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  1. Sorry that this happened, even more sorry it happened to such a nice lady. I'm hoping that it gets returned to you.
  2. Lol, I can sell you one. Donkey that is.
  3. Yes a KB warrior would say that . But it's your rep not mine. What you seem to not understand is that it does not matter what type business model they are. They except a fee for a service. They should be better than they are period. No your all the entertainment I need, I'll not proof read because I find your correction entertaining also. Heck I find everything about you entertaining. You have proved that you have no clue to what " Bless your heart baby" means in the context it was used in reference to you. Anyone that knew would have said so to prove me wrong. Oh and come up with something other than the little old lady thing. It really doesn't bother me and surely you can do much much better if you apply yourself. Cheers again mate.
  4. Tell me then what does it mean? When you tell me and only then will I believe you know. Absolutely and your keyboard warrior attitude is even more prevalent. Which is truly sad. What even sadder is that you haven't singled out anyone else to support their statements. But I find this banter more of a game than anything else. We can keep going back and forth for as long as you want. See you are just the entertainment, nothing else. Cheers, my new friend.
  5. Well gee guess you don't know everything since you don't know what that statement means in southern. And truthfully it's not about supporting anything, I voiced my opinion and since you aren't God, or my wife of 39 years I'm under no obligation to support or explain anything to you. And no since saying your sorry either , I already know. Later Phantom
  6. Miss Allie, God has you hang in there. Continued prayers for you.
  7. The way you act , I would have never guessed. With you it more of a donkey thing, hence the comment I am fully supporting about you. I'm done carry on and bless your heart baby.
  8. Lol, I guess when a donkey brays you don't have to bray back.
  9. First I'm not in school and you're not my spelling teacher. Second I could give a care less what their biz model is. If you try to sell a service you should be good at it. Third Uh no I said they was much better at accomplishing those tasks: "deliver it in a timely manner, and stop loosing your mail". So otherwise they deliver in a more timely manner and don't loose your mail near as much. Slapshot
  10. It would be worth paying a price increase if they would deliver your mail, deliver it in a timely manner, and stop loosing your mail. At least the other providers are much better at accomplishing those tasks. I really don't care what problems they have. Its on them just as any other business to sort it out or go under. I won't make excuses for a company that gives lousy service and that includes the USPS.
  11. It does say right at the top. "Man refilling ammunition triggered blast at Seffner home, fire officials say"
  12. Thank you , wasn't 100% sure so thats why I asked. Sweet old 10 bore.
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