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  1. Happy Anniversary Trigger Mike. I'm hitting 49 years this friday. Maybe I'll order P F Chang takeout delivered. I got a $50 gift card for Xmas. Perfect time to use it.. Just sayin' Big Jake 1001
  2. I had disable AD BLOCKERS to view video. Lots of ADS, I reset AD BLOCKER. all good now. Just sayin' Big Jake
  3. I know it's coming from Uncle Sam, but it reminds me of something my Dad taught me. Dear Dad No Mon No Fun Send Some You Son. Check the Credit Unions on Line....Nutin' Honey Big Jake 1001
  4. I hadn't had a haircut since last June and it was getting long. When I shampooed , the front went down to my bottom lip. So I grabbed a handful and scissors and cut across the eyebrows. Then each side above the ears. I left the back alone, can't see or reach proper. Now I'm wearing a mullet I guess, Business in the front and Party in the back. Don't go anywhere, so who cares. It will grow out a bit and I'll have it trimmed up right proper then. Just sayin' Big Jake #1001
  5. Alpo, you're making it seem what it's not. We were 13-14 year old kids out on a Saturday having fun. We lived 6 blocks from the Golf course (9 holes) and the last 3 were along a big creek with tons of trees along the top and some down a bit. 60 feet across from top bank to top bank and at least 20-25 feet deep down 45 degrees slope. First time in the Creek we found over 100 Golf balls. most were on the steep banks under tons of IVY and ground cover. You had to look under each leaf and it wasn't easy. A few were in the creek about 6 feet across and a foot deep, Very muddy. We never ever saw 1 golfer ever go down and look for or play a ball. they would just walk to where to ball left the fairway and drop a ball, take a stroke and continue. We sold the Golf balls for 20-25 cents unless it was like new. Just making enough money for a burger/fries/coke at the Pronto Pup in Willow Glen or the Frost Top. maybe if we felt flush, we would buy a comic book or play a couple of games of Pinball. All the Golfers were very glad we sold them lost balls and even their own back because they would never go down and get them. It was 1964 and times were different, they knew were kids trying to have fun and provide a service no one wanted. I could mow a lawn for a buck, wash a car for a buck and wash all windows on your house for a buck. This was more fun and less like work. So Alpo your guns are safe and your bowling balls are safe, I won't steal them and try to sell them to you. Baseballs are safe too, I don't go to them here in Anaheim Stadium. Now go sit with your feet up and cool your jets about my rowdy childhood. just sayin' OH, by the way Alpo, by the time I found his ball, crawled up the steep bank, used the scrubby thingy and caught up to them on the 8th TEE. They were already finished with the 7th hole and teeing off again. maybe 15 minutes after the ball went whizzing by. 4 guys and I didn't know who's ball it was. Turns out it was some CheapA$$ guy who wanted me to give it to him for nothing. I threw it to show him how much 50 cents meant to me. Lots more Golfers, lots more balls every Saturday. Big (what's ain't a Thief) Jake #1001
  6. When I was about 10 (1960) I tried Purina Dog Chow I fed my Irish Setter. Kinda dry and crunchy but not a bad taste. So I'd pour a bowl full and add warm water and an EGG and a bit of Powdered Milk and a whole can of Dog Food. Mix it up and she would Woof it down in about 45 seconds. Musta've liked what I added. Big Jake
  7. I golfed once...1962 it was I believe...lost all hope of ever doing anything like that again. Spent a few years collecting lost balls along the 7th, 8th, 9th,Holes and a creek that had some magnetic attraction to them. I'd find them, and use the scrubby thingy to clean and sell them to golfers for 20 cents to a 25 cents each,depending on condition. Once I was in the banks of the creek 20 feet down from the Fairway and a Ball comes whizzing by. I run and pick it up and go up and clean it and offered it to the golfers. One guy says "Hey that's my Ball. Brand New too, I said 50 cents. He said no, I want it back. I turned and threw it in the Creek and said GO GET IT!!! A$$bite. Big Jake
  8. Prayers up from my ranch to Utah Bob's Ranch. Give her our best too. Big Jake
  9. and they breed too. Yikes!!! Just sayin' Big Jake 1001
  10. Yeah initials would look great except Big Jake would be BJ and I didn't think that as appropriate, so I left it Blank.
  11. When I first started shooting End of Trail a Coto De Caza 1985 my alias was Heavy Duty. EoT was 1982-1991 at Coto De Caza (10 years) SASS started in late 1987 and I joined Feb 1988. Changed my alias to Big Jake and asked Judge Roy Bean #1 if I could have #1001, He said YES. After the monthly match a bunch of us went over to Harper's house in Coto de Caza and he showed me his belt Buckle Collection hanging in a shadow box on the wall. He opened it and gave me the Red River D Belt Buckle cuz I reminded him of John Wayne. I asked Mike Soculose about it and he said it was the Prototype for the Cast Bronze buckles he makes and sells. I thanked Harper Creigh very much for the buckle and wore it for 20 End of Trails I shot and all the annual events and monthly shoots.
  12. So true, soon after buying a basket case 97 and one that would not take down I realized what was going on. 


    "................ I can't tell you how many 1897's I've seen for sale at Gun shows with the mag tube in upside down. I've been allowed to fix a lot of them for the owners, in just 10 minutes with my Swiss Army Knife and they've been very thankful. Some just don't care and say NO, it'll sell anyway.


    You can't believe how much easier it is to take down and put together a proper '97 with everything right. No forcing of parts and it works so much better. I was wondering if your Mag tube was in correctly, or upside down. The little piece of Metal with the 2 small screws holding it on the tube in front of the wood should always be under the barrel, not on the bottom when assembled. The later ones had a pushed up bump instead of the screwed one on the tube...again under the barrel, not on the bottom. That way the interrupted threads can line up with the ones in the receiver correctly. Just sayin'"


    I couldn't have said it any better. That and putting the ring in backwards. Also found one where the nimrod filled off most of the nub on the ring, so it would work, yikes.


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