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2 hours ago, Rip Snorter said:

Another source, $95MM.  For ideology or potential profit?

It’s always about profit. AB stock has taken a short term beating. People’s memories are shorter than a toddler and will forget, if they haven’t already. Gates: buy low, sell high. 

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Through the years, I’ve known some very wealthy people. A few are are content with their wealth. Many others would push you down a flight of stairs to pick up a twenty dollar bill dropped on the floor. That’s how they got rich. 

“Enough” isn’t part of their lexicon.  No matter how much wealth is acquired, there’s always someone who has more. And to them, that’s intolerable and must be overcome. 

Adding on, to these folks, making more money is only reason for their existence. They don’t enjoy it in the sense that others do. The acquisition of the baubles and trinkets is the motivation, as they become bored with the item itself. Bezos doesn’t like sailing on his mega yacht. He likes showing the world he can buy one. 

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16 hours ago, Alpo said:

This is just my opinion. I have no proof one way or the other.


Cosby was charged with giving girls Quaaludes and then having sex with them.




In the late '70s / early '80s, Quaaludes were the drug of choice. Everybody wanted to score some ludes.


And yes, quite probably, he gave girls Quaaludes and then went to bed with them.


But how is that different from snorting a line of coke and then going to bed, or blowing a joint and then going to bed, or buying her four or five drinks at the singles bar and then taking her to bed?


My personal opinion is that if he had not been rich and famous nothing would have happened. The girls, who could very well have been trying for a out of court settlement, wouldn't have complained. There wouldn't have been a big Nationwide trial with all kinds of media coverage.


But, like I said - strictly my opinion.

If somebody goes to bed with a guy just because he gave them some coke, she's still the one making the decision. He drugged them and then did whatever he did while they were unconscious, how is that different than hitting them on the head and doing whatever you want while they're unconscious? 

I'm not calling out your opinion, it just sounds like you had the wrong idea about what he did. 

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3 hours ago, Buckshot Bob said:


Yes, they do, but I still think he's a snappy dresser!

Although I dress more like Mr. Greenjeans!


Copying is the most sincere form of flattery:



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19 minutes ago, Alpo said:

I had no idea he wore a red coat. I thought it was blue.


But then, we had black and white television until I was in high school.

It probably wouldn't have shown up as well on B&W TV if it was blue. In those days, the laundry soap commercials used powder blue shirts because they looked "whiter than white" on TV.

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1 hour ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

It probably wouldn't have shown up as well on B&W TV if it was blue. In those days, the laundry soap commercials used powder blue shirts because they looked "whiter than white" on TV.

That's why the Lone Ranger's outfit was powder blue. It looked white on black and white TV. That's why Frankenstein's monster was green - he looked corpse-white in the black and white movies.


But I figured the Captain's coat was navy. Not light blue. It didn't look dark enough to be black, so I figured dark blue.

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Just now, John Kloehr said:

On Tinder, you swipe in one direction if interested, in the other direction if not.


I forget which direction is which, I never actually used the app.

I would not be interested, but apparently one of our former Presidents might. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it get the hose again. :) Fortunately I haven’t had to worry about dating for about 25 years now. I never dated in the internet dating era. Although I do have a friend who found his wife on the one that’s supposed to match all your personality traits. Anything has to be better than the bar 

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