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  1. Couple of jerks as far as I’m concerned. Regardless of their politics.
  2. A guy on TV cracked he’s gonna change his name to Kanye Old West.
  3. It’s a great...and rare thing for me.
  4. They can’t even do that right. People here didn’t pay attention. They thought the state would get gazillons of $ of tax money for roads, schools, etc. The cannabis tax money goes to, and I’m not making this up, anti- drug programs! Huh?? We have commercials now where a young mom tells you to make sure you lock up your weed, especially the tasty candy edibles, so the kiddies can’t get to it. And I think it goes to anti smoking programs too. There are no anti-vaping programs as far as I know.
  5. Different tempo. Wolves are sorta balladeers. Coyotes are more punk rock.
  6. Got behing a VW van in Dove Creek heading south out of the road to Utah. They were driving slower than anybody does and looking left and right obviously searching for sonething. Gas station perhaps? No they passed two. Town hall? Sheriff? Restaraunt? Then it hit me. They were looking for a weed shop. We're the first town in Colorado you hit coming out of Utah. . The marijuana bumper stickers made it kinda obvious. Couldn't see their license tag for the dirt. But they left disappointed. Our county rejected commercial pot businesses. They'll have to wait till they hit Cortez, 30 miles south. They can't miss the first one. The Doobie Sisters dispensary is right on the highway as you hit the Crtez city limits. Plenty of flags and signs. If they miss it there are about 7 or 8 more in town. I guess they didn't have a GPS. EDit. Come to think of it....They might have been headed to the little town of Stoner a few miles past Dolores, Yeah there really is a Stoner. Been there for many years. This guy found it.
  7. Today my favorite knife is my Swiss Army Tinker. I lost it for two months. I found it yesterday . The universe is back in balance.
  8. One of em tried to steal my truck one night.Good thing they don't have thumbs.
  9. They get to singing down in the creekbed sometimes. The north canyon wall reflects their voices like a concert bank of speakers. The ones that go up to eleven.
  10. There was a fella up in Denver who had to block off his driveway because GPS was telling people it was the entrance to the freeway. :D He had to argue with them while they were sitting in his obvious driveway that led to his obvious garage.
  11. Remember, most people who loved it were stoned. It was 1968. Gotta love the music though.
  12. “They died when all the spares were out of stock” No Kettenkrad? Warum nicht?
  13. I turned on the TV this morning. FOX news was showing the memorial ceremonies. CNN was talking about impeachment.
  14. They just need a Siri type vending machine. You have to show the ID pic to her while she scans your face before she puts out with the ammo. No match and it’s, “I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t do that”.
  15. I’ve learned not to touch three things when I’m drunk. Car keys, firearms, or keyboards.
  16. The rails don’t keep the train from plowing through cars at crossings though.
  17. Joke’s on them. We have no cell service here.
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