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  1. I believe you, I am simply repeating what I was told by Shiloh. I didn't mess with it, you didn't mess with it, the guy before you likely didn't, so that leaves only the Democrats to blame.
  2. Well had I known that I would not have bought the rifle! Just joking! Again Three Foot Johnson, I in no way blame you for this. You advertised the rifle accurately (except for the part about the ties to the democrat party) and sold it to me for a fair price. Don't beat yourself up any further over this. The lock and breech block both fit into a USPS flat rate box and shipped for only $7-8. I am only out a few dollars and a little time.
  3. Boomstick (Jason Widmer) is another gunsmith that short strokes Mirokus. As others have said a short stoke by itself won't make you a top shooter but it will make you faster than you were before. If you really don't care about time I would not bother changing out the stock Miroku links. Unlike the Uberti, the Mirokus really are very nice right out of the box and will serve most shooters very well without any modifications.
  4. If you want to try protecting your goats with a dog the Anatolian is the way to go. I live in the TX hill country, some of my neighbors use Anatolians and Pyrenees and they swear by those dogs. I have been told you should keep interaction with them to a minimum if you want them to stay with the heard. In my opinion the dogs seem to work really well for people that do not live on their property full time. In my experience the best predator control is done by the ranchers that live on their property full time and are religious about setting snares and traps.
  5. Update: I spoke with Kirk Bryan at Shiloh and shipped the breech block and and lock in on 01-30-2020. I got a call from Kirk yesterday explaining the rifle was an 1980s era rifle and that at some point in its life somebody had ground on the mainspring and significantly weakened it. He also said the spring behind the transfer bar was an older style and not really necessary. In short it sounds like a new main spring and the removal of one spring from the breech block and I should be good to go. No charge and they are even covering return shipping! I'll update once I get the parts back and have a chance to test them out in the rifle.
  6. Am I missing something or is this simply a "P" for both examples?
  7. Thanks for the offer but I really want a 45-70. For Plainsman side matches the rifle must be chambered in a traditional rifle or pistol black powder cartridge. 30-30 was a smokeless caliber from the get go and not legal for plainsman.
  8. Thanks for the offer but really want the carbine.
  9. One thing I'll add about the 92 on the reliability. All lever guns need to be run all the way out and all the way back in for reliable function, but if you short the lever on a 92 they can jam up hard. For this game the simpler 66/73 action is much easier to clear malfunctions. As others have said the 92 will run best with ammo that is 357 mag length, either use long nosed 38s or simply load 357mag brass.
  10. A lot of people knock on Rossi, but the truth is they are a pretty decent rifle for the money. A Rossi with an at home action job would serve most SASS shooters just fine. If I was in your boots I'd go with a Rossi in 357 as a starter gun. The $2000 race gun can always be bought later.
  11. Looking to pick up a single shot rifle for shooting in Plainsman side matches. As the title indicates I am in the market for a Pedersoli Sharps Carbine in 45-70. If you have one send me a PM letting me know how much you want for it.
  12. Maybe a few dumb questions, but assuming it is a small bumper horse trailer... Does he hitch up the trailer to a ball on his actual bumper of does he have decent drop hitch bolted to the frame? Are we talking about a quarter horse and stock shows or are we talking about warm bloods and eventing? A half ton truck pulling just one horse should not have any issues, unless the trailer is an old heavy steel one, or the horse might have way too much room to move around. In answer to your first quest a 1500 truck made by Chevy vs an F150 made by Ford are essentially the same thing.
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