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  1. Earlier this year when everyone was getting their stimulus money I listed a number of items on gunbroker. I had a new user reach out to me that was very odd. Asked all sorts of question, didn't seem to understand how an auction worked, wanted to pay with a card, etc. Apparently his stimulus money had been direct deposited on some form of prepaid credit card. I would have sworn it was a scam, but I agreed to allow him to pay me via PayPal "gift" option but told him I would not ship until the money was in my bank account because in the past PayPal has locked my account for suspicious activity. The bidder agreed and ended up really driving up my auction. I was still suspicious of a scam, but he won the auction and promptly sent money via PayPal. He was happy because he could pay with a card and I was happy because the item sold for a lot more than I would have expected.
  2. July Smith


    Not arguing or disagreeing but would you mind posting a source to the cast iron cylinders information? From what I have read the early Colt revolvers i.e. Paterson, Walker, Dragoon, etc. used wrought or forged iron cylinders, but by the 1860 army they were using steel and to my knowledge never produced a cartridge revolver with anything other than a steel cylinder.
  3. Now you are being like main stream media and only quoting a fraction of what I said out of context. You should change your alias to something like CNN.
  4. Frontiersman is hard with stock guns. Frontiersman is hard if it is raining. The guns will fire in the rain, but the trick is keeping them dry while loading. Frontiersman is hard on small posses. It is hard to avoid talking while loading cap guns. I know there are plenty of guys that use subs, but in my opinion cap guns are hard to keep running with anything other than real black powder. It is HARD to have a bad match while shooting frontiersman. Rain or shine, good or bad, frontiersman is a lot of fun! I have had cap fragments end up in both my rifle and open shotgun, so its a little more to think about what it comes to certain stages. I close the dust cover on my 73 if I know I will be shooting over my staged rifle and I try to simply avoid shooting over my staged shotgun. The term "your mileage may very" applies heavily to Frontiersman, i.e. what works fine for one shooter might not work for another. The important thing is to figure out what works best for you and stick with it. Other than that Frontiersman is pretty much Frontier Cartridge Duelist.
  5. For sale I have a Kirkpatrick Detective Carry Shoulder Holster for a S&W 2" J-frame revolver. Black color. Size Large. Like new condition, only tried it on at the house before deciding that shoulder carry does not really fit my clothing/lifestyle choices. Asking $140 shipped to your door via USPS. See link for further description. Will update with photos later. https://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/product/detective-carry-shoulder-holster/
  6. Beans, First of all my sincere apologies if my Internet words have insulted or offended you or any of my other pards at the STX Pistolaros. Please do not change anything about what your club does because of what I say or think, I am not a member and only average one or two monthlies per year there. Listen to what the members want and pay no heed to one anomaly. They are simply my personal opinions, and I fear my first comment is being taken out of context. My previous choice of words/expression “quality over quantity” was a poor one and in no way intended to insult or insinuate that the STX Pistolaros November monthly match was subpar or anything along those lines. Again, if my Internet words have insulted you or any other club member please accept my sincerest apologies. My comment was directed at the OP who was looking for ideas on what to do in the current ammo/component drought. A common suggestion for many clubs has been to simply reduce the number of stages and or the number of rounds need to complete a match. Personally, I reload for myself and two other shooters and have a fourth friend interested in joining. I have enough components on hand to keep the 3-4 of us shooting for about another 4-6 matches that require the standard 100rounds +/- of rifle/pistol ammo and a box of shotgun sells. I understand the current shortages, and also understand that if the necessary number of rounds was simply halved my current stock of components could be stretched to almost a year’s worth of shooting. I personally (me, myself, and I alone) would rather burn through my current stock of SASS related components shooting in it up in 4-6 regular style matches rather than 8-12 reduced round count matches. That is just my personal opinion and suggestion to the OP looking for ideas that maybe reduced round count matches is not the solution to the current shortage.
  7. No, nor would I expect that. SASS Clubs are struggling as is. I do not expect clubs to reduce fees for those with a longer drive.
  8. I shot a monthly last weekend that had stages written in a way to conserve ammo. Only 5 rifle rounds, and most stages were only 2 shotgun rounds. While I understand the push for this sort of ammo frugal match, and if that's what the majority of shooters want so be it, but I personally do not plan on shooting another match like that. I have a 4 hr round trip drive and to show up and shoot only half a box of ammo just doesn't make the drive worth it. I personally would rather shoot five normal matches than ten half matches, quality over quantity for me.
  9. 4-3/4" barrel? PM me your asking price and I'll let you know if I can swing it or not.
  10. I have seen SKBs with both single (bottom) and double style locking lugs (top). I believe the newer SKBs went to the stronger double locking method but I have no idea around what dates or what serial numbers. It's going to take a lot of work to get the older style single lug to fit your current double locking SKB frame, it might be better to try and trade for a newer set of barrels.
  11. Yes, the size 38" shown on the right are still available. Feel free to PM me to discuss further.
  12. It's kind of funny, the "lug" or dolls head between the barrels never gave me any issue until it was pointed out to me. There are lots of SxS that will work for SASS especially considering this is just to get you buy until your Longhunter CZ comes in. The Stoeger is a very popular gun, but there are lots of older makers and models out there that will fit the bill.
  13. Offers? Perhaps trade for a vest or shirt? I'm a size large tall or 42-44 long.
  14. I don't own a 73 in 357, but the three model 92s I have used would not reliably run 38s. My solution was to use a longer 175gr bullet specifically designed to be crimped in a 38 case but have the OAL of a 357. While the 1873 action is a lot more forgiving than the 1892 on OAL they do still seem to benefit from running full length cartridges.
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