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  1. I have to admit that I've stood in line at a coffee shop listening to some folks order and all I can think is "Are they ordering coffee, or casting a magical incantation?".
  2. Chamomile tea is used for relaxation, and can be dangerous for someone taking depressants. Coffee regular is what I grew up calling it in NY in the 60's and 70's, white for cream only, black of course and regular as described. I firmly believe anyone who has to use more than four words to order their coffee is really part of the problem. SC
  3. About a year ago I switched away from any non-stick Teflon pans and also cast iron pans and started using these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00077H56I/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 They season fast and very well, and are great on all cook surfaces, best of all on gas! They have a recommended seasoning process that takes about an hour, but even normal traditional processes work well, and best of all, they weight half of what cast iron does! They do an amazing job of browning a steak, like nothing else does. My 13" does wonders for hash browns! Food for thought . . . .
  4. Yeah, well traditionally losers have many names for the winners, most not gracious. Just glad they managed to hold the union together and not let it fail. YMMV, SC
  5. I've used 1911's of all sizes and sight configurations, including the low mount BOMAR sights. Generally I found that once I settled on a load I liked for accuracy and performance, I didn't need to re-adjust the sights later. Having said that, I never tried shooting competitively at 50 yds, so there may be a use for them in that application. Now that I'm older I find the accuracy and precision afforded by those sights to be more than I can utilize, whereas having a larger front sight and rear sight opening helps me get on target faster. In fact, as my eye's age as fast as the rest of me, I'm starting to see the value in a red dot sight more and more. A friend's Springfield with a red dot is amazingly easy to shoot at 25 yds and stay in the black, which I can't do with irons as much. There are a few makers out there that offer a replacement for the more fragile adjustable sights that are solid, no moving parts, but the same match sight picture. Those that worry that a BOMAR type sight on a carry gun might be vulnerable can switch to that instead. HTH, SC
  6. I'll add a further comment - the laser dot is not for use in day light when you can use your sights, it's for night time or at really at close quarters when you may not be able to use your sights. When the mugger jumps you at the ATM or you get pushed to the ground and can't get full mobility, putting the red dot in the middle of your adversary goes a long way to getting you fairly good shots in a fast unfolding situation. I've watched many shooters using lasers as pointers and they can rip shots to center mass from the hip at really fast speeds, without bringing the gun up higher than hip height. It is a useful tactical tool, and like a flashlight, once you know how to use it it can make a definite advantage. SC
  7. Never had an issue with Colt factory mags, and also like the Wilson mags, along with the McCormick Shooting Star mags. Been using some of those for 45 years now. Tripp mags have given me round tipping problems with the 9mm mags though. YMMV, SC
  8. My recommendation is to use them if you can, they offer certain advantages in some situations. On the other hand, I've been through half a dozen versions and styles from several companies and manage to break them all over time. I have no lasers anymore, but am trying to learn to use a red dot. I know a few folks who really like lasers, and they seem to hold up for them. SC
  9. I've not really felt the need to hurt people out of impatience, or even reacting to their silly behavior. That may be because I'm a bicyclist and have been a motorcyclist over the years as well. If I had someone in the car that I was rushing to the hospital I might lay on the horn and get aggressive about the lane sharing, but it would have to be in extreme circumstances, otherwise I just want to take my time and enjoy my days on earth. Having been on the receiving end of near fatal behavior by Oscar Grope in his belch-fire V8 I'm a little sensitive to folks who want to act out violently to other people on the road. Bicyclists have the same right to the road that cars do, as most roads are paid for by property taxes and not license plate fees. Many bicyclists also have cars and pay those fees as well, so there is no "I paid for it, I count more" right to the road. I've lived in villages where many equestrians ride their horses for a mile or more on paved roads to get to trails they can ride on. I'd not want to get to obnoxious and spook those horses or risk hurting some of those youngsters taking their horses out. I prefer riding on designated trails, but there are not enough of those in some towns to let you get around so I'm compelled to share the road with cars. In reply to BGavin - I once saw a motorcyclist with a jacket that read: "Ever see a man shoot a .357 from a motorcycle? Get much closer and you will!". SC
