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  1. Does anyone know a grip maker that will hand checker Uberti revolver grips? Not looking for a new grip and I do not much care for the pressed checkering available on some factory grips. I'm looking for somebody that can hand checker my current grips.
  2. Colt snake guns. Wanted a Python or Diamond for years. Shot and handled a few and lost interest in them. There SA triggers are great, but as a DA revolver I thought they were awful. S&W K or L frame guns are the way to go for nice DA wheel guns IMHO. M1A. Wanted one of these rifles for years mainly because of the reputation they have with veteran friends of mine as, "the greatest battle rifle." After shooting a few I do not understand all the hype. I mean sure they are a cool rifle and all but they take a lot to accurize. You can not remove them from the stock without possibly affecting zero. They require a lot of maintenance to make reliable. There is a big hole in the side that allows all sorts of junk into the internals. Again the M1A is a cool rifle, and judging it within the context of the time it was originally adopted by the military it did offer improvements over the Garand, but by modern standards it is hardly "the greatest battle rifle" IMHO. Thompson M1A1. Always wanted one. Could even settle for a semi auto repo. Then I handled a few and found they balanced poorly in my hands and felt awkward to shoulder. Desert Eagle 50cal and S&W 500. Something about a 50cal handgun just seemed really cool at one point in time. Handled and shot a few and realized a lever action carbine was easier to carry than either of those awkward monster handguns. Now a Freedom Arms 454 Casull is on my grail gun list. The FA in 454 feels and shoots great and I think represents the limit of what is still practical in a handgun platform.
  3. The small sharp CZ hammers had been modified to match (or at least look very similar to) Colt 1878 style hammers. Not sure about legality of this modification but they looked nice and were a huge improvement over the stock CZ hammers.
  4. Poly Tech is the manufacturer. From what I read these guns were hit and miss on quality. Hopefully yours is one of the okay ones.
  5. It would be pretty hard to go wrong with a new pair of Rugers and either a new Winchester 73 or Marlin 94 all in 38/357. Even if you opt for something different later on they will make a great backup set.
  6. I handled a CZ that had been worked on by Jason Widmer (Boomstick) 254-368-4540. The CZ felt really nice and slick and Boomstick had welded up the hammers to make them taller and easier to sweep back. If I ever start shooting classic cowboy I will likely send a hammer gun off to Boomstick for his work.
  7. It is one inch of difference... I would shoot it as is along side the 5.5" model and see if it really made a difference. If I noticed a difference then I would probably try to sell or trade it off. Or look for another 5.5 and simply keep the 6.5 as a backup.
  8. I have used both. 3fg seems to be a little dirtier than 2fg in my 12ga loads, but not enough to make that big of a difference. The convenience of loading 3fg in my percussion revolvers, my 38s, my 44-40s and 12ga outweighs the slightly dirtier shotgun.
  9. Depends. Was the will witnessed? Dead guy of sound mind at the time of the handwritten will? I am sure it varies state to state, but at least here in TX a hand written will is a valid will.
  10. Depends... What did you have in mind for trade? Feel free to send me a PM to discuss this further.
  11. ***Edit: Sold Pending Funds.*** Pioneer Gun Works Standard Short Stroke Kit for sale. This kit is like new but has been fitted and timed to my particular Uberti 1860 in 44-40. Used not abused. Depending on how different your particular rifle is from mine this kit may require either additional fitting or the lifter re-welded/built up. Instructions included.  Asking $100 shipped anywhere in the U.S.A. Willing to consider trades for a size 10 wide pair of cowboy boots, cap guns, or shirts and vests in size large tall.
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