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  1. Not sure were this is coming from, but regardless of skill level I think most can appreciate a well tuned action. The purpose of this thread was simply to acquire names and sources of firearms that are ready to go out of the box.
  2. I have a few new shooters that are interested in this sport but the idea of buying guns to then immediately ship them off to a gunsmith is not to their liking. I try and tell them they can get into this sport with stock guns, but the problem is they have already tried out and borrowed "tuned" guns and know what a huge difference it makes. I am aware of Long Hunter, but are there any other gunsmiths or gunshops that sell new guns that are ready for SASS right out of the box? I understand a lot of SASS gunsmiths have an inventory of used guns with action work, but I am mainly looking for a list of shops or smiths that deal in selling new firearms with action work already performed.
  3. Sorry for your loss. Does anyone on here personally know the person (Mckenzie Gillies) who organized the gofundme? I'd like to make a donation, but just want to make sure this person is a friend or family member first.
  4. Thanks, already subscribed for a notification on most online places. Was hoping to find a box or two to tie me over until they come in.
  5. As soon as the first pistol is empty.
  6. Maybe they are out there, but no experienced shooter I have ever talked to claims to slip fire. Even the really fast guys that regularly shoot in the teens claim they pull the trigger individually for each shot.
  7. Yes, slipping the hammer before full cock while pulling the trigger could possibly cause this. If possible post a video cycling the revolvers action. The gun could be over rotating or not locking up properly.
  8. What is that? Clearly a 73 receiver. Is that a Henry transitional barrel assembly and forearm? What is the brass I can see between the receiver and barrel assembly?
  9. Depends on how competitive you are. Double duelist offers a lot of advantages, but only if you can get your off hand up to or at least close to the speed of your dominant hand. I asked a similar question a little while back and in short you can be a really good duelist with one strong hand, but to be the best you need to go double. I tried for a few months with lots of dry and live practice with a shot timer and even tried it out at a few monthlies. End results for me was I better focus on being a really good single strong hand duelist. Edit: Whenever End of Trail or Winter Range scores get posted I usually try to look up the various top duelist both by age based, Classic, and Frontiersman categories, the vast majority (at least judging by the youtube videos that get posted) of top duelists have invested the time to shoot double.
  10. Sorry misread the part about you are looking for a FTF or local sale. Let me know what you want for the firearms shipped to my FFL and the components shipped to my door.
  11. Very cool looking Colt! I understand the Bisley grip was designed for a bent elbow style of target shooting but I think Colt sort of missed the mark. The "Bisley" grip associated with Elmer Keith is similar to the grips found on what Ruger calls a "Bisley" are much better suited to heavy loads and target shooting IMHO.
  12. Yes, but loading off the gun is a PITA and takes me much more time. I know guys with Rugers and Remingtons that can load off the gun efficiently, but for me driving out the wedge and reinstalling it takes too long.
  13. I typically shoot Frontiersman with a pair of 36cal Uberti 1851s. Last few monthlies I had a few stages were the load levers fell binding the cylinder and killing my times. I load on the gun and suspect over the last few years the latches are a little more worn than when I first started. I have tried tying the levers up with thin strips of leather, but this causes issues when it comes to reloading and re-holstering. I've tried refiling the latch parts but I still get at least one drop per match. I am tempted to find some small pipe clamps to wrap around the barrel and load lever but suspect I'll have the same issue that I had with the leather strips. Any other Frontiersman have a better fix for this problem?
  14. Anti-seize, unless of course you shoot in really cold weather.
  15. As others have said, the handbook calls for 15gr or 1cc as the minimum. Under the testing section questionable rounds should be fired in comparison to a 38 special loaded with 1cc of 2fg Goex. I have seen a few frontier cartridge shooters shooting 38 short colt out of the revolvers and have serious doubts about their ammo meeting the minimum smoke requirement. Then again I am often comparing their smoke output to my 44-40s loaded with 2.2cc.
  16. That's really cool! Has the wood been refinished or coated? Does this require and FFL or does the date of manufacture make this an antique?
  17. As the title states, I am interested in purchasing 30+ (enough to get through a match plus a few makeups) Magtech 2.5" full length brass 12ga Shotshells.
  18. What is the advantage to 45CS over regular Colt or Schofield cases? Do they seal the chamber better? I would think cut down 45 Colt cases would be as thick or even thicker than regular 45 Colts in the neck area. Do regular 45Colt dies still work for expanding and seating or do you need to use 45Auto dies?
  19. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but why was this modification ruled as illegal? Seems like the little roller would only be briefly visible while the hammer was back or when the action was open. The firing pin safety extension found on the Miroku Winchesters is far more noticeable IMHO.
  20. Man I wish I could justify the expense. Nice pair for Frontiersman.
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