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  1. Venison is Venison. I was afraid it was gonna be Lutefisk!
  2. Got your message late, Pard. Don’t have caller ID so I couldn’t call ya back. Hope your having a cool Yule.
  3. I’d stick a ckkie in his mouth. Or an elf.
  4. Sun’s trying to peek through the clouds. Looks like about 3” or so and 28° right now Looks like most of it has passed. I think Cortez got hardly anything. Can’ decide whether to get up and make coffee or not. https://www.cortezlivecam.com Yup. White fer shure! I measured 2”.
  5. One of the best pieces of equipment the army ever came up with. I have one dated 68.
  6. Looks like we'll have one. Snow showers of an on for the past few hours. Not sticking much as it's only down to 34° roght now. We're supposed to get 3-5" tonight. I hpe not too much becaus eI don;t particularly feel like plowing in Christmal!. The weather change did bring the Elk out down in the flat land below the house.
  7. We had one that went to the tune of Jingle Bells but it's certainly not for mixed company.
  8. No doubt from the Christmas Tree.Normal this time of year. Bourbon clears it up.
  9. I made several back when I was doing a lot of muzzle loading. Get some leather an awl and waxed thread and do one yourself. That’s what the mountain men did. It’s fun. Dixie Gun Works has a variety
  10. Should be snowing here at the Lazy Bob by this afternoon. Wishing everyopne a safe, peaceful and merry Christmas. Bethlehem Ranch
  11. I’m actually a pretty good wrapper. My mom was the Leonardo da Vinci of gift wrappers and taught me some techniques. When I buy presents and the clerk at the store asks me if I want them gift wrapped, I always say, “No thanks, I’ll do it myself”. Sometimes I detect a small sigh, rolling of the eyes or a slight shudder.
  12. Cell phones are useless out here. Despite what the various companies’ coverage maps say, we are in a dead zone. I have a Samsung TrackPhone just in case I need a phone when I’m in town.
  13. No joy today. Maybe a a Christmas Eve delivery? Gooey.
  14. Balloon pilots? Do you mean the Navy blimps? When I lived in So Fla there was a huge blimp hangar from WWII down bear Homestead. I read a book when I was a teen called Love at First Flight. It was about a guy who got into the Navy flight school program in WWII, got his wings and became a blimp pilot. A great read.
  15. Not cold enough for a fire yet imho. But snow is predicted for Christmas Eve.
  16. Decided on the rum. In me favorite mug. I remember Spencer Tracy making it in Northwest Passage. Hooo hah. It’s fine!!
  17. Or a nutcracker if it’s in your lap and you're hit from behind.
  18. Warm day. Got up to 50°. I’ve been waiting for it to get back down below freezing to have a Christmas libation. It just hit 31°. Now I’m trying to decide between spiked eggnog or hot buttered rum. Decisions. Decisions.
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