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  1. I have a backup 280 (work done by Johnny Meadows) that I might consider trading. Send me a PM and we can discuss further.
  2. As the title indicates I am looking for two (2) sets of Ruger black plastic factory checkered grips that fit New Model Vaqueros. Must be like new or at least used but not abused and include the grip screws.
  3. Not to derail this thread, but how did you get a Henry in 44 Russian?
  4. Cleaning the closet. Please forgive the wonky photo angles. I’ll handle shipping at my end and donate the remainder of the money to my local SASS club. Prefer USPS money orders or PayPal “gift”. First I’ll take it gets it. Feel free to make offers. 1). Assortment of leather butt covers. Four rifle covers, one lever wrap, one shotgun cover. Asking $100. 2). Two Men’s size XL concealed carry shirts. Asking $80. 3). SPF. Assortment of S&W revolver grips. Mix of J, K/L and possibly at least one N frame. sold pending funds Again feel fr
  5. Marlin 336s and Winchester 94s would be popular just because of the sheer number of them. A 1876 with the theoretical short stroke would likely be the ultimate "gamer" rifle but I suspect the length of the 45-60 cartridge would limit how short the short stroke could actually be. I personally would use a smoothed up Winchester 1886.
  6. The Remingtons and the Rugers are only similar in the fact that they are both top strap (closed top?) style percussion guns, other than that they have nothing in common. The Ruger is basically a Blackhawk that was engineered to accept a percussion cylinder and load lever. Like most Rugers they are very rugged, dependable and can be race ready with a simple spring kit and some aftermarket nipples.
  7. The grips are a little different. Different enough to make a difference? That will depend on the shooter. If you love the feel of the 58 I’d recommend simply getting another 58 unless you have the opportunity to feel a 75 first.
  8. Without knowing anything about the weight of the powder charge I am going to guess the lighter bullet will produce less felt recoil. Either way, if these are full WC designs loaded flush with the case mouth the little 44 russian is not going to have much room for powder, so felt recoil will be pretty mild.
  9. The real issue is finding cowboys/girls interested in shooting. I do not think having incomplete sets of guns is the issue. If I knew of a new shooter that needed to borrow a rifle or a single pistol I'd gladly loan them one of mine. I know I am not alone or unique in this short of offer.
  10. Uberti ones are still available. Bump to the top with a price drop.
  11. Is Johnny taking work again? Last time I talked to him he had moved and did not have an FFL to receive shipments.
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