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  1. I'm sure the people taking your abandoned cart and putting everything back on the shelves appreciate you using them to teach their manager a lesson. I bet they agree with however you justify behavior like that. And it's interesting how many people split their time between whining about raising minimum wage after only fifteen years and whining about inflation.
  2. The place is haunted whether there's a house there or not. The ghost could have lived in another house there 1000 years ago. Also, there's no such thing as ghosts. Didn't you watch Scooby Doo?
  3. The reason it's online only is because veterans don't have access to go on the base. It's not that they're excluding veterans, it's just something new that veterans used to not be able to do because online shopping wasn't a thing. It started years ago and there were signs everywhere for the active duty to tell their friends about it.
  4. Every piece of jewelry, every tattoo, every bit of makeup and hair color is just decoration, and there's no such thing as a decoration that everybody thinks looks good. Maybe there's people who think a big cowboy hat and belt buckle look as silly as a nose ring, and for all I know maybe some people wear a nose ring just so they know which narrowmindedly judgemental people to avoid. There's gotta be a million more important things to worry about in the world.
  5. Interesting that you would say that in a thread about how foolish people are.
  6. I just saw a Forty rod post and came straight to this thread to say Welcome Back and I'm glad you're home and ok!
  7. Sounds like prayers are working, that's a good reason to continue them! Thanks for posting these updates, I'll be happy to see him posting again soon.
  8. OK I checked, the FBI statistics are based on reported crimes. So who's publishing statistics that say the only crimes are the ones that get successful convictions? And your two examples don't show what you think, in both the Floyd George riots and the Jan 6 riots there were a whole lot of people protesting and a small percentage of people committing the crimes. The flash mob robberies are a good point though, because of store policies I don't know if those even get reported. Maybe we should just stick to Mark Twain's advice about statistics.
  9. Just because you don't prosecute a crime doesn't mean it wasn't reported. James Woods is usually smarter than that.
  10. Yep, it always has changed and it always will, but every time it changes it does it for a reason. Just a few short hundred years ago, which is less than the blink of an eye in the Earth's time scale, we started the Industrial Revolution which meant we were burning things and sending stuff up into the sky. But that's not all it meant. We also had other scientific and medical advances so we were living better lives, dying less from disease, and living longer. In that little historical blink of an eye we went from half a billion to eight billion so it wasn't just emissions, it's also resource consumption and waste generation. Weird things we're seeing now aren't only regular weather or climate changes, they're also the Earth just now starting to try and correct for changes directly attributable to us, and it's gonna keep getting worse as long as we stay stupid enough to not change anything we're doing. Don't worry, the Earth will be fine, but that doesn't mean we will. We might kill ourselves off by our own stubbornness just because we think we have to disagree with everything the other side says.
  11. Supposing you knock the hat off a guy recovering from skin cancer who doesn't want the sun on his scalp, who's the bad guy now? Maybe he's covering up a big scar he got defending you freedom? And maybe just maybe the freedom he fought for doesn't mean as much to some people as they claim?
  12. You just make it look more like we're actually military! (some people end up liking me anyway cause I worked A-10s)
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