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  1. Item Name: FS/FT Browning BL-22Location: Gainesville, GAZip Code: 30507Item is for: Sale or TradeSale Price: 525Trade Value or Items Looking For: Marlin 39a, SIG P365, Mossberg Shockwave with brace, no .40'sCaliber: .22 LRWilling to Ship: Yes at Additional costItem Description: I really thought I'd love this but it just doesn't balance right for me and it sits in the safe. It is a Browning BL-22. These are prized for their ultra short lever throw. I upgraded the front site to a brass bead. High gloss stock. Wrapped lever. Have box and all papersI'm looking for a Marlin 39a. Must be in like condition. NO SURFACE RUST or pitting.Also interested in SIG P365 or Colt Detective Specials (looking for one with the ejector rod shroud).What else?
  2. I had two picked out when I called SASS 20 years ago to register. "Rolan Kraps" and "Bat Guano" To this day I wonder if I made the right choice?
  3. Mike, there have been several on The Outdoors Trader. I like mine!
  4. Wow, I shoot an 1887, but that just gives me "Delusions of adequacy"
  5. The weather forecast looks grim for Toccoa Georgia. As a safety measure, we are canceling the Piedmont Regulators match. Hopefully we'll be back in April for our regular Saturday Cowboy Match and Sunday Wild Bunch match. Rolan
  6. I've gotten stuff like that at used Tuxedo stores. https://www.myowntuxedo.com/ Rolan
  7. Sorry to hear that, but that's the way I'd want to go.
  8. Hi Rolan, Ive just brought a copy of your gun cart plans on LUL, but can you email me the pdf copy so i can get started on a new cart now?


    My email is wayne@magnumimports.co.nz


    Bald Eagle

  9. It hasn't lost its "luster". At least not to those of us who dress out each week. Slick, you may recall that I reached out to you first about the idea of "formalizing" some rules for Steampunk. You said just what you wrote. What would be the difference of someone who really worked at their costume vs. someone who slapped a pair of goggles on their hat and called it quits. That's why several of us came up with the idea of having a minimum number of "elements", and ensuring that the "elements" were Steampunk themed. We're having fun over on this side of the South.
  10. I didn't see a "Wild Bunch" sidematch. Will there be a Wild Bunch sidematch?
  11. Wind is worse than cold alone. Typically, I'm with Captain Bill. Below 20, I'm out. But if it is raining or windy on top of being below 30, I'm more likely to stay warm under the blankets with Bea and a dog or 3. This making it a "3 Dog Night".
  12. If Gunfighters want to shoot "Steampunk", let them lobby for a "Steampunk Gunfighters" category. Period, end of discussion.
  13. Cheyenne, No, I took it to a place who specialized in doing Hydrodipping. The gauges are held on with Rare-earth magnets. I have shot it with them on, but I typically remove them for matches.
  14. I haven't gotten around to doing a rifle, but I did hydrodip my Ruger Blackhawk grips.
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