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  1. Just found out going to have severe medical bills due to eye surgeries forthcoming. Need to raise a bunch of funds, so.............. forced to sell NIB Stoeger Coach gun, 12G, 20", blued with stained walnut stocks (not that ugly varnished hardwood).....$525 NIB Consecutive Rodeos in 38cal, 4.75", full action jobs by Long Hunter to include jewelled hammers, Recpt from LH included.........$2900 NIB Consecutive Rodeo;s , 45cal, 4.75"bbls and case colored hammers..... $2250 NIB Consecutive set of Pemium SAA's with dual cylinders 45Colt and 45 acp. Outstanding case colors and super nice bluing............ $4900 If they don't sell here they'll be on Gunbroker with these prices as my starting bids. Hard to find NIB USFA's, let alone consecutives! Would rather sell to a SASS member. pics are of actual guns. Thanks for looking
  2. Wasn't too sure but I got them for the opening bid....just when I was thinking of going all 38's!?
  3. Where are you located as shipping would be problematic for such a all qty
  5. Things change, people change, everything changes! I started competitive shooting in IPSC mid 80's, and I loved it. then it changed and 7/8 rd 1911's couldn't keep up with hi cap Supers and 9's that were comped and had dots!!! No practifcality was left. Moved over to IDPA because it was what IPSC was 10 years prior. I carried a gun 24x7, I was a "martial artist", and not some "gamer" after all. Today IDPA is also a sport for gamers !! I remember when some of what are now referred to as the old timers warned CAS was becoming IPSC with cowboy attire! Personally when someone works an 1873 like an AR , it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Don't get me started on short stroked SAA's!!! And targets you can hit with a rock they're so close......... I loved CAS because I felt like a kid playing cowboys and such. Today's CAS no longer has that feel to me. Everything changes and for those of us who don't like the changes, well there's someone who does.
  6. Wade in case you were unawares early CZ coach guns had the dolls nose ( think that's what it's called) on the bbl's, later guns do not. Some don't care some think it makes loading more problematic. Good luck in your search!
  7. I’ve got one, off a new stock G17 not sure what to ask, what’s your offer thanks either way
  8. Bulldog still have both Bailey if they are NIB new in box AND I never even inserted a mag How would I have used them to Kill any pigs? Just ribbin ya! to answer your question I have used other 556 rifles on pigs I just used a heavy 75-77 grain bullet thanks for your interest gents
  9. as title says 12g 20" coach gun model #31400, all blue steel with oiled stocks .....$575 running on multiple forums
  10. $140 per 500 shipped CONUS I have 4 boxes of this running on multiple forums
  11. Joke Um quite wrong you think they they assessed the value of Class 3 weapons, .......not.......... You bought a $500 Glock, $200 for the Glock and $600 for the 3 magazines, for the paltry sum of $800 you can keep your $500 Glock?! Seems fair..............................You don't pony up and jpoin the NRA and contribute extra $$$$$, you won't have anyone fighting this. The NY lawsuits against the NRA were to drain the funds they would have given the Trump campaign!! They have no money to fight this unless we step up,!!! Pay now with cash or pay later with your guns!
  12. I have 2 NIB Springer Saint Model AR15's with latest B5 furniture, Comes with fold down rear sights, 30rd mag and in SA's black tactical case. Never even inserted a mag. Bought them IN HASTE! Not waiting to see wht Joe does. Just looking to get what I'm in them $950 each...... $900 each OBO Running on multiple forums........ I have extra NIW 30 rd PMAGS for sale either with the rifles or AFTER they sell. Thanks for looking.
  13. Just don't shoot +P's in the DS as it's not rated for plus P's. If you shoot it a lot it will go out of time. A lot of us old timers would go to the range and shoot SA mode and never know the DA was out of time until needed!!
  14. I’ve got a NIB 1885 hi wall in 45-70 on the wire now....... bargain priced!!
  15. OK sorry senior moment!!!! Tied up tomorrow maybe Thursday morning, OR ??

    Rifle gear again ??

  16. Have 5K of WLP primers, $300 FTF in N Dallas area. running on multiple forums so they may sell else where's . will also trade for Fed or Win small pistol primers
  17. Interested in those 45 cal Rodeos but I'm thinking price

    is a bit high. I won't loball anyone but if there's any wiggle room

    what could you do shipped/insured to Dallas TX?

    my thanks either way


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    2. Dollar Bill Charlie

      Dollar Bill Charlie


      I often see you commenting on Colt, USFA.  I have a question?

      What in your opinion are best single action revolvers

      Colt gen 3 older


      Standard MFG.


      Also on USFA how can you tell if manufactured in US or Uberti in Italy.

      Serial #'s etc.

    3. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      First I'm an old fart and God and my wife have been very good to me!!

      I have owned over 50 Colt SAA's and the same in USFA's.

      Early Gen3 guns are total junk in over 50% of the samples I've seen.

      Mid range Gen 3 starting after S30XXXA were the best until about 5 years ago when Colt

      started outsourcing most of their parts. You may have heard about 2 years back Colt

      was recalling them all due to frames cracking. You just  never know what you're getting with Colt!!

      Now I've been around USFA since the beginning knew and liked the owner and the GM was a terrific guy!!

      USFA started out as US PtFA US Patent firearms, then after Colt lawsuit changed to USFA. All USPFA and early

      USFA guns were all Uberti parts!!! Fitted and finished very highly but still soft  Italian steels.

      USFA wanted to make the BEST SAA in existence and they did.

      Rodeos with A and B prefix are all Italian parts. there were no C series and starting with D they were

      all 100% US made!! Their higher end guns starting AFTER 225XX and up are all 100% US made.

      There are NO finer SAA's than the latter USFA's.....PERIOD!!

       I am sorry to say I am bewildered how Standard is doing business. they gave a cpl gun writers guns to review then pulled the guns and threatened legal action against them?! They are  being made by several USFA employees?!

      I was on gunbroker and they showed 8 in stock so I always wanted a pair and jumped!  Then I found out there were NONE

      in stock and wait time was over 8 weeks. they were using my money to build the guns! In looking at past reviews there were

      several folks who bought then were ticked when they were told you have to wait. Why list guns in stock when you don't have them?? They received several F ratings. The few I have seen seemed nice but how many are they making, will there be parts ( SAA's tend to break things if you shoot them a bunch). Also  they state these are NOT to Colt specs they are to their specs! I called and asked will Uberti or Colt parts fit I was told no why would I need to know that!! That is the end of my story with them. Go on Gunbroker and see!! Also they get the same complaints about listing shotguns they don't have.

      Just an FYI Colt and Pietta parts will for the most part inter change as will Uberti and USFA.


      Sorry for rambling!!

    4. Dollar Bill Charlie

      Dollar Bill Charlie

      Thank you for your help and information.  I have 4 Rodeos 2 45 cal and 2 - 38's also purchased a cowboy.  I don't shoot them in SASS, but plink with the 38's and the Cowboy.   I wondered about the CH premium USFA's, but did not know anything about them ie, US made or Italian,  plus the cost was higher.  You had 3 for sale last year.  If you come across any in the future let me know.

      Thanks again.

      Dollar Bill - Charlie


  18. These were ThE ammo pouch used thru out the southeast asian wargames they hold as follows 2 each 20 rd M4 mags. Or 4 each 20 rd M16 mags. Or 4 each 30 rd M1 carbine mags hope this helps free bump in any event
  19. There's a tremendous amount of fakes on Amazon. Those gaskets on Amazon, maybe Chinese knockoffs made from cardboard!!
  20. Funds sent this AM ffl should have been emailed my thanks in advance
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