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  1. Basic Marxist theology. Two steps forward, one step back.
  2. Yeah I have seen those and buy them when I can. BUT, most of the time they are out of stock at my local stores. That still leaves three to toss out. The baggy version seems like a good idea.
  3. Gas going from $6 to $5 is being touted as being the result of Biden's amazing stewardship of the U.S. economy. Now if Joe could replicate these prices then I would give him a tip of my hat.
  4. AND, it takes .45-70 rounds instead of the normal .44-40.
  5. It is an alien dialect. But, I lived in Scotland in the early 1960's and had the phrase "fish and chips" translated. It has stuck with me.
  6. If a flick does not contain these things it is not worth watching. If I want to see snowflakes I can watch the news. Speaking of the news how many times have you heard "warning the following content may be disturbing" on the news. I get all ready to see something exciting and they edit out or blurr anything exciting. So why bother with the warning?
  7. I have never seen the ones in a bag. I will look for them. Usually I open the Grands, eat maybe two and throw the other six away.
  8. The problem with most modern timers is that there is no starting "buzzer." There is a high pitched beep. On the left is my 35 year old CED 6000. On the right is the CED 7000. (We used these for a couple of years at Winter Range.) The 6000 has an actual buzzer. The earth shakes when the thing goes off. On the 7000 it is a high pitched tone that is like a dog whistle and a lot of us old pharts cannot hear it. At home I adjusted the volume and the squeal was LOUD and hurt my ears. Yet I cannot hear it at all with ear plugs in. The buttons on the old one are starting to wear out and I have not found a modern timer with a BUZZER as opposed to a beeper.
  9. Some SASS members are so old they can't feel it if you tap them on the shoulder.
  10. Judith Durham passed this weekend. She had an absolutely fantastic voice. Sadly she is gone. The Seekers concert in 1967 is the largest concert ever held south of the equator. This old video is not great quality but show cases their Academy Award nominated song "Georgy Girl."
  11. I thought you only got carded if playing soccer.
  12. It does not sound like a "system." Loose rubber balls in the stock would do virtually nothing, unless they are not rubber and have some mass to them. Many people through many years have dumped shot into the hole or put other heavy objects in there to increase weight. Increased weight = less recoil. People have put in tubes filled with mercury and other heavy metals and some of these have been sold commercially as dead mules, etc. I have never heard of anyone selling loose rubber balls as a recoil reducer. If you really think this is a commercial product you need to post a photo or two so people can see what you are talking about. Here are a couple of commercially made recoil reducers that I found in old Trap gun stocks. These are at least 30 years old. One has a weight and a couple of springs in it and the other is filled with mercury. I cannot visualize anyone selling loose balls. Even people dumping shot in the hole usually put it in some kind of container. E.g. an empty shotgun shell hull.
  13. I was just there a few days ago. They have not moved since they left the old site on Butherus Road years ago.
  14. Associate of what? There is no such thing as an associate member of SASS.
  15. To make matters even more confusing we write decimals with a dot. E.g., 3.067". Most of the rest of the world writes it with a comma. 3,067.
  16. Depends on whether you are north or south of the equator.
  17. I wondered how "Bluetooth" wireless got its name. Turns out it is named after King Harald Bluetooth a Viking King that died in 985. The Bluetooth logo is the Scaninavium rune for the king's initials HB.
  18. I have never been able to figure out why we had the "A.E.F. or AEF." I.e., the American Expeditionary Forces. What were they exploring for? Everyone knew where the Germans were.
  19. Moon shot. 250,000 miles. (George Milies, 1902)
  20. Part of the Winchester booth at the Grand National in Sparta. Remington, Federal and othes are also there. With 5,000 competitors they will burn up a LOT of shotshells.
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