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  1. I used an old AK sling slightly modified. I have a scabbard coming that I'll mount to the atv fender. And I put some grip tape on it. Greatly helps the holdability factor. https://www.amazon.com/Mossberg-Shockwave-Raptor-Shotgun-Grip/dp/B073SZX8Y7/ref=sr_1_3?crid=CCF0CG7F4N0N&keywords=mossberg+500%2C+590+shockwave+raptor+shotgun+grip+wrap&qid=1554751485&s=gateway&sprefix=%2C+590+Shockwave+Raptor+Shotgun+Grip+Wrap%2Caps%2C224&sr=8-3
  2. This thread mad me waste 20 minutes looking at Dana Delany pics. Okay not really a waste. But I was supposed to be cleaning guns.
  3. She also starred in Body of Proof from 2011-13. I enjoyed the show but they cancelled it, which made my wife furious.
  4. You can blame the military for using M instead of Model for firearms. And hundreds of other things.
  5. Oh, poacher. I though it was gonna be about kangaroos.
  6. Nice. Standard police sidearm until they came out with the bull barrel like I was issued in the academy in 75.
  7. Und Argentina, Bolivia, etc. And a lot of Chinese to Cuba fir the railroads. There was a Cuban ex-pat running for the Miami city council once. Juan Wong. I kid you not.
  8. Ubers will also drive you to drink.
  9. I got a scabbard to mount on the ATV. For walking in the woods i prefer the sling.
  10. That’s the same powder charge and bullet weight I use. Not sure why you’re getting that much variation in mv. My velocities were pretty consistent at 25 something. Chrono is broke so I can’t recheck now.
  11. Yeah. I can’t imagine needing more than one battery a year, unless you live in a reallly bad neighborhood, or are using your laser to exercise the cat.
  12. Cool. Good price with free shipping. (Maybe) The light doesn’t come with a mount apparently. But I already have a light anyway. I’ll put in for the rebate from Crimson Trace.Thanks!!
  13. It stays on until the button is pushed again. Battery life is 3 hours continuous. (Crimson Trace offers free batteries for life). Having it turn off on it’s own just as you were about to pull the bang lever would be a bad thing.
  14. Yeah. Touch on touch off. My wife got me a laser for a J frame Smith last Christmas. The laser stays on as long as you’re squeezing the grip on the pistol models (not hard). Liked it so much I got one for a 1911. I figured the mostlikely use for the Shochwave would be in a late night break in so the laser might come in very handy in low light.
  15. The three ridgId spots are switches. The rearmost one can be used by a lefty with the thumb.
  16. Obviously they need a new command for ground attack dudes. Good career path.
  17. Not sure how a ring could be a problem while shooting.
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