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  1. I still use gunbroker to sell. I just add about 10% to my opening bid over whatever I want to get out of the item. I always list cowboy stuff here first but 99% of the time move it to gunbroker and it sells for much higher than my original asking price here so the fees that get deducted at the end still result in a net gain. Also don't have to deal with sass members that are just asking question and making what I would consider low ball offers. Only issue I have ever had with gunbroker is winning bidders that have poor reading comprehension. I ship all firearms as an individual with a copy of my DL, this I clearly state in my listing but I still get the occasional buyer that didn't check with their FFL at there end and have to void the transaction.
  2. Of all the rifles commonly used for sass the 1866/73 will be the least sensitive about OAL. As far as performance and accuracy... Theoretically a longer OAL should be more accurate because the bullet will be starting closer to rifling, but we are already talking about a 38 in a 357 mag chamber so for sass distances I would say no advantage one way or the other. Seeing as both lengths work fine I personally would opt for the longer OAL length as this is closer to a 357 length and will mean less of the next cartridge has to be pushed back into the mag tube when the gun is cycled.
  3. By trail carry do we mean open and over one's shoulder sort of like how some trap and skeet shooters move around with their guns?
  4. In my opinion social media such as Abilene's youtube shorts are a great way at getting the word out. Unfortunately SASS has a couple of tough hurdles to get over that other shooting sports don't have. I think emphases on the fact that many clubs still offer an adult 22lr category and perhaps an updated list of SASS legal commercially available ammo would help a lot. Also how about an annual "fun" shoot that allows for any handgun, rifle and shotgun so long as loaded with SASS legal ammo? SASS members should be encouraged to really emphasize cowboy/girl, but hey if you are new shooter and you have a 1911, henry 22 and Remington 870 just bring it along and shoot the same patterns as the rest of us. I would think this could be pretty easy with patterns that end with the handgun and anyone shooting a semi auto simply needs two mags loaded with 5 rounds each.
  5. In my opinion there does not need to be a rule change. If a SASS shooter already has a sub 20ga shotgun on hand I am sure they could okay it with a MD for a monthly match. As far as drawing in new shooters with the option of shooting lighter/lower recoiling shotguns, I seriously doubt that has been their hold up on shooting SASS. I heard the same argument for allowing an adult 22rf category and at least as far as I can tell that was only slightly appealing to a handful of existing shooters.
  6. There is something I haven't seen in a while. I have notifications set on just about every major website if these ever become in stock again. Last order of Remington number 10s I was able to get was back in August of 2021. Bass Pro actually had these listed on their website but the photo they showed was a stock image of 209 primers. A fellow frontiersman tipped me off that in spite of the misleading 209 photo they were in fact Rem #10s. Even then with shipping, etc they ended up being around $16 per tin. There are a few sellers on Gunbroker right now with a few tins of both Rem 10s and 11s for around $20-23 per tin.
  7. Only in the classic category that requires a caliber starting with a 4 or larger. There will also be a break down of categories based off of BMI, can't have those skinny guys getting a competitive edge over the rest of us.
  8. I like the look of it and I like the "take down" option for cleaning and transport. The aluminum receiver doesn't give me any pause on a 22. The Henry rimfire rifles and the Ruger 10/22 both use aluminum receivers and I have never experienced or even heard of this being an issue.
  9. Yes I read through it, before posting, but thanks for the link. From page 13, "- Only standard grip safeties are allowed. No beavertail style grip safeties." I was curious if there was a safety that would be considered "standard" that might help with hammer bite. I am not the only shooter with this issue so I am sort of surprised this is not a more common topic (at least when looking through archived WB topics). Maybe a pair of fingerless leather gloves is the solution?
  10. Well my account on the WB forum has yet to be approved and now the site appears to be down for maintenance, so I'll try asking here again. Are there any Traditional WB legal grip safeties that reduce hammer bite?
  11. I have personally owned short stroked guns with cut and weld jobs, Cowboy and Indian 3rd and 4th gen kits, Pioneer GW both standard and super, and Shotgun Boogie. I personally prefer the feel of Shotgun Boogie's short stroke. If I had to rank them it would be as follows. 1st Shotgun Boogie 2nd CI 4th gen 3rd CI 3rd gen (I believe the links are the same as the 4th gen kit) 4th a quality cut and weld 5th PGW standard 6th PGW super short None of the kits are bad, that is just my personal preference.
  12. Overall I am very happy with my Cimarron 1887. Right out of the box the gun simply functions as it should. This is the only shotgun I have ever handled that I felt right out of the box would be suitable for SASS matches. Sure it’s not a race ready 87, but it is reliable and for anyone interested in picking up an 87 I would highly recommend. Just FYI mine holds 5 in the tube but won’t close with a 6th shell on the carrier, so for use in wild bunch the spring will need to be modified.
  13. I would like to give Wild Bunch a try and am interested in shooting in the Traditional category. I once had a nice Colt series 70, but sold it off because the large hammer spur combined with the small grip safety always drew blood. Are there any grip safety options that are legal for WB traditional category that will eliminate hammer bite?
  14. To me what always stands out about the Pietta is the area of the frame where the ejector housing attaches. Not complaining, just that area makes me spot a Pietta vs any other clone from a mile away. I shoot a pair of 7.5" 44-40 GW2s and am very happy with them. For leather I recommend Kirkpatrick or Mernickle.
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