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  1. Define small space. I may have something.
  2. Do soldiers and Marines get in bar fights even if there are no women there?
  3. This may sound weird but I’m using a pair of repro WW11 jump boots with plantar faciiitus insoles. Very comfortable. I also like Rocky Boots better than other brands I’ve tried.
  4. http://www.thepirateslair.com/us-navy-nautical-holloware-silver-silverplate.html
  5. I reckon Nimitz and Halsey woulda had some silver stuff in their dining rooms. 5e Navy had been buying that stuff for decades. I assume every capital ship had some.
  6. happened to find it in the woods the other day. Thought it was appropriate?
  7. Yes it's silver plate. Not particularly valuable. But that's not why I bought it. I just had to. You know how that goes?'
  8. In a Navy vessel?? I think not, sir! Besides, it’s only a wee creamer.
  9. I assume the Navy isn't doing that anymore.If they are, it should be on the Admiral's dime! From what I can gather from the hallmark, this one is from the 40s. The silversmith has been in business since the 1820s.
  10. Only derogatory to call a man Nancy. Don't know where that camne from. My sister is a Nancy, and my wife's mother and sister.
  11. I'm supposed to be downsizing my militaria collection. Selling some. Gifting some. Don't want to leave the mem sahib holding the bag when I croak. But I saw this thing and for some reason couldn't exist. Unwrapped it today. Nice patina but I didn't get it for that. Being a Bohemian at heart, I'm all about Beauty, Truth, and Love. I figgered that this might be cleaned up to show it's true beauty. So I cleaned it up a bit and Et Voila! Oh, the reason I was attracted to it is... Now I feel like I'm having coffee with the admiral in his stateroom! While I was rubbing it, I was waiting for a genie to pop out with an armload of cash. Didin't happen.
  12. PITA with that ad right in the middle of the map!
  13. Thanks . I kept trying to see that but every time I clicked on it, it took me to another story. Drove me nuts this morning.
  14. I’ve never heard of Flightradar but a little while ago I was outside and heard a loud roar. You can tell the difference in an airliner and a military jet usually. We have B1s come over about once a month. I looked up and spotted to planes. I would guess they were at about 15,000 ft. One was a tanker, refueling the other plane. I rushed inside to get the binocs but by the time I got them the jets were too far for me to identify the refuelee. Coulda been a 52. All I can say is they were military. And they were heading west. Toward you.
  15. Only a fool would dispute that. The Feds foil dozens of plots each year. We will never hear about most of them.
  16. These I’ve had since 1970. Captured from the North Vietnamese. Probably says , “Eat at Chang’s. Hanoi’s Finest Take Out”.
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