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  1. I have used them in the past. A roll crimp works better when you reload them. You have to trim the star crimp off. Fun but time consuming. With BP they only last one reload. Not sure about smokeless.
  2. Publicity shot. Probably for the paper or a recruiting brochure. Earplugs don’t look cool.
  3. I've never been in a Dicks. Don't reckon I ever will now.
  4. The Cottonwood down in the creek bed is always the first to signal it's Fall. It began to turn a week or two before the first day of fall.
  5. 32° here but looks like the snow is all north of us.
  6. But tonight I got the 3 Bs. Burgers, Beer, and Bazeball.. ’Merica!
  7. And when he is full of Adrenalin and other drugs.
  8. I saw a man run a good 50 yards after taking a non-survivable hit from a 50. It made a large hole. He did not blow up.
  9. The Chinese Communist government has been our enemy for 70 years. Every now and then, the mask slips and their true nature is revealed, as it is now. They are brutal and oppressive and will remain so until the system collapses. I do not see that happening in my lifetime.
  10. That reminds me, The weather's cooling off. I can start wearing my NRA jacket soon.
  11. Destroying ARs. Madness!
  12. A skull hit from an M2 will have an explosive effect.
  13. Wasn’t sure if you meany cattle or Dow Jones.
  14. In the US an AFV is primarily an armed personnel carrier. A tank would never be referred to as an AFV.
  15. Research would argue against that. These animals are not domesticated. Their genetic makeup will eventually overcome whatever loving human environment they have been raised in.
  16. No such thing as a wild cat that will make a good pet. They will temporarily seem to be okay, but it’s only temporary.
  17. I came very very close to that one morning.
  18. No doubt the fuselage is full of holes.
  19. I suspect he’s like that off camera too
  20. When you rid a bike you do it with a heightened sense of awareness. You have to be sharp of eye and fast of movement. Split second decision making is essential. Or you die.
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