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  1. Why can't she go by her own dinner?
  2. I had not seen the movie before and last night rented and watched 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. I can't figure out if this was a really good movie or a really bad movie . It was certainly dark and depressing but the story very well told and well acted. The movie had a fantastic cast and you never could quite figure where the story was taking you and it ended leaving the viewer with about the same feeling as No Country for Old Men did. Although I enjoyed the movie and it's one of those movies I'll probably watch again in the future I don't think I will ever need to own this one . Maybe after viewing it a second time the story will resonate better or at least not seem so depressing. Maybe though, it's supposed to be even though there's almost a semblance of something good somehow emanating or evolving from all the rest of the story's ongoing struggle for the characters to find any happiness or salvation?
  3. If I use that stuff on my firearms will my guns get the munchies?
  4. Thanks for the info. Always look forward to the cowboy vendors!
  5. https://www.ksn.com/community/veteran-salute/veteran-salute-ball-turret-gunner-says-you-never-get-over-combat/2018748578
  6. What July Smith said. The nominal price increase for a DW you'll pay over a Colt, Kimber, at al is money well spent. From what I've seen I'd say they are almost on par with Les Baer 1911s.
  7. What's its purpose? IWB, OWB, appendix carry, shoulder holster... none of those work well enough? If you want to carry a Glock in your pocket, get one of the many Glocks offered now that will serve that role and use it with a proper pocket carry holster. Done. I'm voting for gimmick.
  8. I prefer to watch MLB brawls on youtube.
  9. Today on a flight there was a much older fella sitting a couple rows in front of me wearing a very interesting ball cap. It was a Marine Corp Korean War veteran logo ball cap style hat which immediately caught my attention. The logo on the back of the cap said "Chosin Few." I had to catch my breath. After deboarding and collecting our luggage I had a chance to briefly converse with him. It was truly an honor to speak with him and shake his hand.
  10. Technically speaking, we are always looking at somebody's daughter. Age is the defining parameter here. Relative to our own. If a guy is 20 checking out an 18 year old... ok. If a 50 year old is seriously doing the same to that 18 year old, not acceptable.
  11. I find reloading to be therapeutic. Well, sort of. It's better than sitting in a chair and staring at the wall or cleaning out the cat box or listening to AOC. Hmm. Same thing really, but I digress. Some people like to "stack" precious metals. I enjoy stacking Pb. Since I shoot 45 Colt I do save quite a bit of money by reloading. 45 Colt factory ammo prices can be anywhere from $40 to $50 a box. Smokeless and BP. I figure I reload for somewhere between $10 to $12 a box of 50. Money and time well spent.
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