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  1. Thanks! Should go smooth but supposed to hurt like a son of a gun after it.
  2. Yeah, I would take them both and work it out with Yankee Bandit. EDIT. Might be better if Yankee Bandit buys them and sends one on to me. I have surgery Monday and will be laid up for a couple of days.
  3. I would buy the Pietta if you wanted to split them up.
  4. Doc, If you decide to sell it please let me know. I have nothing in my trade pile that you want. Thanks.
  5. Howdy Brazos......where did I buy this? I cannot find any messages or posts about it? This is me--->
  6. Howdy......I got some .45-70 brass in the mail yesterday and I cannot figure out where I bought or traded for it. So Mr Shackleton if you are here, drop me a pm! Thanks!
  7. UPS says it did. I have to look around the house. So many Christmas items came late that my wife might have stuck it somewhere and forgot to mention it to me. I will go check around/ask her.
  8. I will take those stripper clips. Never knew there was such a thing.
  9. That sounds like a really cool rifle. I just picked this up and my wife decided it was my Christmas present which in our house means it never gets sold. I will do a chamber cast and slug the bore next week after we get through Christmas. Paying it forward here.
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