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  1. The closest NCOWS affiliated club is over 7hrs one way from me, that was the extent of my research.
  2. As far as I can tell this is sort of the whole point of NCOWS. NCOWS seems to be SASS but without allowing many modifications such as short strokes.
  3. Snowden's own book Permanent Record is well worth the short time it takes to read. For those not interested in reading or buying the book, there are two interviews by Joe Rogan available for free on Youtube and Spotify. The man gave up a very lucrative government carrier, risked his own freedom (possibly his life) to bring awareness to a very serious issue. The least you all could do before wishing he be sent to the front lines of Ukraine is listen to what he actually has to say and the reasons behind his actions.
  4. This wouldn't happen to be Browning brand ammo? They put their Buck symbol on the headstamp and if you are looking at it sideways or upside-down it can look a little like a foreign language.
  5. The Pietta Great Western II is probably the best bang for your buck of currently available Colt clones on the market. When it comes to Colt vs USFA... When USFA was in business they produced a very high quality revolver at about half the cost of what a Colt was selling for. Even at that time there were naysayers because the earlier USFAs had some Uberti produced internals. Eventually USFA started producing a gun that was entirely made in America and very high quality, and even then people still complained that they opted to use the slightly larger frame window and cylinder size that Uberti used. Now USFAs are collectible in their own right and depending on features and finish options will often sell for as much as some 3rd gen Colts. IMHO if comparing a later made USFA to a more recently produced 3rd gen Colt quality, fit, finish and price are on par, but the Colt wins because... well it is a Colt.
  6. Occasionally I get calls for money and they already have my full name and address. In those cases I always tell them to please send a pre-paid envelope and I'll send a "generous" donation. The various campaigns used to send me pre-paid envelopes which I would tape to rocks and mail back. Haven't gotten a pre-paid envelope in quite a while... For general scam calls I usually just hang up.
  7. Why would this be an issue? If some cowboy/girl wanted to make it a personal goal to travel and win in every state/region good for them. It's not like being from another state offers a competitive advantage.
  8. Right, I get categories based off of age and shooting styles.... What I am trying to wrap my brain around is the need to offer location specific awards at larger matches that draw people from all over the country.
  9. Yeah I get how it's awarded/determined, just don't understand the logic behind it. I appreciate you all trying to explain it, but this one might be beyond me.
  10. The only factory 30-30 ammo I have ever seen has always been jacketed, so this won't be legal for any SASS side matches I have ever heard of. You could of course buy factory ammo to plink/hunt with and save your brass for reloading, but that's a pretty expense way to get brass. Bullets by Scarlett does offer a 155gr 30cal cast bullet that would be perfect for reloading some side match rounds. I've got very limited experience reloading 30-30 and have always used Reloader 7 powder, but I am sure most guys in SASS come up with reduced loads using Trail Boss. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop/ols/products/155-grain-30-caliber-rnfp-coated-sized-309
  11. Right, that's my point. Seems a little odd to me. I understand 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each category. I understand top overall. Sort of understand having a top cowboy/girl. But an award that that depends on being local or not seems odd to me.
  12. I think it should stay as a first come first serve. All the bigger matches I am aware of also have a call/waiting list to draw on should there be any cancellations. I also think it is odd how SASS hands out different buckles depending on if you are a state or or non-state resident. Wasn't it a few years ago a top shooter from Canada won a big match and there was a bit of controversy/discussion about giving him the 1st place buckle? IMHO if the top shooter at a competition happens to be from another state or country it doesn't really matter because they were the top shooter in that state at the time of the competition.
  13. If you are not apposed to a DYI project there are a number of really good tutorials out there that show how to strip the factory Uberti finish and redo it with a boiled linseed oil finish. You could also redo the metal with a product Brownell's sells that allows you to rust blue the finish. Here is a link to a brief tutorial explaining the rust blue process along with pictures. Also lots of info on Youtube. https://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?263978-Slow-Rust-Blue&s=aaab84bedabe0faea6aa891bc0fbf060
  14. For a time I ran a Uberti 1873 that had been refinished with true case colors and an oiled stock. I bought it that way and the previous owner stated the work had been done by a company called Classic Case Colors LLC. No receipt for the work but either way whoever did the work made it look beautiful. Not sure about prices or turn around times. I have used Fords Refinishing out of Florida and they do very fine case colors, not sure if they refinish wood though.
  15. What brand short stroke and who installed it?
  16. Point at target, pull trigger/s “Click” “click” put both away, the hammers will either be resting on an empty or on a fired case.
  17. Box cutter. I have probably a few thousand dollars in pocket knives including several nice OTF Microtechs but I use a $2 box cutter more than anything else. Not a smoker, but I do often carry a lighter and find it handy for all sorts of stuff, mainly melting cut ends of rope.
  18. Is this a concealed carry gun or or is this just something with less recoil? Because the OP asked specifically about 380s I'll bring up the Sig P230/232s, both are excellent 380 pistols. The Glock 42 is probably the smallest and lightest 380 that is actually practical to shoot IMHO. Ruger and Kel-Tec both make very small truly pocket sized 380s but I find them wildly uncomfortable to shoot. If the OP is simply looking for a lower recoiling gun keep in mind most 380s are straight blowback design pistols and they will actually generate as much or more felt recoil than a standard 9mm.
  19. Is there a way to verify SASS alias numbers? I know I can check to see if an alias name is available or not, but I don't know how to look up a number. Also the join date on the forum doesn't really mean much... A lot of people I shoot with don't have accounts on the wire.
  20. Mind elaborating? I mean I understand anyone can post pictures of a gun, I also understand that the SASS# doesn't mean anything but what I am asking is what was the tip off that this was a scam?
  21. Wow, this guy is a significant step above any other scammer I have encountered. Other than the initial very low (to good to be true) asking price, nothing about this seemed to be a scam. Is Anzar Mcfarland a name that has been used to scam people before or what tipped Levi off?
  22. Bump. Please see updated pictures.
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