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  1. After somewhere around 20,000 rounds I had to replace the small indexing ratchet. Other than that, I reload 8 different calibers on my Lee Classic Turret with zero issues. It is a great affordable press for reloading.
  2. How about Owen Wister's The Virginian? Yup, it IS a great work of literature, by the way.
  3. I too watched the entire video and found it quite informative although I did not agree with some of the sentiment. As far as hoarding, define hoarding. For several years I shot between 8000 and 10,000 9mm rounds per year. Needless to say I had quite a bit of ammo on hand, of course that was at the old pre pandemic Walmart prices which were quite favorable to high volume shooters. 9 mm ammo today is $13 to $14 per box of 50, 115 grain FMJ... Considering the almost hyper inflation that we have been enjoying not a terrible price but still hurts. I think most of us probably have been watching this market pretty closely and have acted accordingly based on our needs over the last few years. Those of us who were already prepared were sitting pretty and probably still are. As far as cowboy I agree with black powder or a substitute as being a very viable alternative to potentially running low or out of your favorite smokeless brands. There just ain't nothing as fun as lots of flame and smoke and a pair of sixguns.
  4. I read Skeeter's writings a little every month just to keep his work fresh in my mind. Because pure enjoyment.
  5. The BFR in 30-30, an almost practical revolver... almost, is a 6 shot fireball machine.
  6. There is a reason MSNBC, etc, don't report on border invasion. I wonder why?
  7. As someone who has spent a lifetime not petting bison, buffalo or rodeo bulls, I can recommend the practice. Seems to work well and have positive results.
  8. High Plains Hud from Lenexa, Kansas. This guy is not only an exceptional shooter and competitor but the nicest darn fella you'll ever meet. He'll help you any which way he can and if you're lucky enough to beat him he'll be the first to shake your hand with a hearty congratulations. High Plains Hud is not only a fierce competitor but he has a contagious laugh and a wit that keeps you having way more fun than you should when he's beating you. He has dressed a supurb classic cowboy style from the 1st day I met him years ago. I am proud to call him a friend and a mentor.
  9. Love me a real gun shop. I went through Salida, Colorado recently and visited Salida Guns. Now THAT place is a gunshop! Reminds me of real gunstores from the '70s and '80s. Kid in a candy shop kind.
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