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  1. "Cap Suck" is usually a term I associate with burs on the face of the hammer that stick to and pull the cap back into the action. If this is your issue you can try polishing the hammer faces. What do the spent caps look like? If they are blasting into tiny fragments the factory stock nipples might be allowing a lot of blow back. Slix or Treso are both good aftermarket alternatives to the factory nipples.
  2. IMHO it is because most of the commemorative SAA guns look very ugly. If you shoot them the collector value is gone, if you misplace the box the collector value is gone, Colt did a commemorative for just about everything so they are not exactly rare. I am not an expert on collecting Colts but I too have noticed that they don't seem to sell for more and in many cases much less than a standard configuration.
  3. That style of music does not require great vocals or skill on the instrument (no offense to the artist). I personally like the song and the message, and with over 18million views in just 8 days I can't be the only one. It is also the current number one song being listened to globally on Apple music. I'll take this style of county/folk music any day over the current pop/farm emo that passes for country music today.
  4. One in similar condition sold via buy now on gunbroker for $2200. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/1000277367 Personally I would leave this one uncut and look for a less collectable model to cut.
  5. I had an original Spencer carbine for a little while that had a little metal shield with a past owners initials scratched into it. Sort of cool and was definitely one of those guns you wished could talk. Both of my Ithaca/SKB shotguns have blank brass tags or inserts on the stock that I assume are for ones personal initials, though I personally wouldn't do that. I know what post you are talking about and I to thought that was an odd "security" measure to take, but to each their own. Definitely would devalue a gun IMHO by at least the value equivalent to whatever it would take to replace the grip or stock.
  6. As long as there is no serious rust or pitting BP loads are safe.
  7. There might be a market there. They don't need their own category, one could already choose to dress steampunk and shoot in any category except for B-western or classic. Emphasis should also be placed that you don't need smithed and short stroked guns right at the beginning. I believe many clubs still offer an adult 22lr category. One could get into this sport very cheaply with a pair of Ruger Wranglers, a Henry 22 and a Stoeger SxS.
  8. We are already at page 3 so this comment will probably get buried, but to date one of my favorite monthly matches I have shot was at a small club on the south side of San Antonio (STX Pistolaros). Being a smaller club with berms between stages they could do things that other clubs could not. They had things like a Texas star, can poppers, down range movement, and fun little off the clock things like using a sling shot. They even had a stage called, "California" that gave out a bonus just for participating in the stage. They also followed the SASS rule book on the recommended target distances. I was still sort of new at SASS, plus I was shooting Frontiersman (cap gun duelist category) and no short stroke in my rifle so my stage times were not super fast, however I did shoot clean and actually placed fairly high overall if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I think the reaction to Covid killed an already small club because I cannot seem to find their website anymore or I'd link the scores.
  9. I love the sharpshooter category, however I don't shoot it much any more because of poor spotters. If I hit all the targets the spotters would always call me "clean" even if the pattern was totally wrong. Most spotters would outright tell me they did not know the pattern, could not see that far, or could not hear. Regarding target size and distance. I understand that people already shooting SASS are okay with the big and close patterns. Abilene is right about it being a turn off to potential new shooters. I have brought a number of friends and family along and that is the number one comment and feedback I get is how, "big and close everything is." The second comment is, "why are the loads so light?" Quite a few of the people I have brought along are already gun people and have the money to buy cowboy guns and most already even reload (which is a requirement for this sport IMHO) but are not interested in shooting SASS because they see no challenge to the actual shooting part of this sport. This topic seems to get hashed out every few months... I understand that we need to not lose the existing shooters, but without drawing in new shooters the future of SASS is not bright. Perhaps a middle ground? Maybe at a monthly 5-6 stage match have two or three stages that follow the current standard 10-10-4 pattern, but then mix in a few old timey style ones? How about a bar stage that is pistol only and the pattern order (red vs black) is determined by the flip of a card before the timer starts? Or a rifle stage with some smaller knock downs and misses can either be made up (shooters choice) with off the body reloads or the shotgun?
  10. I myself have been looking for an older double gun that is rough enough to justify cutting down. I am curious what the experts say about cutting down Damascus. I have an older Belgian double with 30+" Damascus barrels, after firing it I didn't have the heart to cut it down. Seemed a shame that a gun could go a hundred years or so only to get circumcised by a cowboy looking to shave a few seconds. Do your local clubs have a lot of stages with movement or in and out of windows with a shotgun? If yes, I understand the temptation to cut down to a coach gun length. If no, longer barrels really won't make much of a difference.
  11. Currently moving so please forgive any slow replies and delays in shipping. All prices include shipping. I’ll be adding to and trying to update this list as I find things and as things sell. Post publicly here what you want and the you will, “take it.” Personal checks or USPS money orders only. I don’t do PayPal et al. 1). New pack of hardened screws from VTI for a Uberti 1873 carbine/rifle. Includes all the easily bubbad screws along with the mainspring. *spf* 2). Slix-Trigger for Uberti rifles along with an original Uberti trigger. Both appear used but not abused. *spf* 3). Bolt and mainspring for a Colt single action and most clones. If I remember correctly these came out of a 3rd Gen Colt but I could be wrong. $12 4). 2nd/3rd model Uberti dragoon cylinder. Minor wear, some minor freckling of rust in a few chambers. Stock nipples. Asking $90 Make offer. *spf* 5). Two Whitneyville/1st model Ubert dragoon cylinders. Minor wear and scuffs. No rust I can see. Stock nipples. $90 each or $170 for the pair. Make offer. *spf* 6). Sig P230/232 holster $12. Make offer. 7). Leather shotgun butt cover. Came off of an Winchester 1887 $12. *spf* 8). Brown leather jacket. Oakridge brand. Size mens 42L. $75. Make offer
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