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  1. Last year my permit expired due to me having my head up my patoot. I went down to the sheriffs office to plead my case. ”No problem they said.There’s a grace period” “How long is the grace period?”, I asked The sheriff happened to be walking by behind the counter and he just looked over and winked at me.
  2. Back home again from Phoenix. Waiting on test results.
  3. I once used a Jeep CJ7 to tow a 2 horse trailer containing an overweight, nervous, dancing Saddlebred through heavy I95 traffic from Miami to West Palm Beach. Not fun.
  4. I never use my card for vending machines. Our local car wash recently installed car readers. Don’t use them either. In a hotel the other day I was getting ice and decided to get a soft drink. Only had a twenty on me but checked my pocket for change. Had a couple of dollar coins and much to my surprise they worked.
  5. The myth comes primarily from what we all knew and loved as kids....and still do, the Hollywood western. In the early days Hollywood was completely segregated, as was most of American society. The only black actors were cast in all black films, which were marketed exclusively to all black audiences. So for decades the only cowboys sen on the silver screen were Caucasian. There were exceptions like The Cisco Kid series but most non whites were relegated to comic roles. The movie industry has had a far reaching effect on Americans and their perceptions of history unfortunately.
  6. I do that all the time. I have know idea how it happens.
  7. Taking the recommendation of our oncologist plus Carol’s sister lives there.
  8. No problem my friend. My head is virtually spinning with new medical terminology from the past few days.
  9. The accuracy on the Mini tends to degrade as the barrel heats up. Slow fire is ok.
  10. I like the look and balance of the Mini 14. I have one. But the AR is a more versatile design and generally more accurate at ranges over 100 yds. If I culd oly get one, it would be the AR platform.
  11. Exactly! And look up the laws on the respective state’s official website. Don’t rely on private websites or even the NRA.
  12. His performance improved any movie he was in.
  13. Some judges will allow a lawyer to get away with that. Some won’t.
  14. Yes and no. It is not regulated so you don’t know exactly what strength or quality you’re getting. Some of it is extremely expensive but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best. I tried some on a my slightly arthritic hand and it helped. My wife didn’t feel any relief when she tried it for her hip. It seems to be primarily an analgesic. It won’t cure anything. A lot of research still needs to be done. As far as I’m concerned it couldn’t hurt. If it helps, you probably won’t mind the pain in your wallet as much.
  15. What’s your opinion of the proposed ASGU?
  16. This is what you get. A miniature medal is a private purchase for wear on a formal dress uniform or civilian suit. The lower ranking medals such as campaign and service medals come in a much smaller non- presentation box and do not contain the lapel button.
  17. A scurvy, mythical civilian who stays home and makes moves on the soldier’s girlfriend while he’s away. http://pancocojams.blogspot.com/2012/03/jodys-got-your-girl-and-gone-why.html
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