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  1. Miller's Crossing - $5 Last Man Standing/The Last Boyscout - $5 I will take these
  2. Howdy, I've got an original Winchester 1876 in .45-60. This is in the 22" barrel configuration. HOWEVER it may not have left the factory that way. If it was shortened post factory it was done long ago. The wood is solid on it. Cycles just fine. I have not shot it. Bore is what you would expect from a 140 year old gun. I have been working on it and it gets better but it still has dark spots, pits etc. I was gifted some stuff by some good folks here in the wire when I picked this up so i will include that. Some cast bullets in 300/325 grain and some .45-70 brass. The bra
  3. That guy is gonna get at least a bit of what's coming to him.
  4. I have a pretty nice Ruger PC9 carbine for sale. This is the model with the factory rail.It comes complete with box, Glock mag adaptor(in the rifle now) paper work etc.Runs great with Glock mags. Barrel is threaded.I ran around 100rnds through it w/o an issue. Lots of fun.I am only selling it because I bought a CZ Scorpion and Micro Roni.$600 plus shipping.
  5. I have a package deal for sale.1. Lee 4 piece deluxe .40/10mm reloading die set. https://leeprecision.com/4-die-set-40-s-w-carb.html 2. 250 pieces of factory primed .40S&W brass. Not even available at Top Brass. Just the brass is $60 at Top Brass.3. Missouri Bullet Company 500 coated .401 bullets.$190 plus shipping to you.
  6. I've got an original in .45-60 I was thinking about selling. Short rifle. Pretty hand for a 76. PM me if you are interested.
  7. These are great rifles....love mine. Mine does not have the rear sight yours does. It just has the tang sight. I wish it did. Did you add it?
  8. I have 56 rnds of factory Krag .30-40 ammo for sale. Remington 180 psp Core Lokt ammo. 2 full factory boxes and 1 box with 4 rounds fired. 4 1x fired brass included. $115 shipped. Not cheap I know it is sold out every where and the sticker price was $40 on them. Payed on line with discreet pp.
  9. Forty Rod, I'm confused. Did you order from WPG? You said they were out of your size? I checked the website and they list 11 as the largest size like you said but you are looking for 12 EEE?
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