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  1. I was stating the Home Depot corporate policy, not what local managers might do. The official line is for Retired, Disabled, Active and Reserve members and families at any time. Other vets only on those special days. Home Depot gives a discount to our VFW post for purchases. http://community.homedepot.com/howto/DiscussionDetail/Offical-Military-Discount-Policy-906500000004mI8
  2. They use their phones now when on location. Remember when they wrote on pads?
  3. Ordnance Rifle. Guaranteeed!
  4. The Home Depot discount is for active duty, retired, reservists and disabled vets. It is not for all veterans except on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. Not sure about Vietnam Veterans Day but probably not seeing as how most people don't know it exists.
  5. Back in the late 50s my dad worked for an aircraft maintenance outfit at The Miami airport. They had the contract to do repairs and upgrades on Batista’s air force. Dad took me to the hangar one day when I was about 9. There was a Cuban B-25 that was in for engines replacement. Dad put me up in the bomb bay for a few minutes. An awesome memory!
  6. “That ain’t my department, Sir”
  7. Watching a local news show out of Denver and they had a bit about the new traction laws that are going into effect next winter. Big fines for improper tire tread or no chains in the high country. So their crack political reporter is outside and is going to show how you put chains on your car although admittedly he had never done it before. They switched back to the studio and checked back with him later. Yeah, he put the chain on the rear tire of a front wheel drive Ford. I knew he would. A few minutes later the main anchor dude mentioned that they had been getting a lot of tweets about that. The reporter said he knew that but was just showing how to put a chain on. Of course he never showed anything. When they cut back to him, the chain was on. Could be the cameraman did it for him, knowing it was wrong and chuckling all the while. I have known a few news cameramen and they seem to be kinda fed up with the pretty field reporters most of the time.
  8. The nearest Home Depot ifs 75 miles. Lowes is farther. I seldom go to either one. But it has been my experience in the past that stores that have good local management have the best trained employees and customer service, regardless of corporate policies.
  9. It was indeed a big thing. Huge! It gave Americans a much needed morale boost after the disastrous Japanese attack in the Pacific where we lost Wake Island, Guam, the Philippines, etc. The emperor had ensured his people that the US would never be able to attack Japan. I bet the nearest bar to the North American factory in KC was packed after work on April 18th of ‘42. My granddad flew Mitchells in N. Africa. One of my favorite planes. https://www.airspacemag.com/military-aviation/kansas-city-b-25-factory-180951624/
  10. If you’re on that side they’re probably shooting a Napoleon.
  11. I have a feeling you ain’t gettin that one.
  12. Smooth and classy. GreatLy missed.
  13. As usual, the CA government marches to a different drummer.
  14. We don’t. No grunt does. But calling them crazy is simply stating the obvious.
  15. PS: try not to lay down in front of of a 3” one. Even if it’s firing blanks and you’re off to the side and a considerable distance away (you think). I guarantee your bummer will fly toward the secesh.
  16. The light reflection makes it look like a Parrot but I bleeve it is in fact an Ordnance Rifle. Great pic!
  17. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-symantec-ext_onb&hsimp=yhs-ext_onb&hspart=symantec&p=aguila+mini+12+ga+shotshells#id=2&vid=132476678e1f435b0bea78016f059e3b&action=click https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-symantec-ext_onb&hsimp=yhs-ext_onb&hspart=symantec&p=aguila+mini+12+ga+shotshells#id=11&vid=e4d30faa55b339621c2cee8b2fbd5a11&action=view
  18. For some reason I’ve had the same problem getting on Gunbroker. Probably a good thing come to think of it
  19. Loach went down outside Firebase Jaimie. A company went out and the crew was fine but scared sh**less. They just wanted to get out of there and didn’t care what ended up missing off the bird. Everything was destroyed with thermite and C4 to prevent capture. Well, that’s what the after action report said anyway. The jeep was nonexistent, having been written off as a combat loss.
  20. TIred of those pesky 2 am firebase ground assaults? Try the Ronco Super M151, Now modified with the secret ingredient M134. Best remedy in country.:D (Extra truck batteries and 10,000 rounds of ammo not included)
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