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  1. Thanks! Alfonso's of Hollywood does nice work. I understand what you're saying about covering the trigger guard, however I specifically wanted to duplicate the walk and draw steel lined holsters when I ordered this. I'll also add, I use the hammer loops when the guns are holstered, except for when I walk onto the firing line to shoot the stage. Either that or they're in the gun cart! I slide the cross draw holster as far back as I can until I address the firing line, and then it slides forward to the position you see in the picture.
  2. Even if they do - so what? What others shoot does nothing to affect me and how I play, but if new shooters show up and we can become friends over playing this game, then I've made new friends, and they may just come back for more. At least we will have tried and maybe made a few new friends out of the effort. The apparent alternative is to stop trying, sort of a self fulfilling prophecy there. SC
  3. If you can see more people getting into this game because of the use of .22's, then you are seeing one way to increase membership. That sounds very desireable considering the alternative in that NOT happening. SC
  4. I'd have sold this gun - too much bad Karma built into it. Start over and build new. Just me . . . . SC
  5. They still sell the strips separately, along with a tool for loading them, many of their progressive presses use strips also::
  6. Because RCBS progressive reloaders, and their hand priming tool use strips to feed the primers.
  7. Every Colt 1911 I have owned since 1976 has worked flawlessly and fed every type of factory ammunition I have fed it. The only failures I have ever had have been from cheap magazines, Colt factory and every Wilson or other premium magazine has worked well, and that's all I use anymore. I've had Gov't models, officers models, various permutations, but still prefer the 5" Gov't model. If you want, a competent gunsmith can make the trigger nicer, and replace the stock bushing with a match grade to improve the accuracy a bit, but frankly as a reliable self defense
  8. I've taken the sailing lessons, which I'll repeat soon for better familiarity, before trying to build a small sailboat next. Been trying my hand at some woodworking stuff, learning as I go and enjoying it as well. Then next up is learning to make charcuterie, probably over the next 6 months or so, already studying it. I would love to learn proper weightlifting forms for strength training (now that I'm over 65 I need it more than when I was younger), and I'd like to learn some basic self defense techniques with ASP or PR24-like batons for when I travel overseas
  9. I've shot CAS off and on for some 25 years now, circumstances permitting. Along the way I've encountered a lot of interesting responses and comments from my sons and their friends. 1. people do not know what is the minimum w/r/t costuming, it is never clearly explained and they're not interested in B western (e.g.) they want to shoot and move. 2. It is perceived that the number of guns can be cost prohibitive, even when they're using $2K pistols and $2K AR's to play three gun, etc. 3. It seems to be boring: the 10/10/4 with minimal movement is though of as
  10. Look into KOA campgrounds - they generally have cabins available, as well as showers, toilets, laundry facilities, and if you prefer you can get a tent space fairly economically. The tent sites have water and electric available as well.
  11. https://pistolsmith.com/holsters-belts/21725-compiled-list-holster-makers.html
  12. My first bolt gun was a pre-64 Win mdl 70 that my father bought. I currently have a latest production Mdl 70 FW in 270. We're I to do it over I'd have probably bought it in .243 (short action) just because it's more practical for the heavy brush out here in the Pacific North West. The new mdl 70's have made some fantastic leaps, both into the past and into the future. The controlled feed is great to have back, and the triggers are amazing and easily tuned/adjusted. . If I was building a one-off, I'd go with the Win in .243 and have some beau
  13. Only on Fb because some family and friends haven't migrated to MeWe yet. Never had any use for Twitter or peoples tweets. There's Parler if you need to though. SC
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