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  1. Forty Rod used to get steamed when he lived in Californy too. We feel y’alls pain. My sister and her family live there.
  2. The often maligned CAC. They’re looking to improve the system. How about a tattoo with a hologram? https://fcw.com/articles/2017/08/14/dod-cac-replacement-carberry.aspx?m=2
  3. This is what it looked like in 1920
  4. Cyrus Cassidy can probably tell us. Well, not probably. Definitely.
  5. https://www.schluterbalikfuneralhome.com/obituary/tim-schrandt
  6. Yes, we should definitely deny that we live in the United States because it might p*** somebody off. A nice psychedelic paint sceme with flowers would be best. Maybe a pic of Che on the license plate? Unfreakingbelievable!!
  7. I’d need a sous chef, several line cooks and a bigass kitchen. I’d drink and supervise.
  8. You could get a monkey and train it. Perhaps there’s an idea in the Rube Goldberg files that would help. Strings, cables, pulleys, counterweights, etc. probably wouldn’t be pretty though.
  9. The current ID ( Common Access Card) has rank and pay grade. It also has a computer chip.
  10. That's what Hangtree was talking about. The receiver from a door opener. I think that would be possible but the wiring schematic might be might be above my skill level. I'm sure there's an engineer here who could tell you how to do it. Now, whether or not it would be in understandable English is another thing altogether.
  11. The crowd was so small I thought I was safe. Wrong.
  12. At the gun show last night there were very few military C&Rs. The crowd was pretty small too.Then I spotted an 1898 Krag on a table. Looked very good. No cracks or pitting. I walked two tables down to see if there was anything else interesting. Came back not more than 3 minutes later reaching for my wallet. It was gone. That'll teach me. My instinct told me to grab it. My mind said "Hold on just a minute. There might be something better over here". Always listen to your instinct. I should know that at my age.
  13. Darwin Croc. Good alias.
  14. Voodoo Tactical Scabbard I put a couple of small eye bolts on the fender and used snap links to affix the scabbard to them.
  15. And a gratuitous shot of the Ute Mts from the top of my ridge.
  16. My wife spotted some big dog tracks in the mid by the back porch. I went out to look. They were cougar tracks. The real kind, not the Botox type.
  17. It was 72 here Monday. The storm is rapidly moving east and north. We never had any blizzard warning here. Denver is gonna get hard tonight I think. Should be pretty nice by the afternoon here.
  18. Well, she looks dang good. But not better than ever. That would be Marie Osmond.
  19. The court would disagree. He was convicted of seven counts of first degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit.
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