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  1. Nice, the turned down hammer and grips make them look great.
  2. Came in to the world 1963.
  3. Ok I would have thought they would have shucked good myself.
  4. No sir, Ellisville is the only feasible one for me distance wise. And I wasn't aware of those to to be honest. So thanks for the heads up. I had no problem getting a second use out of them after roll crimping and cutting a second time. Not saying they wasn't shorty shells but I could use them in my double.
  5. Thats pretty much what I do now as soon as they burn the crimp I cut and roll crimp a couple more times. I was experimenting last time reloading to see how short I could use them. I was thinking the brass might be the way to go but like you said its a pretty good start up investment. I wish I had a local range I could get hulls from but none no where close to me.
  6. Think it was Sedalia Dave that had a couple 1851's and a 1860 44 for sale little while back. Might want to shoot him a message and see if he still has them.
  7. Thanks, I was wanting to change to the brass because the APP burns the crimp and I usually only get about 2 loadings out of the used hulls. At almost $190 for the CH4D resizing die its a chunk of change. May get some and try them as they will only be used in my double right now and maybe another double down the road.
  8. If you use Magtech brass for 12 gauge do you have to resize the brass with each reload? My plan was to use it in my double but hope to get another double down the road. I'm startin gto use APP and figured the brass hulls would work better.
  9. I ordered a case from Scarlett and she had it shipped to my house.
  10. Find you a quality leather holster like Wrightleather. To me they are for more comfortable especially in a IWB role.
  11. How do the Henry's rank against the others used in CAS? Like the 1860, 1866, 1873 and the Rossi 92's?
  12. I'm still waiting for at least 50% of the country to have them and do just what you said. Someone going to have to reset that breaker when it trips offline and blacks out the country.
  13. No problem. I do believe as a old Jarhead a longarm is far better than a sidearm. So if I can use my sidearm to retrieve my longarm in trunk, room close by and have sufficient time to do that, I will. John Wick I am not, I need every advantage I can get.
  14. LOL, that was meant as a funny, maybe I should have put a winky smiley face.
  15. Most times when the sun goes down or during the day light roaming I either pull out the Glock or the 1911. But you know what they say a handgun is only for getting to that long arm.
  16. They may think they can but legally they can't. You can file formal complaint to his office, and other actions . He has to have probable cause for a search.
  17. I said it could fill the defensive role in a civilian HD scenario. And with most civilian shootings lasting less than about 6 rounds why wouldn't it work? Sure a semi is best a DA revolver would be next then SA. But you can't compare what the military needs compared to the average needs of a civilian. A untrained civilian will not be able to quickly reload even your DA revolver and would best be suited by the semi as long as there is no malfunctions.
  18. I assumed you had to good ones with the comment "I disagree about Senators, I think in general they are a little more respectful to the constitution than house members at least the Republican Senators." I figured you must have a couple good ones.
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