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  1. I have a really nice Pietta 1851 with a 5" barrel. Gun is a .44 cal.It is in excellent shape. It was sold to me as un-fired and I never shot it. I might be unfired but has been cycled.It has the hex 5" barrel on it.$210 plus a bit to ship it ot you.I also have an 1860 Army 5-1/2" barrel for sale with teh gun. This also was sold to me as un fired. Bore looks very clean.$90 for the buyer only at this point. If the buyer does not want it I will list it separately later.I would prefer to get paid with pp on this. THIS IS CROSS POSTEDThanks!
  2. Howdy Mike, Sounds like a great Krag! I would love to have one but I need a shooter grade or a sporter that can be made in reasonable copy of a military Krag. Thanks for the offer though.
  3. Howdy Mike, Thanks for the offer. I've already got a good 73. I should have mentioned cartridges. I'm looking for .45 Colt and .38-40 in the pistol calibers. I'm less picky on the rifle cartridges but prefer .45-70, .30-40 Krag or other rimmed cartridges.
  4. Howdy, I am looking for a Winchester or 2 and maybe a Colt that have been poorly treated. Looking for shooter grade refinished guns. Rebarreled is fine, even a plus. I would like the original markings to be be strong. Refinished wood, shortened barrel etc is good. I need an 1895, an 1886, an 1892. I might be interested in something else...ya never know! Thanks!
  5. I will contact you if this sale doesn't happen.


  6. Tan pair still available $40 plus shipping ($10)

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