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  1. Switched from mec Jr to Lee loadable, easy to use, fast. 7.6 or 8 shot , which ever i can get shells dont matter to me, i get used 00 Buck from police range. Load at the high end of holy black Claybusters or whatever
  2. Larger gun shops go to distributors for brands, sometimes they get several guns and don't always have a choice. They get a bunch of one and a couple of others. My shop just got a big ruger order and it had a couple vaquerros, one sold, shop still has the stainless 5in 45colt. Like 745.00....not bad
  3. Anyone ever feel sorry for the Black Widows???? I kinda did, they get their butts kicked every time
  4. And of course, one of my favorites, a little older I'd "Paint Your Wagon".... we get to hear Lee Marvin and Clint sing.
  5. Was just watching "Every which way but loose"......and I just realized that MA was shooting at the Black Widows with an old Winchester 97!!!! It even fired when she racked it forward.....awesome , a must see for and Clint Eastwood fan!!!! Just turn the volume down when Sandra Locke sings.
  6. How has this not sold?!?!...bump for a great rifle in a true holy black caliber, if I didn't have one already, this would be mine
  7. Wonder how it would tun my 45-70 515g holy black loads.....;)
  8. No problem at all, I'm out of town until Monday, I got your pm and I'm gonna try to get your money going tomorrow
  9. Show her a sig P365..game changer, I have a couple, never jambs, runs hst or G2 like a sewing machine. Good trigger and my 78 year old mother can work the slide easily.
  10. Horse Soldier is a fantastic bourbon in that price range. For a little more, get the silver barrel strength bottle, as good as it gets and it's 120ish proof so sipping straight or on ice is about the best I've tried. A get together of my old marine unit, we had this and a bottle of pappy. No kidding, most(including me) preferred the silver label Horse Soldier.i bought it for the fantastic true story behind it, but the taste and smoothness won everyone over. I
  11. Lassiter.....he is a chiappa guy
  12. I load my 12g on a Lee load all...very easy little machine, I use it to load my black powder shellls.....only problem I had is I wanted to load 10g, but the Lee Load-All doesn't have a 10g option..... Maybe a better name is Lee Load-most
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