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  1. Fast moving and military lawyers seem to be mutually exclusive terms.
  2. Inside the park homer for Raimel Tapia of the Rockies. Haven’t seen one of those in quite a while. This calls for a drink.
  3. Well deserved but.....It would make the recipient extremely uncomfortable. I have known a few. They were humble humble, unassuming men who accepted the award on behalf of their fallen brothers.
  4. There is no requirement to salute the MOH. It is a courtesy and sign of respect. Rank still prevails. The private would salute a commissioned officer but the officer might salute first if he knew of the award. These days with combat uniforms rather than dress uniforms being the common duty wear you wouldn’t know if the soldier was a MOH recipient or not unless you knew him personally. This should help. https://www.stripes.com/blogs-archive/the-rumor-doctor/the-rumor-doctor-1.104348/must-all-troops-salute-medal-of-honor-recipients-1.125849#.XLuasIpMGhA
  5. Gene Moe. A modern Hugh Glass. I first heard about him from a relative of his. I didn't believe it till he brought me news clippings. http://badassoftheweek.com/genemoe.html
  6. I just want an F-86. Doesn’t even need to run.
  7. You're good here. Probably get an nice hero award from the sheriff.
  8. The FBI admitted they had no pc for an arrest. They wanted to interview her based on her apparent fascination with Columbine combined with her traveling to 5he area and purchase of a firearm. On social media she had made statements in the past that concerned her family and friends.
  9. Local news media said she “legally” purchased the shotgun. Really? I don’t think so. https://abcnews.go.com/US/colorado-authorities-searching-columbine-obsessed-woman-threatened-denver/story?id=62440721
  10. The Navy wasn’t the only branch to use it for ground attack.
  11. It’s a plane that looks like it means business. I have a friend who was a Phantom driver and an airline pilot later. One year when the Reno air races were going on I asked him if he ever did any air racing. ” Only when I was trying to get out of North Vietnam airspace”, he said.
  12. With absolutely no info other than pictures and some arson investigation training, it is my opinion at this time that it was simply due to the construction. The origin appears to be on the roof where the restoration activity is going on. One welding spark (or cigarette) on the wood planks of the scaffolding or the centuries-old wood roof portions would start an inferno in a short time. A deliberate arson attempt would most likely have been done at a much lower level. I could be wrong. But how many other fires have we seen here on buildings under construction that were similar? The Stratosphere hotel in 93 and the Monte Carlo in Vegas in 2003 come to mind. I hope it's carelessness and not deliberate.
  13. Also makes them look tasty to predators. Nature is funny.
  14. Most probably. It happens all the time. New construction or renovation. Welding sparks, a hot rivet dropped, etc.
  15. That was my first thought. How many fires have we all seen that started during construction or renovation? One witness said it seemed to start as the cathedral was closing for the day. Construction crew also wrapping it up. Maybe a hot weding torch laid down on a wood scaffold? Sparks? Hot rivet dropped? Cigarette (it’s Paris, everybody smokes) Time will tell. Somebody has a lot of splaining to do. If they find out some goober worker caused it they may bring back the Guillotine.
  16. My first thought was that they never anticipated a fire of this magnitude, even though there are a number of high rise buildings in Paris. Had this been a major city in the states I believe the response would have been different. All of the footage I’m seeing is from ground level. No helicopters at all; neither new media nor police/fire? 900 years of history! What a shame.
  17. Wow! https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/15/world/notre-dame-cathedral-fire/index.html
  18. Alas, a lot of them have moved to the pasture in the sky.
  19. It’s red. Red light won’t ruin night vision. The smell might get you kilt though.
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