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  1. I can’t recall the best drink I ever had. I’ll have to cogitate on that. I know it wasn’t the first drink I ever had.
  2. They are more enthusiastic about some crappy product than I have ever been about anything. Ever!
  3. Tonight with Pizza, a nice California red blend.
  4. Blue Nun and Schwartze Katz were two wines I guzzled in Germany. And some bier...
  5. My dad went through Aerial Gunners school in Yuma in the summer of 43. Then he loaded up on the train with a couple hundred other guys headed for New York and England. But a day later they announced that there was a critical need for radio men in the 8th Air Force so the train diverted north to radio operators school and that’s where he spent the winter of 44. In Minot North Dakota!
  6. I’ll continue my Ft Drum experience later. I’ll need alcohol.
  7. I'm capable of refraining from waxing political on such occasions. She was an amazingly strong woman. Her fight with cancer for so many years is inspirational. She did what she thought was best for her country and for humanity. May she Rest in Peace.
  8. Not to step on Joe's thread about the Ft Drum in California, here's the other Ft Drum, named after a different fella It's waaaay up in New York state, about a long rife shot from Canada. And the weather couldn't be any different from the California Ft. Drum. Frrrigid is one word that comes to mind. Windy is another. It's now the home base of the 10th Mountain Division. When I visited there for a couple of weeks for some cold weather training in 1969 it was only used during the summer as a National Guard training area. No one was foolish enough to go there in the winter. Except We few, we happy few in Special Forces. One reason was perhaps that the furnaces in the circa WWI barracks didn't work very well, and the walls had 1/4" gaps between the boards. Good ventilation in summer I suppose. Kind of uncomfortable in winter. No surprise the 10th Mountain is stationed there . Note the pic. They like snow. I was ensconsed in sleepy Ft. Devens, Mass in a small apartment off-post with my beautiful new bride of only a month or two. She, like I, had grown up in South Florida, a stranger to truly cold weather. But I had been stationed in Bavaria for the past year and knew well the beauty of a snowy landscape, and the unpleasantness of carrying a rucksack through it. So just as winter was about t unleash it's cruelty, the Army ripped me from the warm arms of my beloved and pointed me in the direction of Camp Drum, as it was called then, a remote huge military reservation near the Canadian border. As I prepared my A Team for deployment to Drum, I said to myself, “How bad could it be?” I had trekked all over the Alps in winter with my band of brothers. Skis, Snowshoes, Sleeping blankets and camaraderie reigned. I have since learned never to say to myself, “How bad could it be?” No doubt some lowly Lieutenant in 1855 had the same thought as he sat ahorse waiting for the command to advance at Balaclava. https://home.army.mil/drum/index.php/about/history
  9. https://www.legendsofamerica.com/ca-drumbarracks/
  10. I was at the other Camp Drum for winter training in 69. It's in Upstate New York. Now called Fort Drum. Not nearly as nice. One of the coldest places I've ever been!.
  11. Exactly. I don’t need no extra elektrons runnin around in my safe. I hear they cause rust too!
  12. Don’t know. Army used M14s. I can ask Big Jake. He was a Jarhead sniper.
  13. It was a nice quite evening. No incoming. Whatwazzat?? Okay, just the door slamming. Whew!
  14. I can’t believe some of the stuff I drank when I was young!
  15. https://www.officer.com/home/article/10921620/miranda-rights-and-wrongs
  16. Me too. Always a pen for sure. And a 3’ tape comes in very handy.
  17. I think Robert Newton started i5 when he played Long John Silver. Arrrrr. Arrrgggh is what Charlie Brown says.
  18. I think that%’s just haggling. At an auction they have a starting price. Nothing lower than that is accepted.
  19. I told ya drinks were free 6 to 6:15. Couldn’t decide on a libation for the occasion. Then I remembered. What young, unsophisticated Bob woulda had. Quality Scotch? Nope. Champagne? Hahaha! Beer. Yeah, but that’s not a celebration drink. Ya need hard likker. Then it hit me like a Creedence Clearwater Revival tune turned up to 11! Rum and Coke! Drink of choice for the young and foolish in the 70s. O course I wouldn’t have had a Ron Zacapa 23. Too much $$$$ for me back then. But I understand now that life is too short to drink cheap liquor.
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