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  1. Beautiful guns. Where will your article be published? Very interested reading.
  2. At the two local clubs I frequent the main hammer double guns are the CZ and the TTN. The Huglu as far as I know is made by the same Turkish company that also produces the CZ hammer SxS. A lot of guys will recommend the TTN 1878 over the CZ because it has tall hammer ears that are set close together and are supposedly easier to cock quickly. Before going into Frontiersman I was going the Classic route and used a CZ that had been slicked up by Goatneck. I liked the CZ a lot and found the quality to be consistently better than the TTNs. The smaller hammers on the CZ never bothered me. I am not sure if there are good years or bad runs on those TTNs but some look and feel great others are poorly fitted and rough. Either way I would recommend trying both in person if at all possible. The TTN 78 has an odd drop in the stock that feels weird to many shooters. I also find that the TTN has a lot of room between the trigger guard and tip of the triggers and sort of pinches my fingers. YMMV.
  3. One more BTT before moving to Gunbroker.
  4. Thanks but I prefer the 44-40 over the 38-40.
  5. How is blow by with the 44Russian? About how much powder can you still fit under a 180-200gr bullet? Is your Uberti a 66 Rifle or Carbine?
  6. If I was king of SASS... Black Powder would be the only acceptable propellant. W.C.F. calibers would be the only acceptable rifle calibers, i.e. 32-20, 38-40, 44-40. All ammo would have a minimum velocity of 700fps. Target size would not exceed 16"x16" and the recommended distances outlined in the current rule book would have to be followed more closely. Just joking... In all seriousness though, I would suggest the following if SASS wants two draw young existing shooters and new shooters... Allow movement so long as the 170* is not broken. Allow all shotguns to start loaded with 2 shells and always allow for stoking 87 and 97s on the clock if the shooter wants. Maximum target size of 16"x16" (with exceptions for bonus targets). A minimum distance of 7yards for handguns, 8yards for shotguns, and 20yards for rifles. 700fps minimum velocity for all ammo (with exceptions made for some of the senior categories or shooters with a physical/medical disability). It would also be helpful for new shooters if there was an official SASS list of approved factory available ammo. Make Steampunk an official costume duelist/gunfighter category and allow this category to be an exception to the "external modifications" rule so long as the modification does not change the mechanics of the firearm. Quarterly or at least annually advertise for a monthly match that allows new shooters to bring whatever they have and shoot whatever they own so long as it is with SASS legal ammo. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Thanks for the offer, but after some research I think I will decline. In SASS I only shoot BP, and from what I read the 357 is the worst option for BP in the lighting rifles.
  8. Does it work? Most of the pumps I’ve seen are very finicky.
  9. PM sent. I've been looking for one of those for a while now.
  10. Trump's bump stock ban did more damage to our second amendment rights than anything the Democrats have done or said in a long time.
  11. Not really. Prefer falling block style actions.
  12. Would also consider a trade for a Browning 1885 or other side match legal Plainsman rifle.
  13. I see. When Yul mentioned WB shooters I though he meant loading the pump gun up like they do off of the clock.
  14. Stoking/loading a shotgun off the clock at the loading table? How is this remotely fair for SxS shooters?
  15. How about separating the WTB from the WTS? Gets a little confusing with all various threads jumbled together and all the various BTTs to keep a thread on the first page. Maybe harsh, but how about no non-SASS items in the classifieds? If they are not SASS or SASS side match legal firearms, boots, knives, carts or clothing they really do not belong in the classifieds IMHO.
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