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  1. Picked up a couple of things in trade recently that I want to move along. 1. Uberti Colt Walker copy. This came to me as unfired and it looks like it. The box is kinda beat up but the gun is perfect. Box appears to be a few years old. This is a Stoeger import. Includes a Howell .45 Colt conversion cylinder. Also new/unfired. $600 for the set up plus a bit to ship. 2. Should stock for Colt revolver. It was traded to me as fitting a Colt 51 Navy. I tried it on a Uberti 60 Army and it would not quite go. Maybe it is for a Pietta? It might fit an Uberti with a bit of fitting but no guarantee. $200 but a bit to ship. Shipping will be split. I can do USPS MO or discreet on line pay. Trades...not really but maybe. I would trade #1 on a shooter grade Colt gen 2 Dragoon or other Colt Gen 2. Other Colt clone or military clone BP stuff or ????? Pics in second post.
  2. OP....be careful. Lots of scamming going on with WTB adds these days. Has happened here and over at MLF.
  3. Put me in line it if the other fella messes up and don't buy it!! That is a great rifle.
  4. I have a pretty nice Remington 11-87 Sportsman model for sale.Pretty nice shape.Barrel is approximately 23.5" long. Threaded for RemChoke chokes. This maybe a cut down factory barrel. If it is, it is well done and the chokes thread in and out. It is a 2 bead barrel.Stocks are the factory black plastic/nylon stocks.$375 plus some shipping to you via UPS TRADES, BP stuff, pre 1898 stuff. Dragoon conversion cylinder etc.Payment is by discreet pp. I can also do Venmo. PM or email if you need to do a different payment.
  5. I have 2 Remington 11-87 factory barrels for sale.28" Vent rib RemChoke barrel. Parkerized finish. Hasting extended choke.....extra full?21" approximately Vent rib RemChoke barrel. Parkerized. Another Hastings choke...not sure what but I will check. This one is probably a cut down but is threaded for RemChoke system.$275 shipped net to me. Payed on line with pp. I can do a USPS MO but you will need to send it priority mail. Sold pending funds.
  6. I have a nice Winchester 1894 for sale. This is a nice gun that I picked up recently. It was basically just out of the closet where it sat for years. Pretty standard carbine. 20" barrel. It is marked .30 W.C.F aka .30-30. Great bore. Built in 1940 or 41. I will double check the ser. #. It looks like it had a saddle ring on it at one point. Now it has a screw there. The screw looks like has been there awhile. I have not cleaned it up. I think it will clean up well. $550 shipped to your FFL this side of the Mississippi. $10 more on the other side. Payment by discreet on line pay, pp or venmo. I can do a USPS MO though.
  7. PM me.....I'm thinking about getting out of .38-40
  8. Howdy Abilene, Yup it is a 4 click gun. If there weren't a nice used Colt SAA sitting at my LGS, I would be keeping it.
  9. I could use an open top in .38 special. Either an 1872 or conversion. Navy grip please. 1851 Navy in .38 or .44. I prefer a Pietta but Uberti is fine 1860 Army...Pietta or Uberti. Other Cowboy stuff or Colt revovlers. Winchester lever guns Decent 1892 Winchester clone in .38 or .45 colt Cash from you or me depending.
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