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  1. I plan on being at Comancheria Days for the main match on April 12-13. I've got a few guns I'd like to try and trade in person with another SASS member if possible. First is a Colt Commander. See link for specs. This is a stainless steel Wiley Clapp version in 45 ACP. I bought this new and have approximately 500rds through it. Used not abused. Original box, paperwork, Two 8rd magazines, etc. Currently wearing a set of Grashorn Elk grips, but also have the originals. Trade value $900-1000 https://www.colt.com/detail-page/wiley-clapp-commander-45acp-ss Next, I have a Ruger Bearcat. See link for specs. This is the distributor exclusive "shopkeeper" which features a 3" barrel and round butt grip. New in the box, unfired with all the original paperwork, etc. Trade value $500-600 https://ruger.com/products/newBearcat/specSheets/0915.html For trades, I will consider but am not limited to the following. Also willing to kick in extra cash if you have something I want that is of greater value than my items. 1) A Uberti 1866 or 1873 in 44-40. I'm really only interested in the octagonal barrel rifle versions. Would prefer stock, or action work done by a reputable SASS smith. 2) Colt revolvers or Colt clones again in 44-40. Not interested in the newer Ubertis with the "three-click" hammers. 3) SKB or BSS SxS Shotguns that are SASS ready with the action work being done by a reputable SASS smith. 4) Browning (Miroku) lever actions 1892, 1886, 1895, 53. Not interested in the newer Winchester (Miroku) with the tang safeties and rebounding hammers. 5) S&W revolvers. Sort of picky on my S&Ws. Really only interested in 22LRs and 357mags. Prefer "pre-models" or at least versions that still have pinned barrels and recessed chambers. I'll probably add more guns and wishlist items as the match draws closer. Feel free to PM me offers and we will iron out the details. Again I would prefer to trade, but always willing to consider cash.
  2. The first gun I bought was when I was 18 or 19. It was a Sears model 53 in 30-06 (Winchester model 70 made for the Sears catalog). Bought it from a local guy that needed money for Christmas.
  3. There were almost 100 shooters at our last monthly, maybe only 10-12 of those shooters were shooting Cody-Dixon or Sharpshooter. I doubt those few shooters really slowed down the match in any significant way. I personally don't mind having CD or SHS on my posse. As a spotter though I sure do appreciate it when they let me know they will be shooting the longer range targets.
  4. S&W 34 or 35. Both are J-frame (small frame) double action (can be shot single action too) 22cal revolvers. The 34 is a steel frame, the 35 is the same gun but built on an aluminum frame making it very light. Not SASS legal, but then again no 22 is legal for adults. The Ruger Bearcat and Single Six are both good single action 22s, but loading them is a pain compared to a good double action with a swing out cylinder.
  5. Wal-Mart carries a hub cap polish called Mothers Mag that I have used on both brass and stainless steel guns. Before shooting SASS I was sort of obsessive about polishing my 1860 Henry after every black powder shooting. Now patina has grown all over my rifle and the patina look has grown on me too. The darker top of the receiver also helps keep sun glare down.
  6. I have limited experience but I have played around with casting both brass and aluminum. Brass melts at around 1700* so you will need a small forge or make one. My main advice is make sure your brass is bone dry. I would advise adding all the brass you want to melt into your crucible while it is cold and bring it up to temp rather than adding brass as you go. This will insure any moisture is boiled off before the brass is molten.
  7. Forgive my ignorance (I'm a new shooter), but what do RO1&2 classes consist of or go over?
  8. I assume you want to try hunting with this stuff rather than shooting a match? I've not tried their 44-40 ammo but I have tried BB's 380, 38, 9mm, 357, and 45auto. It's hot stuff and premium priced. Also comes in nice reloadable brass. At least in the calibers I have tried I do not know how they achieve those velocities while remaining within SAAMI specs. I really like their 38+p stuff but cannot duplicate it with any published load data. All that being said, a 44-40 with a 200gr bullet producing 1000fps from a handgun and 1300 out of a rifle does not sound that hot for a 44-40. Certainly the upper end of load data, but nothing crazy.
  9. Awesome 87 handling! Your videos and Duece Stevens' videos inspired me to pick up an 87 and give it a try. I'm still not a fast shooter and not as fast as my SxS but I can see the potential. One club I go to likes 5+ shotgun knockdowns per stage and often write into the stage instructions that 87s and 97s may be loaded on the clock with more than two shells. While not a time advantage it sure is fun to stoke the 87 and blaze away! While on the topic of 87s, is it acceptable to lock tight (with the removable stuff) the cartridge guide/lifter screws? My 87 is really bad about working those screws loose after 10-12 shots.
  10. Now that I have your attention... Do they make snap caps or nipple covers to allow you to safely dry fire a ball and cap pistol? I'd like to be able to get more dry fire practice in, but don't want to have to completely remove all the nipples every time.
  11. I'm not a top shooter, but I do like to beat my times from the last match. I'm much better with pistols that are the same. Some guns are close enough, but there is still a psychological difference to me that can sort of mess with my head. My brain ain't good at adapting.
  12. You might have to take it directly to a UPS hub, not a local franchise of UPS. Unless UPS has changed their policy very recently they are fine with shipping ammo via ground, just be sure to put an ORM-D label on it. https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/special-care-shipments/hazardous-materials/shipping-ammunition.page
  13. Thanks for the clarification! Paper patching is acceptable in long range side matches, so I'm going to assume it is legal for BAMM/GAMM. I've had good luck with paper patches in lever actions, so I'll at least try it in a semi. Looking forward to the 9th!
  14. Good advice! While sort of on this topic, can anybody recommend factory available ammo that is SASS legal and will cycle reliably in a lever action? I personally load all my own ammo, but a number of friends have asked me this question and I don't really have a good answer. Low recoil shotshells are not too hard to find but most of the cheaper 38 ammo I see is either jacketed (not legal) or with a WC/SWC nose profile which is fine for revolvers but jams up a lever action.
  15. Are the 5-rd clips required? (I'm up to my ears in 8-rd clips already.) Gas checks and paper patching allowed?
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