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  1. I will take these And 300 of these Pm incoming
  2. Ok, I will take them, pm me where to send money
  3. Nice snag, seconds if deal falls through
  4. Maybe don't get a dog if you are just gonna keep it outside all day in a goat pin or let them roam off whenever....not a great life for that poor dog
  5. Lol, excellent...I knew someone here would know...and yes, it's getting torn down asap!! Thanks gang!
  6. Ok, no burning and it doesn't look like those pics....any plant people know what it is?
  7. Ok gents, I got this all over my place..I think it might be sumak but I'm a city boy so I don't know....what is this crap and do I need to burn it?
  8. My point was that I always load blackpowder shotshells cause no manufacturers do. At least not to my specs. I use a lee load all.
  9. If she is thinking self defense, distance is her friend, pepper spray is good. Ask her if she is willing to get up close and personal with a knife and stick it into another human. If she can't, she just gave the bad guy a weapon. Remind her It's not like the movies. Self defense with a knife with no training is bad.
  10. If I could find my palerider blackpowder shotgun shells for 4.50 or even 5.50 a box I sure would grab them
  11. You are correct , stupid plan. Waaayyyyy to many things to go wrong and no where near enough good things to make it worth it.
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