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  1. Thanks for the offer but I don’t care for bisley grips.
  2. Watching a number of these over on Gunbroker, but thought I'd try here first. Looking to buy a pair of Ruger Single Six revolvers in 22lr. A face to face transaction at the Texican Rangers near Comfort TX would be ideal, but I do have an FFL that is willing to accept shipments from private individuals.
  3. You know what you are right... Maybe it's up to individual clubs? I really only frequent two SASS clubs and I know charging 6 chambers but only capping 5 has been discussed and okayed with the presidents and a number of TOs/ROs at both clubs. If I am in the wrong for loading all six every time I'd appreciate the clarification/correction.
  4. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/279183-wtc-cap-fails-to-fire-in-frontiersman/ Here it is. See PaleWolf's reply with the link to "reload choices."
  5. Says you cannot receive messages. If willing to consider a pair of Uberti 8" armies already fully tuned and ready for the races send me a PM.
  6. Yes, as long as you shot the pattern correctly you would still be clean. Personally though I never re-holster a cap gun with a ftf. I call it a broke gun and table it until the bad load can be cleared. I'd hate to have an assumed ftf turn out to be a hang fire once the gun is in the holster.
  7. I'm having trouble finding the exact link, but I know this is talked about in Shooter's Choice on replacing ejected or defective rounds. I know because I asked about this specifically in a now archived WTC thread. Unless something has recently changed in the last year or two it is acceptable to charge all six chambers with powder so long as the shooter only caps five at the load table with the hammer resting on the uncapped 6th nipple. In the event of a misfire the shooter has the option to cap the 6th chamber in order to avoid a miss, just like a misfire in a cartridge pistol o
  8. When it comes to percussion guns in general I find Uberti to be a little better than Pietta, but I stress that neither of their percussion guns are even close to ready for SASS without at least a little work. Starting off with rusted chambers is a bad deal, but unless its really bad I would not worry about it too much. Life is short, and in truth almost all my heavily used percussion guns have developed a slight frosting of rust inside the chambers. I tend to keep my cylinders only lightly oiled, and the night before a match I always strip off the oil with alcohol or brake cleaner, followed
  9. They are hard primers but they all go bang if your firearms have sufficient mainspring tension.
  10. While I could be wrong, I believe the Kimber type II all use a "swartz" or "schwartz" style (not sure on spelling) safety to block the firing pin which is disengaged by activating the grip safety vs the Colt series 80 which is disengaged when the trigger is pulled. Some shooters and or some Kimbers do have issues with this system. The end result is the hammer will fall but no primer strike. I personally have run into this issue with a few Kimbers. For this reason I prefer to stick with 1911s that all have internals the way John Browning intended them to be. I personally would recommend a
  11. I understand the appeal of having the same exact caliber for both pistols and rifle, I think in SASS you might find it simply easier to load 45Sch in the revolvers and 45colt in the rifle. (Unless you are absolutely flooded with Schofield brass and have no 45colt brass.) 45Schofield and 45colt can share the same bullet, powder, primer, load dies (with minor adjustment) and even be tumbled together. Really all you need is a different shell holder and focus at the loading table and there is no reason you cannot easily shoot both Schofields and Colts. That way you are not limited to finding a
  12. Awesome product. I have one of the early models that I had to modify to work with Colts, but all their newer cappers work on all percussion pistols. A number of fellow frontiersman saw my capper and had me order ones for them.
  13. Or fire their marketing team and use that money for QC. Anyone else remember the rifle that was advertised to the guys willing to drink their own pee?
  14. I have two test for unknown alloys. First is the drop or "clunk" test. Drop the unknown ingot over concrete, soft lead to relatively soft alloy will sort of "clunk" vs hard alloy or possibly zinc contaminated alloy will "clink". Second test is to melt it down separately trying to keep the temp right at around 700*. Lead and most alloys will turn to liquid easily at 700*. Zinc contaminated lead will sort of be the texture of a snow cone.
  15. $1500 is very high unless that particular model is some very rare variant that I am unaware of. Ended auctions over on Gunbroker put used mini 14s at around $900.
  16. Not sure about Czech, but Italy and Japan both have high labor costs. I blame poor management and leaders that fundamentally do not understand their product or their market, but then again that sort of sums up the history of Colt.
  17. It's been a few years since I have been a 4-H safety coach, but at the time the 20ga Beretta 391's were considered some of the best youth shotguns because of their light weight yet very manageable recoil. Have not kept up with all the latest models but I have used a number of Benelli and Beretta semi autos and found them all to be mild shooting guns and more reliable than a Remington 1100 or 1187.
  18. What is the rifles intended purpose? The 30-06 is a pretty good all around caliber and I have found that even ugly barrels still shoot well with a re-crown and a little TLC. If you really want to re-barrel though I'd consider the 25-06 if you want do go down in diameter or the 35 Whelen if you want to go up.
  19. Frontiersman is pretty much the perfect category. Only thing I might change is that all rifles are required to be a WCF caliber. I would also be fine with gunfighter shooting style, the category already allows for double duelists, I don't see the harm in letting gunfighters shoot frontiersman. If I was king for a day I would double the distance on the rifle targets and halve the distance on the pistol targets. To make shooters aim with the rifle, but just about be able to touch the pistol targets. While I understand this is a game, to have to aim the rifle but still blaze awa
  20. I have a Rossi and a Browning 92, neither one will reliably cycle anything that is much longer or shorter than 1.590". Though I suspect if one was willing to directly load the chamber and use the gun as a single shot it would work with longer ammo. I would suggest if you want to swap your Ruger for a Rossi to go back to the drawing board and working up a new pet load that reliably feeds through the 92 action. A 92 will make a great brush gun, but I think you will find the your existing 200gr load a less than ideal setup. Another option would be to keep the Ruger and
  21. In my experience USPS is the least bad about losing, damaging, and running over my packages.
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