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  1. A. It’s not a banner it’s a regimental coat of arms. B. You are off my Christmas card list.
  2. Or do they just use alternate facts?
  3. You can't see a miss. You can only see a hit.
  4. After watching the second video of an idiot asleep at the wheel going down the highway with his Tesla on auto pilot, I have come up with a brilliant solution. Before you can engage the auto pilot function you have to put on a Cpap mask. Then, while driving, if your eyes close or you let go of the wheel, a dose of skunk scent or ammonia is blasted into your nose. Instant awakening. Tragedy averted. You’re welcome, Elon.
  5. My paternal granny was not a good cook. Not really surprising. She was English, left home at 15, and hopped a ship to Canada. My maternal granny surprisingly was not a good cook either. And she was from Alabama. In her defense, she had to cook for 7 children, so quantity won out over quality I guess.
  6. Alpo is a thinker and an analyzer. It's just Alpo being Alpo.
  7. That's not what I calls plainclothes.
  8. I was stuck on an ice froe once. Got chased there by a Powar Bear.
  9. Apparently I’ve been making bread wrong for years. Who knew?
  10. Because it’s the easiest thing to do I reckon. Requires no thought and there are plenty of like minded types to “converse” with.
  11. Dollar to a doughnut it’s still 8mm. But cast the chamber for sure.
  12. Line all your pockets in all your clothes with Velcro. What could go wrong? I have found the the weight on one side of the vest feels uncomfortable ....to me anyway. So when I have a vest on, which is usually my garb, I wear an iwb holster.
  13. Thanks. Ordered it. https://www.amazon.com/Only-Plane-Sky-Oral-History/dp/150118220X
  14. Maybe they crossed the I and used L instead of G. Goiters?
  15. I reckon you put the sock in just before you make the last fold while kneading. Never heard of rolling it. Just knead, proof it and stuff it in the pan.
  16. Damn! That changes everything!
  17. But that’s not what they do on the commercials!!
  18. You need salt in 125° temps. The army thinks of everything!
  19. That’s why al the doors in Europe have handles I reckon. Wine or bier is everywhere. Bad news is it makes it too easy for cats.
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