  10. People have kids, those kids need housing. I suppose we could pursue the alternative, and have everyone build on a one acre site or larger, so that all the farm land and rural acres get covered instead, but I think I rather like putting them all in one place. I've lived in cities and in rural areas (now) and I can see the appeal for both. If you have to commute to a job it's always better to live nearer than further. I don't like the idea of encroaching into the outlying areas to build McMansions, it really ruins the nice country feel, and yet kids gotta have homes, so what's the reasonable alternative to building up? California sprawl is not exactly pretty as an alternative. SC
  11. Frankly I'm not sure it makes any meaningful difference. Most of what you describe is operating system agnostic. What really matter for a cost/benefit decision is hardware age, and the amount of RAM and Disk space. Newer hardware will likely give you longer time between computer refresh and better performance. I'd go for the newest hardware with the most RAM/Disk possible at your price point, and not care about OS. I moved to using a Lap-Top exclusively since I like to travel and want to bring my computer with me to handle photograph image processing while on the road, for trips over 3-4 days. Less than that and i just lock it in the gun safe. My lap top has a solid state disk, but I carry a second spinner for off loading pix onto. SC
  12. Two years in a row ('13 & '14) we had tickets to the reenactments at Hastings, which got cancelled due to heavy rain making the fields unsafe for that! My how times have changed since way back! Would love to go back and try to see them soon though!
  13. On my .22 AR (Nordic Components top end) I use a set of fixed sights (UTG) which have a changeable rear aperture and matching front post for use during competition (Appleseed qualifiers, etc.). They are solid non-folding, and I really like them as they remind me of the original carry handle sighting arrangement. I've added a red dot on it that uses a riser to put the sights in the far lower 1/3 of the scope because I'm shooting steel challenge-like competition more and more these days. The irons may come off for this type of game. My 5.56 has a set of folding Dagger Defense irons, already zero'd at 50yds, and is waiting for a red dot sight on a riser next, also to be zero'd at 50 yds. With the 55 gr soft-point our local LE uses I'm following their lead and using a 50/250 zero. I'm looking at a Swampfox Red dot and the include the riser. I'm using full length Picatinny rail on top, although if you have a A2 front sight with the gas block you might need a slightly taller riser after removing the carry handle. IIRC the rear sight height above bore is 2.5 inches. The first picture is the .22, the second is the 5.56. The .22 has an A2 stock with cheekpiece and recoil pad for LOP, the 5.56 has a Magpul PRS stock adjusted to match the .22. Both run ALG mil spec triggers at 4.5 lbs.
  14. So you can imagine how it would be if we had a solar EMP and lost electric power for say 90 days, while transformers were being replaced and power slowly brought back on line. Make sure you've got ammo and supplies for a good 30 days or more, and neighbors who you can work with to form a community. SC
  15. FWIW I tend to agree with the folks who suggested that you run a gun from a name brand maker. I was shopping for a 20" Colt when I got a new FN A4 configured rifle. I like the 20" gun as that seems to get everything you can from the 5.56 round. I'm a member of the Appleseed project, so I got to reacquaint myself with iron sights and distance shooting to 400 yds. I recently sold my FN rifle to a friend for her to give to her new hubby for Christmas, and built myself a slick sided AR in 5.56 for out here in the hinterlands. I kept the total weight down on the rifle - 6.5 lbs right now, with irons only. Planning to put a red dot on it soon and zero for 50 yds (our local LE do that as well), as I doubt I'll be using it past that range and if so I can knock the RDS off and use irons if all else fails. I built a second lower that matches the 5.56 gun, and put a Nordic Components .22 upper on it, and matching stock, sights and trigger. Gun shoots 1/2 inch groups at 25 meters using CCI std velocity ammo. I have a cheap RDS on this one for shooting at our local steel matches. The 5.56 is really just to have for SHTF stuff, so I take it to the outdoor range and practice snap shooting and some basic 3 position stuff 2 or 3 times a year. I have other rifles of the more rustic persuasion for other stuff. I get a lot more mileage from the .22! SC
  16. Actually they had a few different ways, and they were all good!
  17. If your Google-Fu is weak you will get weak results.
  18. I've heard that about a lot of stuff from down there . . . . .
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