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  1. Interesting conversation here. A couple of opinions/points if I may. Mr Ayoob's comments about reloads and modified firearms were not to say that a prosecutor will always or even once in a while attack through that approach, nor to say you should not do this. What he was pointing out that it is a potential avenue of attack, and therefore your defense lawyer should be aware of this and have reasonable lines of defense in place. All of those specious attacks can be defeated if planned for, but make sure you and your lawyer can articulate why it was a choice made for te
  2. That's more or less how we worked it when we returned stateside and had to buy two cars. All internet shopping from overseas, through our credit union. Then the dealer beat those guaranteed discounted prices even more. Been driving the RAM for six years now, might trade it sooner than my usual 10 year intervals though - finding it's a gas hog and since I can trailer everything behind my Jeep, less real use for a 3/4 ton truck. Not sure I want car payments though - so I'll shop electronically or now and wait and see.
  3. That's the same thing I've heard, but I know several Washington residents who easily did this, and as you indicated, it's by going to a smaller town further east than Portland. Next time I plan a multiday trip there ( this summer) I'm probably going to go through the process. SC
  4. Washington State is a "shall issue" state, so we fill out the form, take fingerprints, pays you money, and 30 days later you get your permit, unless you fail the background check. We can renew every 5 years. Also have the Utah permit, which required classroom time, and either a shooting evaluation or membership in some form of organized competition. It too is renewed every 5 years. Still want to get the Oregon permit, and with that trifecta I'm covered (by reciprocity) for most anywhere I would willingly go. Shadow Catcher
  5. Heartily agree! We searched when it was retirement time, but frankly the climate in Washington State is excellent, western far better than eastern, unless you like hot summers. Even then I'd take that over some of the other places I've lived before (NY, Tx, Az). We're out on the Olympic peninsula, so we're getting more maritime cooling than in other parts of the state, making it very comfy for us. Gun laws are getting a bit difficult, due to the californication of Seattle and Tacoma, so we can also use help getting this changed with more pro-gun voters. We're in Port Angeles,
  6. Aye, just as the Chinese invented various hot dishes to help protect against the bacteria on old and unrefrigerated meats. However, what we call ketchup today is not what was used hundreds of years ago. SC
  7. As a person who lives the carnivore diet, I prefer my steaks cooked w/o seasonings and then add a little salt at plating. Beef brisket, short ribs as well as Pork ribs are seasoned before smoking; I smoke using dry rubs only. Pork belly gets salt and fennel seeds, and may be served with a sugar-free dipping sauce on occasion. If a guest wants a sauce, condiment or gravy I try to accommodate them, they have different tastes and that's okay - just glad to have a chance to feed guests at my table! Ketchup and many other 'sauces' can be addicting - often b
  8. I've just added a SwampFox red dot to my Glock G43, as my eye's are getting older along with the rest of me. The Swampfox uses the same footprint as the Shield MRSc so it fits the slim slide of the G43/43x/48 without overhand. It's battery rated at 2 years, so I'll be switching battery annually at Christmas. I opted for the always on self adjusting version. I'm not sure I like the co-witness bit, as it clutters the view. I do want to see the sights, but 1/3 co-witness seems more like the sweet spot for me. If it all goes pear shaped and the sight fails, I'll do what I
  9. Thanks! Alfonso's of Hollywood does nice work. I understand what you're saying about covering the trigger guard, however I specifically wanted to duplicate the walk and draw steel lined holsters when I ordered this. I'll also add, I use the hammer loops when the guns are holstered, except for when I walk onto the firing line to shoot the stage. Either that or they're in the gun cart! I slide the cross draw holster as far back as I can until I address the firing line, and then it slides forward to the position you see in the picture.
  10. Even if they do - so what? What others shoot does nothing to affect me and how I play, but if new shooters show up and we can become friends over playing this game, then I've made new friends, and they may just come back for more. At least we will have tried and maybe made a few new friends out of the effort. The apparent alternative is to stop trying, sort of a self fulfilling prophecy there. SC
  11. If you can see more people getting into this game because of the use of .22's, then you are seeing one way to increase membership. That sounds very desireable considering the alternative in that NOT happening. SC
  12. I'd have sold this gun - too much bad Karma built into it. Start over and build new. Just me . . . . SC
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