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  1. Not sure how common or simple the modification is, but a little while back somebody had a Stoeger SxS for sale that had the lever modified in a way that the gun could be opened by swinging the lever either way. The OP might want to look into modifying the lever to be ambidextrous.
  2. Looking for two (2) of the lowered and wider hammer assemblies for Pietta 1873 SAA clones. They need to be 4-click style not the transfer bar style. Prefer new. If anyone has some or knows of an in stock source please let me know.
  3. You probably already know this, but with a four digit alias number he could have gotten out of the game a long time ago. Good luck on finding him, or maybe a kid or grand kid that would be interested in it.
  4. You guys and your short barrels, 7" to 9" is really where it's at. OP, Those are some slick looking pistols for the coolest category out there!
  5. Not familiar with that movie, but this is what I have in mind for western steampunk costuming. https://youtu.be/jvipPYFebWc
  6. How about the Mandalorian?
  7. Fair enough. Wouldn't a 1894 Winchester be a better platform to start with? Plenty of 94s out there. Already tube fed. The action is long enough for a 38-55, so a flat or round nosed 30-40 can probably be loaded short enough to fit. Not sure about the difference in rim size between a 30-30 and 30-40, but perhaps simply re-chambering a 30-30 rifle to 30-40 and a little bolt face work can get you close to what you want. If strength of the 94 action comes into question just use one of those 94 "big bore" actions, only the die hard collectors will care what you do to those guns .
  8. Personally I like it and don't see a problem if somebody wants to dress that way and compete in their age based or shooting style category. I also would like to see SASS make an exception to the "no-external modifications" to firearms as long as the steampunk modification does not enhance or give a competitive edge to the actual function of the firearm. I think lever rifle and 87 shotgun decked out with gears, heat shields, pressure gauges and other various superficial doodads would be pretty cool. I also think it would be a good way to drum up interest with the younger generation that cosplay/com-icon appeals to. Just try to avoid attracting the furry and brony crowd.
  9. If that Paterson is made by either Pietta or Uberti I’ll take it! See you at the state shoot.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what is the OP's desired end result? I understand the ballistic advantage of the 30-40 over the 30-30, but almost all the advantages come from the fact that the 30-40 can safely use spitzer/spire point style bullets. If you create a 30-40 that is limited flat nose 30-30 style bullets it would seem like you took one step forwards and two steps back.
  11. For cast bullets .452 is pretty standard in both 45Auto and Colt. I believe most jacketed bullets are .451 or .452 but they are both safe to shoot in 45 colt. To really determine the most accurate bullet for your rifle you would have to slug the bore and then opt for the bullet that is about .001 or .002 larger, but unless your guns are at the extreme end of the spectrum you will never notice an issue shooting .452 sized bullets.
  12. Personally given the above criteria I would go with the 45. The Rossi 92 is a very strong action and can safely handle the +P or "Ruger only" loads found in some manuals, so the 44 and 45 are pretty much equal in power (at least out of a 92). SASS style revolvers are also much easier to find in 45. Does anyone know the twist Rossi puts in their 44 barrels? I know some factories use a really slow twist that makes them limited to 240gr bullets or lighter vs the 45s are typically a 1-16 which will stabilize any 45colt bullet out there. You are also already loading 45Auto, so a common caliber is another + for the 45colt. For hunting a 250gr cast RNFP style bullet is pretty hard to beat, especially if the alloy is reasonably soft. For jacketed bullets the Hornady XTPs are pretty good IMHO. For SASS loads you cannot beat a case full of black powder, for non SASS I tried many many powders, but I came back to the old standard of 9.0gr of Unique with a 250gr cast bullet.
  13. But to answer the OP's question you might try contacting Jason at Boomstick Arms about shorting the barrels on you existing guns. https://www.boomstickarms.com/ Re barreling is another option but not cheap. Even if you are capable of doing it yourself you are probably looking at about $100-150 per barrel just for the parts. If an outright trade cannot be worked you could probably sell the pistols and buy a shorter set and be out less money than paying a smith to modify/replace the existing barrels.
  14. I'd first try to trade for pair of shorter pistols.
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