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  1. Cameras using the Wet plate Glass method produced a reverse image. The image below I reversed and Billy the Kid was NOT Left Handed. Now we gotta get Paul Newman back from the Dead and do a remake of the Movie "The Left Handed Gun" to the Right Handed Gun.
  2. Sorry, it's all I got. Just sayin' Big Jake #1001
  3. Utah Bob, Prayers up from my Ranch to the Lazy Bob Ranch for You and Carol. We need her to take care of you. Send her my best please. Just sayin' Big Jake #1001
  4. I have two Poncho liners from Vietnam that are now 50 years old. One is the Old style Rip-stop nylon (1970) and one is the newer (1971)smooth version. Both have been used at the beach because sand just falls off unlike a towel. I used them when squirrel hunting. I hide and make noises like a nut and they come running. Now many years later, I keep one in each car and truck for Emergency blankets. Miss those Squirrel hunting days. just sayin'. Good story Trigger Mike Big Jake #1001
  5. The Grand experiment to see how easy it is to scare everyone into compliance and shut down half the country. Can't go to the Beaches, Park, Golf Courses, Movies, Ball Games. Cruise Ships, But leave other OPEN. Open Mic in the White House catches two guys talking how it's nowhere as Bad as they said it was and about the same as the FLU as far as Deaths ever year. Just sayin' Big Jake 1001
  6. Arizona Rangers had to buy (or Make) their own guns until the Arizona Territory became a STATE on February 14, 1912. Then the Rangers were issued a Colt Six-Shooter. This is the Original "Big Iron" on his hip. Prove me wrong!! This being said with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. Just sayin' Big Jake 1001
  7. I don't TWEET on Twitter, I don't Skype, I don't do ME WE or Parlor, I barely know how to do what little I do here and Facebook. I've been in Facebook Jail for 24 hours once, 3 days twice, 7 days 3 times, and 30 days in the hole 3-4 times. I've earned lots of ribbons for my NOT Meeting Community Standards. I use a 20 year old AOL address and created a 2nd account (illegal) and have Boris Badenough to go on Facebook for me while I'm in the Facebook Slammer. I can see and read, but can't comment or Post anything while I'm in the Hole. So Boris and sidekick Natasha Fatale do the work for me. Bori
  8. I recamember yuz Sixgun Shorty. You needed a magazine for your High Standard HD Military and I had 4. I sold you one, hope it worked out for ya and got the gun shooting. We also chipped in and paid a Pards Dues cuz he was about broke. We did good!! I should talk to you about my Colts made in 1900 and both in .38-40 WCF. Also a Colt Bisley model in 38-40 WCF from 1902, come outta TEXAS, 3 gens in the same family. Pair of Colt 1878 Frontier six shooters. one in 44-40 WCF and one in Colt 45. I need a loading gate for the .45 16XXX. I understand there are early and late of the 52XXX built
  9. So true, soon after buying a basket case 97 and one that would not take down I realized what was going on. 


    "................ I can't tell you how many 1897's I've seen for sale at Gun shows with the mag tube in upside down. I've been allowed to fix a lot of them for the owners, in just 10 minutes with my Swiss Army Knife and they've been very thankful. Some just don't care and say NO, it'll sell anyway.


    You can't believe how much easier it is to take down and put together a proper '97 with everything right. No forcing of parts and it works so much better. I was wondering if your Mag tube was in correctly, or upside down. The little piece of Metal with the 2 small screws holding it on the tube in front of the wood should always be under the barrel, not on the bottom when assembled. The later ones had a pushed up bump instead of the screwed one on the tube...again under the barrel, not on the bottom. That way the interrupted threads can line up with the ones in the receiver correctly. Just sayin'"


    I couldn't have said it any better. That and putting the ring in backwards. Also found one where the nimrod filled off most of the nub on the ring, so it would work, yikes.


  10. I love several cans of Smoked Oysters and stacks of Nabisco saltines and RITZ crackers. Poke a toothpick in each Oyster and have crackers spread on a plate....yummy for the Tummy. Just sayin' Big Jakr
  11. Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! Guy Fawkes and his companions Did the scheme contrive, To blow the King and Parliament All up alive.
  12. Yeah, I keep asking about the Bobwor fence.....they say You mean Barbed wire? Just sayin' Big Jake
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