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  1. I've shot with matched short Vaquero's, matched long new vaqueros, matched 1851 conversions, and now shoot with a mixed set of Colts. To me it makes no difference, at the ranges we shoot it's not a factor. As long as each pistol has a clean trigger and visible sights the bullets go where I want them to. The gun does not affect my speed, my aging body does . . . . My current set:
  2. Interchangeable. They come after lunch. "Hey kid's, it's supper time!" "What's for dinner?" "Two choices: take it or leave it!"
  3. I've pretty much always had a Colt brand 1911 pattern or a Hi-Power. Later I switched to a Kahr K9, a Glock G43 and now a Beretta 92x compact. I've also returned a Colt 1911 in 9mm into the rotation. I generally shoot all of them a fair amount, so transition from one to another was usually a matter of doing a dozen or so empty gun holster draws to 'set my grip', before loading and carrying it. When I switch guns it's usually for a few months at a time. I worry more about which holster style I'm using than which design gun. Life would be so much easier if all the country carried open and we didn't have to deal with IWB vs OWB vs Shoulder etc. SC
  4. Part of the problem with these sites is that you get what you pay for. If you are expecting to utilize a free service for anything you want, or even to monetize your time on it, then you have to deal with their rules. Unless and until they are taken over by the Government and turned into a public asset (do we want to go down that road?) they can do what they want. It is fairly easy to create a web page and host your own videos, and provide links to folks on social media. Likewise Rumble and Me-We allow posting of this informative material without censorship. We know Facebook and YouTube are what they are - and you are the product. That's why you get it for free. The best way to deal with them is to seek out alternative venues, and leave these to the folks who still haunt them. Doesn't mean you can't keep a small footprint on them, just use it to post that you have a new video or an interesting article or a new photo album . . . on some other site! It's like the Scorpion said - you knew what I was when you let me climb on . . . . SC
  5. As has been repeated here a lot - ultimately she needs to pick out the gun she will train with and use. A few things to consider: She needs to shoot it before buying it. It's going to behave different in her hands than in anyone else's. Blow back operated guns have more felt recoil more than delayed (browning design). There are some 9 mm pistols in a similar envelope that have less felt recoil, especially when shooting 147 gr loads. .380 is a good self defense load, but don't rule out a quality .32 or even .22 - a reliable gun that is accurate and easy to shoot is far better than one that isn't, and you can do a significant amount of threat stopping with a .22 if you know how to use it. A double action revolver in .32/.32 mag or .38 spcl is a very reliable option. There are many newer designs from S&W, Walther, etc. for those with less upper body strength making for easier loading and clearing of the pistol. Hope this helps, SC
  6. Read the books a long time ago, and every few winters when we got snowed in I'd spend a few days re-reading them. Tried the Silmarillion without too much luck, not really interesting to me. The movies were spectacular, and I plan to do them again in a marathon. The new show has me pausing, I prefer to stay to the story line / universe that Tolkien created, and I bristle when producers introduce extraneous feel good BS for the sake of virtue signalling, but if the story is really well done otherwise I might make exception. I'm waiting on the read out from others who I know have my tastes in movies. We shall see . . . SC
  7. I ran the X-treme 147 plated over 3.5 of WW231 and got fairly good performance, but smokey at the indoor range, and TiteGroup gave me better group sizes. SC
  8. I'm going to add here that all my guns use factory regular springs - the Colt Gov't runs a #13 Wilson flat wire spring, the Beretta 92 Compact a #12.5 flat wire spring, and the Glock 34 a standard Glock factory spring. I use a spare Colt 9mm factory bbl to do my plunk testing when I set up to make reloads,as is has the shortest chamber of the three, so if it drops easily into that barrel's chamber with a nice plunk it will chamber in the others as well. Going back to my recent reload data I find that the X-treme plated bullet at 147 gr loaded over 3.5 of TiteGroup gives me a measured 912 f/s from my 5.5 inch bbl Glock and very reliable functioning in all the guns, with nice soft recoil. My 100 Gr .380 plated bullets from X-treme (.355 dia) loaded over 4.0 gr of Bullseye give me 1100 f/s, but if I go down to 3.5 (near where I think I need to be), then my Colt won't reliably cycle these (1 in ~5 fail to cycle), but the other two guns eat it right up. I think there is a sweet spot somewhere in there, probably around 3.7 gr. BTW - this load at 4.0 will give me a ragged one hole group off the bench at 20yds from my Colt. X-treme also makes a plated 135 gr flat point that I've loaded over 3.5gr Bullseye for a measured 959 f/s, and extreme accuracy from my Beretta. This round is catching on everywhere, nicely splitting the difference between the 124 and 147. I've switched my reloading to using FMJ's as opposed to plated bullets for now; I want to build an accurate 115 gr and 147 gr load similar to the AMU loads, but I will probably use X-treme plated for most of my general purpose shooting once I can get lots of primers again. For that I'll probably load just the 147 fr over 3.5 TG as it is very accurate, very soft shooting, and for both training and for steel it works fine. I'd really like to find a plated RNFP at that weight, but the RN's are fine. I've tried 3-4 brands of Polymer coated bullets (lipstick bullets) and find no fault with them, my understanding is that they can take up to about 2400 f/s velocities, so they might someday soon be usable for reduced velocity 5.56 reloads too. The plated and poly coated bullets are usually loaded using lead bullet reload data as the skins are so thin, and therefore they easily produce lead-like velocities when reloaded. I think you'll find that they also do NO MORE damage than lead on steel. I hope this helps with your reloading, SC
  9. Just went through a reloading exercise with these - found that 1100 or 1200 f/s are very accurate, but not mouse fart loads , just nice shooting loads. Atlanta Arms offer s a 100 gr steel load at 1000 f/s, I've been working up a reliable load to match, so far Bullseye powder seems to be the best choice, but I'm still working on this.
