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  1. My good Friend of 34 years in SASS is B. B. McShagnasty # 452 and he was selling this unfired Navy Arms Winchester 1866 Rifle in 44-40 WCF. He bought it in a TEXAS Gun show back in 1987-88 and brought it home to So/Cal and stashed it in the back of a Safe. There it sat until he found it a few months ago, forgot he had it. I asked if I could buy it. It's still unfired and I'm thinking of selling or trading it for a 38-40 WCF I have 2 Colt's SAA's from 1900 and 1 Colt Bisley from 1902 in that caliber. Also 2 Winchester 1892's and 1 Colt Lightning pump Rifle in .38-40 WCF.from 1890. It would be nice if all were the same caliber.
  2. Next time you go to the Airport, walk over to the foreign currency exchange and they should give you the American $$$. I used to drive Limo for 10 years and got $$$$ from people coming home from countries and tipped me in Funny Money. They hadn't changed it yet. I went in and asked if they would do it for No Charge since it was usually under $20. No Problems Just Sayin' Big Jake
  3. I like me some Kettle Corn flavor Just sayin' Big Jake
  4. I like True Grit but Loved The Searchers. Just sayin' Big Jake
  5. I bought a almost new Mil-Spec from a guy whose dad owned it and died. He didn't like or want it, so I offered him $250 for it. He couldn't find any mags for it and CDNN had a 50% off sale, so I bought 4 new ones from the Company that makes them for Colt and Springfield. $10 each. Shoots great and I can use it when I don't want to use the High Dollar Kimber. It doesn't look Green to me. Maybe that's the older ones, I got this one in 2011 ....100th year anniversary of the 1911.
  6. They called me and said the agents were at the corner waiting for the call to arrest me I said, OH Lordy Lordy what can I do not to get arrested. He said stay on the phone with him and go to Wall Mart or Target and buy gift cards for $700. I said how can I go there? I'm on the phone with you. He said drive there with the phone on, but don't hang up. I said the cord isn't long enough to go to Wall Mart or Target. OH Lordy Lordy, here comes the G men. He asked if i have a wireless phone? YUP. cordless is wireless.....Right? But it only works in the yard and quits when I go more than 50 feet. Hey Agent Sam, I'm in the front yard and don't see anyone at the corner waiting to arrest me. Wait a minute....I see the bushes moving, do they hide in Bushes? I'm getting real scared now Mr Agent Sam whatever your name is......are you sure you got the right guy? Just sayin' Big (what's got his tongue firmly planted in my cheek) Jake #1001
  7. Forty Rod....take a closer look and the AMF and see if it's a AMT .380 auto. They made lots of them. Just sayin' Big Jake 1001.
  8. I love several cans of Smoked Oysters and stacks of Nabisco saltines and RITZ crackers. Poke a toothpick in each Oyster and have crackers spread on a plate....yummy for the Tummy. Just sayin' Big Jakr
  9. Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! Guy Fawkes and his companions Did the scheme contrive, To blow the King and Parliament All up alive.
  10. Yeah, I keep asking about the Bobwor fence.....they say You mean Barbed wire? Just sayin' Big Jake
  11. cuz I said....."I choose my friends carefully, not any Muslims, it's true"......guess I offended someone. Just sayin' Big Jake
  12. 17 years ago I was walking a swap meet and came across this Vintage Brass Eagle head and bought it for a future time in my life when I would be needing to use a cane That time is getting closer by the minute. Now I gotta find someone who's good at woodworking and make me a stick to screw it onto. Just sayin' PS.......it's gotta be a long stick, I'm 6'6" tall. It's a long way to the ground. Big Jake
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