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  1. Well of course you can't get anything done! My Dad warned me before I retired, if there was anything important I wanted to do I better finish it while I'm still working or there will never be time for it.
  2. No I don't, but I asked around. The reason they're advertised as easier to play is simply because they set them up with lighter strings with a lower action. That makes it easier for a beginner but might not be best for the way you play, and if it is you can do the same thing with any decent guitar. You can find other guitars with similar quality for less, so unless you find a good deal or somebody gives you one there's no reason to favor this brand. I hope that's the kind of info you were looking for.
  3. I'm not sure about the Army, somebody can correct me if needed, on the Air Force service dress uniform you wear every ribbon you get and on the Army one maybe it's just campaign ribbons. Also, in the Air Force Generals can generally make ups their own uniform combinations if they want. But yes in the Air Force some of them are participation trophies, for example you get a ribbon for graduating basic training and you get one every time a term of enlistment is up.
  4. OK I still don't understand your thinking. Yes he's talking about the same group of people, but he said they were good when they were helping the country by making deliveries and now he says they're bad when they harm the country by stopping deliveries. How is that two faced or flip-flopping? And I notice you glossed right over the other point about the exact same kind of protests being either evil or heroic depending on whether you agree with them.
  5. Utah Bob, I will drink a toast with you to having bad times in the past and good times in the future.
  6. Two-faced? You mean Trudeau, because he said truckers were good when they delivered stuff and now he says they're bad when they don't? Seems like two-faced would apply more to all the people who used to say that no protestor should ever block roads and if they do they should be put in jail. And now a lot of you are gonna read this and think I support Trudeau, but just because one side is wrong doesn't mean the other one is right.
  7. I read once that they intended him to be a trickster who only appeared to be a bumbling fool and was really manipulating people, then he would be revealed as a mastermind later but they had to abandon that storyline because everybody hated him and never wanted to see him again.
  8. This is even worse than you think, it means both sides are gonna be causing some serious harm to this country. This is the same thing as the law in TX giving people standing to sue when they never should be able to, it's zealots deciding the end justifies the means and bending the law to suit their ideology. If you can see how bad the other side is but don't see anything wrong with your side, then you're part of the problem and it's gonna turn into a very big problem. This will not end well.
  9. Thanks for the post. This is off topic but I just noticed you're from central CA. I was at Beale AFB north of Sac for a while and I also worked down at Palmdale, two great areas for motorcycle riding and enjoying some beautiful nature.
  10. Do you know whether this could be explained by a station being located somewhere without trees or with a lot of concrete? It seems like too big a difference for that. Back in the 70s I was under the impression that NOAA was a very highly respected organization, in recent years I've heard things that make me think that's not as true any more.
  11. Some good things being said by some people, but mostly it's still just a bunch of making excuses and refusing to listen to anything that doesn't match your spoon fed talking points. Maybe one day you'll catch on that showing how dumb some of the ideas are doesn't mean you should reject the other ideas too, and that doing something that helps just a little bit is still better than waiting until somebody comes up with something that will help a lot. And I really don't see why some people keep repeating the same thing over and over, that throughout our entire history we have had practically no effect on the climate so it must still be true. Our population didn't explode until a few hundred years ago, in the time scale we're talking about that's extremely sudden and extremely drastic. If you really think we can keep doing things the same way without making it worse, then you've got some more thinking to do.
  12. Maybe you can explain what any of this has to with what we're talking about? Sounds like you're just making up excuses for why you're not gonna be responsible and nobody can make you! Are you the kind of person that would go camping and then leave without cleaning up the site? If not then why would you refuse to do anything to reduce emissions or waste or consumption? I don't get it. At least you made me think of something while I was typing this. You can reject climate change mantra all you want, chances are you'll be right a lot of the time. But rejecting that doesn't mean you also have to reject good ideas for doing things that will help.
  13. I think now we're having two different discussions. I was talking about people making up excuses to not do anything, as far as regulations it sounds like I already think exactly the same way you do.
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