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  1. This is a Pair of Black Powder cap n Ball pistols, .44 cal round barrel, 8 inch. Looks to be the shorter grip and Brass(Gunmetal) frame and trigger guard and backstrap. Maybe a copy of a Colt 1861 Navy, but in .44 cal They were bought and put away, never shot. White grips to look like Ivory Selling as a pair only for $400, They are marked CVA, Connecticut Valley Arms on top of barrel. He asked me to list these guns for him......No FFL needed, they can be mailed by United States Post Office in Priority box. If it fits, it Ships. These belong to Don Wright SASS 452, B. B. McShagnasty 714-539-6962...Garden Grove, Calif.
  2. I have an Original Remington Rolling Block Rifle from the 1870's. I wasn't sure of the caliber when I bought it, 1984, so I took the forend off and it was stamped 40-70 on the bottom flat of the barrel. I looked up the cal and it showed 40-70 Sharps Straight and Sharps Bottleneck. Then I found Winchester and Remington made them too. Barrel should have been 32 inches and was cut back to 29 1/2 inches and rechambered to 40-50 Sharps Bottleneck I slugged the bore and it was .4035 and the twist was for a 330 grain bullet. I believe they were shot with bullets that were .399 and Paper Patched to .403. I took 100 old Balloon Head cases and cut them down and ran them through a set of dies I bought from Buffalo Arms in Idaho for $80. Then I annealed them and loaded them and fire formed them. I also made 200 cases from new .45-70 cases, 100 brass for light smokeless loads and 100 nickeled for Black Powder loads. I found a Winchester Bullet mold with handles, it was for a .40-82 1886. It throws a 330 grain bullet at .403. It's been fun shooting since I bought it. KaBoom she goes!! Big Jake 1001
  3. For Sale is a Brand new in the box bathroom grab bar. It for Post Op people or just need help getting up and off. Handle folds up and out of the way until needed. 6 holes floor mounting, will support over 450 lbs. '$200 + shipping, your choice Post Office or UPS. I'm in Anaheim, Calif. If local you can pick up. Big Jake 1001
  4. I just looked up the serial number in the Blue Book of Gun Values and it shows Mfg 1902. Just Sayin' Big Jake 1001
  5. PING!!!! Just sayin' Big Jake
  6. Ya gotta be careful with the little buggers, they multiply like rabbits. Just sayin' Big Jake 1001
  7. I have an Original 1870's Remington Rolling Block Rifle in 40-50 Sharps Bottle-neck, and I bought an Ammo can filled with 10 Loaded Boxes of Ammo from the SASS Classifieds. If it's marked ORM-D and shipped by UPS Ground, it comes to my Door. It is Illegal to mail live ammo by the Post Office, but I know people do it anyway. I worked for the Post Office from 1972-1999. Just Sayin' Big Jake 1001
  8. I love several cans of Smoked Oysters and stacks of Nabisco saltines and RITZ crackers. Poke a toothpick in each Oyster and have crackers spread on a plate....yummy for the Tummy. Just sayin' Big Jakr
  9. Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! Guy Fawkes and his companions Did the scheme contrive, To blow the King and Parliament All up alive.
  10. Yeah, I keep asking about the Bobwor fence.....they say You mean Barbed wire? Just sayin' Big Jake
  11. cuz I said....."I choose my friends carefully, not any Muslims, it's true"......guess I offended someone. Just sayin' Big Jake
  12. 17 years ago I was walking a swap meet and came across this Vintage Brass Eagle head and bought it for a future time in my life when I would be needing to use a cane That time is getting closer by the minute. Now I gotta find someone who's good at woodworking and make me a stick to screw it onto. Just sayin' PS.......it's gotta be a long stick, I'm 6'6" tall. It's a long way to the ground. Big Jake
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