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  1. That's an impressive achievement these days! I hope you remind us so I can offer you a very sincere congratulations when the next anniversary comes.
  2. I'm very glad you were found and helped, 11 hours can be such a long time when you don't know how you can get out of a situation without help. I hope your recovery is as quick and complete as possible.
  3. Don't laugh, you might want to spend the extra money on that nitrogen if you're gonna be driving the car any higher than 30,000 feet!
  4. You start your flying career with an empty bag of experience and a full bag of luck, the trick is to fill up the one before you empty the other. There are two schools of thought about helicopters. One is that it can fly because it's so ugly the earth repels it, the other is that it stays up only by beating the air into submission.
  5. I'll just check the court records. Oh they ruled against him, guess that's settled then. Or maybe you were making the point that Washington switched to all mail voting and now has less fraud?
  6. You left out the part about those votes being rejected, so where's the fraud? Once the ballot gets into the system there is zero difference between the absentee ballots you love and the other mail ballots you hate. Why didn't you stop at #1 and fix that problem first, instead of glossing over that and concentrating on problems that aren't real? This is being done for the exact same reason as closing polling places to make in person voting harder.
  7. Just a note to Outrider Outlaw, it could be your email service provider has Cabelas blocked. Maybe they block them cause they sell guns or maybe they consider them a spam site or somebody at some point complained about them, or maybe they blocked them accidentally. It's worth calling them and asking them though.
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