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  1. EH no problem between us pard. The problem for me is the newest Colts look less than desirable as to fit and finish I’m trying to be nice. There’s a pair of 5.5’s on GA right now for $4800 and the dealer states and shows one of them has a jacked up front sight “that you could easily touch up” that and the almost immediate recalls for mis heat treated fames that were cracking makes me shy on the newest offerings, that’s just me I think later Colts say S40x,xxA to say S65xxxA are some of the nicest produced in last 40 years. Other folks probably love the newest Colts take care pard
  2. To clarify a Colt was found for $1650 so now those that choose to believe all new Colts are worth $1650 will do so. Across the country new Colts are going for closer to $2100. I’ve bought and sold Colt and USFA’s and have somewhat of a detailed knowledge of them and follow their pricings. my saying this does not imply deceit it implies ignorance! just as saying a Munden action job devalues a Colt when most of you don’t have a clue that there were multiple levels as to his work.!? You don’t know what his work entails but you know all about it’s worth!? I knew Bob and his wife for more than a couple years and at the early EOT’s in the early 90’s he would do basic cowboy action jobs between stages. He was a special guy and his wife Becky was his match as well as his mate. sorry if I ruffled any feathers but I didn’t impune anyones integrity as some of you did mine. I too was just answering his question and tried to impart some of my experiences
  3. Put it on Gunbroker and start auction at $2K with a buy it now of $2750 new SAA’s nationally are going for a bit more than retail of $1800. Generally single guns say $2100. Pairs $4600-$4800 A plain jane nickel SAA around here nets you $2200 or so then figure in the grips and the action job. I personally would NOT take less than $2500 and I’ve owned and sold a couple SAA’s Saying a Munden action devalues it is not quite correct. Sure it’s not a purist SAA but that’s like saying a bill Wilson 1911 is not worth what a GI 1911 is worth!? Who here shoots stock SAA’s? i believe as said above you can find them lower, ie the $1650 mentioned but they are a rarity!! Or start it at $2000 with a $2500 reserve SASS members are always looking to buy low so they under value ! what you need is a COLt collector who wants a Munden gun!!!
  4. Hate to be the dissenter but I couldn’t digest all the MIM parts with glaring molding marks!! to each his own
  5. Interested in any trading for NIB Custom Shop Consecutive 45's with real Ivory grips?? Need a little cash on your end though?
  6. Thanks but looking for later production guns best of luck in your sale
  7. Don't have a dog in this hunt but Long Hunter is saying the new hammer less CZ SxS are the new SKB's. He's tricking out and selling them as we speak. And is you want hammers their coach guns are a thing of beauty!!
  8. Czhen Glockmeister is pre selling the new Glocks for $349 so it’s not a good idea to get said conversion kit when for a few bucks more you get a complete gun Lumpy how’d you get a gen 5 G19 in Cali?
  9. Please explain why you think this is unconstitutional ? were the firearms acts of 1930 and 34 as well as the 68 GCA , not to mention the AWB’s in many states not upheld? If local LE fails in it’s duties the Gov can and have called Out the guard many times in many states . I can’t believe that for decades we were warned about this and we have ignored the warnings Always told myself not in my lifetime!?
  10. If the smith is good he can keep cold towels around the sight, heat the old one to pop it off wait a spell and repeat the process silver soldering new sight on had one done that way and the bbl did not need a reblue good luck in case you ask the smith was Jim Hoag who os no longer
  11. Pull permits and have a journeyman electrician do the work If something goes wrong later on, fire, accident , etc. at least your insurance will cover you. Most folks don't realize if the above happens the insurance company will look for reasons to deny coverage.
  12. PayPal....REALLY PAYPAL ?????? Why not just send Monies to the Brady foundation while you're at it?! Don't we have enough troubles without supporting anti gun groups?! McCandless we all know the dip sticks that say just send it as a "gift" Sorry I'm old and see our gun rights eroding daily, NY, Cali, Now VA !!! We don't need to support the erosion of our rights. I'm so riled I may have to go buy an AR just to calm myself
  13. Here the number to verify PMOs 866 459 7822 Lately Ive had Sellers hold cashiers checks hey as long as they’re upfront about it I’m OK while you think a check clears the bank , they are actually allowing you access to the funds Before they actually clear as long as you have funds in your account to cover said check! somebody sends me a ck they have a week to clear on an in state check, 2 weeks for out of state. Take a large out of state check to your bank and see if they don’t tell you the same i had BofA put a 21 day hold on a check Not going to debate this! I spent 25 plus years working in and managing IT depts specializing in remittance processing at BofA, Chase and a few others
  14. It would be the hand spring that they replaced by the coil and plunger, but this is NOT part of Long Hunters basic package The bolt spring could have been replaced by either a flat or a wire spring The mainspring HAS been replaced by a lighter flat spring as LH does not do a coil mainspring I am probably wrong but I believe Bob Munden pioneered the coil mainspring conversion and AWA used it in one of their clones Work done can be confusing without paperwork! I’ve bought more then one LOng Hunter USFAs and folks selling them were unawares of what they had!
  15. JP enterprises makes a encapsulated spring and buffer. Virtually no spring noise and you can add or subtract weights on the buffer to tailor it to the loads you're firing. https://www.jprifles.com/
  16. I’ve dealt with this varmint before!! Do NOT trust his descriptions Firearms I bought from him were MUCH Nicer than stated Do NOT expect fast shipping he’s actually quicker than fast Do Not think his price might be lower His prices are more than fair NOTE this rifle has grade 3 wood!! Pard if this was in 45 it would be MINE!! I just need to keep saying no more 44-40’s!! free bump for a good pard!
  17. To clarify these are 38 special 5.5inch bbls New in box and unfired consecutive serial numbered? If so I’ll take them! do they come with any paperwork from longhunter?
  18. Truth Hertz I'm betting you have no interest in buying this, just stirring the pot. You could have contacted the seller privately and discussed , and advised as he might not have known about any recalls. instead you make him look shifty, which I DO NOT believe is the case. You need to learn the "cowboy way" .
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