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  1. I wanted to go shoot all my guns before I Croak, so I loaded them in the truck and went to the Range but it was closed. I knew a range across the Lake but you had to take a Canoe to get there. Too much weight I guess and it overturned and dumped everything to the bottom. Dang!! Now what to do?? I decided to build a rifle cuz I love Walnut and Steel. If I works good I'll build another one. Made a Shotgun too. Works good. Big (what's got his tongue firmly planted in his cheek) Jake 1001
  2. I'm a 100% rated Disabled Vietnam Veteran. My Calif Plates are FREE and surprised me when I got them. 16972 DV. I thought the 1 was me, I was in the USMC from '69 to '72 and the DV is disabled vet. How cool. No need to pay for Plates and these are very easy to remember. I've had them on 3 Chevy Trucks now. Big Jake 1001
  3. Marine Corps Museum in Quantico VA with a M-40 Scout Sniper Rifle with the Redfield scope. Acc-u-range was good for 100-600 yards. 3X9 variable with bracketing bars at top in field of vision representing 18 inches from 100-600 yds. 3 M-60's set up on Bi-pods and flash suppressors. Faster to get into action than laying it on the ground. Some Marines called it "The Pig" cuz it ate up soooo much ammo. I could grab a 200 round can of ammo and strip it and use the rounds in my M-14 mags. I carried 14 mags on my belt and one in the Rifle. After the 4th of july 1970, all M-14's were called in and I ended up with only 4 mags for the rest of my tour, but it was enough. Big Jake 1001 SASS Life
  4. Is it Photoshopped or not?
  5. Been there, Done that. USMC 1969-1972, Vietnam 1970-1971. Rifle is a M-40, Remington 700/M40 heavy barrel with a Redfield 3X9 variable scope with accu range finder. I also carried an M-14 with a Starlight scope on it for night shooting. we called it "the Green eye"
  6. And now you understand. Anything goes wrong, anything at all... your fault, my fault, nobody's fault... it won't matter - I'm gonna blow your head off. No matter what else happens, no matter who gets killed I'm gonna blow your head off. Big Jake #1001.
  7. So true, soon after buying a basket case 97 and one that would not take down I realized what was going on. 


    "................ I can't tell you how many 1897's I've seen for sale at Gun shows with the mag tube in upside down. I've been allowed to fix a lot of them for the owners, in just 10 minutes with my Swiss Army Knife and they've been very thankful. Some just don't care and say NO, it'll sell anyway.


    You can't believe how much easier it is to take down and put together a proper '97 with everything right. No forcing of parts and it works so much better. I was wondering if your Mag tube was in correctly, or upside down. The little piece of Metal with the 2 small screws holding it on the tube in front of the wood should always be under the barrel, not on the bottom when assembled. The later ones had a pushed up bump instead of the screwed one on the tube...again under the barrel, not on the bottom. That way the interrupted threads can line up with the ones in the receiver correctly. Just sayin'"


    I couldn't have said it any better. That and putting the ring in backwards. Also found one where the nimrod filled off most of the nub on the ring, so it would work, yikes.


  8. I love several cans of Smoked Oysters and stacks of Nabisco saltines and RITZ crackers. Poke a toothpick in each Oyster and have crackers spread on a plate....yummy for the Tummy. Just sayin' Big Jakr
  9. Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! Guy Fawkes and his companions Did the scheme contrive, To blow the King and Parliament All up alive.
  10. Yeah, I keep asking about the Bobwor fence.....they say You mean Barbed wire? Just sayin' Big Jake
  11. cuz I said....."I choose my friends carefully, not any Muslims, it's true"......guess I offended someone. Just sayin' Big Jake
  12. 17 years ago I was walking a swap meet and came across this Vintage Brass Eagle head and bought it for a future time in my life when I would be needing to use a cane That time is getting closer by the minute. Now I gotta find someone who's good at woodworking and make me a stick to screw it onto. Just sayin' PS.......it's gotta be a long stick, I'm 6'6" tall. It's a long way to the ground. Big Jake
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