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  1. i will take them. Shoot me your payment info. Thansk!
  2. Gen 5 Glock is best Glock....I was a hater and could not shoot them. I tried the 19x...basically the same as the G45 and that changed my mind. Trigger and grip are much better than Gen 4 and earlier. That is a great price and has all 3 mags.
  3. I will contact you if this sale doesn't happen.


  4. That butt stock looks like something you'd see on a new Marlin.
  5. I will disagree about cost. If I swing by my LGS everyday or every other day for a couple of weeks I know I can get a glock for $400 or less. An AR for between $400 and $500.( Right now my LGS has complete upper and lowers that can be paired up for around $425 and new PSA AR for under $500. Add in an 870 for $200 or less and you can shoot 3 gun. Not the best set up but you can shoot. CAS will run a good bit more.
  6. I've got a nice one I was about to list for sale. $450. I will pm you.
  7. Ahh.....that's what i get for not checking in here sooner. I'd say seconds but that ain't happening.
  8. Do it up like the new Ruger Wrangler! Black cylinder and burnt bronze frame!
  9. LOL....good one! I'm sure more than a couple of cowboys were fixing to stroke out.
  10. Kid...sorry that I did not get back to you sooner. For some reason I am not getting notifications when someone responds. That is a nice looking six gun. What caliber is it?
  11. I've got an older Marlin 1894 in .357/.38. it is a pre Remington model. I'm thinking about trading it off for something in .45 Colt. A lever gun is my first choice. What are the older ones worth now? What kinda rifle should i be looking at? I'm not really interested in a newer Rossi. Nothing wrong with it but i really don't want to do another cartridge. Thanks.
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