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  1. Welcome to the fire! You won't go wrong buying quality leather gear, and you might find that your style and your comfort level requires different leather for different days. Once you settle in your own mind how you want to go - whether it be 'psuedo"-historical , or Hollywood Cowboy, double straight, cross draw, etc. etc. then you can really shop around. I've used rigs from El Paso Saddlery for years for comfort, switched to Alfonso's of Hollywood for a Paladin rig, and am looking at Mernickle as well. I've attached a web site that lists many leather makers, but it's dated, more have come into the game, others have left! https://pistolsmith.com/holsters-belts/21725-compiled-list-holster-makers.html There's no real way to use a shoulder style holster. My Paladin rig is steel lined and provides for the long gun buscadero style and the short gun cross draw. I also have a double Paladin rig but it's set up for two short guns.
  2. You can have it shipped from the UK, but the prices are high. If you have several friends who want to combine an order to reduce the shipping cost it works out nicely. I've done this when 3-4 of us want a few bottles each of something hard to find. https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/5237/glayva-liqueur
  3. Small safe with single shelf above for handguns. Because of some barrel lengths, the best way for me was to buy silicon sleeves or socks for each gun. Each gun is cleaned and lightly oiled before going into a glove, then stacked neatly in the safe, revolvers to the left, flat guns to the right.
  4. These events are ludicrous on the face, but there will always be overzealous individuals who over-react to things that are around them. The police dealt with it correctly, and hopefully the teacher is chastised. Not to excuse anyone, but it's worth noting that there are cases where a parent leaves a gun unlocked and children have shot each other or others, a police officer would be remiss to not at least confirm that it is not that situation. It should also serve as a reminder to parents everywhere that once you allow a two way system into your house, you're privacy and security is compromised and you have no way of knowing who is watching inside your house or watching your children. I'm equally concerned about the teachers and schools who are asking parents to sign documents attesting to the promise that they won't monitor the lessons they are giving the kids. Several have said publicly that they have a duty to socialize the children to teach them not to be racist, or to have certain political beliefs or attitudes, and that parents would somehow misunderstand or hinder their freedom to train these children. To me that is a whole bunch of red flags and warning lights going off. This virus has been a real PITA for many, but it at least has revealed true colors among politicians, teachers unions, and other power players. Time to have the money follow the child, including to charter schools or even individual tutors. SC
  5. Sorry - try this one: http://www.theunclegun.com/
  6. 5 years ago you could find them for 350, now they command 500 - 1K. The trigger can be fixed by using the trigger spring from a P5 and cleaning the sear hammer interface. There are bird cage flash hiders available if you want to cut down the barrel and make it look like a Man From Uncle gun. https://www.theunclegun.com/u.n.c.l.e.guns.php SC
  7. So far they do what I tell them, but someday that may flip. If that happens I'll adjust! I've been married (twice) since 1973, I'm used to taking orders from a female voice. SC
  8. Started with an iPhone years ago, and at that time the android o/s phones were battery sucks, so I got more time per charge using the iPhone. It's handy to be able to find gas stations in a different part of the state, to find a restaurants and whether their open or not, and when I travel to strange places it gives me a sat/nav capability. Best of all, it takes voice dictation, so I don't have to try typing with those fiddly small buttons. I do have to proof read it before sending, and occasionally have to make a correction, but I have that problem when I type as well. I finally started using Siri, and that makes it even more convenient. I will caution you that if you have Alexa, Siri, and other voice activated devices around you it's easy to forget which robot slave you're giving orders to! SC
  9. I'm reluctant to give reloaded ammo to another shooter to risk in their guns, even though these are near minimum Trail Boss loads. If there was a bad load in the bunch and it damaged another person's guns I'd feel guilty as hell.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I was going to use my Channel lock pliers to grip the bullet instead of that $49 tool. I haven't seen any collet types that are reliable for lead round nose bullets. If it works, great, if not, then a few hundred or more rounds are heading to the fire dept. for disposal. SC
  11. Interesting device, good timing, as I may well be pulling some .45 loads apart. Looked at the collet type that work in the press, but they're generally not so good for pistol length bullets, and the hammer type can damage the lead rounds (not that I'm saving them). Just came across this and almost bought it, but I'm going to use my slip jaw pliers first to test the idea out. https://grip-n-pull.com/
  12. Glock's can be finicky about lead versus jacketed ammo. Also the leade on Glock's can be fairly short. I'll be loading the 147 gr tapered FP Polymer coated bullets for all three of my 9mm pistols: 1911, G34 and G43. Multiple sources in stock and averaging around $93 per thousand. You can use lead load data for it, and you don't have exposure to lead while reloading. There is a lot of load data available for the 124 gr FMJ bullets as well. You'll have to decide what velocity range you want for play versus replicating carry loads. Titegroup seems to be the powder de jur, but I've used Unique, Bullseye and WW231 all over the last 30+ years, and they all work fine, frankly I prefer Bullseye, but I'm going to work up some match loads using TG for steel. I'm finding that 900 f/s is a good velocity for everything but replicating duty ammo. My HST 147gr ammo goes at around 1000 f/s, so If I want to replicate that for training I have to load my poly bullets a little stouter. Otherwise it's like a .45ACP, just a bit fiddly to handle! HTH Shadow Catcher
  13. Thank you! I've saved this info and will follow up! SC
  14. I gave that up 20 years ago! Now that the scalpers are rising the price of bulk ammo to 2-3 times what it had been, I'm dusting off the dies. The polymer coated bullets work well for steel and general practice, and I've a case of duty ammo stashed away so I'm good there! Never thought I'd see the day that reloading 9mm was cost effective, strange days! SC
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