  10. I find that TG gives me around 950 f/s out of my 5" bbl'd guns, and good groups. COL and crimp always matter. . . . SC
  11. All the time. I reload .380 100 gr bullets in 9mm casings at just under 1000 f/s for shooting steel. I reload 147 gr jacketed to 850- 950 f/s all the time as well. These are measured with a 1911, G34, and Beretta 92. They all shoot reliably, and are nice for range work. My duty load is a 147 JHP at 1050 or so, so practicing with a load at a 100 f/s less is still useful for muscle memory, etc. HTH SC
  12. It's worth noting that some of us modify our pistols not because they need it, but because we can. Most manufacturers target a price point as well as a degree of quality and functionality, so a $400 pistol will not have the best of parts and hand fitting and a match grade barrel (generally speaking). It won't be a S&W mdl 41! Once you've shot a pistol for a while you might find that the trigger could be just a few ounces or perhaps a pound lighter, or perhaps the safety is just too tiny to hit reliably or rest your thumb on, or perhaps it just keeps getting bumped into the safe position mid-string. Or you might just want to put some racing stripes on it to make it go faster - what ever. What's nice is that there is a cottage industry that allows you to do these things after the fact, so that once you decide your basic .22 that does everything you want pretty good, can be made to do things just a bit better! Not a whole lot different then buying a mdl '73 and adding short stroke kit, or adding a 4th cocking click to a Ruger revolver - you don't need it and probably never will, but it's nice to have a choice. Just my $0.02 worth on that side issue. SC
  13. I've shot the Rugers many times - they're reliable as all Ruger products, and pretty accurate as well. Likewise the Browning Buckmark series are excellent feeling and performing. I also have a Browning 1911-22 which while expensive is also great fun and useful for teaching gun shy ladies and children how to shoot. I use the S&W victory and have tuned the action (Tandemkross) , swapped out the original barrel with a Volksquartsen fiber wrapped barrel and run a red dot sight. I'm back to stock barrel and irons for steel shooting! I bought the threaded version(s) since I intend to put a can on it at some time (if I have a roof-rabbit or other varmint problem). I ran through a series of about 25-30 different ammunition options for these 2 pistols and my CZ-455 rifle and my Nordic Components .22 upper on my AR, and have concluded that the one ammunition that does amazingly tight groups and reliable functioning in all 4 guns is the CCI Std. Velocity at 1070 f/s! Nothing out performs it at 25 yds, although there are a few rifle specific loads that will take it to 200 yds. Not in a handgun! You won't go wrong with any of the options you mention, so fit and comfort will have to be the deciding criteria. SC
  14. It's magical. I've been, and there's nothing like it. August in Edinburgh is a mad house - if you really want to go you need to arrange lodging now - they usually book a year out. The lone piper playing from the battlements at end of show each night will send chills down your spine. Every time I hear that I look for my sword and horse, and am ready to go forth!
  15. My best results for 9mm 115gn LRN (poly coated actually) was using either 5.0 grains of Unique, or 4.0 grains of Tite-Group. I tested using WW231 and Bullseye as well and probably could get equal performance from either of those two if I worked at it a bit. I also just tried using 115 gr FMJ bullets (not plated or coated) using 4.2 of Tite-Group to get a very nice accurate load. These were tested in a Glock 34, a Colt 9mm 1911 with a fitted Clark Barrel, and a Beretta 92 F compact. These typically gave me 1.5" at 15 yds or better. Not match ammo, but easy shooting and accurate enough for training purposes. HTH SC
  16. Carry pistol, spare mag. Third mag in glove box. Changing carry gun is a big deal, holsters change, magazines change, spare mag(s) in glove box change. Might start adding a Cowboy assault rifle to the trunk, might not, we'll see how the world changes. Happens twice a year - going into high summer, and coming back out. I usually have 5 100 bills in my wallet tucked away, never know when you're going to run into a sweet opportunity or a great deal. Never had a store or a dealer turn one down. SC
  17. I'll be careful how I word this (don't want to sound too presidential) . . . I'm partial to the 16 year old myself.
  18. Food for thought: First - get a good belt, as it is the foundation for any belt rig. 5.11 makes a variety of great belts, many others do as well. One that does not rely on a number of holes is better, such as a velcro or ratcheting system, which gives more adjustments. If a shoulder rig under the shirt can work try these guys: https://www.kangaroocarry.com/ More classic IWB or OWB leather or Kydex choices abound - there are probably a hundred makers out there. https://jm4tactical.com/jm4-gun-belts/ https://blade-tech.com/collections/holster-finder?_=pf&pf_opt_make=Sig - P938 https://www.jmcustomkydex.com/c/Sig-Holsters.html https://n8tactical.com/product/ot2-g2-iwb-holster-inside-the-waistband/ These are ones I know about and use. HTH, SC
  19. Around these parts Tweed is quite appropriate . . .
  20. I use the waterproof version of these for all day on my feet, here in the Pacific North Wet. https://www.lemsshoes.com/products/mens-boulder-boot
  21. https://precisionrifleblog.com/2013/10/18/secrets-of-the-houston-warehouse-lessons-in-extreme-rifle-accuracy/#:~:text=Secrets of the Houston Warehouse – Lessons In,shimmered%2C the sun never set and the
  22. The Royal Scotsman comes to mind! https://www.belmond.com/trains/europe/scotland/belmond-royal-scotsman/ SC
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