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  1. Forty, lotsa people these days would yelled, screamed and cursed those rotten cops for hindering their evening...you took the time to realize how important it actually was and were grateful for them. You are a class act my friend, I'll stake my oath on it! OO
  2. YS, that is a great website...just registered, looking through the marketplace there will git me in more trouble. Saw a couple familiar names on there too...thanks you! Utah Bob, ya, dangit, i shoulda ordered those when i ordered my rifle today..oh well, still gotta find that dang horn
  3. Man for using a gun from the 1800s, I'm sure spending money in the 2020s,lol....my dad and I do a bit of leather work, so I'm gonna make my possible bag, probably make my own knife, got a hawk already..need to get on the clothes. I got a big bull horn from years ago, gonna make that into a powder horn if I can find it :)
  4. And that there is the kind of stuff I'm looking to get into.
  5. Lymen Great plains rifle 54cal. Percussion. This is to go right next my Shiloh 45-90 the wife got me for my birthday this year.I've been shooting the holy black with my 44-40s in sass matches, pale rider gunfighter, this seems like a natural progression.
  6. OK too late to turn back now, just ordered the rifle from. DIXIE!!! SHOULD SHIP MONDAY! very excited. And I never though but using an alcohol swab, excellent, got a bunch of those laying around, thanks WK...I did order some pre-lubed patches .
  7. just bought a new rod, muzzle protector, a 54 cal kit with bullet puller, cleaning brushes and bullet pusher...already got patches, balls, powder measure....i need a powder horn and some cool clothes...wife is gonna love this months credit card...and i haven't even ordered the rifle (tomorrow) ;)...i got sass clothes but i might need to go back a few more years frontiersman style
  8. Lead balls and real bp only for me. Shutzen or goex..gonna order a real ram rod for non matches but I read that some matches require wood or iron rods, something available then. Muzzle protector is a must too..will hit up Dixie and Track of the wolf tomorrow. This thread is awesome for a new shooter like me. Thanks everyone
  9. I also ight look at those Buckhorn sights and silver front
  10. Wow, this is why I love this place. Excellent advice guys and I guess I'm gonna order the rifle today or tomorrow!!! I bought a couple dow rods already cause I figured I would bust them. Heavy coating of boiled linseed oir might toughen em up!! Thanks for the help and I will absolutely take all advice!!
  11. pards, I've been shooting black powder for years but due to a recent purchase and a buddy steering me in the right direction, I've become very interested in muzzle loaders and shooting them in matches. Was wondering for you guys who do this, can you give me an opinion about a rifle I looking at...I'm looking at a Lyman Great Plains rifle in 54 cal. This seems to have great reviews and is pretty period correct. Would this be a decent starting rifle for muzzle loadings shoots? Thanks, Ornery Oaf
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