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  1. Good Morning! I've got a nice revolver up for trade/selling. Here are the particulars on it. S&W .357 Magnum. Pre model #. This is NOT a registered magnum but made before Smith started the model # system. I believe it was made around 1950. Gun has the less common 5" barrel on it. Factory grips. The condition on it is superb...easily 90-95%. I am basically the second owner on it. It was sold by the original owners daughter. She claimed he shot it for a year and put it away. The condition on it sure looks that way. I have shot it...shoots like a laser beam, better than I can shoot. I would sell it outright for $1570 shipped from my FFL to your FFL Trades. I would trade for a Colt SAA in .45 colt or .38-40. I would do a gun plus cash on the following firearms. Exact trade value/cash to be worked out. I need to get at least $500 cash on a deal. Winchester m95 SRC repro in .30-40 Cimmaron arms Cavalry Colt clone H&R trapdoor Cavalry carbine Original trapdoor rifles or carbine Krag rifle/carbine. I also would be interested in a Krag that has been made into a carbine clone or could be. I also like pre 1918 German rifles and handguns maybe other WW1 or earlier guns. French 1873 MAS revolver S&W .38/44 S&W 28-2. 3-1/2" or 4" barrel You get the idea or what I like. Here are the pics that I have on my 'puter right now. I will get more later. NOTE> trigger shoe has been removed. Thanks!!
  2. Drop dead sexy rifle! If'n I weren't broke from being laid up hurt the last year or so, we'd be talking.
  3. Sorry about the delay.....got caught up in a bunch of stuff yesterday. The finish is really nice on the metal but the weather is so hot and humid here and teh metal was sweating a bit. Deleted them. See the last post.
  4. I have a really nice Winchester 94 for sale. Here are the details. 1. Cal. .30-30 2. Made around 1984 3. Angle eject. 4. 16" barrel 5. Has saddle ring on it. 6. It had a scope on it when I got it. I took it off however the factory screws are missing. It shoots very nicely. Overall condition on this is really good. $475 plus shipping to you. FFL must accept from non FFL. I will post up pics today. Thanks!!
  5. Tan pair still available $40 plus shipping ($10)

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