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  1. Only if you mention my tinfoil beret.
  2. Come to think of it I do seem to recall warnings about silver and Tarn-x years ago. I’ve been dipping my wif’s jewelry in it for a long time with no apparent ill effects. Just the silver though, not the gemstones.
  3. We sell tickets for our raffle at events on Memorial Day, Independence Day Festival, and the local gun show. At the drawing in Sep no one is present but our post members. The winners are notified by phone the next morning. They pick up the prize at our LHS. Sometimes they’re out of state and shipping has to be arranged.
  4. I await the conspiracy theorists claim that this was a US false flag operation.
  5. When I was a cop our qualification course was 48 rounds. Which they eventually realized wasn't realistic. It was cut in half and included immediate action drills.
  6. NObody accused anybody of insulting "illegal immigrants"
  7. I am not glad whenever I see any actions that will only serve to destabilize the Middle East without producing any lasting results.
  8. Found this. Hard to know who to believe. http://www.hermansilver.com/tarn-x.htm
  9. Thisn. Seldom carry it though.
  10. AS far as pistols go, my Taylor's Cattleman. With full house BP cartridges of course.
  11. True. But time marches on. I don't use the same words I did years ago.
  12. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It helps to have a couple of 16 year olds with axes on hand.
  13. I've seen too many of these "miraculous" cloud formations that were fake to be impressed.
  14. We held a raffle for a Radical Firearms AR two weeks ago. Mad in Texas. Our lgs gives us a good price on our raffle guns each year. https://www.radicalfirearms.com/
  15. The gas inventories on hand at the stations will not be depleted. Each new delivery is priced accordingly. But the fuel already delivered and in the tank will be boosted up to the new price. Happens every time there is an oil “Crisis. Been doing it since the 70s. The petroleum industry is far different than your average widget company.
  16. And squealed and farted. Very talented. Shoulda been in show biz.
  17. Har. That has nothing to do with it. They’ll raise the price of the already refined and stored gas. They do it all the time. It’s the Economic law of greed.
  18. Good thing nobody from the utility company drove by.
  19. I always use TarnX on my sterling silver stuff.
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