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  1. Bump for the strong right holster.
  2. Every Browning/Rossi 92 I have used has been highly cartridge length sensitive and has really benefited from running 357mag length ammo (1.590"). For SASS I use a 175gr bullet that is specifically designed to be loaded in 38 brass but have an overall length equal to 357mag. The 175gr load works reliably and feeds great, but is a "heavy" bullet by many SASS shooters standards. If you want to shoot lighter bullets I would highly recommend simply loading 357mag brass.
  3. I'm interested, are these 3 or 4 click hammers? If 4-clicks, does it have the safety block?
  4. Checks are fine. I’ll PM you my info. The cross draw is SPF to Willyboy.
  5. Holsters for 36cal 1851C&B (percussion) Revolvers. Both will fit up to a 7.5” barrel. Both are made by Lobo leather, both will fit up to a 2.5” belt. One is strong right the other is cross draw right. $35 each or $60 for the pair. Prices include shipping in the US. Personal checks or PayPal “gift” (you pay the fees) are my preferred forms of payment.
  6. Who did the action work and what all does it consist of?
  7. Open to offers and trades. Likes include the following but are not limited to: Lever rifles in 357 and 44-40. Revolvers in 38/357. Uberti percussion cap guns. Willing to put in cash at my end if necessary.
  8. Would you be interested in trading your 357 Rugers for a set of my 45s? I have Rugers with and without action jobs and older 4-click Ubertis. If interested feel free to PM me to discuss further.
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