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  1. If you'll take good looks and well wishes, we have a deal! I'd have borrow the good looks though.
  2. Well...that is weird. I have no idea why that first picture has that box. I will get some more pics and fix it.
  3. I need to move a couple of things. 1. NIB Pietta 1851 Navy. .36 cal. steel frame. 7-1/2 barrel. Unfired with box. Box is beat up but still there. $200 plus some shipping. 2. Cimarron Arms, Uberti Cavalry model. This is a copy of the Custer era 1873 Colt SAA. 7-1/2 barrel, .45 Colt cal. This is US marked, grips have a cartouche, butt is marked to one of Custer's companies. I will have to check and see which one. $460 shipped. This will ship from my FFL to yours. I will post some pics tomorrow. PM or email me for questions.
  4. if ya change your mind on shipping, let me know. I could use some of that ammo. UPS ain't too hard to work with.
  5. I would shoot Jerry Lee AKA "What Price Glory" an email. Ask him if he would do a repro. He has been doing a ton of Indian War era stuff...hopefully one is in the works.
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