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  1. I've seen a standard SASS badge get a free coffee.
  2. Seems like the last time these were sold a part of the cost went to different pro gun organizations that fight to protect our 2A.
  3. More and more, most of my friends seem to have 4 legs instead of two.
  4. Email him. Web address available on his FB page. He just responded to an email query I had. He's in business.
  5. Water or gatorade, depending on heat/humidity. Mixed nuts and jerky for protein, granola/breakfast/energy bars for carbs and energy.
  6. We had a toilet paper shortage and more people buy TP than ammo and TP is back.
  7. Make them count back the change to you if you really want see heads spin.
  8. Exactly. Frequent example I hear a lot: Q: What's a good number I call you back on? A: 555-666-7777? Always ends it with a questioning sound as if they don't actually know their own number! Please spell your name: R O B J O H N S O N? Again, people sound as if they are uncertain about their own name. Spell it like you mean it, people! It's YOURS! OWN IT! Now I require distilled liquid...
  9. Not sure if I agree with this one... First off, YES I do agree. If an 18 year old can fight and die for the country then it only makes some sense they should be able to carry a gun for personal protection. Oversight and training being quite a bit different though between a trained soldier and your average 18 year old kid. On the other hand, NO. I'd argue most 18 years old are too immature these days to carry a weapon for personal protection. I work with 35 year olds who are too damn immature for that matter. Carrying a gun is a huge responsibility. YES, th
  10. To extrapolate somewhat on Birdgun's story… After a match a couple years ago about 10 or 12 of us Classics met for dinner out at a local restaurant still in costume. We were in cattle country and an old boy comes up to us and looks us over real good and says, "You know how I can tell you ain't real cowboys? None of your clothes is durty!" We all got a good laugh.
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