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  1. https://www.edbrown.com/cco-lw-9mm/ https://www.usacarry.com/dan-wesson-vigil-cco-9mm-1911-review/ There are probably others as well, just search for CCO 9mm. Shadow Catcher
  2. Agreed. I had to change my loads recently, having switched from Rugers to Colts. Chambers all mike at .454, so I decided to do a bunch of experimenting. Tried WW231, Unique, Trail Boss, Tite-Group, all under a 250 LRNFP sized .454 I found the tightest grouping at reasonable velocity was 6.7 of Unique in all three Colts. I think it runs around 735 f/s, and is quite comfortable to shoot a hundred rounds at practice. On a side note, shooting Trail Boss in nickle cases was never a problem, could get 10-20 reloads per piece. I'm finding though that I get more splits from using Unique. It may be also the TB loads were 600 f/s loads, these are hotter. Hope this helps, Shadow Catcher .
  3. Scotch does benefit from added water, no more than %20 by volume. Ice doesn't help because the chill keeps the aromatics suppressed. Cool water added is nice, especially with the Island scotches.
  4. I'd cast a magic spell to heal the holes . . .
  5. Facebook is a mixed blessing. It's been good for me as it allows me to contact family and some real friends that are scattered to the four winds. It's been bad because the world is full of keyboard Commando's and Meme-warriors who just say things that they'd never have the courage or lack of wits to do in person. It's been fascinating as it has allowed me to separate some wheat from chaff, especially in this last election cycle. All things considered I think I'll probably eliminate it from my life, or do a significant paring down of who and what, in the near term future. My wife has a simpler approach, she has a few family and friends, very few - and dozens of antiques, pretty pictures cats, and all kinds of girly stuff whizzing by. Politics are deleted at light speed, and most other controversial issues as well. I lack the self control to do that so I'll probably just nuke the whole thing soon . . . . SC
  6. He's done two of my Colt's and the third will be going to him in a few weeks. A great gentleman, and the only one who I will send my Colts to. SC
  7. It's not so much that they're going away, but rather being dropped for the more profitable and better selling Indian line of bikes, which are made by the same company. I like the looks of the Indian bikes better myself. SC
  8. Through several folks I've had access to a few already, and will try more before I buy. Thanks for the input. SC
  9. Current wait time is upwards of 9 months, and the fees are at least $200 over cost of can. I'm waiting - I'd like one for my .22's, and perhaps a 5.56 and 9mm can each in the future - I am willing to wait now that we have a more benign administration in place. SC
  10. Hey Badger - I've been using the Poly coated bullets from Missouri Bullets, since the indoor range I also frequent will allow them, when they will NOT allow exposed lead otherwise. They give me the same velocity and accuracy as the plain lead ones, but are much cleaner in the gun! I've got the better part of 1000 uncoated lead that I'm ready to part with cheaply, or trade, as I intend to shoot nothing but these for p[ractice and competition. I also like not touching the lead when I reload. If you want to see and try some in .45 (250 LRNFP) let me know - I can give you some to fiddle with! SC http://missouribullet.com/details.php?prodId=246&category=20&secondary=14&keywords=
  11. I use this outfit - easy to upload to , and easy to use their links. https://imgur.com/ SC
  12. I might quibble about your choice of adjective . . . . SC
  13. Do the math. At 66 you start drawing, and get 12 months times 4 years before you start at 70. Let's pretend it's 2500 per month. That's 120,000 in four years. Now at 70 instead you'd get 3500 per month. You were already getting 2500 a month so it's only 1000 month more, so it takes 120 months to make up that 120,000 you made from age 66 to 70 and then you start getting ahead in the game and making more. So at age 80 you will finally start to make more money than if you started at 66..... Using smaller amounts - say 1500 per month, then going to 2500 per month. 48 months times 1500 = 72000. 1000 per month more at 70 means you will break even at 76 years old. That might be a good deal for you . . you ave to work out the math for your actual numbers though . . . YMMV SC
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