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  1. I heard jedi guncart..im thinking here we go, this is gonna be stupid...boy was I wrong! That is probably one of the best carts I've ever seen!!! Man that thing is well done. I'm jealous, and may try to steal some of that design to make a cart because I need a new one before I get back spring. but I don't have near those skills....well done pard!
  2. Hope they get quality control fixed.....cause they have sucked the last few years
  3. Annual clothing allowance for uniform repairs and such. Its nice but when uniform pants cost 75-80 bucks....I worked plain clothes/undercover for years , ruined several things but they were like t-shirts or jeans...if you wear a 1k suit or expensive leather jacket on this job .....you get what ya deserve
  4. I think he wont(unfortunately) and nothing will hit the fan. Conservatives usually don't riot, as we usually have to work the next morning. The liberal yahoos celebrating?..who knows, they might get crazy and destroy their own crap again
  5. No boozy fudge, but I just made my very first batch of bourbon balls....used Makers Mary 46.....they got rave reviews, came out teal nice...Makers Mark usually doesn't disappoint
  6. LQ, I will take that beautiful brace of pistols!!!!!!! Couldn't hold out any longer. I will send you a pm with info and where I should send the gold dust.
  7. I shoot the 72 open tops, mine were converted to 44-40, I also got a 44 spl open top im looking for a mate...but this set of 45 colts are beautiful. Im hoping someone buys these so I wont
  8. Someone please buy these.....if they were 44 they would be sold, but damn they are sweet and tempting as hell, I got plenty of 45 colt loaded with the holy black ready to go...
  9. RWS have always worked awesome on my stock piettas, 1860s
  10. Bunch of beeswax, huge wooden scoop of crisco and a few gulps of olive oil....sorry, didn't measure, just scooped and melted..should probably measure some time
  11. Beesqax, coconut crisco(out of butter flavor) and some olive oil.....love the smell of suffering and coconut,lol....its like shooting the holy black in Hawaii!!
  12. They came out great and I loaded a few this morning!!!!
  13. Hi gang, Sorry I couldn't find the other post. But I was looking for a big 44 cal bullet i could shoot the holy black with. Lumpy grits suggested bear creek, man was he right. I bought some of the 246g 44 Russian bullets, round nose. They already have a poly coating in them so I imagine they would have been fine anyway BUT....out comes the pan lube!!! Threw a few in with the 555g big boy bullets just to check...here we go
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