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  1. A good friend of mine is a wonderful camp cook and some of my favorites that he has made over the year include Venison prepared several different ways, elk steaks, fresh walleye and trout. Breakfasts are pretty standard with bacon-and-eggs and coffee but somehow taste much better at 9000' above sea level than back home. We usually drink our dessert so sadly no Dutch oven cobblers.
  2. That just shows you how worthless innocent life is to one particular political party in this country. But we already knew that, didn't we?
  3. This. Originally we were told that 5.56 and 300 Blackout could use the same magazine. Well, almost. In many cases it will work fine but I have discovered especially with Magpul magazines (who do now make a dedicated 300 Blackout magazine) they tend to run more reliably with the 300 Blackout ammo. Especially the heavier bullets. In my experience a brand new magazine works fine but as the magazine cycles over and over and over and perhaps the spring gets a little weaker or just gets a little more flex to it there can be a problem with 300 Blackout heavy bullets feeding reliably out of a 5.56 magazine.
  4. I am pretty sure that in 45 Colt the 325 grain bullet is longer than the 160 grain bullet...
  5. HD- The only reason you should be hanging up your spurs is if you have a moment of weakness and decide to not wear them because you are shooting a category other than Classic.
  6. If you go through Winslow, Az you can go stand on a corner...
  7. And just what's wrong with prime rib, ribeye, or t bone? Seems like better beef parts to be had. The full bar however...
  8. What the hell people? Texas and surrender should never be said in the same breath!
  9. SASS... KS, OK, TX, CO, NE, AZ, NM, WY. All great places and I will go back to all. Need to add more states to that list.
  10. I agree that politicians should fear the people voting. And in this case maybe would be prudent to pay attention to the ire of a huge voting block that simply believes in freedom. I do however believe the anti gun liberal politicians do hate half of this country. The rhetoric started even before the "deplorables" comment (which was illustrative of the sentiment towards us) and is directed toward the half of this country that kept HRC from becoming dictator. These laws are punitive targeting whom the left sees as Trump voters.
  11. Tensions are high not because of gun owners. Tensions are high because of anti-American freedom hating liberal politicians who hate gun owners and the United States Constitution and everything good about this country. Freedom loving gun owning Americans have had enough.
  12. Several years ago I wanted to do the same thing but could never locate any of the replica models you mention. When you get your collection put together post some pictures if you would not mind. A collection of Confederate cap and ball guns is a pretty neat historical idea.
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