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  1. It's with a Sad and Heavy Heart that I report the passing of Don Wright, alias McShagnasty. SASS #452. He was Shooting End of Trail back in 1985-'86-'87 as a Coto Cowboy before SASS was founded in late 1987. He was one of my best friends for the last 38 years. He was 81 years old when the Lord called him Home. He shot with Butch Cavetchee, Buford McHog, Apache Kid, and myself Big Jake. He Loved making Holsters, Spur Straps, Hat Strings, Shaps. Gun Belts and lots of Knives, both big and tiny ones. He had a Heart attack and was in Hospital for a couple of days. He came home for a month and passed with his family all close by at the end. Via Con Dios Vaquero. You will be missed.
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