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  1. There was a post on AR’s and Ol Lumpy Grits said no red dots if you have astigmatisms!? I did not want to hi jack that thread so am looking for an explanation as to why not? He said an acog with chevron was his go to. I have said issue and have red dots on my AR’s and steel guns. I am looking at An acog and want to know said advantages. So if anyone can contribute what their issues are I would surely appreciate it. With so many of us having vision issues thought this might interest others?! Hope everyone stays safe and secure and healthy thru these trying times!
  2. Matthew it depends on where you are and what time of day it is! In TX after dark you can use deadly force as NO ONE belongs on your property but you and yours, trespassers don't fair well here! Bear spray is pepper spray about 5X stronger than the self defense variety. It can kill a human if they have other health issues. Most cans warn against using on humans.
  3. Rooster quite right mi amigo’ They are a “B” series set of pistols !
  4. Just put these on the auction site.....would rather loose money to a fellow SASS member......................
  5. Loop your pinky under the grip it will feel much better ! Let it roll under the recoil.
  6. Wow the market is off for sure if this is still here! More than a fair price when you figure what you’re getting.......... case color, octagonal bbl, grade 3wood, leather cuff, and the tang site to boot!!! free bump in amy event
  7. still have it...........



    1. Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      would you accept 800.00 for the gun shipped to Wisconsin FFL?

      Thank you for the consideration.

      Don't really need a hammer gun just want one, I am sure you know how it is :)

    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Hows about splitting the difference $825 shipped?

      for quicker comms my direct email


  8. Do these have removable cylinder bushings? my thanks in advance
  9. OMG what a deal I’ll take 100 rolls if I can get a Break on the shipping!
  10. It’ll be marked on the box label that’s the only place you’ll find it that is some nice wood on yours bet it’s at least a 2 if not a 3
  11. Rick you might list the wood grade as if it’s 2 or 3 it adds to the value ! Either way it’s beautiful wood and a great deal esp with the tang sight!! best of luck in your sale!! and a free bump
  12. Title pretty much says it all, 20" hammered coach gun. This is of recent manufacture so no "dolls head" bbl's like on earlier CZ's. Flat faced bbls make loading a breeze unlike earlier dolls head bbl's. Newer CZ's also have black chrome bbl's the earlier versions were blued so better wear and corrosion resistance. Really vibrant case colors and BEAUTIFUL wood! Comes in CZ velvet covers inside a CZ hard case. This IS NIB never even chambered ard in it! Asking $875 shipped CONUS.
  13. This is NIB, a Premier SA in 45LLC and 45acp and box so marked. 5.5" bbl, cch with dome blue finish.This is the last of my USFA's and these are HARD to find!! Extra cylinders were sold by Evo gun works after USFA closing for $500+! Comes in black box, sock, cardboard sleeve, etc. Looking for $2250 27XXX serial range so 100% US made!!
  14. Consecutive set of USFA Premiers, 5.5" bbls, cch frames, in 45 caliber. Hard to find a consecutive set anymore let alone a set in like new condition. These have some of the nicest CCH I've seen!! Dome blue, etc. 24XXX serial range so 100% US made. Bought from an estate sale, if fired they were only function fired, not a mark on them!! NO cylinder lines, etc. In USFA sock in black boxes original to the guns and with cardboard sleeves........... $4200 for the set.,,,,,, $3800
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