according to the glove makers sizing, around 9 inches circumference around the knuckles. Having just recently handled the new Glock G43X and G48 I can say I like the grip for comfort, but at that point you start getting into G19 size. There are a number of Sig pistols now competing for the EDC role, being compact and comfortable to carry and shoot. Likewise Springfield Armory has some great 1911 pattern pistols smaller then the Gov't model. I'm in the process of assembling a 9mm CCO, a commander slide on the Officers Model frame. Similar guns are available from Dan Wesson and Fusion Arms. The Glock 42 in .380 is a sweet shooting little pistol, as is the Browning 1911-.380. The best idea (and already mentioned) is to go to a good rental range and try a variety of them in the ammo load you'll likely carry, to be able to get a good idea of fit and recoil and follow up, etc. Holsters, belts and mag carriers will be available for most anything made these days, so it's more about finding one you like and dressing to match. The good news is, even if the one you settle on turns out to not be as good in the long run as you'd have hoped, we are allowed to trade them in or sell them and get others! Tell him best of luck! Shadow Catcher
  6. I've been using this one. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/skyview/id404990064 Also, if you have a tripod and camera with a wide angle lens, you might try some night time photography of the milky way. Set you camera wide open (widest aperture) and (divide 500 by your focal length) seconds exposure=> 500/Focal length =time. Using a 24mm on a 35mm at 20 seconds I get this:
  7. Hi pard, 'fraid not, more a member of the Auld Alliance. Lived on and off in the UK for years, love the ares near Glen Coe and Skye, and have driven and seen a lot of Scotland. Alas, I've not seen this castle ruin, but it's worth looking for the next time. Stay well, Shadow Catcher
  8. Been there a number of times - it's a bonnie loch!
  9. Yourr comments about the Tikka ring true to me as well. Once I relocated back to the states a couple of years go the first thing I bought was a Winchester Mdl 70 FW with grade III wood in .270, and put a Leupold scope on it, bought some dies and new Norma brass, and set up to reload and later to hunt with it. Shortly after that I realized that , quite frankly, I'm not really up to getting up in the mountains and going deer or elk hunting, nor in going east and hunting varmints. So, now I have over $2,000 sitting there being kept clean and oiled, but frankly not being used for it purpose. Not ready to part with it, but it will likely not get used for game. It's still a work of art though, so it isn't getting sold anytime soon! Shadow Catcher
  10. FWIW, the old rule of thumb was that the viewing distance for your TV should be 4x the diagonal of the screen, back when they were 3x4 aspect ratio. The new TV's are wide screen and generally speaking you want to be seated about 3x the diagonal for those models. Also, a lot of them are adjusted for extreme contrast and brightness (movie theatre mode) rather than for viewing comfort in the home at night. You might want to adjust settings after you've installed it in the viewing room, and set your lights to your viewing comfort. There are a few web sites out there that offer advice on how to do this depending on which model you select. 4K is generally over the top unless you're doing extremely large screens in an entertainment room, ie for watching Superbowl parties. Getting one of the new screens that does intense black is a good idea though! I've a Blu-Ray player that I bought new and have never bothered to connect, just don't watch much if those anymore. Between Netflix and Amazon there isn't any reason for us to watch CD's or have broadcast TV over cable. We use internet only, and I haven't seen a commercial in over 6 years now. We're getting ready to reconfigure our TV room, and bringing the stereo system back in to connect to the TV, but also to buy a turntable - we've got old vinyl that we miss playing, and there are new pressings out we also want. TV gets less interesting daily! Shadow Catcher
  11. I'd cast a magic spell to heal the holes . . .
  12. Facebook is a mixed blessing. It's been good for me as it allows me to contact family and some real friends that are scattered to the four winds. It's been bad because the world is full of keyboard Commando's and Meme-warriors who just say things that they'd never have the courage or lack of wits to do in person. It's been fascinating as it has allowed me to separate some wheat from chaff, especially in this last election cycle. All things considered I think I'll probably eliminate it from my life, or do a significant paring down of who and what, in the near term future. My wife has a simpler approach, she has a few family and friends, very few - and dozens of antiques, pretty pictures cats, and all kinds of girly stuff whizzing by. Politics are deleted at light speed, and most other controversial issues as well. I lack the self control to do that so I'll probably just nuke the whole thing soon . . . . SC
  13. He's done two of my Colt's and the third will be going to him in a few weeks. A great gentleman, and the only one who I will send my Colts to. SC
  14. It's not so much that they're going away, but rather being dropped for the more profitable and better selling Indian line of bikes, which are made by the same company. I like the looks of the Indian bikes better myself. SC
  15. Through several folks I've had access to a few already, and will try more before I buy. Thanks for the input. SC
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