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  1. I'm sure a bunch of people thought Executive Order 9981 was just as calamitous at the time.
  2. Ah c'mon Utah Bob there must be some you like!
  3. Traffic is always a line whether the cars are close to each other or not, and people are always merging in a line of traffic. It's not the same as a line of people waiting for a movie or anything else so I don't know why you'd even make that comparison. If the guy in the empty right hand lane is going 60 and you're going 50, then he merges and slows down to 50, how has that affected you? If he's going 60 and nobody lets him merge and he has to slow down to 40 and then speed up to 50, that affects the whole lane of traffic a lot. He didn't cause that drastic slowdown, the people who wouldn't let him merge caused it. And who cares if he thinks he's more important than you, and how is your attitude any different than his? If he's going faster than you and he gets in front of you, he's gonna continue going faster and it won't affect you. Why do you let this bother you?
  4. There is nothing about this attitude that makes you look good, and you're actually the one making traffic worse.
  5. We know, but you still take care of us! The jokes are funny because they're true.
  6. They don't need to know what she wants if they just let her choose. The problem is the people who think they know what she should want and decide that's the only choice she gets.
  7. Couldn't you just leave the door open for ten minutes and let the squirrels clean it up?
  8. I'm not sure about the Army, somebody can correct me if needed, on the Air Force service dress uniform you wear every ribbon you get and on the Army one maybe it's just campaign ribbons. Also, in the Air Force Generals can generally make ups their own uniform combinations if they want. But yes in the Air Force some of them are participation trophies, for example you get a ribbon for graduating basic training and you get one every time a term of enlistment is up.
  9. I keep seeing posts making fun of only Neil Young or of only Joe Rogan. Why don't we have more people making fun of both of them?
  10. Just curious how many of you read this and actually believe it's true?
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