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  1. It’s a movie. Belief ain’t got nothing to do with it!
  2. I at at a restaurant in Gettysburg that served vintage 19th century meals. It was awesome!
  3. Earl doesn’t like travel. Makes him constipated.
  4. Headin down to Santa Fe on Friday. Got rodeo tickets, a fancy hotel room, and new tires. I will drink in the culture.
  5. Yeah, when we got the new car it came with a free Sirius trial for a year. Carol was going to cancel when it was up. But I said,”n No. I’m addicted to it now” Not many FM stations in range here.
  6. Just cause you’re an outlaw doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy! And he probably stole it.
  7. And I’m dang proud of you for that!
  8. Do your part! And don’t stir it!
  9. Birdgun, that was dang fine speechifying. Sounds a lot like a flowery Al Swearingen soliloquy…….without the F bombs.
  10. Earl fuels up as the thunderstorm looms.
  11. It’s a joke that actually pre-dates the Falklands.
  12. Wooden ships and iron men.
  13. Never leave your canopy open while flying through a storm. I don’t care if you farted in the cockpit or not!
  14. White cumulus dance across the sky Their majesty brings a tear to the eye Promise of rain swells our hearts Parched land hoping that it will soon start Cruel western heat retreats for awhile And my sun baked lips curl up in a smile Off in the distance I hear thunder roll I’d gladly pay gold for the cooling rain’s toll As the wind picks up and the temperature falls I see lightning shoot across Heaven’s great halls I await the storm now as the sky does it’s best Another great day. The magnificent West!
  15. I was in a class once on liability given by one of the lawyers involved in that incident. We had a lengthy discussion on the case. The elderly lady was not in fact an idiot. I saw photos of her hideous burns. I can’t imagine my grandmother suffering through that. McDonald’s had numerous complaints over several years from others who had been injured. They had been advised buy safety inspectors to turn the temp down. They paid off the complainants and did nothing. A clear case of corporate malfeasance jin my opinion. And in the opinion of the jury. But over the years Mickey D’s has managed to spin the “gold digging sue happy lawyers” tune and gloss over their gross incompetence.
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