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  1. Curious whats the price and pics aren't showing.
  2. Here's the Kirst conversion I did, the shorter one is a Howell conversion. They have been fun projects. the shorter one is 4-3/8ths " . Its just long enough to put a kirst conversion in and use a ejector rod.
  3. I've not had that problem but then I check each one to make sure the primer is fully seated. Have not had the first fail to fire with new primers.
  4. Set the brass hull down on the large primer, use a cut off barrel counter sunk on one end to put in the brass hull , tap down with hammer till seated.
  5. I've got up to 2-3 loads with APP. I just keep cutting back.
  6. Maybe this will help. I find it real handy being that I am new to subs or should I call it grey powder since it actually isn't black. Black Powder Volume to Weight~Conversion Chart.xlsx
  7. Well thats a bummer. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Hmmm, camera's are as much for my purposes as the po-po's. They allow me to see what I am up against what vehicle came and went, who got out, what they did. Had a El Camino cruz my place on a dead end road about 11 pm. He travelled a 1/4 mile down my private drive to case my place. With that I tracked that vehicle and owner down( drug head). They were politely told to not trespass again , or even come down again or I would have them arrested or something a whole lot worse. Yep cameras are a sound investment in my opinion. Oh and the police in Ms use camera footage as evidence to arrest people as police should.
  9. The battery powered, WIFI, Reolink is also very good.
  10. Reolink is what I have. Bought a system on sale on amazon few years back. Running a basic POE system with NVR and 4 cameras. paid about $300 for it. Added a WIFI camera with battery and solar panel, really like it. Have to store to a onboard memory card though can't go to the NVR with a WIFI camera. The newer camera's are good bit better than mine. Need to add about 4 more camera's (max on my NVR) and about 3 more WIFI / Battery-Solar ones. Quality is pretty good on high.
  11. The whole point is they shouldn't be telling them anything if they aren't specifically named in the warrant to do it. Not their code once they sell the safe.
  12. No what Liberty did was just plain wrong, just like the other 2 cases you mentioned. Liberty said themselves they gave the code to the LEO's. And while they had a warrant "The warrant, however, did not specifically name Liberty or compel the company to comply." Therefore the company had no right to give out the code that was the sole property of the safe owner and not theirs. This is no different than a bank giving out your banking info, or your cell phone company giving out your info and phone records without a warrant compelling them to. What the company did was blatantly wrong. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils, surely you jest. Sir by God, "evil is evil", Lucifer is still the Devil no matter what name you vote for him. Voting is a dang joke now days. Voting is a feel good measure the Government gives you to make you feel like you have a little bit of control. When in reality you and I and the voting public have no control what so ever most are just in denial about it living in a fantasy word that we can make a difference by voting. Hell you have no way of even proving they tally the votes correctly. Sure maybe low level state elections they might tally the votes correctly. I highly doubt they do in any Federal election. Yes I know you will disagree with me and think I am crazy. But to me everyone that still believes in this corrupt 2 party system, doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome are the crazy ones. Why it is the definition of crazy. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils, surely you jest. Sir by God evil is evil, Lucifer is still the Devil no matter what name you vote for him. You can boycott whom ever you choose. Same as anyone else or me. But boycotting hitting companies int he pocket book thats far more effective when enough do it. Just look at Bud-light they are a good example of how you can hurt companies that screw over their buying base. But we each have to make up our own minds on what to do. Sit back and do nothing when companies do wrong or stand up to them and let them know their bottom line is going to hurt when they screw the public over.
  13. Maybe you should care because of what the Democrats have done to the country in the time that Biden has been in office? Or maybe when Obama was in office. Maybe because the Democrats have done their very best to destroy the country and our way of life. Oh I get you not caring. Thats the problem with people. Until it hits them square in the face they don't want to deal with it. JMO, just like your opinion. Exactly, well said.
  14. Staunch 2A supporters don't donate campaign money to Democrats. SO enlighten me as I don't know what has that company done to support the 2A?
  15. It is still your code unless you listed them having permission to give the code to LEO's upon request. Whether they retain it or not its not their property they are just holding it like a bank does with the contents within a safety deposit box.
  16. Do you know they don't have a override code or is that your assumption? And yes they have your code also which when you bought the safe became your property not theirs to do with what they want to. Yes the Feds should have to be exact dotting their I's and crossing their T's. They have messed up so many other things they need to be held accountable. And who cares if the Judge would not have a problem issuing a warrant specifically naming Liberty its their job to do so. Liberty pretty much on word of mouth request give up the owners info to the FBI as they was not named in the warrant and was not compelled by law to comply. Would be no different than the FBI requesting the bank give up your bank info without a warrant. Both would and is wrong to do.
  17. I had the money I'd add this one to my collection.
  18. So how would they attach to the belt?
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