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  1. I bought my Mdl 70 FW in 2015, after returning from overseas. It's a Grade III walnut in .270 with a Leupold 3.5-10X scope. I zero'd with at 200 yds, getting 2" groups, and haven't shot it since. Love the rifle for it's adjustable trigger, and pre-'64 controlled feed action. Alas, I don't go into the woods hunting anymore, so it's becoming an heirloom, and that's okay. It's a work of beauty as it is.
  2. Not a problem - I buy the 100 grain X-Treme bullets all the time for my 9mms. I load them with around 4.1 grains of Titegroup for 1100 f/s, 1.1" C.O.L. and they fly like little laser beams! Great for steel matches or any place where shot recovery time impacts score. My 1911 loves them, shoots one hole groups at 15 yds, my Glocks like them and shoot slightly bigger groups (may be the Glock trigger has a bearing on that issue). I'm planning to do future experimenting with that bullet; I've bought match grade 100 gr 9mm loads that ran at 1000 f/s and were even faster to recover and transition
  3. Both my rigs come from Alfonsos of Hollywood. The first is a double Paladin rig for short Colts, in case I ever do decide to shoot that way, the second is my favorite, a Paladin buscadero rig (sans silver chess piece) with a short Paladin cross draw holster at 12 degrees. They are steel lined and also very comfortable to wear all day. I also have an 8 round shotgun loop piece that wraps around the buckle in front so hat I do not need a seperate shotgun belt, unless of course the scenario implies I might need many more.
  4. Haven't shot but one match since 2015. Retired and moved hours away to a place that has only one club, and they seem like fine people as well, but haven't felt the motivation. Age and physical limitations are a wee part of it, but more is that it just got boring, and tireing waiting on stage set ups, and on and on (5 hours at the range to shoot for 2.5 minutes total gets tedious) . . . . Lately I seem to be gravitating to steel challenge, and sailing. I've only had two incidents that bugged me enough to get mad - at one range some fellow decided to explain to me that my .45 C
  5. An important point, and also we need to remember other issues - such as someone wearing a tactical vest with lots of metal magazines in it (making it into body armor) which may not be easily penetrated by your handgun ammo, or worse yet some clown running around wearing an explosive vest yelling Aloha Snackbar! Head shots are getting to be more necessary, and practicing them at various ranges and speeds should be an increasing part of training. SC
  6. Your thinking echos my own and for just that reason. The last time I carried a small frame pistol (Walther PPk in .380) and went to a school recital, I realized that I could not reliably hit a person half way across the theatre/gym. That led me back to larger framed pistols, still concealable, but of course weighing a bit more. In the last few years I started downsizing (weight and lower-back issues) and I'm now carrying a Glock G43 with +2 mag, and a spare mag. The pistol has a Red Dot sight on it and it makes all the difference in the world for being able to hit across a larg
  7. Take a look at Gunbroker - they've got Blue PPk's going from 750 - 1500 and Stainless pretty close to that. There are even some blue C&R guns from pre-'68 going in the 2K range. Might have to give some serious thought to selling mine! Then again I've always had one around since 1976. SC
  8. The current count for the HoR is 220 to 211, with 4 absent (2 R, 2D, 1 of each dead and 1 of each resigned) so it takes only 5 flipped right now, if the 2 R'S and 2 D'S are replaced with the same then it still only takes 5 fliped to take back the house. Then if Grandpa Gropes goes article 25 and VP Knee Pads gets promoted, the house can force the selection of a G. Ford-like milquetoast VP. Likewise their agenda comes to a complete halt once they lose the house or Senate. Senate would be significant to stop judges and appointees, house to take back the budget and defund all the crap they thi
  9. https://www.westernleatherholster.com/historical-holsters/ https://www.westernleatherholster.com/western-movie-holsters/ https://epsaddlery.com/product-category/holsters/western/shoulder-holsters-western/
  10. FWIW I carried 1911 Gov't, Commander and Officers Models pistols for the better part of 30 years, then switched to the Browning Hi-Power, the Kahr K9, and finally the Glock G43. These changes were all a function of dealing with the weight of the gun and spare magazine(s). I can carry a 1911 and two magazines all day, but I feel it more now, whereas the polymer pistols are easier to carry. The issue for me in deciding which one to carry also involves which one points better, or requires constant readjusting to get a good fast on-target presentation.
  11. Interesting conversation here. A couple of opinions/points if I may. Mr Ayoob's comments about reloads and modified firearms were not to say that a prosecutor will always or even once in a while attack through that approach, nor to say you should not do this. What he was pointing out that it is a potential avenue of attack, and therefore your defense lawyer should be aware of this and have reasonable lines of defense in place. All of those specious attacks can be defeated if planned for, but make sure you and your lawyer can articulate why it was a choice made for te
  12. That's more or less how we worked it when we returned stateside and had to buy two cars. All internet shopping from overseas, through our credit union. Then the dealer beat those guaranteed discounted prices even more. Been driving the RAM for six years now, might trade it sooner than my usual 10 year intervals though - finding it's a gas hog and since I can trailer everything behind my Jeep, less real use for a 3/4 ton truck. Not sure I want car payments though - so I'll shop electronically or now and wait and see.
  13. That's the same thing I've heard, but I know several Washington residents who easily did this, and as you indicated, it's by going to a smaller town further east than Portland. Next time I plan a multiday trip there ( this summer) I'm probably going to go through the process. SC
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