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  1. 1). Patrick Grashorn no bark elk grips for Uberti clones. Shown on a pair of Cimarron Model Ps. New these cost $195 each. I am asking $350 +$12shipping for the pair. Just FYI if your Ubertis have the one piece grips you will need to drill the frame to install the pin (included) to convert them from a one piece grip to the 2-piece style. Not a big deal if you are competent and own the proper tools (drill press). 2). Patrick Grashorn no bark elk grips for Ruger New Vaqueros and whatever other Rugers share the same size grip frame. Asking $350 +$12shipping for the pair.
  2. Texas is bad that way too. It's just criminal that they can tax you at the current market value.
  3. If anybody can do it, it would be Mike. Personally though I'd take a flat mainspring over a coil mainspring any day.
  4. I actually know a guy that pocket carries a small 5-shot S&W J frame that way! The logic behind this method of carry is not sound.
  5. Like others, I highly recommend Mike Brackett of Goons Gunworks. His turn around times leave a lot to be desired, but his work on cap guns is second to none. If you want he can also coil and torsion spring the entire action (save for the mainspring) on both your guns to make them last for thousands and thousands of rounds.
  6. I have never had positive results with CCI No. 11s period. I know in these times they might be the only thing you can find, so if the stock nipples are larger diameter than the slix, you might have slightly better results. Back before I shot SASS and knew very little about cap guns I found that No. 11s worked okay on older slightly worn out nipples that had been mushroomed slightly from dry firing.
  7. Mad Dane is right, I have seen musket configured Ubertis on Gunbroker from time to time.
  8. For those that don't know Jim Martin is considered on of the best Colt smiths out there. There is an acknowledgment to him in the Kuhnhausen shop manual. His work alone adds a lot to the value of the guns to a shooter.
  9. Gunbroker has ended auctions for blackhawks all over the place. $500-800 is probably a fair range depending on condition.
  10. Has a single new shooter been drawn to SASS now that adults can use 22s? The only people I know who are going to use 22s were already SASS shooters and most have thousands of dollars in tuned center fire guns. I'd expect most shooters will gladly switch back to center fire when able. I personally will continue to shoot center fire black powder until no longer able.
  11. Who tuned them? Any plans on attending the Texas State shoot in April?
  12. Do you like the bisley grip or prefer the standard grip?
  13. A factory letter might help you make the decision. If that revolver is in its original configuration and the nickel is also the original finish that Colt could easily be worth a lot more than any 2nd or 3rd gen Colt in a more common caliber like 45colt. If that is not the original configuration/finish you might as well shoot it seeing as you already load 38-40.
  14. If interested I have a Uberti 1873 24” rifle in 44-40. Already has Boomstick’s cut and weld action job. PM on the way.
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