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  1. I think Corelon was developed in the mid 60s.
  2. But just how big is his lair? And are there any turtles in in?
  3. We tend to generalize when talking about generations. And especially when it comes to the worst examples. It has always been thus. Not everybody in the Greatest Generation was great, not everybody in my generation was a hippie or a baby killer. Why I frequently shudder at a lot of the current crop of under 30s, I have to remain optimistic about the future. My dad didn’t like rock&roll.
  4. They don’t look like fake MOP but seeing as how it was made in 1953 materials would have been different than today. Don’t know.
  5. It's a 1998 film. I didn't watch it myself until bout 2 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised.
  6. I do not have either because I prefer all steel in a small 9mm. The extra weight helps with the recoil in a small package. ,But as far as overall quality I prefer SIGs over the Springfields.
  7. Getting caught up on the membershp requests. Sarge is in at #1150 and Hashknife Cowboy at #1151. Drinks are in me tonight!
  8. I posted it on both places because not everybody reads all forums. Sarge from Michigan is in now as #1150, and Hashknife Cowboy from AZ at #1151.
  9. A tip o' the badge to The Trooper from down Georgia way who has joined The Order as BOLD #1149.
  10. A tip o' the badge to The Trooper from down Georgia way who has joined The Order as BOLD #1149.
  11. Every time I see a guy whacked in the cabesa like that, I say “He’s dead or comatose” Amazingly, I’m always wrong. Next scene he’s back upright. Except when Negan used Lucille. Then I knew that Abraham and Glen wouldn’t be gettin up.
  12. https://nothingbutlovely.com/products/big-lebowski-sunshade?fbclid=IwAR3APZgJ1uhJ8SxZrSjCljyVo0uPuJ0SG4cx_3E-gS5R00m7Mh0pAswnIVI
  13. Martin Beck, Ed Golder, Jim Gribbin, Frank McNutt, Terry Ketter, George Parounagian........
  14. Yes. From extremely close distance. Arms length to 1 1/2 yds. And don’t forget to do immediate action drills, and weak hand.
  15. You might think the Filipinos would tear it down.......
  16. In the Philippines. Interesting. http://wgordon.web.wesleyan.edu/kamikaze/monuments/mabalacat-statue/index.htm
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