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  1. You shouldn't take my word for it any more than you take her word for it, you have to do your own research. At least with science you know that you can trust findings based on controlled experiments with reproducible results, that's why I don't trust her findings.
  2. Some people believe peer reviewed studies published in scientific journals, some people believe youtube videos. Her paper was eventually retracted and numerous research teams have failed to duplicate her findings.
  3. Thanks for asking, I'm happy to help! Here's what you can expect... Different things will happen in similar circumstances, similar things will happen in different circumstances, and various experts will offer varying explanations.
  4. Flu numbers I saw for that were 61k for the year, which has already been exceeded by this virus, but maybe your guys keep up with numbers better than the CDC. There is a difference though, a pretty big difference, no matter how many times we say it and you ignore it. If you're one of the people more at risk, or if you think you might go near one of the people at risk, the only defense we have so far is to not get exposed. That means other people depend on you for their safety, it's up to you whether that matters to you.
  5. When you went fishing? Not according to me! When you went to the store? I don't think so, not according to what you said. Even if you didn't have a mask it sounds like you only go out where there's crowds of people if you need to, and you try not to breathe on each other's faces. One thing I could take from this exchange is that even if somebody says they're not gonna let the government tell them what to do, that doesn't mean I should assume they're doing things to put others at risk. If you're speaking out against government overstepping its authority, and still acting responsibly, then you're doing it right.
  6. Nope. You keep saying this is like the flu, but with the flu we have a vaccine, we have treatments, and people who are spreading it show symptoms. With this, I'm just suggesting we use the options that we have available and those have been pretty limited up until now.
  7. When this first started nobody really knew what to do so there was a lot of worst case scenario planning. That should have all changed as soon as data started coming in, and in some places it did. It's not only about differences between big densely populated cities and rural areas, there's also small towns like Gallup NM but that only proves that your point is correct and actions should be based on situations in each area. Not enough people are saying that.
  8. Why didn't we have 2 million deaths? Is it because we did things to limit the spread and reduce the deaths? Why did we change estimates? Is it because we based it on data instead of on what we want? Are you saying we were wrong and didn't need to do it, or we were right so we don't need to do it now, cause I don't see how you get to either one of those conclusions?
  9. This is exactly the part I don't understand. They're wrong to use the law to do things they shouldn't have the power to do, but you're wrong to use that as justification to endanger people who depend on you to not make things worse. You don't have to do the wrong thing just because somebody else does.
  10. Subdeacon Joe good post but did you miss my statement a little later where I said we should be protesting the clear cases of overreach instead of using them as an excuse to protest the whole thing? I think our situation right now would be a lot different if we hadn't taken so long to get testing capability out there. We need enough testing in each area to be able to extrapolate enough data to be useful, and even in the areas where population density is not as high we need to monitor the data while we're opening stuff back up. That's just my opinion based on as much research as I've been able to do.
  11. I just don't get it. Why are so many people so eager to risk the lives of the ones they care about just to prove they're a tough guy and the government can't tell them what to do? Are they really taking away your freedom or are you just looking for something to whine about? Yes it's called a stay-at-home order, but you're not locked up in your house. There are limits but you can still go places and do things, the whole point is to keep everybody from going to the places where crowds gather. Do you protest when the Fire Marshal says you can't have as many people as you want in a building? Do you yell about your freedom when they cordon off a perimeter around a bomb threat? What's the difference between that and this? There are some specific instances in some places where they are going way overboard, but instead of protesting those particular instances people are using them as an excuse to protest everything. Everybody likes to say we're doomed because the new generations of kids are so entitled, but that's not what I'm seeing. My grandfather left his farm to grow wild during both World Wars, and he never questioned whether it was the right thing to do to sacrifice everything for the good of his country and his fellow Americans. If previous generations of Americans had been this unwilling to put up with a little inconvenience, much less a lot of hardship, we would be living in a very different world right now.
  12. Piers Anthony? I think there's 20 or 30 books in that trilogy. I hope you like puns!
  13. Oops! I just read the thread title and then went out and bought a bunch of stuff I can't afford, guess I should have read the whole thread first!
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