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  1. Oh, poacher. I though it was gonna be about kangaroos.
  2. Nice. Standard police sidearm until they came out with the bull barrel like I was issued in the academy in 75.
  3. Und Argentina, Bolivia, etc. And a lot of Chinese to Cuba fir the railroads. There was a Cuban ex-pat running for the Miami city council once. Juan Wong. I kid you not.
  4. Ubers will also drive you to drink.
  5. I got a scabbard to mount on the ATV. For walking in the woods i prefer the sling.
  6. That’s the same powder charge and bullet weight I use. Not sure why you’re getting that much variation in mv. My velocities were pretty consistent at 25 something. Chrono is broke so I can’t recheck now.
  7. Yeah. I can’t imagine needing more than one battery a year, unless you live in a reallly bad neighborhood, or are using your laser to exercise the cat.
  8. Cool. Good price with free shipping. (Maybe) The light doesn’t come with a mount apparently. But I already have a light anyway. I’ll put in for the rebate from Crimson Trace.Thanks!!
  9. It stays on until the button is pushed again. Battery life is 3 hours continuous. (Crimson Trace offers free batteries for life). Having it turn off on it’s own just as you were about to pull the bang lever would be a bad thing.
  10. Yeah. Touch on touch off. My wife got me a laser for a J frame Smith last Christmas. The laser stays on as long as you’re squeezing the grip on the pistol models (not hard). Liked it so much I got one for a 1911. I figured the mostlikely use for the Shochwave would be in a late night break in so the laser might come in very handy in low light.
  11. The three ridgId spots are switches. The rearmost one can be used by a lefty with the thumb.
  12. Obviously they need a new command for ground attack dudes. Good career path.
  13. Not sure how a ring could be a problem while shooting.
  14. Crimson Trace laser came in this afternoon. Put nine rounds in. 4 "7 Birdshot and 5 buckshot. shot from the hip at about 20 feet. Results were good. Very good. i think this may be my new ATV carry woods gun.
  15. Yeah, ypu couldn’t put the switch on the moving handguard and it’s a long way back to the grip. The wire would just get in the way I think. I’ll be experimenting.
  16. Exactly. Nobody is humping cans of 50 ammo.
  17. Having met several FACs, it wouldn’t surprise me that somebody did a field modification and mounted a mini on that Bronco. The initial concept was to just use marking rockets for the fast movers to zoom in on. But the FACs wanted in on the fun and guns began to appear.
  18. Rings: No High School ring but I had a US Army ring. One day while in the tower on the firing range, I was standing with my hand on the window frame when the four foot wide window slammed on my hand. The ring kept the window from chopping my finger off. It was bent and had to be cut off but my finger was just bruised. I was going to get a Special Forces ring to replace it but never did. I wore a wedding ring in Vietnam. One dark and rainy night, standing in a flooded rice paddy in Cambodia, I wiped some mud off my hand and felt the ring fly off. Due to being much leaner than I was when I arrived in country, the ring was a bit loose. I filcked on my flashlight and miraculously there in the beam about 5 ft away, sat my ring on a tiny clump of mud sticking out of the water. I retrieved it and placed it on my dog tag chain for the duration of my tour. While at the beach in the 70s my wife’s little sister accidently pulled the ring off my hand into the ocean, never to be seen again. My wife got me another one. I lost that one scuba diving. She said, “That’s it dude. No more rings for you” She got me another one about 10 years later. Haven’t lost that one yet. I have a few nice Navajo silver rings. I wear one when we go out on the town sometimes.
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