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  1. Lassiter is the best for that mod, will try to get his email for ya
  2. You're right bgavin, we get free parking but loose 10 bucks just getting in the joint...breaks my heart as I grew up going to gun shows, used to wait in anticipation of the gun show each month...now crap
  3. Used gun higher than getting a new one at some box store like cabelas, tragic
  4. Pards and pardettes, Went to the local fun show today. Wow, what a let down. Very little reloading stuff, but sure plenty of ar and glock stuff....did see a stack of ZSR small pistol primers for 60 bucks per K..never seen them before but I read some reviews and they didn't seem favorable. Also 1lb cans of titegroup for 35$ ...the rest was high priced as usual. 60 bucks forn1k almost had me on the primers, they only has small pistol. Anyone shoot these? Someone said they are harder that other primers.
  5. I think the bulldog,if loaded well, is a very good gun..the 69 is a little big and heavy for a small revolver, and the ruger gp100 44 has been know, and maybe discontinued for blowing out forcing cones left and right. Which blows me away as I love ruger revolvers
  6. Only problem is that would cost dang near as much as the bulldog ...charter arms is nice priced!
  7. Got one, love it,44spl is a hugely underrated self defense cartridge...I load mine medium.str, no warm loads in the little guy. No Skeeter Skeltons, you will feel that and so will the gun.
  8. Hope he at least hit the water.....maybe
  9. The new Heritage Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy, modern day technology into an old classic world. Someone needs an ass whipping for this abomination
  10. I agree with alpo, I've seen tables at the gun show with 50 guns from "personal collection" so no nics check. And yes, that is the table the thugs flock to with cash in hand. The legit dealers hate them because they make good folks look bad. It's not just some guys selling grandpa's shotguns at the show or one of any of us selling stuff to buy new stuff without the old lady finding out. These are the guys who make money buying and selling lots of guns every show, they are "engaged in the business"
  11. Please, by your logic, anyone who sells drugs, a drug dealer, is a pharmacist, anyone not licensed is just a private citizen......so the dude down the street slinging meth and heroin is not a drug dealer because he is not licensed? He is a private citizen
  12. I got one of these , man it is a great shooter!!! Would love to get another ifn I wasn't broke ......good lucknwith the sale
  13. Henny penny the sky is falling again OH GOD, buy our ammo before it is all gone!!!!!!! Ok, another deal on the no buy list for me...screw them, fear mongers don't get my coin
  14. I did the same thing....it looks a while lot shorter than it is...you are right,they are really built!
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